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Headlines: US Officials Grilled on Strategy to Defeat Islamic State - 7:19 PM 7/7/2015

News Review - July 2015


US Officials Grilled on Strategy to Defeat Islamic State
The U.S. air war against the Islamic State, in numbers - The Washington Post
Obama: War with ISIS ‘will not be quick’; The true cost of cyber war; The FBI takes its cryptowars to Capitol Hill; Heck rising; And a bit more. - Defense One
Dempsey: ‘The Global Security Environment Is As Uncertain As I’ve Ever Seen It’ | Washington Free Beacon
Obama Discusses Anti-ISIL Strategy With National Security Team at Pentagon
US Army 'to cut 40,000 troops by the end of 2017' - BBC News
Obama, Vietnam leader discuss South China Sea in landmark meeting
Iran nuclear talks miss another deadline with no deal
What If a Nuclear Deal Is Reached–and Iran’s Behavior Doesn’t Change? - WSJ
On Iran nuclear deal, critics are wrong (Opinion) - CNN.com
Europe gives Greece 5 days to avoid bankruptcy - The Washington Post
F-16 pilot survives South Carolina collision with small plane
Beijing’s Response to Stock Selloff Reveals Deep Insecurity - WSJ
How To Not Know about the CIA’s Targeted Killing Program
Israel merges IDF elite units to form the new Commando Brigade tailored to combat ISIS
Found in Translation - NYTimes.com
The Overlooked Roots of the Greek Crisis | Foreign Policy Blogs
Dr. Farid Fata - Google Search
Cancer Doctor Farid Fata Faces Potential Life in Prison - WSJ
Report: Number of US Heroin Users Rose 300,000 Over a Decade - ABC News
It was Bill Cosby’s moralizing that was his undoing - The Washington Post
Guns, body armor, stolen from FBI agent's car
What it's like to train with the FBI
5 surprising things I learned about the FBI
Clinton Says Puerto Rican Economy Deserves 'Fair Shot' - ABC News
NEWS: China and Russia: the world's new superpower axis?
NEWS: Dempsey: 'The global security environment is as uncertain as I've ever seen it' - U.S. National Security and Military News Review - 12:36 PM 7/7/2015
NEWS: Beijing's Response to Stock Selloff Reveals Deep Insecurity - Tuesday July 7th, 2015 at 3:24 PM
NEWS: » It was Bill Cosby's moralizing that was his undoing 07/07/15 16:05 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: Europe Tells Greece - You've Got Until Sunday - Tuesday July 7th, 2015 at 5:14 PM
NEWS: Dylann Roof indicted in deadly Charleston rampage - USA TODAY - Tuesday July 7th, 2015 at 6:04 PM | Study: Hospital Death Risk Increases On Weekends « CBS Atlanta - CBS Local
NEWS: Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels by By ANDREW E. KRAMER - Tuesday July 7th, 2015 at 6:22 PM - NYT
NEWS: » State Media: China Needs Long-range Bomber 07/07/15 18:45 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
PR Journal: Recent Headlines - 5:33 PM 7/5/2015

7.7.15 - Russia

Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels - The New York Times
Talks to Resolve Ukraine Conflict End Without Results - ABC News
China and Russia: the world's new superpower axis? | World news | The Guardian
Russia and China pose largest security threats, says US military report | US news | The Guardian
Oil down 3 percent, sinking for second day, on investor flight
Drone markets open in Russia, China and rogue states as America's wars wane | Business | The Guardian

7.7.15 - Cyber Issues

Hacking Team, the Surveillance Tech Firm, Gets Hacked - WSJ
Someone Just Leaked The Price List for Cyberwar - Defense One
The Future of Hacking: Your Planes, Trains and Automobiles Aren't Safe
Cyber Caliphate Hackers Not Linked to Islamic State | Washington Free Beacon
Russian hackers responsible for Sony Pictures cyberattack reports Taia Global
U.S. Hired Dictators’ Favorite Hackers - The Daily Beast
The FBI Spent $775K on Hacking Team's Spy Tools Since 2011 | WIRED
Cyber security firm Hacking Team has sensitive documents 'leaked' online | UK | News | Daily Express
Unpatched Flash exploits unveiled in Hacking Team data dump | ZDNet
Hacking Team Gets Hacked: 5 Revelations From the Data Breach | NDTV Gadgets
Who hacked Hacking Team? Gamma Group hacker holds their hand up
Pinoy hacker who targeted ex-FBI director nabbed | Headlines, News, The Philippine Star | philstar.com
Hack at surveillance firm exposes ties to FBI, DEA | TheHill
Kaspersky Lab Discovers Equation Group: The Crown Creator of Cyber-Espionage | Business Wire
U.S. Shadow Group ‘Has Embedded Spyware in Foreign Computer Networks’ | TIME
How Real Is the Threat of a Cyberattack? | TIME
Hacker Attacks Gambling Websites, Demands Bitcoin Ransom - ABC News


7.6.15 - USA

Obama makes rare visit to Pentagon for update on Islamic State operations - The Washington Post
Obama to Visit Pentagon to Refine Islamic State Strategy
Obama Heads to Pentagon for Meetings on Islamic State - ABC News
A rare Pentagon briefing for Obama; US troops praised for restraint in Kabul; French defense minister in DC today; Iran wants missiles in its nuke deal; And a bit more. - Defense One
Gruesome weekend for Chicago leaves police chief reeling - CNN.com
BRUTAL FOOTAGE of Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in "Knockout Attack" (VIDEO) - The Gateway Pundit
Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in “Knockout Attack” | EUTimes.net
White Supremacists Extend Their Reach Through Websites - NYTimes.com
Dylann Roof: ‘White supremacist lone wolf’ - The Washington Post
Beyond Dylann Roof: Why White Supremacists Want a Race War
Charleston Church Shooting: Dylann Roof Was In Contact With White Supremacists Online, Report Says
Comparing U.S. mass shootings to the rest of the world | MSNBC
Covington & Burling Gets Eric Holder Back After 6-Year Stopover
Eric Holder Returns to Covington & Burling - The New York Times
Former AG Eric Holder returns to former D.C. law firm - The Washington Post
Eric Holder, Former Attorney General, Returning to Covington & Burling Law Firm - NBC News

7.6.15 - Russia

Russian Bomber Crashes in Pacific Region, Both Pilots Killed - ABC News
IS Boosts Russian-Language Propaganda Efforts
Tensions with Russia could prompt NATO strategy rethink | Reuters
The Lagging Architecture of NATO Missile Defense
Russia's Nuclear Bluster: How Should America Respond? | The National Interest
BRICS summit gives Putin a chance to show Russia not isolated | Reuters
Ukraine launches Western-style police force to set a marker for reform | Reuters
Ukraine Launches Western-style Police Force
Moldovans Call For Union With Romania
Thousands of Supporters of Moldova-Romania Reunion Rally in Chisinau | EUTimes.net
Lebedevs have ploughed £111m into Independent, Standard and TV station | Media | The Guardian
Roman Abramovich heads ashore on the Isle of Arran to take corgi for walk | Daily Mail Online
KGB spy shares details of his escape to Britain in 1985 | intelNews.org
ЕС и НАТО предали Грузию, пророссийские настроения в стране растут | Новости мира FaceNews
ForeignPolicy: Греция может выйти из ЕС и НАТО и начать движение к Москве. Ридус
Доллар на открытии торгов вырос до 57 рублей на фоне итогов референдума в Греции - Газета.Ru | Новости
Four NATO Ships Enter Black Sea for Annual Exercise, Russian Activity on Rise in the Region - USNI News
US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence | EUTimes.net
Russia Grounds Entire Su-24 Fleet Of Fighter Jets After Deadly Crash Near Sea Of Japan
US-NATO’s Undeclared Proxy War “Inside Russia”? The Islamic State (ISIS) Insurgency Extends into the Russian Caucasus. Who is Behind The Terrorists? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Putin needs tripwire deterrent to keep NATO safe | The Chronicle Herald
WATCH: Russian police probe mystery 'UFO crash' in skies above Vladimir Putin's hometown | Weird | News | Daily Express
Putin Lurks on the Sidelines as Greek Economic Crisis Heads Down to the Wire | Foreign Policy
Dangers lurk in Putin's simple obsession | afr.com

7.6.15 - Greece

Government Official: Greece's Tsipras Speaks by Phone With Germany's Merkel Ahead of Summit - ABC News
Greek finance minister quits to smooth talks after thunderous 'No' | Reuters
KHNL: The Latest: Greece wants ECB help to allow talks to push on
Greek ‘No’ May Have Its Roots in Heroic Myths and Real Resistance - NYTimes.com

7.6.15 - Middle East & ISIS

ISIS terrorists are arriving in Europe 'hidden among migrants' | Daily Mail Online
Saudi Airstrike On Yemen Market Kills 45 Civilians | TIME
Iraqi jet mistakenly bombs Baghdad district, five killed | Reuters
Iraq warplane accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing seven - Telegraph
Iraqi jet accidentally bombs Baghdad district, killing at least 12 | World news | The Guardian
Iraqi Warplane Accidentally Bombs Baghdad District
Iraqi warplane 'accidentally' bombs Baghdad killing 7 people in 3 houses | Daily Mail Online
Islamic State regains town near Syria's Raqqa after air strikes: monitor | Reuters
Egypt arrests Brotherhood members for alleged Suez plot: security sources | Reuters
Yemen government raises prospect of truce, air strikes kill 30 | Reuters
Kurds carve out their Syrian statelet - Telegraph
Inside Kobane: How Islamic State conducted its terrifying 'killing rampage' - Telegraph
Free Libyan Air Force fighter jet's VERY low fly-by over man's head | Daily Mail Online
ISIS executes two activists for handing out anti-Shariah leaflets in Syria | Daily Mail Online
Turkey mulls military intervention in Syria | EUTimes.net
Isis flag: What do the words mean and what are its origins? - Middle East - World - The Independent

7.6.15 - Asia

China stresses nationalism in war anniversary propaganda push | Reuters
Rivals Pakistan, India to start process of joining China security bloc | Reuters
Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Afghan Police Checkpoint

7.6.15 - Cyber Issues

Hillary on China hack: What is cybersecurity's role in 2016 elections? (+video) - CSMonitor.com
US agencies join Brits in cyber-war games - SC Magazine UK
FBI Director: 'I Really Am Not a Maniac' About Encryption - NationalJournal.com
Ex-Goldman programmer Aleynikov wins dismissal of second conviction - Yahoo News
When hackers get hacked: Hacking Team falls prey to hack attack. - CSMonitor.com
Cybersecurity Company Supplies Repressive Regimes With Spyware, Recent Hack Claims
Leaked Documents Show FBI, DEA and U.S. Army Buying Italian Spyware - The Intercept
Hacking Team Breach Shows a Global Spying Firm Run Amok | WIRED
Fix the federal hacking breach - Post and Courier

7.6.15 - Other News

How a ‘billion dollar spy’ stole Soviet secrets and helped the U.S. Air Force - The Washington Post
Is Google more accurate than the FBI in tracking police-involved killings? | AL.com
Batman: Arkham Knight review – fitting end to masterful trilogy | Technology | The Guardian
4 years after scandal, final News of the World journalist sentenced for phone hacking | CTV News
TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com
Kenyans to Obama: 'Spare us the gay talk' - BBC News
MP tells anti-gay rally: Obama should not push gay agenda in Kenya | Reuters

7.6.15 - NEWS

NEWS: Obama Heads to Pentagon for Meetings on Islamic State
NEWS: Tensions with Russia could prompt NATO strategy rethink | Ukraine launches Western-style police force to set a marker for reform | IS Boosts Russian-Language Propaganda Efforts- 11:53 AM 7/6/2015
NEWS: At Least Five People Killed When Iraqi Air Force Plane Accidently Drops Bomb | Suspect in San Francisco pier shooting claims the gun went off by accident - 12:36 PM 7/6/2015
NEWS: Headlines - 2:02 PM 7/6/2015
NEWS: Economist: Greek minister resignation 'extremely strong signal'by AFP Monday July 6th, 2015 at 2:23 PM
NEWS: A rare Pentagon briefing for Obama; US troops praised for restraint in Kabul; French defense minister in DC today; Iran wants missiles in its nuke deal; And a bit more. - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 3:04 PM - U.S. National Security and Military News Re
NEWS: Obama says recent Islamic State losses show group will be defeated - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 4:48 PM
NEWS: White Supremacists Extend Their Reach Through Websites - NYT
NEWS: Greece debt crisis: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande issue Athens with 24-hour ultimatum to avoid crashing out of the euro - Monday July 6th, 2015 at 6:20 PM
NEWS: Recent Posts - 6:25 PM 7/6/2015
NEWS: Headlines - 7:02 PM 7/6/2015

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Kerry urges Iran to make 'hard choices', says US ready to walk | Reuters
Israeli Cabinet Rejects Measure to Ease Jewish Conversions - NYTimes.com
Who are the Kurds? A user's guide to Kurdish politics - Telegraph
Greece defiantly rejects Europe's bailout offer in referendum, Athens says - CBS News
U.S. Agencies Conduct Cyber War Games - WSJ
U.S. Soldiers Used ‘Restraint’ in Kabul Confrontation, Inquiry Finds - NYTimes.com
Veterans Hotline Tries to Survive Without Pentagon Funds - NYTimes.com
Argentine Judges Allowed to Resign After Child Abuse Ruling - NYTimes.com
To Stop Crime, Hand Over Cash - NYTimes.com
The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten - NYTimes.com
The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts - The Washington Post
In Ecuador, Pope Francis Detours for an Old Friend - WSJ
Calais crisis: Bicycle repair shops, mosques and an Orthodox church - the town where migrants wait to cross to Britain - Telegraph
Putin reportedly contacts Obama for second time in weeks about unity on global concerns | Fox News
CIA Predictions For 2015 From 2000
Senior cop who took his own life had talked of suicide | The Times of Israel
Islamism prevails even as we suppress free speech | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Guardian
Hillary Clinton's kind words for boy 'afraid' of being gay - BBC Newsbeat
Suspect In San Francisco Shooting Had Been Deported 5 Times
Fort Bragg Soldier Bryan Wolfinger Was Heavily Armed Man At NC Mall: Police
Alligator Kills Swimmer In Texas
Two British Schoolgirls Who Ran Away To Syria 'Now Married To ISIS Men'
Wyoming doesn't report mental-health data to FBI database - Washington Times
Five-year-old girl killed after sturgeon leaps into family boat in Florida - Americas - World - The Independent
Ecuador under threat of “soft coup” by opposition, says Correa | In English | EL PAÍS
LGBT rainbow flag origins: The origin of the LGBT rainbow flag | In English | EL PAÍS
Is Donald Trump the world’s most hated man right now? | In English | EL PAÍS
Marriage equality: A decade after legalization, same-sex weddings make up less than 2% of total | In English | EL PAÍS
Jerry Coyne's 'Faith Versus Fact' - The Atlantic
Man Shoots Firework From Top of His Head, Dies - NBC News
Dear President Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan | New York Post
Heavy US-led Raids on ISIS Syria Stronghold Kill Dozens

7.5.15 - Russia

America’s Losing Russia Strategy - The Daily Beast
Leslie H. Gelb - Google Search
Russia Bans Internet Database Archive
Russia Taking Full Advantage Of Greek Crisis | OilPrice.com
Russia And U.S. Economic War Raging
Russia's Virtual Universe - The New York Times
Don’t Think for a Minute Putin Is Winging It
Russia Will Debate All Issues Except Its Own | Opinion | The Moscow Times
An economist looks in the mirror | TribLIVE Mobile
Путин окончательно забаррикадировался в глухой угол, — Илларионов
Путин боится повторить судьбу Януковича и уже нашел себе замену - Илларионов | Обозреватель
Вечерняя Москва - Соединенные Штаты ассасинов. Американская внешняя политика все более напоминает действия средневековой секты
PressTV-US seeking to replace Putin: Madsen
Russia's Patriarchy Problem | Opinion | The Moscow Times
Russia Must Focus Less on Ukraine, More on IS (Op-Ed) | News | The Moscow Times
Хиллари Клинтон о более разумном отношении США к Путину - Правда.Ру
Former Insurgent Elected Chechen Parliament Speaker
Missing Tbilisi Zoo Tiger Found Dead 3 Weeks After Flooding - ABC News
Hope at last for Ukraine? - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
No need for this cold war - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
Putin wants to spend $400 billion on the Russian military
Ъ-Новости - Глава СБУ: задержаны предатели–высшие чины Службы безопасности Украины
СБУ возбудила более 40 дел о предательстве в рядах своих сотрудников :: Общество :: РБК
На Украине по подозрению в предательстве арестованы высшие чины СБУ - Газета.Ru | Новости
Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski on Russia and Ukraine - SPIEGEL ONLINE

7.5.15 - NEWS

NEWS: 10:31 AM 7/5/2015 - Headlines: ISIS rushes reinforcements to Egypt. Its next targets: The Pyramids and Sphinx | Egypt, Stunned by Sinai Assault, Vows to Erase ‘Terrorist Dens’ | U.S. Agencies Conduct Cyberwar Games | Animosity Between Sunnis and
NEWS: World Press
NEWS: 1:23 PM 7/5/2015 - U.S.-led Coalition Targets Islamic State in Raqqa | Polls Close in Greek Referendum
NEWS: PressTV-US seeking to replace Putin: Madsen | Вечерняя Москва - Соединенные Штаты ассасинов. | Greece defiantly rejects Europe's bailout offer in referendum, Athens says - 3:29 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Russia And U.S. Economic War Raging | Russia Will Debate All Issues Except Its Own | Opinion - Sunday July 5th, 2015 at 4:39 PM
NEWS: Headlines - 5:05 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Current World Topics - July 2015 - 5:08 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Russia & Russian Military Strategy - 2014-2015 - 5:10 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Middle East - July 2015 - 5:11 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Current U.S. Security Topics - July 2015 - 5:14 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: CyberWars & CyberWarfare - 2015 - 5:17 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: USA - 5:21 PM 7/5/2015
NEWS: Now Europe Must Decide Whether to Make an Example of Greece - New York Times
NEWS: Leslie H. Gelb: America’s Losing Russia Strategy - The Daily Beast
NEWS: » Brzezinski on Russia: 'We Are Already In a Cold War' 02/07/15 09:36 from SPIEGEL ONLINE - International Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski believes the West should stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. "We