Sunday, October 25, 2015

Headlines - 3:33 PM

Russian military

Russia's Military Is A Lethal Threat To The US… Or Not?
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: A Baker’s Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 7
Грани.Ру: Преступникам предложат выбирать между тюрьмой и армией | Общество / Право
NEWS: The World and Security Review: West talks, Putin bombs (the U.S. trained fighters and allegedly, civilians) and continues his "special operations". "What has gone wrong?"
Putin Imposes Strict New Censorship Rules On Russian Scientists - Forbes


Despite friction with tech groups, Senate cybersecurity bill poised to pass
Malware turns hundreds of security cameras into a botnet

The strange case of Gareth Williams' death

'Spy in bag' Gareth Williams was 'murdered by Russian hitmen after sexual photo blackmail plot' - Telegraph
'Spy in a bag' case: Gareth Williams was blackmailed with 'staged photos in Las Vegas hotel room' by Russian spies, claims former KGB agent | Crime | News | The Independent
Former Russian major claims KGB was trying to recruit Gareth Williams | Daily Mail Online

10.24.15 Sa

Baghdad allows Russia to attack ISIS targets in Iraq
Syrian Hospitals Hit by Russian Airstrikes, Says Medical Group - WSJ
Syria's doctors 'utterly abandoned' after Russian air strikes hit hospitals - Telegraph
U.S. and Russia Find Common Goals on Syria, if Not on Assad -
Obama’s Anti-ISIS Point Man Leaving as Russia Steps In -
Putin, Citing Key Moment, Prods West to Cooperate on Syria -
Louisiana: Report Faults Pilots in Fatal Crash of Black Hawk -
Putin's Press: How Russia's President Controls The News


The Week that Was: All of Lawfare in One Post - Lawfare


Obama’s Tragic Let ’em Out Fantasy - WSJ
Jimmy Carter: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis - The New York Times
Mr. Obama Is Right to Veto Defense Bill -
Putin marches, Obama watches - The Washington Post
Americans Believe Syria, Russia Are Threats
Charles Krauthammer: Russia rules; Obama watches - Fayetteville Observer: National Columns
Hacking The CIA Director’s AOL Account Was A Political Act

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