Sunday, November 16, 2014

And this is his response...

Putin Under Pressure at G20

World leaders take on Putin over Ukraine

Mike Nova comments: And this is his response...

"Чтобы не было здесь никаких спекуляций, что касается того, почему я не пошёл на общий завтрак... 
Ну а нам отсюда лететь до Владивостока 9 часов и потом от Владивостока до Москвы – ещё 9 часов..."

In my, as always, VHSPO (very humble and strictly personal opinion), Peter Kassig's murder is a symbolic and politically theatrical response to the Western pressure and discussion of further sanctions which was expected at the concluding G-20 luncheon. Putin's mentioning of difference in time zones is not accidental: news reports about Mr. Kassig's (rhymes with "cassique"?) death were released roughly at the same time as Putin's final at G-20 press-conference and his departure, thus probably providing the deliberate hint. 
This is another one in the series of attempts to threaten and to intimidate, "взять на арапа", and to sway the opinions of Western public. These tactics are very much a part of the GRU lexicon and style since the times of the recent Russian - Georgian war: "forcing into peace and cooperation" ("операция по принуждению к миру").
This is also another indirect indication (although not amounting to a fully fledged proof yet) that IS is controlled by Russian military intelligence (and was created jointly by them and Arab gulf states, on the basis of their preexisted vast Soviet-Russian networks in Iraq and Syria, on Arab's money under Bandar's directions, in order to deflect from those states the pressure for "regime changes"; they are the well known masters of duplicity and double games historically). 
I think that V. Putin is mentally disturbed (although not necessarily "deranged"), which might be, at least in part due to his physical illness and in part due to his personal hatred of the West and now Ukraine also, and that he is severely depressed, enraged and suicidal, even if he hides it quite well under the "mask of sanity". His personal and political behavior is the one of the "cornered animal", or more precisely, a predator, "a mature wolf" ("матёрый волк") which he is by the virtue of his criminal nature, his criminal personality structure and past life quasi-criminal experiences. 
I do not think that he is open to reason and rational arguments, which are the part of Western pressure on him. He, his cronies and and his FM, as was mentioned in the press, just try to play for time, using the diplomacy as a "peaceful extension of war", while unleashing the unprecedented (even by the past cold war standards of the Soviet times) campaign of massive propaganda and special operations, using the Western democratic openness as its vulnerability. Without any doubt in my mind, he is a very realistic and dangerous threat to the West and the Western culture. 
His "Politburo", and even more so the extended circle of his supporters appear to be quite unhappy with the recent events and increasingly skeptical of their leader, and it is possible that their loyalties start to fray, although the situation appears to be quite far from a palace coup along Khrushchev's removal lines; most likely he controls them by the old, well tested, Stalinist means: his personal intelligence service. However, it looks that it is the right time for them to wake up and smell the "Nescaffe".
I have the impression that V. Putin created an international intelligence conglomerate, including the wide range of countries and their intelligence services in order to oppose, counteract and diminish the Western power and influence. They view their actions as relatively efficient and inexpensive (very "cost efficient"), "low tech" alternative.  
It would be logical to assume that the response has to be of the similar kind and with the similar kind of weaponry, but on a much broader and on a much more sophisticated scale. 
The old Chinese curse of living in interesting times seems to be very much of a reality in our days. 
I do not see anything wrong in sharing publicly these thoughts of mine; if they help us to get closer to the truth, so much for the better, they might help in the search for the solutions. 

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