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Кадыров: "Надо будет - уйду!" Правда? - YouTube

Кадыров: "Надо будет - уйду!" Правда? - YouTube

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Started on Apr 24, 2015
Рамзан Кадыров и МВД РФ дают полярно разные версии инцидента со ставропольскими милиционерами, окончившегося гибелью подозреваемого в преступлении жителя Чечни. Кадыров и МВД обмениваются жесткими заявлениями в адрес друг друга. Кадыров в очередной раз заявляет, что не боится уйти в отставку. Приведет ли все это в самом деле к его отставке? Обсуждают журналисты Иван Сухов, Борис Минаев и другие эксперты. Ведущая Елена Рыковцева.

Прямой эфир в 19.05, звоните по номеру

Russian Wildfire Relief Takes Backseat To Donbas Aid Convoys

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As wildfires burn, leaving thousands homeless in Russia's Khakasia region in Siberia, activists say they are having difficulty getting donated aid to victims.

Киев: суд арестовал трех "беркутовцев" по делу о Майдане - BBC Russian

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РБК Украина

Киев: суд арестовал трех "беркутовцев" по делу о Майдане
BBC Russian
Печерский суд Киева заключил под стражу трех бывших сотрудников батальона милиции "Беркут", которых подозревают в причастности к убийству демонстрантов в центре Киева 18 февраля прошлого года, сообщила пресс-служба генпрокуратуры Украины. Бывшего командира ...
Суд арестовал экс-сотрудников "Беркута" по делу о гибели майдановцевРИА Новости
Экс-сотрудники «Беркута» арестованы по делу о гибели людей на МайданеВзгляд
В Харькове арестованы бывшие бойцы "Беркута"Вести.Ru
Коммерсантъ -Украинское национальное информагентство -СЕГОДНЯ
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'People In Pankisi Know Who's Recruiting Their Kids To IS'

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Residents of Georgia's Pankisi Gorge must be aware of the identities of those involved in recruiting young men to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria, a Georgian analyst says, in comments that are sure to fan the flames of an already heated debate over IS recruitment in Georgia.

Russian Lawmakers Approve Prisoner Amnesty in Honor of Victory Day 

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Russian lawmakers on Friday voted to enact an amnesty for those convicted of certain categories of crimes in honor of the 70th anniversary of the allied Victory over Nazi Germany, which Russia celebrates on May 9.

В Чечне возбудили дело в отношении ставропольских силовиков - ИА DixiNews

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В Чечне возбудили дело в отношении ставропольских силовиков
ИА DixiNews
Официальное обвинение звучит как «превышение должностных обязанностей, повлёкшее тяжкие последствия в виде смерти Джамбулата Дадаева». Спецоперация по задержанию Дадаева прошла 19 апреля в Ленинском районе Грозного. Когда преступник, находившийся в ...

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Greece Heads for More Crunch Talks with European Creditors

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Greece sought to downplay the scale of its differences with its bailout creditors as the eurozone’s top official said Friday that time is running out for the country to secure a deal that will prevent its bankruptcy. Though Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem signaled it would be hard to get a deal at the meeting of 19 Eurozone finance ministers in the Latvian capital of Riga, he said he hoped to be able to report some progress later.   He said there's a “great sense of urgency” from all sides to get a deal done, particularly for Athens so the country can get the financial support it needs “to make sure there's enough money available to keep the government running.”   Greece had an end-of-April date to agree to more reforms in exchange for rescue money its creditors had set aside. Without the money, Greece faces potential bankruptcy and a possible exit from the euro, a development that many in global policymaking circles feel could damage the world's economic recovery.   Though Dijsselbloem noted that “April isn't over yet,” he said the deadline was far more important for Athens than the Eurogroup.   Slovakia's finance minister, Peter Kazimir, showed little optimism that a deal would be agreed on in coming days and even ventured that Athens has until the end of June, when Greece's European bailout program expires.   For weeks, the meeting in Riga was expected to be the one where Greece's immediate financial future would be sorted out. Greece's left-wing government, elected in January on a mandate to bring crippling austerity to an end, would present its reform plans to its creditors in the Eurozone. If all worked out as planned, Greece would be handed the remaining money available in its bailout program _ 7.2 billion euros ($7.7 billion) _ to pay off upcoming debts to its creditors in the Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund.   Creditors have demanded reforms that include sweeping changes to pensions and labor rules. But the Greek government has ruled out many key demands, arguing it was elected to end the kind of stifling budget austerity that contributed to a 25 percent contraction in the economy. Its focus is geared far more on fighting corruption and increasing its tax take than more cuts.   Despite weeks of tortuous discussions, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is not expected to present a final list of reforms at the meeting. The decision this week by the Greek government to scrape together spare cash from municipalities and state enterprises like hospitals and the national gallery, is likely to buy it some time. The move could, according to independent estimates, rake in 2 billion euros ($2.14 billion).   “Today the message is really ‘let's speed up’,” said Pierre Moscovici, the European Union's top economy official.   Though Varoufakis did not speak to reporters as he entered the meeting, he insisted in a blog post published Friday that the “current disagreements are not unbridgeable” and that there already is common ground, particularly on revamping the tax system and making pensions fit for purpose by, for example, limiting early retirement.   “The Greek government wants a fiscal-consolidation path that makes sense, and we want reforms that all sides believe are important,” Varoufakis wrote. “Our task is to convince our partners that our undertakings are strategic, rather than tactical, and that our logic is sound. Their task is to let go of an approach that has failed.”   Heading into the meeting, Slovakia's Kazimir showed his frustration, saying he was “a little bit tired” by the failure of the Greek authorities to present a properly costed set of proposals.   “I have almost no expectation today,” he said. “Substance is missing, this is the crucial problem. Time is running and we have no time for diplomatic or political chit-chat.”   Kazimir wasn't alone expressing his frustration. “I am already quite annoyed with this issue,” said Austria's Johann Schelling.   Many in the markets think a deal could emerge on May 11, when Eurozone finance ministers are scheduled to meet next. The main stock market in Athens was up 3.5 percent Friday, while the interest rates fell on an array of Greek bonds. Both are signs that investors are a little less nervous.   “While the prospects of possible Greek default haven't receded, it would appear that the timing has been delayed once again as both sides try and come to a deal that they can somehow sell as a solution that will satisfy everybody,” said Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets.

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Terrorist Cell May Have Sought to Attack the Vatican, Prosecutor Says 

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Investigations into suspected support for Al Qaeda revealed that a Pakistani man who was in Rome in March 2010 was described as being “destined to martyrdom.”

Кадыров: "Надо будет - уйду!" Правда? 

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Рамзан Кадыров и МВД РФ дают полярно разные версии инцидента со ставропольскими милиционерами, окончившег...
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В Москве из-за стрельбы задержали 40 машин с армянскими флагами - Полит.ру

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В Москве из-за стрельбы задержали 40 машин с армянскими флагами
На севере Москвы по подозрению в стрельбе задержаны 40 машин с флагами Армении, сообщает ТАСС со ссылкой на источник в правоохранительных органах. По предварительным данным, граждане Армении пытались устроить автопробег на Ленинградском проспекте. По его ...
На Ленинградском проспекте задержаны 40 машин с армянскими флагамиВести.Ru
За стрельбу в Москве задержаны около 50 машин с армянскими флагамиСвопи
Источник: полиция в Москве остановила автопробег памяти геноцида армянРИА Новости
33LIVE.RU -Обозреватель
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Moscow Sees Eastern Partnership Summit As Anti-Russian

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Russia says it has a negative view of the EU's Eastern Partnership summit to be held in Latvia next month, calling it "anti-Russian."

Russia Is Still Burning Through Its Foreign Currency Reserves - Forbes

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Russia Is Still Burning Through Its Foreign Currency Reserves
In some senses the worst may already be over for Russia's economy: industrial production is mostly holding steady, inflation seems like it has already peaked, and forecasts from Western banks and ratings firms are moving towards less apocalyptic ...

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В ЕС 16 стран ратифицировали Соглашение об ассоциации с Украиной - Комсомольская правда

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Комсомольская правда

В ЕС 16 стран ратифицировали Соглашение об ассоциации с Украиной
Комсомольская правда
В Евросоюзе уже 16 государств ратифицировали Соглашение об ассоциации с Украиной. Как сообщил министр иностранных дел Украины Павел Климкин, сегодня, 24 апреля, документ был одобрен в Португалии. «Еще одна хорошая новость: в Португалии ратифицировано и вступило ...
16 страна ЕС ратифицировала ассоциацию с УкраинойПоследние новости в мире
Финляндия ратифицировала соглашение об ассоциации ЕС с Украиной — посолРИА Новости Украина

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'Illegal Border Crossing' Added To Russian Charges Against Savchenko

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Investigators have brought an additional charge against Ukrainian military pilot Nadia Savchenko in what the prosecution called it's "final" case against her, alleging that she illegally crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia.

Russian State Duma Adopts Amnesty

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Russian lawmakers have declared a prison amnesty to mark the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Ukrainians Claim Russian-Backed Fighters Have Attacked 62 Times Over 24-Hour Period 

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The Ukrainian military’s ATO press center claims today that Russian-backed forces committed 30 violations of the ceasefire between 18:00 and midnight yesterday.

War games off UK coast not response to Russia, says NATO - CNN

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War games off UK coast not response to Russia, says NATO
NATO says the planning started long before Russia renewed its status as the alliance's chief adversary. For more than a year NATO has been condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine as well as its frequent, large scale, snap military drills and those long ...

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Major Russian Military Movement Spotted On Both Sides of the Russia-Ukraine Border 

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As we have been reporting, the last 24 hours have seen more ceasefire violations than we have seen since major fighting ended after the battle of Debaltsevo in February. But there are more signs that things may be heating up, and rapidly, in Ukraine.
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German MPs condemn Armenia ‘genocide’

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Politicians reject official attempts to restrain rhetoric for fear of angering Ankara

Afghan President Orders Probe Into UN Police Corruption Report

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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate why a United Nations-funded report on corruption in the police force was apparently ignored.

Pentagon Calls Latest Kremlin Accusation About US Troops In Ukraine “Ridiculous” 

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Earlier we reported that amid escalating fighting, and heavy Russian armor movement on both sides of the border, Russia has accused the U.S. of sending its soldiers into eastern Ukraine to train the Ukrainian military…

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Gives Order to Shoot Law-Enforcers from Other Russian Regions if They Don’t Coordinate Operations 

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has given the order to his own troops to shoot law-enforcers from other Russian republics if they do not coordinate their operations in Chechnya with his own police, reported.

Russian Journalist Deliberately Sets Grass on Fire in Khakasiya to ‘Get a Good Background’ 

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A Russian journalist lit a grass fire with a cigarette to get better footage for a news program, and the Khakasiya News Agency reported.

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Would ‘Step Down if Ordered’ After Calling For Shooting of Non-Cooperative Outside Police

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said he is prepared to step down from his post if necessary, Yod News reported, citing RIA Novosti.
The Interpreter has translated his statement..
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Novaya Gazeta Finds Video of Kadyrov’s Order to Shoot Outside Law-Enforcers; Asks Whether Planners of Nemtsov Murder Will Be Held to Account 

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Novaya Gazeta has reported further this evening on the scandal around Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who was reported to have ordered his troops to shoot at law-enforcers from other republics who operated on Chechen territory without coordinating with his people.

UN Delegation Calls On Baku To Protect Rights Of Detained People 

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A delegation from the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture has called on Azerbaijani authorities "to do more to protect the rights of people deprived of their liberty."

'We're not heroes, just tourists': Swedish police officers on holiday stop vicious assault on New York subway

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Four Swedish police officers have showed that no matter where you are in the world, the call of duty stays strong.

СМИ узнали о решении России и Франции расторгнуть контракт по «Мистралю» :: Политика :: РосБизнесКонсалтинг

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Вертолетоносец типа «Мистраль»
Фото: AFP
​Как сообщил агентству Reuters источник с российской стороны, предполагаемое соглашение предусматривает возвращение Москве уплаченных за «Мистрали» денег. Ранее дипломатический источник агентства Интерфакс сообщил, что «приемлемым вариантом может стать возврат Францией всей предоплаты в размере €1,5 млрд.
Президент Франции Франсуа Олланд по итогам встречи с Владимиром Путиным в Ереване заявил, что решение по «Мистралям» не принято.
Во время «Прямой линии» 16 апреля Путин говорил, что он надеется, что французы «деньги нам вернут». Президент уточнял, что Россия не будет требовать от Парижа неустоек и штрафов, но будет добиваться возвращения «всех издержек, которые мы понесли».
В среду, 22 апреля, Олланд на совместной пресс-конференции с украинским президентом Петром Порошенко открыто сообщил о возможности расторжения сделки, отмечает Bloomberg. Он отметил, что у него с президентом Путиным есть полная ясность по этому вопросу.
«На данный момент поставить «Мистрали» России не представляется возможным. Здесь действует простой принцип — если корабли не будут поставлены, то я не вижу возможности брать за них деньги», — цитировало Олланда Le Figaro. «В соответствии с имеющимися вариантами будет либо оплата поставки, либо возвращение денег», — сказал он.
Франция и Россия 17 июня 2011 года заключили контракт на постройку и поставку в Россию двух вертолетоносцев типа «Мистраль» общей стоимостью около €1,2 млрд. По контракту первый вертолетоносец — «Владивосток» — должен был быть передан Москве осенью 2014 года. Сроки его передачи откладывались уже несколько раз в связи с ситуацией на востоке Украины.
Вице-премьер правительства России Дмитрий Рогозин объяснял срыв сделки по «Мистралям» давлением на Париж со стороны других участников Североатлантического альянса. При этом Рогозин указывал, что России выгоднее вернуть деньги, чем получить корабли, без которых можно обойтись.
В 2013 году Рогозин охарактеризовал сделку по покупке «Мистралей» как странную, поскольку эти корабли не могут действовать при температурах меньше семи градусов.​ 
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СМИ узнали о решении России и Франции расторгнуть контракт по «Мистралю» - РБК

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СМИ узнали о решении России и Франции расторгнуть контракт по «Мистралю»
Россия и Франция близки к достижению соглашения о разрыве контракта на поставки Москве вертолетоносцев «Мистраль». Президент Франции Франсуа Олланд факт договоренности не подтвердил. Вертолетоносец типа «Мистраль». Фото: AFP. В этом сюжете. Польша запретила ...
Олланд: решение о передаче России "Мистралей" не принятоРИА Новости
Москва оценила слова ОлландаДни.Ру
Путин и Олланд не приняли решение по «Мистралям»Газета.Ru
BFM.Ru -Взгляд -Комсомольская правда
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Russian Interior Ministry Denounces Kadyrov’s Call to Shoot Unauthorized Police; Kadyrov Insists He Gets Along with FSB

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The Russian Interior Ministry has pronounced “impermissible” a defiant statement from Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov that he had authorized troops in the Chechen Interior Ministry to fire on law-enforcers from other Russian regions if they pursued activities in his republic without notification.
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Final Phase of Iran Nuclear Talks Begins

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Iranian and international negotiators resumed talks in Vienna this week, trying to finalize an agreement on the future of Tehran’s nuclear program by the end of June. They are working from a list of agreed parameters, but important differences remain, as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged when he announced the framework accord April 2 in Switzerland. VOA’s Al Pessin reports.

Poland refuses to let biker gang follow Red Army route through country 

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The Night Wolves, a group loyal to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, planned to ride across Poland to mark second world war anniversary
Poland has said it will not allow a nationalist biker gang loyal to Vladimir Putin, the Russian president,to enter the country as part of the group’s second world war commemorations.
The Night Wolves had planned to ride through Poland next week to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the conflict. Their plan was to cross several European countries on the way to Berlin, following the route taken by the Red Army in its defeat of Adolf Hitler’s Germany.Continue reading...

Putin, Hollande Discuss Ukraine On Sidelines Of Yerevan Ceremonies

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande, on the sidelines of ceremonies in Yerevan commemorating the 100th anniversary of the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

Chechen Interior Ministry Probes Killing By Stavropol Police

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The Chechen Interior Ministry says it has begun an investigation into "abuse of power" by police from the neighboring Stavropol region that resulted in the death of a Chechen man.

Arctic Council Meeting Nears in the Shadow of Tensions With Russia 

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As a biennial summit meeting begins Friday in northern Canada, the council’s mission is being strained by the broad deterioration of relations with Russia.

Where Poles and Russians Meet, Ideals and Profits Clash

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For more than a year, since the Ukraine conflict erupted, European nations have been having an argument among themselves about how to respond to Russia.
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СМИ: в МВД не намерены вступать в дальнейшую полемику с Кадыровым

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МВД России не намерено вступать в дальнейшую полемику с главой Чечни Рамзаном Кадыровым относительно спецоперации ставропольских полицейских, закончившейся гибелью уроженца республики Джамбулата Дадаева.
В ведомстве заявили, что позиция министерства была изложена накануне и что «более к вчерашнему заявлению добавить нечего», передает «Газета.Ru».
В четверг вечером МВД России прокомментировало слова Рамзана Кадырова об «открытии огня на поражение» по сотрудникам из других регионов, которые без ведома местных правоохранительных органов проводят спецоперации в республике.
Сегодня на сайте правительства ЧР появилось ответное заявление Кадырова, в котором он обвинил руководство МВД России в искажении фактов, а также выразил надежду, что министр внутренних дел Владимир Колокольцев не был ознакомлен с официальным заявлением МВД об обстоятельствах операции по задержанию Дадаева.
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Former Spy Master Flees Argentina Amid Threats

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Argentina's most famous spy master has fled the country due to threats on his life and is not complying with a summons ordering him to testify Thursday in connection with the investigation into a 1994 terror bombing, his lawyer said.
Antonio Stiuso fears for his safety, his lawyer, Santiago Blanco Bermudez, told The Associated Press during an interview Wednesday evening. He said Stiuso contends the government is trying to sully his reputation following the mysterious death of a prosecutor, who accused Argentine leaders of protecting the masterminds of the bombing,
“We believe [Stiuso] will continue to be a government target,” said Blanco Bermudez, who declined to specify the threats or disclose his client's location.
Stiuso was called to testify Thursday about allegations he hid information related to the bombing, which killed 85 people at Argentina's main Jewish center. Stiuso also has been accused of running a contraband operation and tax evasion.
Blanco Bermudez said all the accusations were baseless.
Stiuso, who oversaw a vast wire-tapping operation before being removed from his post in December, had assisted prosecutor Alberto Nisman in his investigation of the unsolved bombing, which stands as the country's worst terrorist attack.
Nisman was found shot dead in his bathroom on Jan. 18, days after accusing President Cristina Fernandez of reaching a secret deal with Iran to cover up its alleged responsibility for the bombing. Fernandez strongly denies the accusations, which have been thrown out by a federal judge and rejected on appeal, and Iran long has said it had no role in the attack.
Fernandez, in recent months, has suggested Nisman was killed by rogue intelligence agents, but has not provided any details to support that. She also said that Stiuso fed false information to Nisman and even had a hand in writing the late prosecutor's 289-page report detailing the accusations against her.
Blanco Bermudez rejected those suggestions, saying Stiuso's role as operations director of the former Secretary of Intelligence was to gather information, not evaluate it for legal purposes.
“Nisman didn't tell [Stiuso] about his case,” said Blanco Bermudez.
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Russian Claims of US Military Trainers in E. Ukraine ‘Ridiculous’

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The U.S. Defense Department has dismissed as “ridiculous” and “propaganda” comments by a Russian military official that American troops are training Ukrainian soldiers in the conflict zone in Ukraine’s east.
“There’s no credence to it whatsoever,” said Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren, responding Thursday to the allegations. “It’s another example of Russia at the highest levels issuing propaganda.”
A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, made the allegation earlier Thursday, after U.S. Army and Ukrainian National Guard troops had kicked off joint training exercises earlier in the week in Yavoriv, in Ukraine's western Lviv region — more than 1,000 kilometers from the fighting in the country's east.
According to Konashenkov, U.S. soldiers are training their Ukrainian counterparts in Ukraine’s east in urban combat.
"What's of public concern is that American soldiers are teaching Ukrainian National Guard troops [how to conduct] assault operations in urban environments," he said, as quoted by Russian news agencies.
"Only this is not happening in the Lviv region on the Yavoriv training ground, as shown by Ukrainian TV channels, but directly in the combat zone in the areas of Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Artemivsk and Volnovakha," Konashenkov said,  referring to cities and towns in Ukraine's restive Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
U.S. assertion disputed
Konashenkov also took issue with a statement made Wednesday by U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who charged that Russia has built up air-defense systems inside eastern Ukraine and has been involved in the training of pro-Russian separatists in the area, in violation of a European-brokered truce signed in February in Minsk, Belarus.
Harf said the increasingly complex nature of rebel training exercises, including the use of Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, left "no doubt" of Russian involvement.
Konashenkov said Harf's statement was "striking in its incompetence."
But NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, in response to a reporter's question Thursday, said there had been "a substantial Russian buildup" along the Ukrainian border, as well as inside eastern Ukraine.
"During the last months, the Russian have increased their supplies," he said. "They have provided the separatists with well over 1,000 pieces of heavy equipment, advanced weapons systems, advanced air defenses, tanks, artillery. In addition they have organized very advanced training, and they have also drones and other advanced equipment in eastern Ukraine.
"What we see both in eastern Ukraine and on the border to eastern Ukraine gives reason for great concern. Russia is violating the Minsk agreements. It is undermining and violating the cease-fire, and it provides the separatists with the capacity to launch a new, big offensive with very little warning time."
Effort to ‘shift the focus’
Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said the claim about U.S. involvement in urban assault training was nothing more than an effort to divert attention from Russian violations of the Minsk truce.
"This is a ridiculous attempt to shift the focus away from what is actually happening in eastern Ukraine," she said. "Russia continues to supply lethal weapons, training, and command-and-control support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine, in blatant violation of Moscow's Minsk commitments and Ukraine's sovereignty.”
Commenting on the exercises in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, Lainez said that the Pentagon has been open about them.
“We have been transparent about our soldiers — they are in Yavoriv, far from the east.  At Ukraine's invitation, our soldiers are training Ukraine's National Guard at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, where we've trained with allies and partners for years,” she said.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in a phone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, also said that the U.S. training of Ukrainian National Guard units was fully transparent and defensive in nature, and was being done at the invitation of the Ukrainian government, according to a senior State Department official.
The official also said Kerry told Lavrov that Russia must withdraw its forces from eastern Ukraine.
Denial of involvement by Moscow
Kyiv and many western governments have accused Russia of supporting rebels in eastern Ukraine with military personnel and weapons, a charge Moscow denies.
The year-old conflict has claimed more than 6,100 lives, according to United Nations estimates.
The exercises in Ukraine's western Lviv region involve 300 U.S. Army paratroopers and some 900 Ukrainian guardsmen. Dubbed operation "Fearless Guardian-2015," the drills aim to "establish a professional force that protects and defends Ukraine's people ... [and its] sovereignty," the Pentagon has said.
The paratroopers are from the 173rd Airborne Brigade based in Vicenza, Italy. The training, which according to the Pentagon is mainly focused on weapons handling, first aid and casualty evacuation, is to last six months.
VOA’s Jeff Seldin contributed to this report from the Pentagon and Pam Dockins from the State Department.
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Pentagon’s New Cyber Strategy Warns Adversaries US Will Hit Back

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The United States is laying out a new strategy for defending cyberspace, making clear the country will not hesitate to counter attacks online and even with conventional military might, if necessary.
U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter unveiled the new cyber strategy in a speech Thursday at Stanford University, saying it is overdue when the same technologies that U.S. ships use to target cruise missiles are “now available to the highest bidder.”
“Adversaries should know that our preference for deterrence and our defensive posture don’t diminish our willingness to use cyber options if necessary,” Carter said, adding, “The response might not occur in cyberspace but might occur in a different way."
Part of the goal of the new U.S. cyber strategy is to allay concerns that rose following last November’s cyber attack on Sony, which U.S. officials blamed on North Korea, and which had many wondering whether it rose to the level of cyber war.
“Just like Americans expect the Department of Defense to protect the country from a missile attack or other types of attacks, they do so in cyberspace,” a senior Defense Department official said prior to the strategy’s official unveiling.
Defining cyber war
The hope is that under the new guidelines, exactly what constitutes an act of cyber war will be clearer.
“It’s only when those attacks rise to the level of an armed attack, so this is an attack of very significant consequence, not just a denial-of-service attack or a mere hack,” the official said.
But during his talk Thursday at Stanford, the defense secretary said that while the first priority is to defend the Pentagon’s vital networks, “on occasion, we may be called upon to defend other parts of society, and that’s our mission also and we’ll do so."
Carter added, “That’s a determination that’s going to be made case by case, depending upon danger or potential danger to life and property.”
As part of the new U.S. strategy, the Pentagon has begun building a Cyber Mission Force. Defense officials say they are only about halfway to their goal, but that ultimately, it will encompass 133 teams and more than 6,000 troops working to defend the department’s own infrastructure, as well as provide support for combat operations and even defend vital U.S. interests.
Winning over private industry
But the defense secretary warned that because businesses oversee about 90 percent of the nation’s computer networks, defending American cyberspace is not something the government can do alone.
"If companies themselves don’t invest, our country’s collective cyber security posture is weakened," he said.
Carter added that part of the challenge will be to balance that message with the need to partner with firms and startups in technology hubs like Silicon Valley, which are driving much of the innovation.
But the Pentagon faces a significant challenge in trying to gain the trust of some American security firms, which at least publicly remain skeptical of U.S. spying activities following the intelligence leaks by ex-security contractor Edward Snowden.
“Our companies and our people need to be convinced that everything we do in the cyber domain is lawful and appropriate and necessary,” Carter said.
Restoring ties with tech companies will be a "big challenge" for Carter, according to Rob Pritchard, a cyber security specialist at the Royal United Services Institute, who spoke with VOA Thursday.
"He has to find a way to get them to cooperate whilst allowing them to communicate to their customers that their data is still secure and safe. And I think that's going to be quite difficult," said Pritchard.
He said U.S. technology companies will have a particularly hard time reassuring their customers who live overseas, and therefore have less privacy protections than American citizens, under U.S. law.
Tobias Feakin, a cyber security expert at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, told VOA he also thought "market forces" have helped push companies to publicly side with their customers who are demanding more privacy.
"There's certainly a shift in many U.S. companies trying to distance themselves somewhat from U.S. government security architectures, because they've taken a hit on share price and they're trying to respond to a customer base who are increasingly wary," Feakin said.
The Defense Department hopes to reach distrustful companies through a permanent outreach center aimed at "scouting emerging and breakthrough technologies," according to a defense official.
The experimental Defense Innovation Unit will be staffed by what officials say is an elite group of active-duty and civilian personnel who will try to recruit some of the industry's top technological minds.
VOA’s William Gallo contributed to this story.
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Кадыров опроверг заявление МВД о согласовании спецоперации в Грозном : Общество: Россия:

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Глава Чечни Рамзан Кадыров опроверг заявление МВД России о том, что силовики республики были поставлены в известность о проведенной в Грозном спецоперации. Соответствующее заявление Кадырова опубликовано на сайте правительства республики.
«Достоверно известно, что о проводимой операции не был письменно, устно или по телефону информирован никто из числа руководства МВД по Чеченской Республике и его структурных подразделений, включая Управление уголовного розыска. И, тем более, никто из сотрудников не принимал участия в этом мероприятии», — говорится в сообщении.
Также отмечается, что операция проводилась на оживленной улице, а все силовики были в масках. «Руководству МВД по ЧР лучше, чем кому-либо известно, что длительное время убивавшие сотрудников полиции и гражданских лиц бандиты действовали в камуфляжной форме и в масках. Так происходило неоднократно. Все жители ЧР знают, что тот, кто в маске, не представляет силовые структуры, а является бандитом», — говорится в сообщении.
Кадыров считает, что УВД Ставропольского края ввело в заблуждение министра внутренних дел России относительно обстоятельств проведенной в Чечне операции. «В связи с этим выражаю надежду, что министром внутренних дел России будет назначено служебное расследование, установлены проявившие неискренность сотрудники и решен вопрос ответственности», — говорится в заявлении.
Вечером 23 апреля в МВД сообщили, что ставропольские полицейские проинформировали своих коллег из Чечни о готовящейся в республике операции. Также в МВД заявили о недопустимости для руководителя региона заявлять об «открытии огня на поражение» по сотрудникам из других регионов.
Резонансное распоряжение Кадыров отдал 20 апреля на совещании силовиков. «Я официально заявляю: если без вашего ведома на вашей территории появляется, не имеет значения, будь москвич или ставропольчанин, — открыть огонь на поражение. С нами должны считаться», — сказал глава Чечни.
Встреча с сотрудниками правоохранительных органов проводилась в связи с гибелью 19 апреля находившегося в федеральном розыске Джамбулата Дадаева. Мужчина, подозреваемый в причинении тяжкого вреда здоровью, был застрелен при задержании в Ленинском районе Грозного. Спецоперацию проводили ставропольские полицейские и сотрудники Временной оперативной группировки органов и подразделений МВД России, дислоцированной в Ханкале (Чечня).
Позднее Кадыров заявил, что готов уйти со своего поста, если это необходимо. «Я пехотинец Верховного главнокомандующего. Если мне дадут приказ, я его выполню на все 100 процентов. Надо будет уйти — уйду, умереть я тоже готов», — сказал он, подчеркнув, что никакого конфликта между ним и федеральными силовыми структурами нет.
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Videos of Shootings Drive Outrage Against Law Enforcement

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Several recent, high-profile police shootings across the United States have stoked outrage against law enforcement. While some agencies are concerned about how video recordings of police interactions might change officer behavior, others are welcoming additional scrutiny as a way to reinforce their mission. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh reports.

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Armenian Diaspora in Lebanon

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The Armenian diaspora in Lebanon commemorates the centenary of the mass killings they see as genocide.

Кибератака на Пентагон: опять виноваты "российские хакеры"? - Правда.Ру

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Кибератака на Пентагон: опять виноваты "российские хакеры"?
Хакерской атаке вновь подверглись компьютерные системы Пентагона, утверждает министр обороны США Эштон Картер. Об этом глава силового ведомства расказал во время своего выступления в калифонийском Стэнфордском университете. По его словам, в нынешнем году ...
Пентагон обвинил российских хакеров в новой атаке на компьютерные системы ведомстваBFM.Ru
Российских хакеров снова обвинили во взломе компьютерных систем ПентагонаНТВ.ru
Хакеров из России заподозрили во взломе серверов ПентагонаВзгляд
Газета.Ru -РИА Новости -АМИ Тренд
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Former CIA Chief Fined $100,000 for Leaking Classified Documents to Mistress 

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David Petraeus, the former chief of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, was fined $100,000 Thursday and placed on two years' probation for giving his mistress classified information while she was working on a biography of him. The 62-year-old Petraeus was once the highest profile U.S. Army general during the United States' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was later appointed by President Barack Obama as the CIA director. He ran the country's intelligence agency for a year, until resigning in late 2012. His career unraveled two-and-a-half years ago with the disclosure of the affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, who wrote an admiring book about him, All In: The Education of David Petraeus. It was published three years ago, before the affair was exposed. Two months ago, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. Prosecutors said when Broadwell was working on her book, Petraeus gave her eight binders of classified material that he had improperly kept from his days as the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan. The binders included names of covert operatives, allied war strategy and notes of Petraeus' conversations with President Barack Obama and the National Security Council. The prosecutors said Petraeus, who had a nearly four-decade career in the U.S. Army, at first lied to investigators, claiming he did not give the classified material to Broadwell. With his guilty plea, Petraeus faced as much as a year in prison. The prosecutors had recommended a $40,000 fine and the two years' probation. But U.S. Judge David Kessler in Charlotte, North Carolina was not bound by that agreement and said he was increasing the fine to "reflect seriousness of the offense." Petraeus apologized “for the pain my actions have caused.”

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Все больше турок открывают свои армянские корни

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Появляются истории все новых армянских детей, усыновленных мусульманскими семьями в годы массовых убийств...
Time: 02:23More in News & Politics

Russian Ultranationalist Dugin Sparks Outrage in U.S. With Texas Lecture

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Kremlin-connected ideologue Aleksandr Dugin is teaming up with a U.S. white supremacist for an online lecture at a Texas university, outraging Ukrainian-Americans.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

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As the Russian atomic energy agency gradually took charge of a company that controls one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States, a stream of cash made its way to the former president’s charitable organization.
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Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov Gives Shoot-to-Kill Order on Outside Forces

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MOSCOW—The strongman leader of Chechnya has instructed his security services to open fire on authorities from elsewhere in Russia who try to carry out operations in the southern republic without his consent, a move to maintain his full authority over the region.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, an close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, gave the order in a meeting with his security services, after alleging that masked police officials from Russia’s neighboring Stavropol region conducted an operation in Chechnya’s capital Sunday without his government’s permission that left a Chechen man dead.
His order highlights the special status Chechnya has enjoyed since Russian forces largely subdued a long-running Chechen separatist insurgency in the mid-2000s. With backing and funds from the Kremlin, Mr. Kadyrov has risen to run the republic as his own fief by guaranteeing relative peace and limited trouble for federal authorities. To do so, he has been accused of employing so-called Kadyrovtsy, or personal militiamen functioning as police that defend him and lock down the region.
The arrival of a neighboring region’s police force on his territory marks a challenge to that order. “On our territory this will not be happening,” Mr. Kadyrov said Wednesday night, according to footage of the meeting released by the Chechen government television network Grozny. “Anyone who thinks it will is mistaken.”
The Chechen leader ordered his security services to respond to any such operations with force. “If someone appears without your knowledge—it doesn’t matter if he’s from Moscow or Stavropol—I order you to shoot to kill,” Mr. Kadyrov said.
The Kremlin has long denied that Chechnya enjoys special extralegal status, even amid allegations of extrajudicial killings and other human-rights abuses in the region, saying all regions must comply with Russian law.
In a statement Thursday, Russia’s Interior Ministry called Mr. Kadyrov’s pronouncement of a shoot-to-kill order “unacceptable,” a rare public rebuke for the Chechen leader by federal authorities in Moscow. The ministry said police from the Stavropol region had followed procedure and informed their colleagues in Chechnya about the reason for their visit.
Mr. Kadyrov has pursued policies out of step with Moscow, urging all women in the predominantly Muslim republic, for instance, to wear head scarves in state facilities and schools.
Concern over Chechnya’s special status within Russia grew after the Feb. 27 murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Russian authorities arrested five Chechen men for the killing, naming a former officer in one of the Kadyrovtsy militias as the ringleader. After the arrests, Mr. Kadyrov initially defended the alleged ringleader as a “true patriot of Russia.”
Authorities detained the five Chechen suspects in neighboring Ingushetia and charged them with murder—allegations that they have denied while they await trial. Police attempted to apprehend a sixth suspect in Chechnya. But they said that the wanted man blew himself up just as officers closed in to make the arrest.
Lawyers representing Mr. Nemtsov’s family have submitted a request to federal authorities to have Mr. Kadyrov and other top Chechen officials questioned in the murder case.
The incident that prompted Mr. Kadyrov’s order about neutralizing unauthorized Russian authorities in Chechnya came last Sunday. He said officers from neighboring Stavropol showed up in Grozny in masks to conduct an operation targeting a 43-year-old Chechen man wanted in their region. The man was killed in the process.
Yevgeny Arnautov, a spokesman for the Stavropol police forces, said that officers from the region carried out a special operation in Chechnya “to neutralize a dangerous criminal.” Mr. Arnautov said the man was shot as authorities attempted to detain him. “They operated within bounds of Russian law,” he said of the police forces.
The incident comes amid questions about how long the Kremlin is willing to put up with the Kadyrov regime’s de facto extralegal status, particularly after the murder of Mr. Nemtsov, which brought a wave of bad press for Mr. Putin and the Russian government.
Mairbek Vatchagaev, a North Caucasus specialist at the Jamestown Foundation, said Mr. Kadyrov long has seen Chechnya as a closed zone where outside authorities don’t have the right to interfere. According to Mr. Vatchagaev, Sunday’s incident involving the Stavropol police challenged that calculus and may have caught him off-guard.
“I think it’s one of the many signals that are being sent to [Mr. Kadyrov] from the center that they don’t intend to continue accepting a special status for the republic,” Mr. Vatchagaev said, calling the incident a signal of the “beginning of the end” of his government’s free rein.
In the 1990s and early 2000s, Russia fought two wars against separatists in Chechnya. Mr. Kadyrov’s father ran a separatist militia in the first war but defected to the Russian side in the second war, eventually rising to become the republic’s Kremlin-backed leader as Russian forces solidified control. His son, Ramzan, ran the militia during the second war and took over as president of the republic a few years after his father was assassinated in 2004.
Since then, the younger Mr. Kadyrov has moved to crush any lingering anti-Russia dissent or separatist sympathies in Chechnya, while regularly pledging loyalty to Mr. Putin. The Chechen leader renamed the central street in Grozny after Mr. Putin in 2008. Shortly after Mr. Nemtsov’s murder, he pledged his life to the Russian president.
“To give one’s life for such a person is the easiest task,” Mr. Kadyrov wrote last month on his Instagram account after receiving a Kremlin award. “I confirm I will fulfill any order and solve for him any task of any complexity, whatever it may cost me!”
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