Monday, July 6, 2015

Headlines - 7:02 PM 7/6/2015

Iraq warplane accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing seven



7.6.15 - USA

Obama makes rare visit to Pentagon for update on Islamic State operations - The Washington Post
Obama to Visit Pentagon to Refine Islamic State Strategy
Obama Heads to Pentagon for Meetings on Islamic State - ABC News
A rare Pentagon briefing for Obama; US troops praised for restraint in Kabul; French defense minister in DC today; Iran wants missiles in its nuke deal; And a bit more. - Defense One
Gruesome weekend for Chicago leaves police chief reeling -
BRUTAL FOOTAGE of Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in "Knockout Attack" (VIDEO) - The Gateway Pundit
Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in “Knockout Attack” |
White Supremacists Extend Their Reach Through Websites -
Dylann Roof: ‘White supremacist lone wolf’ - The Washington Post
Beyond Dylann Roof: Why White Supremacists Want a Race War
Charleston Church Shooting: Dylann Roof Was In Contact With White Supremacists Online, Report Says
Comparing U.S. mass shootings to the rest of the world | MSNBC

7.6.15 - Russia

Russian Bomber Crashes in Pacific Region, Both Pilots Killed - ABC News
IS Boosts Russian-Language Propaganda Efforts
Tensions with Russia could prompt NATO strategy rethink | Reuters
The Lagging Architecture of NATO Missile Defense
Russia's Nuclear Bluster: How Should America Respond? | The National Interest
BRICS summit gives Putin a chance to show Russia not isolated | Reuters
Ukraine launches Western-style police force to set a marker for reform | Reuters
Ukraine Launches Western-style Police Force
Moldovans Call For Union With Romania
Thousands of Supporters of Moldova-Romania Reunion Rally in Chisinau |
Lebedevs have ploughed £111m into Independent, Standard and TV station | Media | The Guardian
Roman Abramovich heads ashore on the Isle of Arran to take corgi for walk | Daily Mail Online
KGB spy shares details of his escape to Britain in 1985 |
ЕС и НАТО предали Грузию, пророссийские настроения в стране растут | Новости мира FaceNews
ForeignPolicy: Греция может выйти из ЕС и НАТО и начать движение к Москве. Ридус
Доллар на открытии торгов вырос до 57 рублей на фоне итогов референдума в Греции - Газета.Ru | Новости
Four NATO Ships Enter Black Sea for Annual Exercise, Russian Activity on Rise in the Region - USNI News
US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence |
Russia Grounds Entire Su-24 Fleet Of Fighter Jets After Deadly Crash Near Sea Of Japan
US-NATO’s Undeclared Proxy War “Inside Russia”? The Islamic State (ISIS) Insurgency Extends into the Russian Caucasus. Who is Behind The Terrorists? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Putin needs tripwire deterrent to keep NATO safe | The Chronicle Herald
WATCH: Russian police probe mystery 'UFO crash' in skies above Vladimir Putin's hometown | Weird | News | Daily Express

7.6.15 - Greece

Government Official: Greece's Tsipras Speaks by Phone With Germany's Merkel Ahead of Summit - ABC News
Greek finance minister quits to smooth talks after thunderous 'No' | Reuters
KHNL: The Latest: Greece wants ECB help to allow talks to push on

7.6.15 - Middle East & ISIS

Iraqi jet mistakenly bombs Baghdad district, five killed | Reuters
Iraq warplane accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing seven - Telegraph
Iraqi jet accidentally bombs Baghdad district, killing at least 12 | World news | The Guardian
Iraqi Warplane Accidentally Bombs Baghdad District
Iraqi warplane 'accidentally' bombs Baghdad killing 7 people in 3 houses | Daily Mail Online
Islamic State regains town near Syria's Raqqa after air strikes: monitor | Reuters
Egypt arrests Brotherhood members for alleged Suez plot: security sources | Reuters
Yemen government raises prospect of truce, air strikes kill 30 | Reuters
Kurds carve out their Syrian statelet - Telegraph
Inside Kobane: How Islamic State conducted its terrifying 'killing rampage' - Telegraph
Free Libyan Air Force fighter jet's VERY low fly-by over man's head | Daily Mail Online
ISIS executes two activists for handing out anti-Shariah leaflets in Syria | Daily Mail Online
Turkey mulls military intervention in Syria |
Isis flag: What do the words mean and what are its origins? - Middle East - World - The Independent
Saudi Airstrike On Yemen Market Kills 45 Civilians | TIME

7.6.15 - Asia

China stresses nationalism in war anniversary propaganda push | Reuters
Rivals Pakistan, India to start process of joining China security bloc | Reuters
Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Afghan Police Checkpoint

7.6.15 - Cyber Issues

Hillary on China hack: What is cybersecurity's role in 2016 elections? (+video) -
US agencies join Brits in cyber-war games - SC Magazine UK
FBI Director: 'I Really Am Not a Maniac' About Encryption -
Ex-Goldman programmer Aleynikov wins dismissal of second conviction - Yahoo News
When hackers get hacked: Hacking Team falls prey to hack attack. -
Cybersecurity Company Supplies Repressive Regimes With Spyware, Recent Hack Claims
Leaked Documents Show FBI, DEA and U.S. Army Buying Italian Spyware - The Intercept
Hacking Team Breach Shows a Global Spying Firm Run Amok | WIRED
Fix the federal hacking breach - Post and Courier

7.6.15 - Other News

How a ‘billion dollar spy’ stole Soviet secrets and helped the U.S. Air Force - The Washington Post
Is Google more accurate than the FBI in tracking police-involved killings? |
Batman: Arkham Knight review – fitting end to masterful trilogy | Technology | The Guardian
4 years after scandal, final News of the World journalist sentenced for phone hacking | CTV News
TheUnion |
Kenyans to Obama: 'Spare us the gay talk' - BBC News
MP tells anti-gay rally: Obama should not push gay agenda in Kenya | Reuters

7.6.15 - NEWS

NEWS: Obama Heads to Pentagon for Meetings on Islamic State
NEWS: Tensions with Russia could prompt NATO strategy rethink | Ukraine launches Western-style police force to set a marker for reform | IS Boosts Russian-Language Propaganda Efforts- 11:53 AM 7/6/2015
NEWS: At Least Five People Killed When Iraqi Air Force Plane Accidently Drops Bomb | Suspect in San Francisco pier shooting claims the gun went off by accident - 12:36 PM 7/6/2015
NEWS: Headlines - 2:02 PM 7/6/2015
NEWS: Economist: Greek minister resignation 'extremely strong signal'by AFP Monday July 6th, 2015 at 2:23 PM
NEWS: A rare Pentagon briefing for Obama; US troops praised for restraint in Kabul; French defense minister in DC today; Iran wants missiles in its nuke deal; And a bit more. - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 3:04 PM - U.S. National Security and Military News Review
NEWS: Obama says recent Islamic State losses show group will be defeated - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 4:48 PM
NEWS: White Supremacists Extend Their Reach Through Websites - NYT
NEWS: Greece debt crisis: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande issue Athens with 24-hour ultimatum to avoid crashing out of the euro - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 6:20 PM
NEWS: Recent Posts - 6:25 PM 7/6/2015

Lawfare Blog

Lawfare - Hard National Security Choices
Lawfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lawfare - Google Search


Kerry urges Iran to make 'hard choices', says US ready to walk | Reuters
Israeli Cabinet Rejects Measure to Ease Jewish Conversions -
Who are the Kurds? A user's guide to Kurdish politics - Telegraph
Greece defiantly rejects Europe's bailout offer in referendum, Athens says - CBS News
U.S. Agencies Conduct Cyber War Games - WSJ
U.S. Soldiers Used ‘Restraint’ in Kabul Confrontation, Inquiry Finds -
Veterans Hotline Tries to Survive Without Pentagon Funds -
Argentine Judges Allowed to Resign After Child Abuse Ruling -
To Stop Crime, Hand Over Cash -
The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten -
The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts - The Washington Post
In Ecuador, Pope Francis Detours for an Old Friend - WSJ
Calais crisis: Bicycle repair shops, mosques and an Orthodox church - the town where migrants wait to cross to Britain - Telegraph
Putin reportedly contacts Obama for second time in weeks about unity on global concerns | Fox News
CIA Predictions For 2015 From 2000
Senior cop who took his own life had talked of suicide | The Times of Israel
Islamism prevails even as we suppress free speech | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Guardian
Hillary Clinton's kind words for boy 'afraid' of being gay - BBC Newsbeat
Suspect In San Francisco Shooting Had Been Deported 5 Times
Fort Bragg Soldier Bryan Wolfinger Was Heavily Armed Man At NC Mall: Police
Alligator Kills Swimmer In Texas
Two British Schoolgirls Who Ran Away To Syria 'Now Married To ISIS Men'
Wyoming doesn't report mental-health data to FBI database - Washington Times
Five-year-old girl killed after sturgeon leaps into family boat in Florida - Americas - World - The Independent
Ecuador under threat of “soft coup” by opposition, says Correa | In English | EL PAÍS
LGBT rainbow flag origins: The origin of the LGBT rainbow flag | In English | EL PAÍS
Is Donald Trump the world’s most hated man right now? | In English | EL PAÍS
Marriage equality: A decade after legalization, same-sex weddings make up less than 2% of total | In English | EL PAÍS
Jerry Coyne's 'Faith Versus Fact' - The Atlantic
Man Shoots Firework From Top of His Head, Dies - NBC News
Dear President Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan | New York Post
Heavy US-led Raids on ISIS Syria Stronghold Kill Dozens

7.5.15 - Russia

America’s Losing Russia Strategy - The Daily Beast
Leslie H. Gelb - Google Search
Russia Bans Internet Database Archive
Russia Taking Full Advantage Of Greek Crisis |
Russia And U.S. Economic War Raging
Russia's Virtual Universe - The New York Times
Don’t Think for a Minute Putin Is Winging It
Russia Will Debate All Issues Except Its Own | Opinion | The Moscow Times
An economist looks in the mirror | TribLIVE Mobile
Путин окончательно забаррикадировался в глухой угол, — Илларионов
Путин боится повторить судьбу Януковича и уже нашел себе замену - Илларионов | Обозреватель
Вечерняя Москва - Соединенные Штаты ассасинов. Американская внешняя политика все более напоминает действия средневековой секты
PressTV-US seeking to replace Putin: Madsen
Russia's Patriarchy Problem | Opinion | The Moscow Times
Russia Must Focus Less on Ukraine, More on IS (Op-Ed) | News | The Moscow Times
Хиллари Клинтон о более разумном отношении США к Путину - Правда.Ру
Former Insurgent Elected Chechen Parliament Speaker
Missing Tbilisi Zoo Tiger Found Dead 3 Weeks After Flooding - ABC News
Hope at last for Ukraine? - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
No need for this cold war - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
Putin wants to spend $400 billion on the Russian military
Ъ-Новости - Глава СБУ: задержаны предатели–высшие чины Службы безопасности Украины
СБУ возбудила более 40 дел о предательстве в рядах своих сотрудников :: Общество :: РБК
На Украине по подозрению в предательстве арестованы высшие чины СБУ - Газета.Ru | Новости
Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski on Russia and Ukraine - SPIEGEL ONLINE

7.5.15 - NEWS

NEWS: 10:31 AM 7/5/2015 - Headlines: ISIS rushes reinforcements to Egypt. Its next targets: The Pyramids and Sphinx | Egypt, Stunned by Sinai Assault, Vows to Erase ‘Terrorist Dens’ | U.S. Agencies Conduct Cyberwar Games | Animosity Between Sunnis and
NEWS: World Press
NEWS: 1:23 PM 7/5/2015 - U.S.-led Coalition Targets Islamic State in Raqqa | Polls Close in Greek Referendum
NEWS: PressTV-US seeking to replace Putin: Madsen | Вечерняя Москва - Соединенные Штаты ассасинов. | Greece defiantly rejects Europe's bailout offer in referendum, Athens says - 3:29 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Russia And U.S. Economic War Raging | Russia Will Debate All Issues Except Its Own | Opinion - Sunday July 5th, 2015 at 4:39 PM
NEWS: Headlines - 5:05 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Current World Topics - July 2015 - 5:08 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Russia & Russian Military Strategy - 2014-2015 - 5:10 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Middle East - July 2015 - 5:11 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Current U.S. Security Topics - July 2015 - 5:14 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: CyberWars & CyberWarfare - 2015 - 5:17 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: USA - 5:21 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Now Europe Must Decide Whether to Make an Example of Greece - New York Times
NEWS: Leslie H. Gelb: America’s Losing Russia Strategy - The Daily Beast
NEWS: » Brzezinski on Russia: 'We Are Already In a Cold War' 02/07/15 09:36 from SPIEGEL ONLINE - International Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski believes the West should stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. "We


Hillary Clinton Reassures Gay Youth in Viral Facebook Photo -
Wahhabi Royals Send Official Emissary To Zionist State | ThereAreNoSunglasses
Prince Talal of Saudi Arabia: my visit to Israel shall mark the new age of peace and fraternity - AWD News
How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Moscow - The Washington Post
Obama-Castro summit caps thaw in US-Cuba relations - BBC News
24 shark attacks so far this year in the U.S. | Fox News Video
U.S. Soldiers Used ‘Restraint’ in Kabul Confrontation, Inquiry Finds -
ISIS video shows execution of 25 men in Roman ruins -
America celebrates July 4 with hot dogs, banners and barbecues
Historian: Putin’s Russia still repressive autocracy
Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record
Recent spike in shark attacks reported off Carolinas coast - Lifestyles - Mobile
What's behind increase in shark attacks? - DothanFirst
Feds: Immigrant Kids Given Adult Dose of Hepatitis A Vaccine - ABC News
TheUnion |
PressTV-Dominican refugees flood Haiti
PressTV-Fewer in US proud to be American
News - Stripes - Page2RSS
Happy Independence Day! | Washington Free Beacon
The Spirit of ‘76 | Washington Free Beacon
Donald Trump: Kathryn Steinle Death on Pier 14 Shows Need for Border Wall - NBC News
Video: Tongan King Tupou VI crowned in Nuku'alofa - Telegraph
Was America founded as a Christian nation? -
The Detection Club | Washington Free Beacon
ISIS executioners kill 25 Syrian regime soldiers in front of crowds at Palmyra ruin | Daily Mail Online


Obama's counterterrorism policy facing mounting criticism - The Denver Post
Obama's counterterrorism policy facing mounting criticism | Lubbock Online Mobile Edition
Obama's counterterrorism policy facing mounting criticism - Yahoo News
Kim Jong-un gives half-brother Kim Jong-nam job in North Korea foreign ministry | Daily Mail Online
Sustaining security, freedom, and posperity requires stronger American power and leadership
U.S. says it will hang tough in nuclear talks, won’t give in to Iranian demands - The Washington Post
The Father Of Iran's Nuclear Program Recalls How It All Began
Europe’s Great Project Faces Its Biggest Challenge in Greek Bailout Referendum - WSJ
Iraq, Kurdistan Oil Deal Close to Collapse - WSJ
Israel accuses Hamas of aiding Islamic State in Egypt | Reuters
Palestinian forces arrest dozens of Hamas men in the West Bank
Islamic State's 'Amir Of Suicide Bombers' Said Killed In Drone Strike
German parliament approves reform of domestic intelligence | News | DW.COM | 03.07.2015
Study: School shootings, mass killings are 'contagious' -
Ex-Drug Lab Chemist May Have Tainted Thousands of Cases - ABC News
Medical marijuana firms in New York get ready to grow - Fortune
Flight captain: 'Wow, pulled back the wrong throttle' -
Death toll from capsized Philippine ferry rises to 51
France rejects asylum request by Wikileaks founder Assange
Biker Jailed Over Mob Attack On SUV Driver
Aetna to buy Humana for $37 billion, creating nation's No. 2 health insurer - LA Times
How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Soviet-era Moscow - The Washington Post
Yemen's Houthis attack Saudi Arabia's Najran and Jizan | Reuters
Rockets land in Israel, Egypt's IS affiliate claims responsibility | Reuters
TheUnion |
Ten years after 7/7 bombings, Britain is split over how to fight extremism - The Washington Post
ISIS Destroys More Artifacts in Syria and Iraq - The New York Times
Fourth of July: As the US celebrates Independence Day, a look at the stories that made news over the past 12 months - Americas - World - The Independent
Syrian civil war: Islamist rebel alliance launches major attack on Assad-held Aleppo - Middle East - World - The Independent
IS affiliate in Egypt claims rocket attack on Israel - BBC News
ISIS affiliate claims responsibility for rockets fired from Sinai into Israel - Diplomacy and Defense - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Rockets land in Israel, Egypt's IS...
An American Tip to German Spies Points to a More Complex Relationship - The New York Times
Netherlands: Protests Over a Death in Police Custody - The New York Times
Mindful of Greece, Ukraine Is in a Rush to Line Up Debt Relief - The New York Times
Who's John Jay? Scholars Urge New Look at Forgotten Founder - ABC News


Secret CIA Heart Attack Gun Declassified
Train Carrying Toxic Substance Derails in Tennessee -
Train Carrying Toxic Substance Derails in Tennessee - The New York Times
Derailed train car spews toxic fumes, many evacuated -
‘Lone-Wolf’ Terrorists Seen as Big Threat, Authorities Say -
Nerves rattled by false reports of U.S. Navy Yard shooter in Washington
Police Find No Signs of Shooting After Washington Navy Yard Lockdown -
Britain Hints It May Join U.S. Campaign Against ISIS in Syria -
President Obama: Talk to Black America, Not at Us - The New York Times
Meet Lt. Gen. Robert Neller, nominee to be the next Marine Corps commandant - The Washington Post
Neller Tapped as Marine Corps Commandant - Defense One
CIA has paid millions to a consulting firm to help with reorganization - The Washington Post
Obama raising 5 million workers’ pay? Not so fast. - Marianne LeVine - POLITICO
Europe to Greece: Get back to the bargaining table before it's too late - LA Times
Islamic State militants 'destroy Palmyra statues' - BBC News
Afghan Court Cancels Death Sentences in Mob Killing
Tunisia Beach Attack: 8 Suspects To Be Charged
The Obergefell Effect: Gay Marriage and US Foreign Policy by Justin Raimondo --
Turkey out of NATO? Turkey is making a comeback to NATO! - BARÇIN YİNANÇ
Iran Deal Could Kill Traditional Nuclear Policy | Washington Free Beacon
How not to write about Iran - The Washington Post
Sir Nicholas Winton saved my life, says Lord Dubs - BBC News
Episcopal Church to allow same-sex marriages -
Love at first sight? Sure, if you're equally attractive
The CIA officer who recruited his son to spy for Russia
harold james jim nicholson - Google Search
Harold James Nicholson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
US mass killings ‘may be contagious’ - Telegraph
Senator Demands Answers on FBI's Use of Zero Days, Phishing | Threatpost | The first stop for security news
FBI agent sues attorney general’s sister - News - Citizens' Voice
This Week in Transparency: Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking, Drones, and FBI Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation
NSA's hacking tool is apparently as easy to use as a Google search
Mystery surrounds India health survey - BBC News


ISIS 'Celebrates' SCOTUS Decision by Tossing 4 Accused Gay Men Off Roof - Breitbart
Dylann Roof’s eerie tour of American slavery at its beginning, middle and end - The Washington Post
Philip Chism, charged with killing Colleen Ritzer, seeks change of trial venue | Daily Mail Online
The Hollow Core of the Iran Nuclear Deal - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
CIA Diversity Statistics: Minorites Comprise Less Than A Quarter of Workforce : US News : Latin Post
Top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett to promote Atlanta’s working families policy with Kasim Reed | Political Insider blog
Wikileaks: ′Massive′ NSA espionage of top German officials | News | DW.COM | 01.07.2015
Greece Offers New Bailout Concessions
Europe slams the door on talks with Greece before Sunday referendum - The Washington Post
U.N.: Record numbers cross Mediterranean for Europe -
Man Who Shot Police Chokehold Video Arrested on Drug Charges - ABC News
Poll: Approval for Supreme Court Health Care Decision - ABC News
TheUnion |
TheUnion |
Male spider seen up close and personal | Video |
Azerbaijan spa treats customers in crude oil baths | Video |

Russia - July 2015

Russia Sees a Threat in Its Converts to Islam - The New York Times

Russia - 7.4.15

U.S. Senator: Strong Hand Needed To Deal With Putin, Islamic State
Report: Serbs Ask Russia to Veto UN Resolution on Srebrenica -
Who Are The Russian Generals That Ukraine Says Are Fighting In The Donbas?
Russian University Shows Veteran U.S. Professor The Door
Who Are The Russian Generals That Ukraine Says Are Fighting In The Donbas?
Russia's Donbas army swells to 80,000 as Moscow warns NATO - watch on -
Ukraine crisis: Far-right 'show of strength' in Kiev - BBC News
Has Putin Finally Learned To Export Color Revolution To US and Britain? | ThereAreNoSunglasses
Putin Tells Obama He Wants Dialogue Based on Equality and Respect
Putin tells Obama he wants dialogue based on equality and respect
The Goebbels of the Kremlin has kept Putin’s popularity up | Opinion , Commentary | THE DAILY STAR
Нина Хрущева: Дирижер у культа. О ловушках Суркова для россиян | Новое Время
Putin: We don’t expect any change in hostile policies toward Russia — RT News
Военный аналитик: реальной силы у НАТО давно нет | РИА Новости
Спецслужбы РФ активизировались в ЕС и странах НАТО - ФОКУС
How Putin Ignited a Civil War in Ukraine
Putin tells Obama US-Russia dialogue key to global stability | The Times of Israel

Russia - 7.3.15

The Kremlin's Cold War Dreams
Putin biding his time? Evidence shows buildup of Russian tanks, generals in Ukraine | Fox News
Russia says it would match any U.S. military buildup in Eastern Europe - The Washington Post
Analysis: Root of tattered US-Russia ties date back decades - AP
Putin Says Sanctions Fail To Split Russian Society
West wants to remove Russian government from power: Kremlin security council head | Reuters
Заседание Совета Безопасности • Президент России
Slovak Agency: Russian Spies Increase Activities in EU, NATO - ABC News
Despite past quarrels with Russia, Georgians are returning to its orbit - The Washington Post
Goodbye Washington, hello Moscow? Saudi Arabia finds friendly face in Putin. - Yahoo News
The Slow Mobilization Toward War With Putin
Vladmir Putin 'planning fresh assault' on Ukraine as drone reveals build up of Russian tanks | Daily Mail Online
Here’s How the Kremlin Manufactured a Civil War in Ukraine
Atlantic Council: Here's how the Kremlin manufactured a civil war in Ukraine - read on -
Russian Politicians Launch Witch-Hunt Against Founder of The Moscow Times | News | The Moscow Times
Russia's MiG-29 Fighter Jets Grounded After Yet Another Crash | News | The Moscow Times
Telegraph: Former Yukos shareholders to sue Russia in US court for USD 50 bln - read on -

Russia - 7.2.15

Russia Sees a Threat in Its Converts to Islam -
The perils of Putin’s grim trigger - The Washington Post
Russia calls new U.S. military strategy confrontational | Reuters
US military strategy for world domination targets Russia and China - World Socialist Web Site
Anti-American sentiment surges in Russia -- and the feeling is mutual - Washington Times
Russia’s New Energy Accords: Are They for Real? | The Jamestown Foundation
Russian Counter-Terrorism Operations Return to Ingushetia | The Jamestown Foundation
Why Russia Shouldn't Fear NATO | The National Interest
Putin Urged To Allow Jews To Return To Crimea
Eccentric Turkmenistan dictator guest of honour in Tbilisi - watch on -
The newest U.S. export may leave Russia with excess gas
U.S. and EU Must Do More to Sanction Russian Energy Sector - US News
Russian opposition activists want foreigners to occupy and rule Russia - English

Russia - 7.1.15

Russia's Deadly Fantasy Politics
Russia: Request Over Baltic Independence Has ‘No Prospects’
Russia angers Baltic states with review of independence
Putin News: Will Vladimir Putin Declare Himself Tsar Of All The Russias?
Russia vulnerable to nuclear attack; new satellite system delayed until November - Washington Times
The myth of the "Finlandization" of Ukraine -Euromaidan Press |
Russia or China? Washington Can’t Decide Who’s a Bigger Threat | The Nation
Greece, Russia, China: Key Geopolitical Events In 2015
ISIS extends reach to Russia, challenging al-Qaeda as world's top jihadist movement | Christian News on Christian Today
Russia reopens 1998 murder probe; Putin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a suspect - LA Times
​Станислав Белковский: «Новое уголовное дело против Ходорковского — асимметричный ответ Кремля на поражение в деле ЮКОСа» (07.01.2015) - Новос
Эхо Москвы :: Грязные игры / Комментарии
Расследование появления мандата депутата Госдумы у Ларисы Фечиной
Андрей Илларионов: операция "Наследник-2" Война Владимира Путина с Украиной и тандем Сергея Иванова и Алексея Кудрина. - Новости // Арсеньевс
Вести Экономика ― Экономика Пуэрто-Рико. Что может быть хуже Греции?

July 2015 - NEWS Blog

Mike Nova - Google+ - Page2RSS

NEWS Blog - 7.4.15

NEWS: Greek Referendum Could Threaten Government, Analysts Say - Saturday July 4th, 2015 at 9:15 AM
NEWS: ISIS Publishes Map Of Fourth Of July FBI Command Centers : News : Headlines & Global News
NEWS: Headlines - 7.4.15
NEWS: Egypt's President Visits Troops in Embattled North Sinai
NEWS: Recent Posts
NEWS: Obama: Freedom Is Paid for by Men and Women of US Military

NEWS Blog - 7.3.15

NEWS: Headlines » SECDEF Chief of Staff: Live honestly, openly 02/07/15 20:42 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: Recent Posts | » Russia and China pose largest security threats, says US military report - The Guardian 02/07/15 09:10 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: » Obama's counterterrorism policy facing mounting criticism - The Denver Post | Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits | » Top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett to promote Atlanta’s working families policy with Kasim Reed 01/07/15 19:13 fro
NEWS: Putin biding his time? Evidence shows buildup of Russian tanks, generals in ... - Fox News | Putin Says Sanctions Fail To Split Russian Society
NEWS: Solar Plane Lands in Hawaii After Record Flight
NEWS: People pay their respects at scene of Tunisia beach attack - video by Guardian Staff | » Obama says Brazil, US are 'natural partners' around world 01/07/15 16:04 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: Dutch City Hit by Riots
NEWS: Islamic State's 'Amir Of Suicide Bombers' Said Killed In Drone Strike | » Poll Suggests Close Greek Bailout Vote 03/07/15 11:01 from World News
NEWS: Two Bethnal Green schoolgirls 'now married to Isis men' in Syria
NEWS: » At least 50 dead as five more bodies pulled from capsized Philippine ferry 03/07/15 20:47 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

NEWS Blog - 7.2.15

NEWS: 7/2/2015
NEWS: » Malaysia tells U.N. Security Council of push for MH17 tribunal 02/07/15 17:50 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: French Court Lifts Jean-Marie Le Pen Suspension from National Front | » Ukraine ceasefire: ‘There is shooting all the time’ 02/07/15 17:05 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: Russia Slams New U.S. Military Strategy As 'Confrontational'

NEWS - 7.1.15

NEWS: 4:24 PM 7/1/2015 - Headlines | June 2015 - News Review: ISIS extends reach to Russia, challenging al-Qaeda as world's top jihadist ... - ChristianToday
NEWS: » Afghans Protest After U.S. Forces Carry Out Raid on Strongman 01/07/15 14:10 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: Russia: Request Over Baltic Independence Has ‘No Prospects’
NEWS: Russia is reviewing the 'legality' of Baltic states' independence - Business Insider
NEWS: U.S. to Open Havana Embassy
NEWS: News by Topics - June 2015
NEWS: June 2015 - News Review
NEWS: Greece Offers New Bailout Concessions

News Review - June 2015

AP, R, NYT, WP, etc. - June 2015

Anger, No Surprise as US Newly Accused of Spying in France -
NATO Returns Its Attention to an Old Foe, Russia - The New York Times
Pentagon to boost military equipment in Europe amid Moscow anger - The Washington Post
Obama Ordering Changes in U.S. Hostage Policies - The New York Times
Freddie Gray’s Death Was Homicide, Autopsy Says -
Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4 -
Pakistani Taliban Blame Electric Company for Heat Wave Deaths -
Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Kill Dozens -
Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Kill Dozens - The New York Times
Obama Gains Vindication and Secures Legacy With Health Care Ruling - The New York Times
Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait |
A decisive win for Obamacare - The Washington Post
Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Revive Concerns on Security - WSJ
Turkey Uneasy as U.S. Support of Syrian Kurds Grows - The New York Times
U.S. and Cuba to Announce Plan to Reopen Embassies - The New York Times
China Fears Loss of Great Wall, Brick by Brick - The New York Times
David Sweat, Escaped New York Convict, Is Shot and Captured as Hunt Ends - The New York Times
Global markets fall as Greece closes banks and twin defaults loom - The Washington Post
State Trooper Is Said to Have Shot David Sweat, the Surviving Prison Escapee -
Fears of Greece Leaving Euro Are Fears of the Unknown -
In a fast-changing culture, can the GOP get in step with modern America? - The Washington Post
A Profound Ruling Delivers Justice on Gay Marriage - The New York Times
Yevgeny Primakov, Former Premier of Russia, Dies at 85 - The New York Times
Diplomats: Iran Considers Shipping, Selling Enriched Uranium -

News by dates - June 2015