Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Airstrikes Target Islamic State Near Syria Town of Kabani

Airstrikes Target Islamic State Near Syria Town of Kabani

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Warplanes have struck positions held by Islamic State militants near a Syrian border town that beleaguered Kurdish forces have been struggling to defend.

Why aren't air strikes stopping Isil's advance? - Telegraph.co.uk

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Why aren't air strikes stopping Isil's advance?
Air strikes are an easy option for politicians to turn to, but they are not all powerful. Rather they have their strengths and limitations just like any other military tool. In the case of the current strikes against Isil, the efficacy depends significantly on how they are ...

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Op-Ed Contributor: Russia’s Unwelcome Citizens

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The Kremlin extends its grip with a law requiring Russians with foreign passports to register with the government.

Sakharov Prize Goes to Azeri Political Prisoners

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The Norwegian Helsinki Committee awarded the 2014 Andrei Sakharov Freedom Award to all political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Islamic State fighters battle Kurdish militia for Kobani: live updates 

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  • Coalition planes attack Isis positions
  • Militants advance from south-west
  • More than 2,000 women and children evacuated after latest clashes
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Ukraine acts to push through anti-corruption laws before election

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KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine's government took a first step on Tuesday to securing new laws on tackling top-level corruption, hoping to ease public discontent before elections in a nation beset by a separatist rebellion.
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IS Militants Targeted In Kobani Airstrikes

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The US-led coalition bombs Islamist fighters attacking the Kurdish city as police clash with protesters in neighbouring Turkey.

Op-Ed Contributor: In War Time, Corruption in Ukraine Can Be Deadly 

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Corruption is a major problem in my country, not least for our soldiers fighting the insurgency in the east.

Nurse in Spain gets Ebola, raising global concern

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MADRID (AP) -- In a case underscoring the perils of caring for Ebola patients, a nurse in Spain who cared for an Ebola patient has come down with the disease - the first known transmission outside West Africa during the current epidemic....

Self-published book of the month: Café Insomniac by Mark Capell 

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In this dreamily compulsive novel, the winner of our monthly competition, a man who can't sleep opens an establishment for nighthawks. But when a customer is murdered, his nocturnal life starts to unravel

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Justin, a 25-year-old teacher, is struck down by a "mythical beast a dragon that even St George would have trouble slaying": insomnia. He begins to lose the ability to sleep, little by little, until he's surviving on snatches here and there. He loses his much-loved job. He decides to open a cafe, catering to the other wakeful observers of the night: "Shift workers, taxi drivers, DJs and clubbers, doctors and nurses, burlesque performers and insomniacs, of course. All grateful for a relaxed place to go that fills the night-time hours."
I've heard this type of sound before. It can be footsteps, it can be a clock ticking, it can be a word heard over and over again. One thing these noises have in common is that they sound menacing. But they're not the noises they pretend to be. It's the sound of my insomnia, that's what it is What it is for certain, indisputably, is a desperate sign that I really need to sleep.
9:33 am. I'm in bed, staring at the ceiling. I find this a strange time of day. It's after the rush hour. The sounds beyond my window, of people scurrying to work and children off on the school run, have died away, to be replaced by nothing. To me, this is an eerier time of day than, say, 2am. But I know I'm in the minority I'm facing a fourth day of complete sleeplessness. I think it's a fourth day. The concept of days, of beginnings and endings, is losing its meaning.
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Putin celebrates 62nd birthday in wild Siberia - Businessweek

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CTV News

Putin celebrates 62nd birthday in wild Siberia
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin is celebrating his 62nd birthday in the wilderness of Siberia as supporters from across Russia create tributes in his honor. Putin celebrated his birthday Tuesday in the Siberian forest some "300-400 ...
Putin celebrates 'Herculean' birthdayGMA News
100000 People Attend Putin Birthday Parade in GroznyThe Moscow Times
Swiss art group props up Broken Chair monument with Putin figure to hail his ...ITAR-TASS
Washington Post (blog)
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