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2016 is Year of the Fire Monkey: 10 Things to know

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"We are facing nuclear dangers today that are in fact more likely to erupt into a nuclear conflict than during the Cold War," Perry said in a recent speech. - Crusading Former Pentagon Chief Says Nuke Danger Is Growing | "We have quietly returned to Stalinist sentencing for 'thought crimes'..." - Russian court jails blogger for five years for 'extremist' posts

For Ukraine’s rebel east, 2016 promises more tension 

"Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a New Year’s message to U.S. President Barack Obama, has called for cooperation between their countries to respond to international challenges." 
Putin calls for cooperation with US in message to Obama
Президент Российской Федерации поздравил с Рождеством и наступающим Новым годом Президента Соединённых Штатов Америки Барака Обаму. «Прошедший год подтвердил, что отношения между Россией и США являются одним из ключевых факторов обеспечения международной безопасности», – говорится в послании. Глава Российского государства выразил также убеждённость в том, что, выстраивая конструктивный диалог и сотрудничество с учётом интересов друг друга, Россия и США могли бы эффективно противостоять новым вызовам и угрозам, содействовать урегулированию кризисов в различных регионах. 

"The upshot, according to World Order: Putin considers possible a renewed relationship with Europe, but sees no such likelihood with the United States. This is one area where the views from Washington and Moscow aren’t so different—and that is bad news." 

The World According to Russia

A documentary on state television gives a glimpse of Vladimir Putin’s philosophy. 

With Ukraine, Russia drives wedge between EU, US | Washington Examiner

putin wants to drive wedge between europe and us - Google Search

"We are facing nuclear dangers today that are in fact more likely to erupt into a nuclear conflict than during the Cold War," Perry said in a recent speech." 
Crusading Former Pentagon Chief Says Nuke Danger Is Growing 

"Recently the Russian strategic missile forces’ commander Col. Gen. Sergei Karakayev said Russia’s new missiles will have the capability to neutralize any future U.S. missile defense system.
For now, Karakayev is right – not because the missiles are invincible – but because the Obama administration is deliberately limiting the United States’ ballistic missile defense program.
This must change.... 
Given the spread of ballistic missiles – their increasing sophistication, range, and lethality – it is time to put U.S. missile defense policy on a sound track.
Additionally, Russia’s aggressive behavior and a desire to use its nuclear and ballistic missile leverage to blackmail the U.S. and its allies, the United States should plan in a comprehensive-layered ballistic missile defense system capable of shooting down all ballistic missiles.

To do so, the United States will have to pursue a space-based ballistic missile defense layer as well as continue to work on future technologies, for example directed energy." 

How the Obama Administration Changed Our Missile Defense Strategy

"The Memorial human rights group said the jail sentence was "outrageous" and called for the verdict to be overturned. 
Pavel Pryanikov, a prominent Russian blogger, said the verdict recalled the excesses of the Stalin era and such behavior should not be a criminal offense. "We have quietly returned to Stalinist sentencing for 'thought crimes'," he wrote." 

"The French love to cook fish by poaching it in a flavored liquid, usually a combination of white wine and water, leeks or onions, and some herbs. It's a notably lean way to roll because there's no fat involved. And the finished product is reliably tender because it has been cooked at a low temperature.
So, it's lean, tender and... quite boring. I crave more flavor and texture. So here's a recipe for poached salmon that adds the missing elements... 
How do you know when the salmon is finished cooking? If you slide a knife into it and the blade sails through the fillet with no resistance, it's done. And be sure to pull it off the heat when there's still a tiny bit of resistance left, which will allow for carry-over cooking time."

Tomatillo Salsa Offers a Fresh Approach to Poaching Salmon

"You've got to be able to read people. Whether you're looking into an investment opportunity on behalf of a client or investigating a fraud, it's about analysing people and their motivations.
"That's very much what Sherlock Holmes does; the methods are different but the intellectual challenge is the same."



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Putin calls for cooperation with US in message to Obama - The Washington Post
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Europe and Russia
With Ukraine, Russia drives wedge between EU, US | Washington Examiner
putin wants to drive wedge between europe and us - Google Search
putin strategy dividing europe and america - Google Search
putin europe and united states - Google Search
putin on europe press conference 2015 - Google Search
Putin to Europe come to us - Google Search

Middle East

Syrian Refugees in Turkey Are Facing the Same Terror They Once Fled - Defense One
Iraqi PM says Turkey not respecting agreement to withdraw troops | Reuters
Baghdad Demands Turkey Withdraw Troops From Northern Iraq
Iraqi PM says Turkey not respecting agreement to withdraw troops | Reuters
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Pinochet Dictatorship Pacts of Silence Unraveling in Chile - ABC News
Venezuela top court blocks four lawmakers-elect from taking office | Reuters
Nephew of accused ex-Panama president arrested in Colombia | Reuters
Brussels Police Investigate Reports of Police Orgy Amid Terror Alert -
This El Niño is probably getting stronger in 2016 - AOL
Powerful Solar Storm to Hit Earth Before New Year's Eve - ABC News


Crusading Former Pentagon Chief Says Nuke Danger Is Growing - ABC News
How the Obama Administration Changed Our Missile Defense Strategy
Iran Fires Rockets Near U.S. and French Vessels in Strait of Hormuz - The New York Times
US says Iran launched 'provocative' rocket test near ships -
U.S. Accuses Iran of Conducting Rocket Tests Near American Warships | TIME
‘Highly Provocative’: Iran Fired Unguided Rockets Near U.S. Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer |
U.S. preparing sanctions on Iran over ballistic missile program: sources | Reuters
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PHOTO: Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman transits the Gulf of Oman on Dec. 25, 2015.
US Navy Fighters Fly 1st Missions Against ISIS From USS Truman - ABC News

Some Senior U.S. Officials Not Comfortable With Obama’s Curbs on NSA Spying on Leaders - WSJ
CIA deflects Congress' request for more information on high-ranking employees
Airports To Reject Some State's Driver's Licenses
Israeli missile defence director dismissed over security breach - MyTechBits
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Millions of Voter Records Posted, and Some Fear Hacker Field Day - The New York Times
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Markets and Oil

Global Stocks Slide as Oil Price Turns Lower Once Again - ABC News
Oil ending 2015 how it began - on the skids | Reuters
U.S. pending home sales fall in November | Reuters
US Pending Home Sales Slip in November - ABC News


Three Dead in Mexico's Xalapa State; Drug Violence Blamed
Drug trafficking in Mexico: Two Mexican marines gunned down as they hunt for ‘El Chapo’ | In English | EL PAÍS
5 killed in wrong-way crash on I-95 near Miami - CBS News
Dozens of skiers rappel to ground after chairlift breaks | Fox News Video
Man dead after head-on crash with Secret Service agents in New Hampshire - The Washington Post
Motorist Dies in Collision With 4 Secret Service Agents - ABC News
Clinton sends condolences to 4 Secret Service agents injured in fatal car crash - POLITICO
Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop in New Jersey, Police Say - ABC News
United Flight From Seattle Slides off Runway in Chicago - ABC News
Magnitude-4.8 earthquake widely felt across Washington state - The Washington Post
Earthquake hits near Victoria | The Columbian
India-bound flight sent back to Toronto; passenger arrested - The Washington Post
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Nearly two dozen people injured due to turbulence on Air Canada flight | Fox News

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby arrives at court

Cosby On $1m Bail Over Sex Assault Charge

Arrest warrant issued for Bill Cosby over 2004 sexual assault charge - Telegraph
Bill Cosby: New Details of Alleged Sexual Assault Revealed in Complaint :
Bill Cosby charged in 2004 Pa. sexual assault
Bill Cosby Charged With Aggravated Indecent Assault - ABC News
Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania -
Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault: A Look Back at the Andrea Constand Case - ABC News
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Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault - BBC News
Bill Cosby Charged With Sex Assault On Woman
Why the Bill Cosby case is a game-changer | Fox News Video

"Affluenza" teen

‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch wins three-day stay of deportation | The Sacramento Bee
Texas 'affluenza' teen and his mother block extradition from Mexico | Reuters
Mexican official says that mother of fugitive Ethan Couch has been deported to US - The Washington Post
Officials: 'Affluenza' Teen, Mom Tracked to Mexico by Phone - ABC News
TheUnion |

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico to Default on $37 Million Bond Payments Due Jan. 1 - Bloomberg Business
Puerto Rico to default on some debts, will pay GO debt | Reuters

Other News

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KaloBios Pharmaceuticals files for bankruptcy in wake of Shkreli arrest | Reuters
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