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Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi

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Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their struggle for education and against extremism.

The Investigation Into Thailand’s Backpacker Slayings Is Officially a Farce 

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Murdered British backpacker Hannah Witheridge was finally laid to rest in England on Friday. But 6,000 miles away in Thailand, the investigation into her tragic death, and that of her friend David Miller, whose funeral took place Oct. 3, spiraled further into farce.
The main suspects in the killings, which took place on the Thai Gulf island of Koh Tao, have reportedly claimed that they were tortured into a confession, and public prosecutors rejecting the police report.
“The two victims and their families deserve justice, which will only be possible if there is a fair and transparent process,” says Kingsley Abbott, Bangkok-based adviser for the International Commission of Jurists. Above all, he adds, “the burden of proof rests on the prosecution,” as the “two men must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”
On Sept. 15, the bloodied bodies of Witheridge, 23, and Miller, 24, were discovered on the island that is famous among scuba divers and sandal-clad tourists for its pristine beaches and coral reefs.
Burmese nationals Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, both 21, were arrested last Friday and quickly confessed to the double murder. They had apparently worked illegally on the island for a number of years and were driven, say police, by a desire to rape Witheridge after seeing the young British couple canoodling on the white sand.
The Thai authorities then dragged the two suspects to the rocky outcrop where the tourists’ bodies were found for a grisly re-enactment. Wearing helmets and body armor, they demonstrated for assembled media how the bludgeoning, using a garden hoe and wooden stake, took place and prayed for forgiveness. Both could face a death sentence if convicted.
Yet a litany of questions and inconsistencies hang over the investigation. Other than the apparent retraction, proffered by an official at the Burmese embassy, there has been a rejection of the police’s investigation report, with public prosecutors on Wednesday asking the authors to supply “more crucial information,” “fix certain flaws” and make the 850-page document “more succinct.”
Numerous character witnesses have come out to defend Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun and they have no criminal record. Essentially, the case against them hinges on five strands of evidence:
  1. Their Confessions. The most damning evidence in any case is a confession. However, reports have since emerged that Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun were beaten and threatened with electrocution during interrogation. (Other irregular workers questioned have alleged they were alternately offered bribes and doused with boiling water.) It also emerged that the translator used was a Rohingya — a member of a distinct Burmese ethnicity that suffers periodic pogroms at the hands of west Burma’s Rakhine majority, to which the accused both belong. There are unconfirmed rumors that the interpreter, who has since even given interviews, actually participated in the beatings. In addition, upon initially being picked up, neither the accused were apparently provided with a lawyer as they were being questioned under the Immigration Act rather than as part of a murder inquiry. (It is unclear at what stage a legal counsel was eventually provided.)
  2. Three DNA Samples. These were found on two cigarette butts close to the crime scene, two of which — from Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun — are purportedly matches for samples recovered from Witheridge’s body. The third is apparently that of Maung Maung, a friend of the accused who says he was with them drinking beer and playing guitar on the beach shortly before the attack. However, Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan, director general of the Central Institute of Forensic Science and the country’s leading forensics authority, on Thursday decried the collection of evidence as a “weak point” and said the police committed a major error when they failed to involve a forensic pathologist.
  3. Maung Maung’s Testimony. This forms the third strand of evidence, although it is no slam dunk. He admits being with his two friends on the beach but leaving them at around 1 a.m. They wanted to keep on drinking, he said, so he went to see his girlfriend. He claims not to have seen any evidence of a crime, according to media reports.
  4. CCTV Footage. This shows the three Burmese riding a motorbike by a convenience store, where they apparently bought cigarettes and three bottles of beer. It corroborates Maung Maung’s version of events, but is circumstantial at best.
  5. Miller’s Cell Phone. It was discovered at lodgings of Zaw Lin, according to police. The device, a black iPhone 4, was apparently smashed and discarded as it did not work inside Thailand. But why would Zaw Lin do that when he could have sold it for at least a month’s salary? And if he was concerned about possible incrimination, why keep it at home?
But there are numerous other threads to tug. Given that Burmese migrants were in the spotlight from the outset, and this pair were well-known on the island and frequently seen in the vicinity of the crime scene, why were they not hauled in for DNA tests and questioning sooner?
In addition, there have been significant procedural irregularities, including allowing tourists into the crime scene before all evidence was collected. CCTV footage has been produced, but with significant gaps, and only from a selection of the many sources available. The defense team will want to examine this all. There is also no complete, undisputed timeline of Witheridge and Miller’s movements prior to the attack. Considering the notoriety of the case, and the victims’ sociable nature in this small community, that is very odd.
Finally, there has been rampant press coverage of the unsubstantiated remarks made by local officials. In the latest, the chief of the prison where the suspects are being held told a reporter Thursday he “is afraid they may commit suicide” because they are “feeling guilty for the crime.”
Thailand does not have jury trials and so the press has free reign to report on ongoing investigations, with the presumption that the sitting judge will be able to discount all speculation and concentrate on the evidence in hand. Even so, it is clearly prejudicial to the suspects to have individuals from such diverse sources as Burmese embassy, the Myanmar Migrant Labour Association and the Thai police, among others, talking openly to the media about what the suspects supposedly think and feel.
“That all these people are coming out and making these statements is incredibly detrimental to a fair trial,” says British labor-rights activist Andy Hall, who, as part of a monitoring mission, has met with the accused, the police, the prosecution team and British Ambassador Mark Kent.
Abbott agrees that normal procedure for a defense counsel would be to stop any further comment. “Our primary concern at this stage is to ensure the two suspects are provided with the assistance of a competent lawyer of their choosing,” he says, adding that whoever is chosen must have “adequate time and facilities to review the evidence.”
Otherwise, we may have to mourn not two, but four lives senselessly lost that night on Koh Tao.
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Путин обрушился на вторую российскую беду: дороги стали «черными дырами» - Московский комсомолец

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Московский комсомолец

Путин обрушился на вторую российскую беду: дороги стали «черными дырами»
Московский комсомолец
"Черные дыры", коррупция, косность и абсурд - такие определения звучали из уст президента на заседании президиума Госсовета по строительству автодорог, прошедшем в среду в Новосибирске. Отдохнув и набравшись сил в тайге, Владимир Путин устроил разнос дорожникам и ...
Путин раскритиковал российские дороги за дороговизну и невысокое качествоИТАР-ТАСС
Путин: качество дорог не соответствует стоимости строительстваMail.Ru
Путин выказал недовольство строительством дорог
НТВ.ru -Взгляд -the-village
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Cold War on Business: The Putin Paradox - Fortune

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Breitbart News

Cold War on Business: The Putin Paradox
This time around, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American and European counterparts do not appear to have their fingers poised over their nuclear buttons. Yet the enmity that has riven the two sides is real. It has imperiled multibillion ...
Drop in Oil Prices May Destabilize Putin's RussiaBreitbart News
Russia and the West on thin ice as Putin looks to the EastBrock Press
Russia looks to compensate its sanctioned eliteReading Eagle

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Battered Russian economy faces more pain over Ukraine: IMF

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U.S. and European markets have suffered as investors worry about geopolitical tensions, including Russia’s ban on a range of U.S. and European foods in response to Western sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine.
Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said the woman is a Red Cross volunteer who was working in Sierra Leone had developed a low grade fever and has been admitted to the Cairns Hospital.
Bachelor Blake Garvey and now ex-fiance Sam Frost reveal their sides of the break-up story. Courtesy The Project/Channel Ten
A couple attack a man at a bar in Werribee
News Limited CEO John Hartigan reveals the future for digital media.
WSJ columnist E.S. Browning joins MoneyBeat to explain that investors like to debate whether the bull market is unloved, but one thing is clear: It has been misunderstood. Photo: Getty.
Catch the best touchdowns from week five of the NFL.
A man made a joke about having Ebola on a flight, watch what happened next. Courtesy YouTube Patrick Narvaez.
George, Gary & Matt are back for their sixth season, searching for Australia's next Masterchef. Courtesy Channel Ten.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for weeks and there are claims he is ill with gout.
Many analysts say that Putin appears willing to withstand any economic pressure.
Many analysts say that Putin appears willing to withstand any economic pressure. Source: AFP
RUSSIA’S already battered economy will struggle to recover from the fallout of the crisis in Ukraine as uncertainty looks set to drag down growth around the former Soviet Union, the IMF warned on Tuesday.
“Risks to growth are largely to the downside,” the international lender wrote in its World Economic Outlook released on Tuesday.
“An escalation in geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, resulting in a tightening of sanctions against Russia, could entail a serious setback for the region.” Russia’s economy has been hit hard by the spillover from the Ukraine crisis, with the IMF’s projected growth rate for 2014 slumping to just 0.2 per cent.
The global lender has halved its 2015 growth forecast for Russia to 0.5 per cent amid fears that Moscow’s standoff with the West over Ukraine will continue to take its toll.
The US and EU have slapped the toughest sanctions on Moscow since the Cold War over its support for a separatist uprising in east Ukraine, prompting Moscow to retaliate with embargoes on a wide range of food products from the West.
Massive capital flight from the country is expected to reach some $100 billion in 2014 and to remain high over the next year, the IMF has estimated.
The turmoil has seen the rouble lose a fifth of its value against the dollar since the start of the year, with the national currency on Monday briefly plummeting through the psychologically important mark of 40 to the dollar to reach an all-time low.
Ukrainian servicemen man a checkpoint in the region of Lugansk.
Ukrainian servicemen man a checkpoint in the region of Lugansk. Source: AFP
Meanwhile inflation has soared to over 8 per cent and looks set to remain elevated in 2015.
“Even without further escalation, prolonged uncertainty could erode confidence, accelerate capital outflows, put pressure on the exchange rate, and further weaken investment and growth, with the adverse spillovers to the rest of the CIS via lower imports, remittances, and foreign direct investment,” the IMF said.
Some senior Russian officials have sounded increasingly dire warnings over the country’s perilous economic situation but President Vladimir Putin has shown little sign of relenting over Ukraine in a bid to ease the economic woe.
Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev last week warned that the combination of high inflation and feeble growth created an “explosive situation.” The head of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, Herman Gref, himself a former economy minister, warned that Russia could end up collapsing like the Soviet Union.
But many analysts say that Putin appears willing to withstand any economic pressure in his bid to stand up to the West and secure control over Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the east.
Vladimir Putin heads the Security Council in Moscow's Kremlin.
Vladimir Putin heads the Security Council in Moscow's Kremlin. Source: AP
“All signals from President Putin are that the Russian government is prepared to weather whatever economic storms are necessary in pursuit of its broader objectives in Ukraine,” Eurasia Group wrote last week.
Around the region the economic outlook remained grim.
In Ukraine — already in recession since mid-2012 — the fighting in the east has led the IMF to forecast the economy will shrink by 6.5 per cent this year and only recover 1 per cent in 2015.
The Ukrainian hryvnia has lost some 40 per cent of its value against the dollar since the start of the year as inflation has soared.
Neighbouring economies reliant on trade with Moscow will also be hit by fallout from the crisis.
Lower demand from Russia will see pro-Moscow Belarus endure “subdued” growth and Western-leaning Moldova will struggle to bolster its economy, the IMF said.
The knock-on effect will also be felt in ex-Soviet nations such as Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan where remittances from Russia make up a key chunk of the economy.
The oil-rich Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan will also see growth decline as investor confidence remains unsteady on the back of ongoing regional tensions.
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Putin finally feels the West's wrath -

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Reuters UK

Putin finally feels the West's wrath
Some senior Russian officials have sounded increasingly dire warnings over the country's perilous economic situation but President Vladimir Putin has shown little sign of relenting over Ukraine in a bid to ease the economic woe. Economy Minister Alexei ...
Insight - How the Russian Orthodox Church answers Putin's prayers in UkraineReuters UK
Canada's religious freedom ambassador blasts Putin on eve of Ukraine

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Путин рассказал, как провел свой день рождения - Ведомости

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Путин рассказал, как провел свой день рождения
Президент России Владимир Путин, которому 7 октября исполнилось 62 года, рассказал, как провел свой день рождения. «У меня позавчера был день ходьбы, по горам проходил почти 9 км, до сих пор все болит», — признался глава государства на заседании Совета по физкультуре и ...
В свой день рождения Путин прошел по горам 9 кмАргументы и факты
Путин в свой день рождения прошел 9 километров по сибирской тайгеНТВ.ru
Путин в свой день рождения прошел почти 9 км по горамГазета.Ru
Вести.Ru -Современный портал Тамбова --
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У Путина после дня рождения "все болит" - Московский комсомолец

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Московский комсомолец

У Путина после дня рождения "все болит"
Московский комсомолец
Об этом накануне дня рождения Путина, 6 октября, сообщил его пресс-секретарь Дмитрий Песков. Планы президента на этот день он не доложил общественности, кроме того, чтоПутин в этот день будет находиться в 300-400 км от ближайшего жилья. Он обратил внимание на тот ... 
13:53 / 09.10.2014 горы, день рождения, ПутинРоссийский президент Владимир Путинрассказал о том, как он
 отметил свой день рождения. Глава ...Дни.Ру 
Путин рассказал, как провел свой день рожденияВедомости 

Путин в день рождения прошел девять километров по горамРоссийская Газета 
Владимир Путин отметил день рождения девятикилометровым походомИА Амур.инфо
Росбалт.RU-РИА Новости

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Russia's Putin may have talks with Ukraine leader next week: Kremlin - Reuters

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Russia's Putin may have talks with Ukraine leader next week: Kremlin
Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov confirmed Putin would attend the ASEM (Europe-Asia Meeting) summit in the northern Italian city on Oct. 16-17 and said German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande might take part ... 
Five reasons why Putin's objectives in Ukraine have backfired and (registration) (blog)

Putin may meet Ukraine's Poroshenko in ItalyThe
Putin may meet Ukraine's Poroshenko in Italy: KremlinThe Daily Star
Sky News Australia 
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ITAR-TASS-Deccan Chronicle-The Malay Mail Online
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Putin Doesn't Care if the Ruble Falls - Bloomberg View

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Bloomberg View

Putin Doesn't Care if the Ruble Falls
Bloomberg View
On a different level, however, the ruble's downward journey reflects the economic structure that makes it possible for President Vladimir Putin to remain popular. The government isn't interested in defending the ruble, because a weak currency benefits ...

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Islamic State Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin - Bloomberg

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Islamic State Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin
Russia has accused Georgia of turning a blind eye to what it says is the Pankisi community's harboring of militants who want to overthrow Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov -- a Putin ally on whose head Shishani put a $5 million bounty last month - - and ...

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Stratfor: В сибирской тайге Путин отдыхал от «клановых войн» - RT на русском

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Stratfor: В сибирской тайге Путин отдыхал от «клановых войн»
RT на русском
Хотя Путин «деспотично» управляет Россией в течение 15 лет, как и многим российским лидерам до него, ему приходится удерживать равновесие между различными фракциями внутри страны. Именно способность манипулировать политическими кланами привела его к власти, ...

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Putin and Russia's Anti-Westernism - Forbes

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Putin and Russia's Anti-Westernism
“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,” wrote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Decades later, this is an apt description of Russian President Vladimir PutinPutin blames the West for Russia's problems, and justifies his authoritarian crackdown with the ...
Vladimir Putin is leading Russia down an isolationist pathFinancial Times
Russia's Putin may have talks with Ukraine leader next week: KremlinReuters 
Meeting of Putin, Poroshenko, Merkel, Hollande at ASEM summit in Milan not ...ITAR-TASS
USA TODAY- (registration) (blog)
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The Daily Star
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Путин отправляется в Минск на саммит СНГ - Комсомольская правда

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Комсомольская правда

Путин отправляется в Минск на саммит СНГ
Комсомольская правда
Президент России Владимир Путин в пятницу совершит рабочий визит в Минск, где примет участие в саммите саммите СНГ и заключительном заседании Высшего евразийского экономического совета. ЕврАзЭС ликвидируется в связи с началом функционирования года Евразийского ...
Путин примет участие в саммите АСЕМ в МиланеНезависимая газета
Путин примет участие в саммите СНГ и заседании совета ЕврАзЭС в МинскеГоворит Москва

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For Putin, Oil Decline Worse Than Obama's Sanctions - Forbes

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For Putin, Oil Decline Worse Than Obama's Sanctions
Russia's economy will be impacted more from falling oil prices than from sanctions, according CEIC. The Russian economy often pays a price for being more or less a one trick pony. Oil and gas revenues are imperative to a balanced budget. And oil prices ...
Putin Doesn't Care if the Ruble FallsBloomberg View 
Putin's Ruble Aid Risks Deeper Reserves Pain: Chart of the DayBloomberg

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Dow average plunges as energy drags down market - The Detroit News

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The Detroit News

Dow average plunges as energy drags down market
The Detroit News
This Oct. 8. 2014 photo shows a Wall Street address carved into the side of a building in New York. U.S. stocks were solidly lower in early trading Oct. 9, 2014, pruning back some of the gains from a massive rally the day before. (Photo: Mark Lennihan , AP ).
Dow average closes 334 points lower, worst drop of the year, led by a slump in ...Washington Post

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Haiti's former dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier denied state funeral

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PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - The life of Haiti's former dictator, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, will be celebrated at a private Mass on Saturday, his lawyer said, ending speculation about government plans for an official state funeral.

Kobane fighting: IS meets its match in Syrian Kurdish forces - BBC News

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BBC News

Kobane fighting: IS meets its match in Syrian Kurdish forces
BBC News
Several thousand Kurdish fighters are still in control of Syrian border town of Kobane despite an all-out attack by a much better-equipped and numerically superior İslamic State army since mid-September. However, their resistance has failed to impress US ...

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Page 4 to open first brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan, report says - Los Angeles Times

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Computerworld to open first brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan, report says
Los Angeles Times
The line is getting even more blurry between online retailing and physical shopping:, the e-commerce giant that has put fear in the hearts of brick-and-mortar retailers, appears to be going old-school this holiday season and reportedly opening its ...
The Amazon Store: Can a Retail Outpost Save the Fire Phone?Businessweek
Clicks-and-mortar: Amazon reportedly to open first-ever physical store in New ...New York Daily News
Online retailer Amazon set to open a physical store: WSJBaltimore Sun
Wired -USA TODAY -Washington Post (blog)
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Jazz legend Chet Baker remembered by his bassist

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Chet Baker's bass player, Riccardo del Fra, pays a musical tribute to the jazz legend who died in 1988 with an album 'My Chet My Song' and a series of concerts. Duration: 01:08.
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French Nobel winner: writing is 'headlong rush'

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France's Patrick Modiano, who won the Nobel Literature Prize on Thursday for his enigmatic novels rooted in the trauma of the Nazi occupation and his own loveless childhood, says writing books...
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Google's flying wind turbine would fly in the air like kites

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Google is developing turbines which would be tethered 300 metres above ground and would have wings to help them stay air bound. Kites have potential to generate 50 per cent more energy.

Battle for Kobani rages as US-led air strikes pound Isis positions 

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Kurdish fighters regain several areas of the Syrian border town as White House admits limitations of air assault against militants
The US-led coalition is pounding Islamic State (Isis) in the Syrian border town of Kobani with some of its most intense air strikes so far, according to a Kurdish official and an activist group.
But the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that despite overnight air strikes Isis fighters had captured a police station in the east of the town and now controlled one-third of Kobani.
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Explosion at Key Military Base in Iran Raises Questions About Sabotage - New York Times

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Daily Times

Explosion at Key Military Base in Iran Raises Questions About Sabotage
New York Times
WASHINGTON — A spectacular explosion on Sunday night outside Tehran took place deep inside the Parchin military base, where Iran produces crucial elements of its missiles and other munitions, raising new questions about whether the blast was an ...
Iran refused to let in US member of UN nuclear team:
US, EU, Iran to meet next week over nuclear negotiationsXinhua
Sanctions face-off: Iran to unveil its corporate side in London next weekAl-Bawaba
Fox News-Fox News Latino
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See the 20 Most Famous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

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On Friday, the winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. Since 1901, the Norwegian committee has bestowed 101 awards to individuals and 22 to organizations. Here are the 20 most famous figures who have received the prestigious honor

Cuba Is at Forefront of Ebola Battle in Africa

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With risks growing that Ebola could flare on foreign shores, the U.S. is calling for nations to dispatch doctors and nurses to West Africa, where thousands of lives are on the line. Few have heeded the call, but one country has responded in strength: Cuba.

Cuban migration surges over land and by sea - Online Athens

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Online Athens

Cuban migration surges over land and by sea
Online Athens
HAVANA | The number of Cubans heading to the United States has increased dramatically since the island lifted travel restrictions last year, eliminating a costly exit visa and making it easier for emigrants to return, new U.S. government figures show.

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Mikhail Gorbachev 'Deteriorating' In Hospital

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The last leader of the Soviet Union insists he is determined to fight for his life, according to reports from Russia.

The Economic Costs of Ebola Are Rising Too 

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A few days ago I was about to board a flight from Beijing to Moscow and I called my mother in New Jersey to tell her I was going on the road. “Be very careful!” she exclaimed, with more angst in her voice than usual. I told her that even though relations between the U.S. and Russia were strained that I’d be perfectly fine in Moscow. But that’s not what she was worried about. “Be careful of Ebola!” she said.
I was, of course, traveling nowhere near any Ebola-hit region — the disease has so far been generally confined to far-off West Africa. Her fear, though, is very real, and to a certain extent, rational. When an epidemic of a disease as deadly as Ebola infects the world’s headlines, it is only natural for people to consider curtailing their travel and other usually normal activities in an attempt to avoid the virus. As the disease spreads, people will become more likely to postpone business trips or cancel family vacations.
And that ultimately could have serious economic consequences. Nothing of course is more tragic than the human cost of the Ebola outbreak. But as the crisis persists, economists are beginning to look at what the toll might be for the global economy as well. In a world still climbing out of the financial meltdown of six years ago, we can hardly afford any new disruptions to investment and consumer spending that could further drag down growth.
That, however, is exactly what a sustained Ebola epidemic could do. We can get a pretty good idea of what can happen from looking at the impact of SARS in East Asia in 2003. Wherever the disease went, people stopped doing what they would normally do, in order to protect themselves, and that had an immediate effect on demand. Restaurants that would usually be jam-packed in central Hong Kong appeared abandoned; flights almost always crammed took off nearly empty; hotels emptied. Though the overall economic damage from SARS was in the end minimal, since it was contained relatively quickly, if the disease had spread more widely or become more entrenched, the cost would have risen precipitously.
We can already see that happening in West Africa. A recent World Bank study estimated that if the epidemic is not contained quickly, it would cost Liberia 12% of its GDP by the end of 2015, and Sierra Leone 8.9% — a loss these poor nations can ill afford. If the outbreak spreads more widely to neighboring countries with larger populations and economies, the World Bank figures the two-year financial cost could reach $32.6 billion. Travel to the region has already plummeted. John Grant, executive vice president of aviation-information provider OAG, recently calculated that the number of scheduled flights out of the worst-hit countries have dropped by 64% since May. Major carriers including British Airways and Delta Air Lines have suspended flights. The president of Dubai-based Emirates noted that the Ebola outbreak has dampened demand in Asia for flights to Africa.
What makes these losses even more unfortunate is that Africa has been in the middle of a major economic revival. For much of the past half-century, poor governance, bad policy and recurring conflict kept Africa on the sidelines of a major surge in growth and wealth throughout much of the developing world, especially in Asia. But in recent years Africa has finally joined the growth party. The International Monetary Fund expects the GDP of sub-Saharan Africa to jump 5.1% in 2014 — faster than any other region of the developing world except for emerging Asia. For now, the IMF sees the impact of Ebola on Africa overall as limited. But if the disease spreads, it could derail what was becoming one of the most encouraging stories in the emerging world.
From a purely economic standpoint, the fact that the countries with the most severe Ebola outbreaks (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) are small and play a relatively minor role in world trade has minimized the impact the disease has had on the global economy. That, however, would change dramatically if Ebola spreads to larger economies that are more integrated into global finance and manufacturing. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if the empty restaurants and airplanes experienced in the SARS outbreak are repeated in New York City or London for any significant period of time and you’ll get an inkling of the damage Ebola could inflict on the world economy. That’s why the Ebola deaths recorded in the U.S. and Spain are of great economic significance.
“A sustained outbreak of a high mortality disease like Ebola in any large or important economy in the global supply chain would imply significantly larger impact than SARS caused,” Barclays analyst Marvin Barth wrote in a recent report. Such a situation, he added, “remains a tail risk, but has jumped in probability to one that can no longer be ignored.”
Predicting where Ebola might spread and how long the outbreak could last is, of course, impossible, and so is gauging its potential economic impact. What is clear, however, is that containing the disease is not just a humanitarian necessity but an economic imperative.
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U.S., Turkey spar over ISIS

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President Barack Obama's chief anti-ISIS coalition envoy is in Ankara, where it will be up to him to convince the Turkish government to take more decisive action against the terrorist group.
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Россия и Украина: скованные "новоросской" цепью?

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Как прийти от перемирия к миру в Донбассе? Почему до сих пор на линии прекращения огня и в Донецком аэропорт...
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Time: 54:31More in News & Politics

Михаил Горбачёв лежит в больнице «весь в проводах» - НТВ.ru

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Михаил Горбачёв лежит в больнице «весь в проводах»
Об этом он сам сообщил в коротком интервью «Русской службе новостей». По словам Горбачёва, вчера его состояние ухудшилось. Михаил Горбачёв: «У меня последние семь дней состояние было более или менее, но сегодня я в больнице. Произошло обострение. Я лежу под ...
Михаила Горбачева госпитализировалиВестиПК в Воронеже
Экс-президент СССР Михаил Горбачев попал в больницуОбщая Газета.РУ
Михаил Горбачев госпитализированНезависимое интернет-издание "ДНИ"
Петербургский репортер -Агентство Бизнес Новостей
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Mexico Captures Drug Cartel Kingpin

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Mexican federal authorities say they have captured Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, the alleged leader of the Juarez Cartel. Carrillo Fuentes, also known as "El Viceroy," purportedly heads the cartel founded by his late brother, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who was one of Mexico's most wanted criminals. U.S. authorities have offered a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to Vicente Carrillo Fuentes' arrest or conviction. Based in Ciudad Juarez, a city on the border with the U.S. state of Texas, the cartel fought for control of the key drug transit route against the Sinaloa cartel of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Nearly 10,000 people died in Ciudad Juarez in the past eight years. It was the second major drug lord arrest in as many weeks. Mexican authorities say they nabbed Hector Beltran Leyva -  leader of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel - as he ate fish tacos in a seafood restaurant in central Mexico on October 1.

Российскому хакеру Селезневу в США предъявили новые обвинения - Интерфакс

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РИА Новости

Российскому хакеру Селезневу в США предъявили новые обвинения
Москва. 10 октября. INTERFAX.RU - Федеральное большое жюри суда в Сиэтле утвердило 11 дополнительных пунктов обвинения против российского хакера Романа Селезнева, сообщило министерство юстиции США в четверг. Теперь в обвинительном заключении сына депутата ...
Минюст США предъявил еще десяток обвинений сыну депутата Селезнева, "хакеру" Роману
Селезнева обвинили в США в кибермошенничестве еще по 11 пунктамАргументы и факты
Арестованному сыну депутата Селезнёва предъявили в США еще 11 обвиненийНТВ.ru
РИА Новости -Полит.ру -РБК
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Право на честную информацию: Путин и Киршнер запустили вещание RT в Аргентине - Вести.Ru

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Право на честную информацию: Путин и Киршнер запустили вещание RT в Аргентине
Россия и Аргентина стали еще ближе. Президенты запустили вещание телеканала Russia Today в южноамериканском государстве. Владимир Путин и Кристина Фернандес де Киршнер общались в режиме телемоста. Russia Today транслируется на испанском языке и охватывает ...
Путин назвал информационные войны приметой времениОмск здесь
Телеканал RT начал вещание на испанском в АргентинеBBC Russian
Путин назвал «приметой времени» жесткие информационные войныРБК
Свежие новости сегодня. Последние новости интернет издания "Fresh-News" -Комсомольская правда
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Ukraine Liveblog Day 235: Lugansk Power Station On Fire Again 

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Yesterday’s liveblog can be found Yesterday’s liveblog can be found here. An archive of our liveblogs can be found here. For an overview and analysis of this developing story see our latest podcast.
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View Ukraine: April, 2014 in a larger map
For links to individual updates click on the timestamps.
For the latest summary of evidence surrounding the shooting down of flight MH17 see our separate article:Evidence Review: Who Shot Down MH17?
Below we will be making regular updates so check back often.

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No Formal State Funeral Planned for 'Baby Doc' in Haiti

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Former Haitian self-proclaimed president-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as "Baby Doc," will receive no formal state funeral. Instead. the brutal and corrupt Caribbean dictator will be remembered during a private ceremony Saturday at the chapel of a Catholic school he once attended in Port-au-Prince. Duvalier's lawyer, Reynold Georges, said until recently the government of Haiti under President Michel Martelly was telling him it would give Duvalier an official state funeral. When the 63-year-old Baby Doc died, Martelly tweeted that Duvalier was "an authentic son of Haiti." Officials have said publicly that no decision was ever made on a formal state funeral for Duvalier. He was ousted during a popular uprising in 1986 and later returned to Haiti in 2011 after 25 years in exile. At the time of his death, Duvalier was under a criminal inquiry for human rights abuses and allegations of corruption. However, the former dictator continued to move freely about the country and was often seen dining in restaurants around the capital.

More U.S. Air Strikes Around Kobani

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The U.S. military carried out nine air strikes against Islamic State targets around the besieged Syrian city of Kobani on October 9.

Лидер «Исламского государства» джихадист Омар Чеченец угрожает России местью - Superomsk

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Лидер «Исламского государства» джихадист Омар Чеченец угрожает России местью
Один из лидеров «Исламского государства» Тархан Батирашвили по прозвищу Омар Чеченец, возглавляющий список самых разыскиваемых джихадистов Госдепа США, заявил по телефону своему отцу, что «отомстит» России. «Отец, не волнуйся! Я приеду домой и задам жару русским.
Боевики "Исламского государства" начали нугрожать России "освобождением Чечни"События.Ру
«Исламское государство» пригрозило вторгнуться в РоссиюУрал56.Ру
Боевики «Исламского государства» пригрозили вторжением в РоссиюK-news
Великая Эпоха -Гудок
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US Intensifies Airstrikes on Islamic State Group in Kobani

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The U.S. military is continuing airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Kobani, the Kurdish city along the Syria-Turkey border that is at risk of falling to the militants. U.S. Central Command said the latest strikes Thursday targeted a tank, a heavy machine gun and several buildings used by the militants north and south of the Syrian city. Earlier, U.S. defense officials said Kurdish militias remain in control of "most of the city," known also as Ayn al-Arab, and are resisting a takeover by Islamic State militants. Kobani’s defense chief, Ismet Hasan, told VOA the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, known as the YPG, held off the militant group in fierce clashes overnight. He added that the IS group is receiving reinforcements from the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Raqqa. “For 25 days we have been resisting the IS with light weapons... [and] with the full determination of YPG fighters and the people of Kobani. We will continue resisting against IS terrorists but we need heavy weapons. If the U.S. can provide us weapons that are capable of eliminating their heavy weapons, like tanks and artillery, and continue airstrikes against [IS], we are confident we will be able to kill them all,” said Hasan. After much of the local population sought refuge in Turkey, Kurdish fighters rallied to defend the city and asked for international support. U.S. and NATO officials on Thursday held talks in Ankara aimed at convincing Turkey to make a greater contribution to the global anti-Islamic State coalition. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Thursday at a joint news conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg that discussions about Turkey's contributions to fighting the militants are ongoing. Turkey's parliament has authorized military action in Syria and Iraq, but Turkish forces have not carried out any actions against the militants. Stoltenberg said the Islamic State group poses a threat to Syria, Iraq, Turkey and NATO nations. "So it is important that the whole international community stays united in this long-term effort. I welcome the decisive actions taken by the United States with many allies and partners and I welcome the recent vote in the Turkish parliament to authorize an even more active role of Turkey in the crisis," said Stoltenberg. He added that a no-fly zone or buffer zone in the region is not yet under consideration.

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No Sign of Kim Jong Un on Important Anniversary

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Speculation over the health and political status of Kim Jong Un intensified Friday, as the North Korean leader remained out of public view on an important anniversary for the secretive, communist nation. The 31-year-old Kim has not been seen in public since he attended a concert September 3, prompting speculation he is suffering from serious health problems or was sidelined in a coup. State media, which normally provide a near-daily account of the activities of the North Korean leader,...

This acclaimed Russian author believes he's found the embodiment of the Russian spirit — in Ukraine

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MOSCOW — Zakhar Prilepin didn’t know what to expect when he traveled to war-torn eastern Ukraine last month. But what he says he found was a cast of characters straight out of a classic Russian novel.
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Venezuela to Pay Exxon $1.6 Billion

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A World Bank arbitration panel has ordered Venezuela to pay $1.6 billion to Exxon Mobil for the seizure of a major oil project in the South American country. The three-member panel granted the award Thursday to the U.S. oil giant for the 2007 expropriation of the Cerro Negro project in Venezuela. The amount is far below the up to $10 billion Exxon Mobil had sought from Venezuela's socialist government. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez characterized the compensation the...

Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and Russia vs. the US-led anti-ISIS alliance: Cooperation or confrontation?

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Neither on the side of terrorism nor on the side of foreign occupation, especially when the first is, basically, a creature of the second: the war that Washington and its allies intend to wage on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is raising a lot of suspicions among all sides of the Resistance Axis. If these suspicions pan out, they could lead to a major confrontation, unless…
Since the Jeddah meeting, Hezbollah has yet to issue an official position regarding Lebanon’s participation in the alliance that the United States is building to fight terrorism. Sources close to the party were quoted as saying Hezbollah had a number of reservations regarding the Lebanese government’s hasty decision to take part in the meeting in Jeddah. However, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Basil soon addressed this issue on the sidelines of the conference in Paris on Monday, when he said that Lebanon would not join any axis and that his government had not given the Americans any mandate to carry out strikes against ISIS in Lebanon.
Clearly, Hezbollah, as a resistance party that has its own symbolic status in the Arab and Islamic world, cannot be on the same side as the United States, even if the US happens to be at war with one of Hezbollah’s most bitter enemies.
The enemy of my enemy
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend in this case. Hezbollah refuses for Lebanon to be part of this alliance, not because it objects to the fight against terror, but because it rejects for this war to be led by the US, its argument being that this would ultimately end up substituting terrorism with flagrant US occupation seeking to offset the US strategic defeat in, and withdrawal from, Iraq. Furthermore, the deployment of forces from the US and its allies in the area between Baghdad and the Syrian countryside could act as a strategic barrier between Iran and its own allies. In short, the Americans are seeking to offset their strategic losses in the region, or at the very least, to undermine the strategic gains made by the Resistance Axis and by one of its fundamental pillars, Hezbollah.
Most likely, the constituents of this axis would implicitly be happy to see ISIS eliminated. Iran and Hezbollah will not grieve if this existential threat that is fueling sectarian strife in the region is removed. Nor will the Syrian regime be uncomfortable with the prospect of a strike that would remove a major menace from its way. Likewise, Russia would not have any qualms about the eradication of a terrorist organization that endangers its strategic interests in the region. Meanwhile, it won’t do this axis any harm if Washington is drawn into a long-term conflict with all Salafi movements in the region.
Does this mean this axis intends to wait by the river until the bodies of its enemies float by, to paraphrase Sun Tzu? Certainly not. There are deep suspicions regarding American intentions, and many questions too: Is the goal to strike ISIS or contain it? What about other terrorist groups such as al-Nusra Front, which is also designated as a terror group by the US and others? What is the next step? What are the reasons for the Turkish reluctance, given Ankara’s well-known role in smuggling weapons and fighters? Does Turkey expect the head of the Syrian regime as its consolation prize? Finally, what price does Saudi Arabia expect to get in return for its eager participation in a war against those who essentially share its same ideology?
According to informed sources, when Iran senses the US threat is coming to its borders, when Syria senses there is a threat to its regime, and when Russia senses there is a strategic threat to its interests, it would be useful to recall the declared positions that remain valid, most notably those of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in the summer of 2013, when he said that Damascus’ allies would never let it fall into America’s hands, and warned of dire consequences for any US war on Syria.
This pledge applies today as it applied the day it was declared. Tehran will not accept in any way the presence of US troops on its borders, having fought a fierce war to drive the US out of Iraq before. Today, Iran is prepared to repeat this. Meanwhile, Moscow has restated its unlimited support to President Bashar al-Assad. Accordingly, this axis will not allow the new alliance to squander its gains, or at the very least, will spare no effort to limit its own losses.
So what is the next step?
Recent statements made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei, in which he said he had personally rejected an American offer to discuss collaboration against ISIS, was the first indication of the willingness of his camp to go toward a confrontation. He spoke about the pointlessness of cooperating with a state whose hands are dirty, as if to tell the American: If you return to hostility, then so shall we.
On the ground, the Iranians, since the attack on Mosul, have rushed to contain the ISIS tide. The first step was to unify the positions of the National Alliance (the forces of the ‘Shia majority’) vis-à-vis the crisis. After that, efforts focused on formulating a general position that included the Kurds and other ruling factions, expediting talks for a new government as Tehran ditched Nouri al-Maliki as its favored choice for prime minister. This coincided with the reorganization of military formations in a way that would allow them, in the event of any foreign intervention, to deploy in any area of Iraq liberated from ISIS control to prevent it from falling into the hands of groups that are outside the authority of the state.
The Americans have also heard very clearly and through several channels that the way things have moved since the NATO summit in Wales, and then the meetings in Paris and Jeddah, resembles the way a bull would move in a china shop. If this continues, it might destroy a lot of things in its way, including the nuclear negotiations, and Iran's recent rapprochement with Saudi Arabia and its outcomes in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere.
As international talks were launched to form the alliance against ISIS, the Iranians and Russians told Arab and Western governments concerned that bypassing the official frameworks of states in the forthcoming battle would complicate matters greatly, and could make it difficult to confine the crisis to Syria and Iraq. Instead, they proposed a mechanism for coordination over Syria and Iraq, which Western diplomats explained as an Iranian proposal for Baghdad to coordinate with Damascus, since the alliance refuses dealing with the Syrian regime.
Moscow and Tehran have also warned against Western operations deviating from targeting ISIS, especially with the talk about the possibility of handing over the areas liberated from ISIS to the “moderate” Syrian opposition.
The Americans were told clearly that the Russians would step up the level of military support to Damascus, with some sources saying that Washington’s recent warning to Syria about intercepting its planes was essentially addressed to Russia and Iran. The Americans also know that Russia continues to restock the Syrian army with everything it needs in its war against the armed groups, but also in a way that would help fortify its positions against any US strikes, be they intentional or accidental.
Does this mean that a confrontation is inevitable?
There could be room for an understanding, even if it is indirect, over the limits of the operation, with guarantees provided that the Syrian regime would not be targeted, that US troops would not be deployed to Iran’s borders, that no buffer zone would be established in the central Sunni-majority areas in Iraq that would cut off the contiguity between Tehran and its allies, and that no major gains would be achieved by Turkey and Saudi.
In this regard, reports about a 30-day waiting period before the war raises further questions: Is it meant to secure more cohesion within the Western-Gulf alliance, which remains ambiguous, and for the sake of more military preparations? Or is it meant to give talks with the other side a chance?
The answer might be a combination of both. The White House must measure things very carefully to appease conflicting interests within the alliance. US military officials want the White House to provide answers about air corridors that would not be possible without coordination with the Syrians, Russians, and Iranians.
According to sources, there are signs that contacts have already been made between Syrians and Americans through the Norwegian embassy in Damascus. Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad, according to the same sources, visited President Assad as an “American” rather than an Iraqi envoy. Recent Syrian air sorties and precise strikes against ISIS positions also indicate there has been coordination with the Americans, even if through a third party.
In the opinion of these sources, a certain level of coordination, albeit indirect, would dispel many of the concerns of the other side. The Americans, in the end, are pragmatists, and would not hesitate to give up allies and some of their gains if this would help protect the lives of their soldiers. But if the opposing side is forced to choose between two bitter options, namely, terrorism or occupation, then this could push this axis into a major confrontation to force a third option.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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Ebola outbreak points to need for behavioural change - Financial Times

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ABC Online

Ebola outbreak points to need for behavioural change
Financial Times
Mohamed Lamin Turay has seen the dangers of Ebola close up in Sierra Leone and it has only strengthened his resolve to help tackle the world's worst known outbreak. One of his friends became ill after his father came home from a traditional burial where ...
US military planes arrive at epicenter of EbolaBusinessweek
The ominous math of the Ebola epidemicWashington Post
Ebola: 'We're at an absolute tipping point,' warns David MilibandThe Guardian
Los Angeles Times -Firstpost -Christian Science Monitor
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Ebola: how can we stop it spreading? - video report

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The Ebola virus has spread rapidly through West Africa, claiming thousands of lives. A Spanish priest and a US citizen have also died during the outbreak. Vaccines and experimental drugs are being developed but there are other measures that need to be put in place to halt the Ebola outbreak. What are they? Continue reading...

US Studying Success of Nigerian Response to Ebola - Voice of America

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Kansas City Star

US Studying Success of Nigerian Response to Ebola
Voice of America
LAGOS—. While the Ebola virus continues to take a heavy toll in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, Nigeria is receiving international praise for its swift control of the disease. There have been no new cases of the virus in the country since the end of August.
Ebola Could Be 'World's Next AIDS,' CDC Director
Spread of Ebola unseen since Aids epidemic, says US health officialSouth China Morning Post (subscription)
OUR OPINION: Being proactive against Ebola is important, but all can take steps ...The Tand
The Independent -Business Insider -Daily Beast
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German Police Seize Record Heroin Haul

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Police have found Germany's biggest-ever stash of heroin, with an estimated street value of 50 million euros ($60 million), hidden in a truckload of pickled cucumbers and garlic. Police discovered 330 kg (730 pounds) of the highly refined heroin in a truck in the western city of Essen and arrested two men, public prosecutor Anette Milk said on Thursday. The amount of heroin seized in the truck on September 22 was more than the total confiscated in 2013 by German police, which...

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