Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today's Headlines - 3:24 PM 11/12/2015: New York and Dallas aircraft hit with lasers. What's the FBI doing? | 3 airplanes flying into Dallas airport hit by laser, FAA says | Helicopters Report Being Targeted by Lasers in New York Area, FAA Investigating | Akron plane crash: Horror after plane hits apartments

New York and Dallas aircraft hit with lasers. What's the FBI doing?

“They’re using yesterday’s technology to tackle tomorrow’s threat, or today’s threat, and it’s been unsuccessful.”


U.S. Baffled by Russian Jet ‘Bombing’ - The Daily Beast

"In the absence of any definitive evidence that an explosive device brought down Russian Metrojet 9268 last month over Egypt’s Sinai, U.S. intelligence and security officials have been debating a number of competing theories about how the plane crashed..."

Syria and world await Putin's reaction to apparent bombing of Russian jet | World news | The Guardian


3 airplanes flying into Dallas airport hit by laser, FAA says | Fox News
News Helicopters Report Being Targeted by Lasers in New York Area, FAA Investigating - ABC News
Akron plane crash: Horror after plane hits apartments -
Surveillance video shows Ohio plane crash - CNN Video
Wreckage, records, video may hold clues to Ohio plane crash - TheUnion |
San Francisco police kill man who aimed rifle at hospital - LA Times

Middle East

Administration will soon be forced to confront big decisions on Syria - The Washington Post
Israel Receives More Than Half of US Global Military Aid
Russian Peace Plan For Syria Dismissed By West, Gulf States
After the Crash: What Are Russia's Options in Syria? | News | The Moscow Times
Putin Is Achieving His Goals in Syria (Op-Ed) | News | The Moscow Times
Afghanistan aims to choke Taliban smuggling funds with gemstone bourse | Reuters

Oil and Gas

Market Summary

At 7:56 AM ET:  Nov '15 light sweet crude futures are down $0.49, or1.14%, at $42.44 a barrel in Nymex electronic trading. Nov '15 gold futures are up $1.90, or 0.18%, at $1,086.60an ounce in electronic trading. Dec '15 corn futures closed down 0.75 today, or 0.21%, at 361.50 cents a bushel. 

Russia's Oil Rivalry With Saudis Masks the Bigger Iranian Threat - Bloomberg Business
Iran To Double Gas Exports To Iraq Under New Deal


Russian secret torpedo plans broadcast on TV – video | World news | The Guardian
Russia Reveals Secret Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub - Washington Free Beacon
Katerina Tikhonova: Putin's Elusive (Dancing) Progeny | News | The Moscow Times

The Heirs Of Putinism

Russia says convicts former Moscow policeman of spying for CIA | Reuters
FSB Says Ex-Interior Ministry Employee Convicted As U.S. Spy
Putin calls for investigation of Russian doping allegations - The Washington Post
Russia's Putin has decided to miss APEC summit in Manila: spokesman | Reuters

Cyber War

US defense contractors allegedly hired Russian computer programmers |
Overnight Cybersecurity: Hacktivists show their power by taking on KKK, Ashley Madison | TheHill
Cyber vigilantes flex growing power | TheHill
The Pentagon grapples with the Internet of Things -- FCW

What a big Navy breach taught the Army -- FCW:
The most important lesson that Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, head of Army Cyber Command, took from the Navy's eviction of hackers from its network is that cybersecurity is "an operational mission" and not just an IT issue, he said.
"If you come at things from an IT focus, you're going to lose," Cardon said during a Nov. 10 media briefing.

Tor Project Claims FBI Paid $1 Million For Carnegie Mellon Researchers To Uncloak Users - Forbes
FBI paid academics to out Dark Web users, non-profit alleges - SFGate
The FBI reportedly paid Carnegie Mellon University $1 million to attack Tor | The Verge

Other News

Is Germany spying on the FBI? -
Germany reportedly spied on the FBI and US arms companies
Fears About Emerging Economies Set to Dominate G20 Summit
America Isn't Losing the War of Ideas to ISIS - Defense One
André Glucksmann, French Philosopher Who Renounced Marxism, Dies at 78 -
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Pledges Loyalty to Queen, if Not to Tradition -
Jailed Azerbaijani Activist Arif Yunus Released From Jail, Can't Leave Baku

Pictures of the day: - TelegraphOrangutans chilling...

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales is guided by Janine Kirk during the Skills for Psychological Recovery Roundtable meeting in Sydney

Father buys his daughter a Blue Moon diamond for world record £32 million - Telegraph
Tycoon Buys $48.4m Diamond For Daughter, 7
Hong Kong tycoon buys daughter $77M in diamonds at auctions - The Washington Post
TheUnion |
TheUnion |
Man arrested in Cactus FBI investigation | Mobile


News Roundup and Notes: November 12, 2015

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