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War on police Update: Cruz Blames Obama for Climate of Violence Against Police | Police wait for Obama support as rhetoric turns against blue lines - Washington Times

War on Police - 9.3.15

Cruz Blames Obama for Climate of Violence Against Police

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Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz blamed President Barack Obama on Thursday for a climate of violence against police, contending the president and his administration have long vilified law enforcement.
His unsparing appraisal came in an Associated Press interview between campaign stops and mere days after the slaying of a deputy in Cruz's hometown of Houston, allegedly by a man with a history of mental illness.
"There are unfortunate, tragic consequences when the president of the United States repeatedly vilifies law enforcement and when that rhetoric is amplified by the Department of Justice, when it's amplified by politicians across this country," Cruz said in the interview.
Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth was the sixth officer in the nation shot and killed in August alone, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which tracks on-duty officer deaths. But the 25 firearms-related deaths of officers so far this year are down from 30 at this time in 2014.
The Texas senator said police have been demonized throughout Obama's presidency.
"If you look at our law enforcement, they've had six and a half years of vilification, demonization," Cruz said, speaking on the way to the airport as he jetted among three stops in Texas, where he hadn't made campaign appearances in several weeks.
"When the police withdraw because they've been demonized," he added, between long swigs from a bottle of water, "tragically the communities that pay the biggest price are minority communities that are already facing crime challenges."
Earlier in the day, White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the president's thinking on the importance of protecting law enforcement through efforts such as the "blue lives matter" campaign and whether he would deliver an address on the value of officers' lives:
Earnest said the president, in an address to Congress in January, "talked about the right of a husband or wife to welcome their spouse, who serves in law enforcement, home at night." He said Obama believes "that profession and that commitment is not just worthy of our respect, it's worthy of our praise and the president is deeply grateful to law enforcement officials across the country who faithfully do that every single day."
Earnest noted that the president had spoken with Goforth's widow on Monday.
Cruz's mood was lighter earlier, as he addressed more than 1,000 screaming, sweating supporters at Fort Worth's stockyards, which date back to the 1800s and where the preferred footwear remains cowboy boots.
"We love you!" shrieked two women in the front row as Cruz strode on stage, to which the candidate shouted "and I love you, too!" before throwing his head back and exclaiming, "It is GOOD to be home."
Also Thursday, Cruz attended an East Texas tea party rally before headlining a conservative grassroots event in Houston. State Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been indicted for felony security violations allegedly committed before he took office in January, is also set to appear at the Houston rally.
Cruz has previously praised Paxton as a conservative warrior, but has been more tightlipped amid his recent legal troubles.
The first-term senator's return to Texas comes as Donald Trump has climbed to the top of state polls, mirroring his rise nationally in the GOP primary.
Cruz, who will attend a rally in Washington to protest the nuclear deal with Iran, said Thursday he invited Trump to the rally because the billionaire draws so much attention.
Cruz shrugged off suggestions he's having to defend his home state in the primary race. Asked before the rally about his rivals making frequent Texas trips, he said he's got "a tremendous base of support here and so they may discover a difficult path."
"The ethos of this great state is, 'Give me a horse, a gun and an open field and I can conquer the world,'" Cruz said, "and we need to return to those values."
Associated Press writer Nancy Benac contributed to this report from Washington

War on police

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POLICE NEWS REVIEW | Stop the war on cops!

POLICE NEWS REVIEW | Stop the war on cops!
We must speak out against the war on cops before it’s too late. | There are things that Mayors, Governors, and even Presidents can do: Be a leader of your law enforcement agencies. Do not broad brush them and rush to judgment because the loudest voices demonstrate... Our first line of defense in the homeland is made up of our men and women in blue. - Safir: The War on Police Hurts the War on Terror | Racism has an ugly history in America, and the debate over whether we’ve advanced past it is relevant. But while that discussion continues, far too many agitators have essentially declared war on police. As a nation, we must reject that attack. - War on police makes us all less safe | SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY: Well, this war on our nation's finest, the American police officer, continues, but it continues to be fueled by some very important people.

"Go West, old man!" or Putin Is Waking Up From Chinese Pipe Dream | Opinion | The Moscow Times - HEADLINES - 9.3.15

Putin at Chinese parade, economy rains

В ходе встречи с Премьером Госсовета КНР Ли Кэцяном. С Руководителем Администрации Президента Сергеем Ивановым.

News - 9.3.15

Reviews - 9.3.15

News Roundup and Notes: September 3, 2015 | Just Security

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War on Police - 9.3.15

Police wait for Obama support as rhetoric turns against blue lines - Washington Times
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News Review - September 2015

9.2.15 W

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The FBI infiltrates Burning Man festival, collects intelligence, documents show - CBS News
China's Economy Seen as Key Topic at G20 Meetings
Obama, Saudi King to Meet Against Backdrop of War, Iran Deal
Special Operations: The Mysterious UAE Commandos
CIA, JSOC Running Secret Drone Strike Program Against ISIS In Syria: Report
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Oldest Fragments of Koran May Pre-Date Prophet Mohammed | Washington Free Beacon
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Russia - 9.2.15

Putin Says Sanctions Have Spurred Russian Shift To China
NATO Activates Six New Hubs On Eastern Flank With Russia
Putin's Got a New Problem With China - Bloomberg Business
Западные СМИ оценили масштаб проблем у Путина с Китаем :: Экономика :: РБК
Bloomberg: Китай стал новой проблемой для Путина - Газета.Ru | Новости
New sanctions: US targets scores of Russian, Chinese, Syrian firms over Iran — RT News
US extends sanctions list against Russian companies over Ukraine - read on -
US To Impose Sanction Against More Russian Individuals, Companies Over Ukraine Ceasefire
Russia bans Western internet companies
Ъ-Новости - Владимир Путин прибыл в Пекин
Ъ-Газета - Дружба двух площадей
Москва надеется на то, что при продаже «Мистралей» Франция учтет интересы России - Газета.Ru | Новости
Минобороны отрицает участие военных РФ в боевых действиях в Сирии - Газета.Ru | Политика
Мнение: США уже почти исчерпали свой ресурс антироссийских санкций | РИА Новости
Ъ-Новости - ЕС продлит до марта санкции в отношении граждан России и Украины
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Poroshenko Blames Russia For Police Deaths
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For Russia, Oil Collapse Has Soviet Echoes - WSJ
Ukraine’s Defense Doctrine Names Russia Military Adversary | Washington Free Beacon
Ukraine Military Doctrine Declares Russia The Enemy And NATO Membership A Top Goal
NATO, Russia and Baltic vulnerability

9.1.15 Tu

The Red Web by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan review – Russia’s attack on internet freedoms | Books | The Guardian
Islamic State battles Syrian rebel forces in Damascus - BBC News
We're at Cyberwar: A Global Guide to Nation-State Digital Attacks | WIRED
As Economy Falters, Military Parade Offers Chance to Burnish China’s Image - The New York Times
Siberian Miners Ask Putin to Intervene in Hunger Strike | Business | The Moscow Times
Экс-главный политтехнолог Кремля рассказал о том, как изменился Путин, и о его культе личности - Новости Украины - Новини України - Сводка.не
At halfway mark, Mexican president's approval sinks to new low | Reuters
Mr. Erdogan’s War Against the Kurds -
Two More Ukrainian Guardsman Die From Grenade Attack Near Parliament
В Киеве сообщили о 131 раненом в ходе столкновений у Рады - BBC Русская служба
Three and a half reasons why Russia might be planning to withdraw from Ukraine (or some of it, anyway) - The Washington Post
On the frontlines in Ukraine, a technological gap - The Washington Post
Russia Ready for Equal Partnerships With US, EU, NATO
Лавров: отказ Запада от требования отставки Асада поможет борьбе с ИГ | РИА Новости
If we do nothing about Syria, then the refugees will keep on coming - Telegraph
Report: What is the U.S. Government’s Role in Cybersecurity?
China Allegedly Hacked Top Former FBI Lawyer
Leadership: Putin The Overhyped Spy Lover
These brothers were born in Toronto, but their parents were Russian spies, so they cannot be Canadian
FBI looking for man who robbed Doral bank | Miami Herald
OPINION: Impeach President Obama over Iran deal - Daily Inter Lake: Members
David Beckham lets out Brooklyn Beckham tattoo secret says SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE | Daily Mail Online
Defense Secretary Carter: ISIS and Russia Are Our Greatest Threats | National Review Online
Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS - The Daily Beast
В.Путин в преддверии визита в Пекин дал интервью российскому ТАСС и китайскому `Синьхуа` - Первый канал
Интервью информационным агентствам ТАСС и «Синьхуа» • Президент России
The fear and insecurity behind Putin’s bizarre new workout video - Vox
Is Putin Dating This Knockout Boxer? - The Daily Beast
Путин едет в Нью-Йорк. Как это будет выглядеть? /
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Opinions Review - War on Police - 9.1.15

Obama’s Lies Matter. Sheriff: President “Started This War on Police” - The New American Mobile
Revenge Motive Suspected in Houston Police Officer's Murder - The New American Mobile
Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness’
NY Times' Charles Blow: ‘All of America Is Arrayed Against Black People’ - Breitbart
Vester Lee Flanagan: a hate crimes anomaly?
Welcome to the masquerade
The Guardian view on the latest Ukraine ceasefire call: why this could be the one that works | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Negotiating the Russian relationship - The Washington Post
Russia’s truncheon - The Washington Post
Healthy skepticism - The Washington Post
Scientific studies were tarred with too broad a brush - The Washington Post
Homeland Security’s Peculiar Prosecution of Rentboy -
laissez faire definition - Google Search
Darren Goforth - Google Search
Darren Goforth - Google Search
Suspect in deputy's killing found...
Deputy Darren Goforth Shooting: Obama Makes Condolence Call To Slain Texas Deputy's Widow
Police Searching for Suspects After Cop Shot and Killed in Chicago Suburb - Breitbart
Who is to blame for the war against law enforcement? | Fox News Video
Moldovan Police Chief Briefly Detained At Moscow Airport
Report: Threats Against Israel Made It a Cybersecurity Superpower | Jewish & Israel News
Police Officer Shot and Killed in Illinois, Manhunt Underway for 3 Suspects | Washington Free Beacon
FBI names counterintelligence expert to head Boston division - Washington Times
Russia gearing up to be first world power to insert ground forces into Syria
D.C. crimefighter takes over Detroit’s FBI office
What Russian Intelligence Knows About Hillary Clinton | The XX Committee
Russia Deploying Air Force Contingent to Syria | Washington Free Beacon
NATO activates six command units on eastern flank with Russia - The Express Tribune
Russia Exploits US Weakness in Foreign Policy

News Review - August 2015

What Should Obama Do Next on Iran? -

8.31.15 M

Вести.Ru: Обама переименовал самую высокую гору Северной Америки
Russia Bond Rebound No Comfort to Investors Even With Oil Gains - Bloomberg Business
Разведка Черноморского флота будет следить за учениями США и Украины :: Политика :: РБК
Прокуратура сообщила о гибели почти 30 животных в зоопарках Уссурийска :: Общество :: РБК
China and Russia are cross-indexing hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say - LA Times
Briefing: Mr. Putin Goes To China
Russia vs. NATO War Almost Broke Our 66 Times In 12 Months
NATO kicks off naval drills in Black Sea with Ukraine — RT News
Little Progress Made on Integrated GCC Missile Shield
Osama bin Laden is alive, staying under CIA's protection: Edward Snowden - The Siasat Daily
Ruskie ICS hacker drops nine holes in popular Siemens power plant kit • The Register
2016 election: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden's awkward friendship
Poll: Americans views on direction of country
The tragic story of Oliver Sacks’s celibacy - The Washington Post
Путин на встрече с президентом Чехии в Пекине обсудит диалог РФ и ЕС | РИА Новости
ВЗГЛЯД / Путин обсудил с наследным принцем Абу-Даби и королем Иордании ситуацию в Сирии
ВЗГЛЯД / Лавров: У России и США разные подходы к борьбе с ИГ
Book Review | Putinism: Russia and its Future with the West - Livemint
Real Putinism - The American Interest
"Putin" Search - The American Interest
"Пацаны не догоняют": Мильштейн объяснил, почему тренировку Путина и Медведева показали народу | Обозреватель
Putin linked to shady property deals in Spain | The Times
The Australian news
Пресса Британии: сделки в Испании и сеньор Путин - BBC Русская служба

Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive

China, Russia Targeting US Spies Via Hacked Computer Databases: Report
William Evanina - Google Search
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC): Biographies
Leandro Aragoncillo - Google Search
Leandro Aragoncillo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Defense News

8.30.15 Su

Is America forgetting American values? (Opinion) -
Laser blasts flying objects - CNN Video
NBC: Islamic State ‘Growing Like Crazy’ Despite U.S. Efforts | Washington Free Beacon
After autopsies on refugees found in truck, Austrian police presume they suffocated | Reuters
Six thoughts about the state of the Democratic race - The Washington Post
Hundreds of Russians Protest Destruction of Demon Sculpture - ABC News
Putin pumps iron to show Russians his healthy, wholesome side | Reuters
Arab sources: First Russian officers in Syria
James Bond author Anthony Horowitz confirms that Pussy Galore is a lesbian | Daily Mail Online
Day of the Jackal author Frederick Forsyth admits conducting MI6 missions for 20 years including a trip to East Germany to get secret papers from a Russian colonel | Daily Mail Online
Puerto Rico movement pitches solution to economic woes: rejoin Spain | World news | The Guardian

Williams and Ivanov - suspicious deaths - June-August 2010

Spy found dead in a bag 'had infuriated his MI6 bosses by illegally hacking into secret US data on Bill Clinton' | Daily Mail Online
The Body on the Beach | The American Spectator
Major-General Yuri Ivanov - Google Search
Top Russian spy’s body washes up 'after swimming accident’ - Telegraph
Israel special forces conducting cross-border operations in Syria |
general Anatoliy Kuntsevich - Google Search
general anatoly kuntsevich death - Google Search
The Spies Inside Damascus | Foreign Policy
Russia Helped Build Syria's Chemical Weapons | Opinion | The Moscow Times
Chemical Weapons - Syria
General Pikalov - Google Search
Alexander Pikayev - Google Search

8.29.15 Sa

Moody's Forecasts Russian Recession Will Extend Into 2016
Владимир Путин летит в Нью-Йорк. Вопрос на триллион долларов
Obama & Russia -- Putin's Aggression Is Going Unchecked by the U.S. | National Review Online
Убийство замкомандира батальона «Север» связано с Геремеевым и Кадыровым - Происшествия - МК
Путин в Нью-Йорке расскажет о вреде санкций - Политика, В мире - МК
Пан Ги Мун обсудит с Путиным вопросы глобальной важности на Генассамблее ООН :: Новости :: ТВ Центр - Официальный сайт телекомпании
Hollande, Merkel, Putin back ceasefire plan for eastern Ukraine: France | Reuters
After Fleeing To Pakistan, Convicted U.S. Official Returns For Jail
Polish Official '99 Percent' Sure Missing Nazi Gold Train Found
Путин едет на Генассамблеи ООН — чего ждать от выступления президента? | RSUTE
Turkish jets attack IS Syria targets - BBC News
Thai police arrest foreign man over Bangkok bombing | Reuters
Texas deputy fatally shot execution-style attack | Fox News Video
Car-hacking feud revs up on the Hill
Migrant lorry deaths: Four suspects in Hungary court - BBC News
Investigators Release New Details in WDBJ Shooting | Video |
Thai Police Announce Arrest in Bangkok Shrine Bombing -
'The Worst Is Not Knowing': In Chechnya, An Endless, Agonizing Wait For The Missing
Al-Jazeera Journalists Get Three Years In Prison In Decision Decried By Press Freedom Groups
Suspect in custody in ambush of Houston sheriff's deputy - Yahoo News
Man Held In Hunt For Bangkok Bomb Suspects
Who Are The Russian Generals That Ukraine Says Are Fighting In The Donbas?
Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Russian Generals Fighting With Separatists, Ukraine Says
What the Ukrainian military really needs – POLITICO
Russian Police Find Stolen ‘Satan’ Figure
Russia's Surrealistic August
Убийство Галины Старовойтовой раскрыто?
Psychologists Welcome Analysis Casting Doubt on Their Work -
World War II Alaska-Siberia Route Retraced by DC-3 Planes - NBC News
Vatican: Heart Attack Killed Ex-Envoy Charged With Sex Abuse - ABC News
Man sexually assaulted fellow Marine at Camp Pendleton | FOX5 San Diego – San Diego news, weather, traffic, sports from KSWB
FBI — Manassas Man Sentenced to 11 Years for Providing Material Support to ISIL
Ed Klein: Valerie Jarrett Gives Biden-for-President a Thumbs Up
Cheney: Next President needs to restore American exceptionalism -
Путин внес в Госдуму соглашение об интегрированном валютном рынке СНГ :: Финансы :: РБК
Vladimir Putin, Grave Robber - The American Interest
Obama & Russia -- Putin's Aggression Is Going Unchecked by the U.S. | National Review Online
Меркель и Олланд назвали выборы в Донбассе угрозой минскому процессу :: Политика :: РБК
With Massive Exercise, NATO Generals Prepare for Yesterday's War
Flight From Vegas to Germany Diverted Over Unruly Passenger - ABC News
Once-a-Week HIV Injections May Free Millions From Pills
world - Google Search
Dick Cheney: Iran Deal Will Lead To First Use Of Nuclear Weapon Since Hiroshima And Nagasaki
Tea With the Queen? In Their Dreams - The New York Times

8.28.15 F

News Roundup and Notes: August 28, 2015 | Just Security
Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
Suspected Tehran Hacking Scam Targets Iranian Activists
'AP lawsuit against FBI opens window on secret world of intelligence’ — RT Op-Edge
The US and NATO are gaining valuable insights into Russia's military in Ukraine - Business Insider
Russia’s “Secret” Army in Ukraine | The XX Committee
В Адміністрації Президента представили незаперечні докази збройної агресії Росії проти України
APU (@APUkraine) | Twitter
#RussianAgression hashtag on Twitter
Armed Drones and the Influence of Big Business on Police Surveillance Technology | Just Security
Putin woos Mideast: Should West worry? -
Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Blocks Obama Water Rule Citing ‘Risk of Irreparable Harm’ | Washington Free Beacon
The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Obama’s Politicized Intelligence | Washington Free Beacon
What six years of ‘reset’ have wrought - The Washington Post
Barack Obama's diplomatic 'reset' has let Vladimir Putin get away with murder - Telegraph
Why Putin is an Obama fan
Higher prices dent Putin's sky-high popularity: paper - Yahoo News
Ex-NATO Chief Leads Push by Retired Military Brass to Kill Iran Deal |
Military leaders warn U.S. is falling behind in cybersecurity | Washington Examiner
Army Takes Biggest Hit In OPM Hack - Defense One
Kirby: ‘We Continue to Welcome Syrian Refugees Into the US’ | Washington Free Beacon
Whistleblowers sue DOJ, FBI, and NSA for malicious prosecution, civil rights violations — RT USA
Vester Flanagan: Video of Virginia gunman's sparse apartment reveals insight into man who wanted to start a race war - Americas - World - The Independent
Jozef Wesolowski, Ex-Archbishop Accused of Sexual Abuse, Dies at 67 - The New York Times
Vatican official accused of child porn dies -
Carlyle Finds Hedge Funds Hazardous as Its Private Equity Business Dominates - The New York Times
Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says - The New York Times
The Crimes of Palmyra - The New York Times
Rethinking Work - The New York Times
Girls, drugs and cyber security: the strange life of John McAfee |
Girls, drugs and cyber security: the strange life of John McAfee

8.27.15 Th

Putin Meets Egyptian Leader As Russia Seeks Greater Role In Middle East
Middle East Leaders Head to Moscow to Sign Arms Deals, Discuss Plan to End Syrian War - World - Haaretz
Russia, Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria - Putin — RT News
Saudi Arabia Says No to Russia on Assad
The Democratic Socialists of America Has a Super PAC, and It’s Backing Bernie Sanders | Washington Free Beacon
Antagonism with Russia Shifts to Courtrooms | Foreign Policy Blogs
America’s Dangerous Bargain With Turkey - The New York Times
Как уставший Путин осматривал достижения МАКСа: репортаж | Собеседник.ру
Путин, посовещавшись с правительством, убедился, что рубль спасать не будут - Экономика - МК
Сирия: Путин переходит в наступление | ИноСМИ - Все, что достойно перевода
Путин обсудил с кабмином нестабильную ситуацию на мировых финансовых рынках - Телеканал «Звезда»
As Oil Prices Fall, Putin’s Russia Faces a Long, Cold Winter | The Fiscal Times
ДНИ.РУ - Путин ответил на призыв философа из Чили
Poll: Biden outperforms Hillary in general election; Trump leads GOP field - Nick Gass - POLITICO
Clinton awaits Biden's answer on a presidential run, but she could be waiting awhile - LA Times
China to hold drills with Malaysia in Malacca Strait | Reuters
Women stabbed; responding officer shot, killed
The Moscow Times - News, Business, Culture & Multimedia from Russia
Inside Vladimir Putin’s Circle | TIME
Power buddies: Why do Putin and Sisi often wear matching outfits? - Al Arabiya News
The International Anti-ISIS Coalition Needs to Be Repaired | Raghida Dergham
U.S. Learns About Russia's Military, Warning Bells Sound
Fears over dozens of 'close military encounters' between Russia and Nato forces | Daily Mail Online
Declassified CIA documents reveal how disastrous America’s post-9/11 plans really were - Middle East - World - The Independent
Political command climate cited in soldier's dismissal of rape conviction - Army - Stripes
Russian Delegation Cancels Visit To UN Over Visa Restrictions
Hungary scrambles to confront migrant influx, Merkel heckled | Reuters

8.26.15 W

What We Know About Suspect Vester Lee Flanagan in Virginia On-Air Shooting - ABC News
Киев отправил повестку главе генштаба России через DHL - BBC Русская служба
Multi-billion dollar deals at Russia's MAKS-2015 air show — RT Business
Russia's Classified Ukraine Crisis Death Toll Appears to Have Leaked - NBC News
2 US Journalists Killed on Live TV
Egyptian Military Wants Russian Intelligence Tracking System
Dallas DA disappears without explanation
Ukrainian Statue Portrays Putin As Dobby The House-Elf
Putin’s Magnificent Messaging Machine - Casey Michel - POLITICO Magazine
Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts regional leaders for Syria talks |
Vladimir Putin: Russian president snapped holding giant axe at Moscow space show | World | News | Daily Express
Steven Maman Is Trying to Buy Back ISIS Sex Slaves. That Could Land Him in Prison. | Foreign Policy
Joe Biden Expected to Announce Run for President
Inquiry Weighs Whether ISIS Analysis Was Distorted - The New York Times
The West should swallow its pride and work with Russia to save the Middle East - Telegraph
Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers - MPP
These Influential Marijuana Users Defy The Stoner Stereotype
Europe’s Myopia on Refugees - The New York Times
Former Foreign, Defense Ministers Urge NATO, Russia To Cooperate
Cybersecurity: The glitch in the U.S.-China relationship -
Pentagon warns Iran about Russian missile defense deal | America-Canada | Worldbulletin News
Former US ambassador: There won't be peace in Syria without prosecution of Assad - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Former US ambassador: There won't be peace in Syria without prosecution of Assad - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Going gluten-free in Gaza - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Report: Suspect in murder of journalists on live TV shoots himself

8.25.15 Tu

The Spy’s Son | Intelligence Analysis and Reporting
From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest - The New York Times
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Might Putin Provoke a War in the Middle East to Boost Oil Prices and Save His Regime?
Минобороны Украины: утверждены пять соглашений о стандартизации с НАТО | РИА Новости
Czech Minister Wants NATO to Help Guard EU Against Migrants - ABC News
Russian Air, Ground Forces on Exercises in Western Regions - ABC News
Russia Cancels Short-Lived Wikipedia Ban - ABC News
Why Obama's approval matters for a Biden presidential bid - CBS News
Election 2016: Obama gives blessing to Biden to mull White House run - CBS News
Альфред Кох: У Путина не осталось вариантов, кроме международного трибунала | УКРИНФОРМ
Unchecked Immigration: A Greater Threat to The USA Than ISIS
Эхо Москвы :: Блоги / Путин сходит со сцены
How Obama transformed America - AEI
Victim’s Family Testifies in Holmes Case - Video -
Euro Leaders Back Cease-Fire in Ukraine - Video -
ВЗГЛЯД / МИД: Тему сотрудничества НАТО и ОДКБ можно считать закрытой
МИД: тема сотрудничества НАТО и ОДКБ закрыта, и не по вине РФ | РИА Новости
Армия и НАТО: оборонный комплекс Украины отдадут иностранцам | РИА Новости Украина
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in talks with Russian president Putin | The National
Путин предложил королю Иордании обсудить сотрудничество двух стран | РИА Новости
Russia's Putin hosts Middle East leaders at air show | The Wichita Eagle
Russia, Jordan negotiating Sukhoi Superjet 100 deal | Russia Beyond The Headlines
Mohamed attends Maks 2015 inauguration - Emirates 24|7
Russia's Putin hosts Middle East leaders at air show, says contracts may be signed | Fox News
Russia's Putin Hosts Middle East Leaders at Air Show - ABC News
Поднимет ли Путин цены на нефть - Экономика - МК

8.24.15 M

Russia’s Playing a Double Game With Islamic Terror - The Daily Beast
Russia: Dangerous, Absurd And Very Real
Ukraine′s Poroshenko accuses Russia of arms supplies to rebel east | News | DW.COM | 24.08.2015
50 North Korean submarines ‘vanish’ as the nation holds crisis talks with the South | Daily Mail Online
Future Risks of an Iran Nuclear Deal - The New York Times
The 7 scariest weapons Russia is developing right now - Business Insider
Soviet dissident sues Crown Prosecution Service, alleging libel | Law | The Guardian
Russia Launches Military Drills In Arctic
Ukraine Poll Shows Support For Independence Rose In Year Of Conflict
Haircut of 20 percent seen in Ukraine debt deal - WSJ | Reuters
СМИ рассказали о роли Путина в увольнении Якунина :: Политика :: РБК
Brussels Break-In Shines Light on Russia’s European Mischief - Bloomberg Business
Putin Seeks Chinese Gift as Oil Slump Sours Second Gas Deal - Bloomberg Business
Sweden and Finland’s awkward NATO tango – POLITICO
An Opening for Diplomacy in Syria -
As Turkey Targets Militants, War Grips Kurdish Lands Once Again -
British government releases MI5 file on little-known Cold War spy |
FBi kept files on Ray Bradbury: "Definitely slanted against the United States" - Boing Boing
President Obama returns from vacation to packed agenda | Fox News Video
Radovan Krejcir: South Africa convicts Czech ‘mafia boss’ - BBC News
Literary Magazines for Socialists Funded by the CIA, Ranked - The Awl

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico statehooders see opportunity as woes deepen - US News
Turning Puerto Rico’s Lament Into Hope - The New York Times
Probe demanded into Puerto Rico murders of 3 gays in 1 month | Fox News Latino
DOJ Cracks Down On Puerto Rico Over Financial Mismanagement
Rich Investors Flock To Puerto Rico As Debt Crisis Pushes Poor To The Mainland
Hedge funder John Paulson goes on Puerto Rico spending spree | Page Six
Puerto Rico Crisis: It's Not About the Debt, It's About the Politics | David Paul

8.23.15 Su

Russia's Space Program in Crisis After Decades of Brain Drain, Neglect - NBC News
Poroshenko Calls For Unity On Special Status For Eastern Ukraine
Shoreham air crash: Previous UK aerial display accidents - BBC News
British embassy in Iran reopens | World news | The Guardian
Police say 7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes into road | Fox News
2 Planes Collide at Airshow in Switzerland - ABC News
At Least One Dead As Airshow Planes Collide
U.S. Marines Take Down Terrorist Gunman on French Train | Washington Free Beacon
Police Fear Bangkok Bombing Suspect May Have Fled - ABC News
Как Путин и Обама распорядятся Каспием? - ИА REGNUM
Генсек НАТО Столтенберг посетит Украину в конце сентября, - нардеп - НАТО - Украина - Йенс Столтенберг - визит | РБК Украина
Грузия призывает НАТО принять существенное решение по вопросу ее членства
Why the U.S. Feels It Must Contain Russia
Shoreham air crash death toll 'rises to 11' - BBC News
Brit Tourist Rescued After SOS Sand Message
Russia's Nuclear Arsenal Is Obstacle To US Global Dominance

8.22.15 Sa

Игорь Гарин: У кого учился Путин. История российского фашизма | Новое Время
Путин провел ряд кадровых перестановок в силовых структурах | РИА Новости
Ъ-Новости - Владимир Путин провел кадровые перестановки в МЧС, ФСИН, МВД и ФСКН
Republicans Are Afraid to Capitalize on Obama's Historic Failures for His Party and America; They'd Rather Attack Each Other - The Rush Limbaugh Show
Details help sink Iran deal
Obama’s Iran Deal-or-War Warning Attracts Bipartisan Criticism - Bloomberg Politics
Police Trying to Uncover Motive in Federal Building Shooting - ABC News
France train gunman had been under surveillance: source | Reuters
Gay and Marked for Death - The New York Times
Judge Orders Immigrant Families Released From Detention - ABC News
Death Toll Rises to 121 in China Port Explosion - ABC News
Putin to be notable absence from Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin - Channel NewsAsia
Putin to be notable absence from Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin | Inquirer News
Kyiv talks of slight escalation in...
The Dearly Departed Return to Russia - The New Yorker
The New Yorker: The dearly departed return to Russia
Military pressure on Ukraine will last decades, president says | Reuters
ВЗГЛЯД / СМИ: НАТО решило создать армию «эльфов» для борьбы с русскими «троллями»
Allen Ginsberg, a Calcutta Story | The Wire
Vladimir Putin’s removal of ally fuels talk of reshuffle -
Новости сегодня: Венедиктов: Путин будет президентом России до 2024 года, если здоровье позволит - 21.08.2015 - последние новости дня
Video: France train attack: Video shows 'heroes' restraining gunman - Telegraph
US Soldier: How We Stopped Train Gunman
Poroshenko To Meet With EU's Juncker On Ceasefire Violations
Japan Objects To Russian PM's Visit To Disputed Island
5 Things to Know About the Americans Who Stopped the French Train Attack | TIME
The Latest: American Injured in Train Drama Leaves Hospital - ABC News
Токио разгневан поездкой Медведева на Южные Курилы - BBC Русская служба
Ukraine aims to reclaim its status as the 'breadbasket of Europe' - watch on -

8.21.15 F

Americans Subdue Gunman Who Unleashed Attack Aboard High-Speed Train Bound for Paris - ABC News
France train shooting: Americans overpower gunman - BBC News
Airstrike Kills a Deputy to ISIS Leader, U.S. Says - The New York Times
Dozens killed in Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen-aid group, Houthis | Reuters
White House: No. 2 ISIS Leader Killed in US Military Strike - ABC News
Shots Fired on Amsterdam-to-Paris Train, Three Injured: Police - NBC News
U.S.: ISIS mortar tests positive for mustard agent -
US Sees End 'Closing In' on Syria's Assad
36,000 Troops Take Part In Largest NATO Exercise In Over A Decade | Forces TV
Obama Disapproval Up As Most Say U.S. Doing Badly -
AP: Gov't workers with sensitive jobs used cheating site Ashley Madison - CBS News
Chinese Agents: US Issues Warning
What should we be doing about cyber security | Business Spectator
Judge orders State to coordinate with FBI about Clinton server | TheHill
Poland's PM Sharply Criticizes New President Over Referendum - ABC News
Dean: Judge Who Said Clinton Violated Policy ‘Doesn’t Have Any Better Idea What’s Going On Than Anyone Else’ | Washington Free Beacon
Georgia Calls On NATO To Deliver On Membership Promises
Huffington Empire Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Voices
News - Stripes - Page2RSS
'They're in Everything': California Bug Outbreak Irks Towns - ABC News
Barrel of US Crude Drops Below $40 - ABC News
Stock Market: Dow Plunges 530 Points and More Than 1,000 for the Week - NBC News
Dow Jones Industrial Average Ends Day Down More Than 500 Points on China Fears - ABC News
Dow Jones sinks more than 500 points on China growth fears - Americas - World - The Independent
TheUnion |
Saudis Said to Kill More Than 65 Civilians in Yemen Bombing - The New York Times
3 Wounded in High-Speed Train Shooting in France | TIME
TheUnion |
Immigration: The New Face of America
Immigration: The New Face of America: 1
Immigration: The New Face of America: 2
FBI: Child porn on the rise - KABB - San Antonio Top Stories - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic
Department of Defense Press Briefing with Secretary Carter in the Pentagon Press Briefing Room
Prosecutors launch case against CIA double agent - The Local
Notable Republican Could Face Misdemeanor Manslaughter Charge for Fatal Car Crash | Washington Free Beacon
Police: Students confess to hacking boy to death, having sex near corpse - Chicago Tribune
Webb on Opposition to Nuclear Deal: Iran Gains Greater Balance of Power in Middle East | Washington Free Beacon

Russia - 8.21.15

Fear Vladimir Putin’s weakness not his strength -
Russia in Review - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Russia: Massive Capital Flight Continues | Business | The Moscow Times
Brain Drain Worsens as Exodus of Russian Scientists Gathers Pace | News | The Moscow Times
Pentagon chief: Russia is a 'very significant threat' | TheHill
U.S. Alarmed Over Russia Air Defense Sale to Iran
Obama Administration Advised Ukraine Not to Fight Russia When Putin Invaded in 2014 | Washington Free Beacon
U.S. Told Ukraine to Stand Down as Putin Invaded - Bloomberg View
Is A Slow Putsch Against Putin Under Way? - Forbes
Происходит ли медленный путч против Путина?
Poroshenko to visit Israel for first time as Ukraine president | Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Kidnappings Abroad Another Form of Putin’s ‘Hybrid War’ Against the West, Latynina Says
Russia’s Mysterious New Submarine - The Daily Beast
Russia Military Flame-Throwing System Under Development Amid Rising Regional Tensions
Russia Puts Chechen Rights Group On 'Foreign-Agent' List
Have Russia and China Signed a Cyber Nonaggression Pact? | The Diplomat
Ukraine Faces Sunday Payment Deadline as Nomura Sees Deal Near - Bloomberg Business
Эхо Москвы :: Новости / Украинский президент Петр Порошенко не считает русских и украинцев братскими народами
Эксперт рассказал, какой сигнал НАТО послал Путину из-за его сепаратистов на Донбассе - Хартыя'97 :: Навіны з Беларусі - Беларускія навіны - Рэ
Victor Zolotov - Google Search
Viktor Zolotov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kremlin On Fire, Putin's Chief Bodyguard Dead, Moscow Cops In Riot Gear (Video) | Alternative
News: Viktor Zolotov - Google Search
Gunman Kills Guard at Manhattan Federal Building, Then Kills Self, Sources Say - ABC News

8.20.15 Th

Dick Morris: Prez, First Lady and Valerie Jarrett Orchestrating Vs. Hillary?
Egypt's Sisi, Putin to discuss closer ties in Moscow talks | News24
The Interview: Henry Kissinger
The Interview: Henry Kissinger | The National Interest
US Oil Falls Towards $40 on Global Glut
Planes collide mid-air in Slovakia show rehearsal, seven dead | Reuters
Four Ukrainian servicemen killed, 14 wounded in past 24 hours: Kiev military | Reuters
Kerry says agreed with Russia over U.N. resolution on Syria chemical weapons | Reuters
Has missing Nazi treasure train been found in Poland? -
More racial unrest in St. Louis after police kill black suspect | News | DW.COM | 20.08.2015
Man at ‘Muslim-free’ gun range drops rifle accidentally shoots himself |
Britain, France Boost Security to Stop Migrants From Tunnel -
Britain, France Boost Security to Stop Migrants From Tunnel - ABC News
Washington wildfires: Three firefighters killed as huge blaze engulfs town - Americas - World - The Independent
US government agencies researching ways of disabling drones to protect vulnerable sites - Telegraph
Founder of French Far-Right Party Risks Expulsion at Hearing - ABC News
Men Claim to Find Nazi Train Loaded With Treasure in Poland - ABC News
Growing Intimacy Between Russia, China May ‘Seriously Aggravate’ US Military Plans In Asia-Pacific: Experts
Russia’s Economy Shows no Sign of Recovery - WSJ
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Absent Radical Change, Russia Can’t Recover from Current Crisis as It Did after 1998 and 2008, Economist Says
US Intelligence Community Keys in on the Russian ‘Troll Army’ Manipulating Social Media -
MONICA CROWLEY: Why Obama is trying to torpedo Hillary Clinton - Washington Times
Why the Republicans Didn't Impeach Obama - Bloomberg View
The Ashley Madison Hack Is Not OPM (But the Government May Be Watching It Anyway) - Defense One
Trump Reveals Secret Behind His $4 Billion Empire
15,000 government emails revealed in Ashley Madison leak | TheHill
Is Ashley Madison Hack Story More About Cybersecurity Or Infidelity? | Here & Now
The New US Army Chief Sets His Tone - Defense One
The Intel Community Needs A Better Media Strategy - Defense One
ISIS fighters who contracted HIV from sex slaves to become suicide bombers | Daily Mail Online
Trump - TheUnion |
Russia Is Drifting Into the Great Unknown (Op-Ed) | News | The Moscow Times

8.19.15 W

Russia Turned Me Into Propaganda - The Daily Beast
Putin in the dock
Мнение: США определили Грузии роль тарана против России на Кавказе | РИА Новости
Reason for the latest surge in violence in Ukraine
Путин: "внешние силы" угрожают Крыму дестабилизацией - BBC Русская служба
Ukraine crisis: Soldiers accuse commanders of lying as both warring sides make repeated claims of victories and broken ceasefires - Europe - World - The Independent
Москва начала подготовку к встрече Путина с Обамой :: Политика :: РБК
Violent Patterns Emerge in Putin's War on Ukraine
ISIS, Syria, and Turkey’s New War on the Kurds - Defense One
Russia jails ′abducted′ Estonian security officer | News | DW.COM | 19.08.2015
U.S. Navy Seeks Better Sub-Hunting Technology to Counter Putin - Bloomberg Business
5 mistakes Hillary Clinton made in her latest e-mail press conference - The Washington Post
Ukraine crisis: Putin shows who is boss in Crimea - BBC News
Donald Trump Wins Praise From Experts With New Immigration Plan
Risking death at sea to escape boredom - BBC News
Police: Man Apparently Shot, Killed by Young Son in Accident - ABC News
Lice With Drug-Resistant Mutations Found to Be Widespread in US, But Experts Say Don't Panic - ABC News
Door From American Airlines Plane Lands on Golf Course - ABC News
Accuser in New England prep school rape trial says was 'violated' - Yahoo News
Thousands of .mil addresses potentially leaked in Ashley Madison hack - The Washington Post
FBI seeking better automatic tattoo recognition tech - Boing Boing
FBI — Former U.S. Government Employee Charged in Computer Hacking and Cyber Stalking Scheme
USS Shamal CO Relieved
‘Ridiculous’: FBI warns of next big terror attack

8.18.15 Tu

I Am Republican, Hear Me Roar - The New York Times
Russians Feel Ruble’s Fall, but Putin Remains Mostly Unscathed - The New York Times
Shake-Up in Moscow as Railways Chief, a Putin Friend, Is Reported Ousted - The New York Times
President Obama’s Department of Injustice - The New York Times
US: Patriot Pullout From Turkey Reflects Weaker Syria - ABC News
Human Freedom Index | Cato Institute
Iraq's Maliki says report on fall of Mosul has 'no value': statement | Reuters
Murphy's Law: The Russian War Against Time
Russia's Putin blames Kiev for increased violence in east Ukraine | Reuters
Latest CNN Republican Poll Has Donald Trump at 24% - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times
Путин объяснил, для чего погрузился на дно Черного моря - Телеканал «Звезда»
Hermitage Chief On Russian Museum Attack: 'Our Society Is Sick'
Video: Russian President Vladimir Putin pays visit to Crimea in a submarine - Telegraph
Donald Trump says he’s Batman. Here are 15 reasons why he might just be right. - The Washington Post
Putin dives in mini-sub to shipwreck off Crimea - YouTube
30 Million Illegal Immigrants in US, Says Mexico's Former Ambassador

8.17.15 M

Putin Loves Labour’s Leader-in-Waiting - The Daily Beast
Ex-KGB Agent Leaves Canada For Russia To Avoid Deportation
White House launches plan to counter explosion in heroin use - Yahoo News
Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Prime Minister Al-Maliki to Face Trial Over Fall of Mosul to ISIS
Trump Reports for New York Jury Duty, Takes Campaign Break - ABC News
Trump buys up thousands of domains with his name | Fox News Video
Iran and the Roots of Obama’s Rage | The American Spectator
Return Of The ABL? Missile Defense Agency Works On Laser Drone « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
Russia Seizes More Territory in Ukraine, Eastern Europe with ‘Incremental’ Strategy | Washington Free Beacon
Civilians and soldiers die in east Ukraine fighting, Putin in Crimea | Reuters
Obama Power Foursome Hits Links Before Vernon Jordan Soiree - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times
Obama warns China about using secret agents to track down fugitives in U.S. - The Washington Post
US warns China against use of non-official-cover operatives |
Iranian, Russian Ministers Present United Front on Syria -
Ex-premier Maliki on hot seat in Iraq over fall of Mosul to Islamic State - The Washington Post
Iraq’s ex-PM Maliki may face trial for losing Mosul to ISIS
Double-dip oil rout - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
Army skydiver dies after airshow accident -
Man Charged in Stabbing Death of Actor's Step-Granddaughter - ABC News
How Trump Is Winning Over Conservatives Without the Bona Fides - Bloomberg Politics
Donald Trump Gives Anti-Immigration Republicans Their Dream Plan - Bloomberg Politics
Donald Trump’s immigration plan: Mass deportation - POLITICO
Five books on the legacy of the 1953 coup in Iran | World news | The Guardian
<em>The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America</em> - World Socialist Web Site
Putin's Crimea visit aims to stir up Ukraine conflict: Poroshenko - Yahoo News
Bangkok Blast: City Rocked by Explosion - ABC News
Путин предложил разрешить лечение вином в санаториях |
Владимир Путин проводит в Крыму президиум Госсовета - Первый канал
A Russian railway mogul plans to build a giant bridge from the US to Europe | Hi-Tech & Fun
Head of Russia's Mighty Rail Monopoly Looks Set to Step Down | News | The Moscow Times
Vladimir Yakunin - Google Search
U.S. nuclear site in South Carolina on lockdown after potential security threat | Reuters
Donald Trump: No citizenship for illegal migrants' babies - BBC News
Trump Immigration Proposal Divides GOP Presidential Field - ABC News
Dempsey Makes Case for Long-Term Effort to Defeat ISIL > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Article View
All Nuke Inspectors Require Approval From Iran’s Intelligence Agency | Washington Free Beacon
Putin: Bulgaria's NATO Membership Does Not Mean End to Relations with Russia - - Sofia News Agency
What Will the Iran Deal Mean for NATO Missile Defense?
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Putin Alienating Kremlin Elites with His Nuclear Blackmail Threats, Borovoy Says
Путин назвал внешнее управление унизительным для Украины : Политика: Россия:
Вернуться на место преступления

Obama and CIA

» Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Brennan Draws on Bond With Obama in Backing C.I.A. - The New York Times

8.16.15 Su

Obama Slowly Turns the Screw on Putin
Obama Can Do Iran Nuclear Deal Even If Congress Disapproves - ABC News
Hamid Gul, Pakistan’s Former Spy Chief, Dies at 78 - The New York Times
Emperor Akihito Expresses ‘Deep Remorse’ for Japan’s Role in World War II - The New York Times
Hidden damage revealed in veterans' brains |
Modern malady may be behind rise in dementia
At Point 18 in eastern Ukraine, the war grinds on, night after night - The Washington Post
Clemency: The issue that Obama and the Koch brothers actually agree on | The Washington Post
Homeland Security moves to prevent attack on power grid | TheHill
How David Kendall Fights for the Clintons - Bloomberg Politics
How the F.B.I. Uses Facial Recognition Analysis - The New York Times
The Murder of Mexico’s Free Press - The New York Times
New York 'mansions in the sky' highlight wealth inequality - BBC News
Задержанный на Донбассе офицер РФ просит Путина не отказываться от российских военных (видео) : Новости УНИАН

8.15.15 Sa

ISIS Held U.S. Aid Worker as Sex Slave Before Death -
U.S. Concerns Grow About Turkish Bombardment of Kurdish Separatists - WSJ
Other viewpoint: U.S. is blase about resisting cyber war | The Columbus Dispatch
L. TODD WOOD: Will Obama appease Russia by disarming our missile defense? - Washington Times
Mobile Web - Trial Live Blog - Clinton offers forceful defense on Benghazi, emails
NATO refutes report on active preparations for war with Russia - Washington Times
Volkswagen suppressed a paper about car hacking for 2 years
Migrants being raped, shot and tortured on desperate journeys to Europe, doctor reveals - Europe - World - The Independent
Russia Ukraine News: Is War Coming? Vladimir Putin Calls Emergency Defense Meeting As Conflict Continues To Escalate
Russia Sanctions Cost to West Could Exceed $700bn Warns Think Tank
Obama: America Must Deal 'Honestly With Issues of Race, Poverty and Class'
Why can straight white men have sex with men without social consequences? | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian
To medicate with marijuana or not, that’s the question - The Washington Post
Obama Now Erdogan’s “Bitch” Over ISIS/KURD Deception | ThereAreNoSunglasses

8.14.15 F

What Will the U.S. Do About the Russian ‘Threat’? - Institute of Modern Russia
Pentagon: Team Obama Is ‘Too Timid’ on Putin - The Daily Beast
Carter Crafts Close Team of Chiefs to Finish Out Obama Years - Defense One
Pentagon Fears It’s Not Ready for a War With Putin - The Daily Beast
A Better Deal With Iran Is Possible - Defense One
News Roundup and Notes: August 14, 2015 | Just Security
Pentagon scoffs at Islamic State list of private info of U.S. government, military personnel - Washington Times
Isis list 'an open call for lone wolf attacks' - security analyst
Purported ISIS militants post list of 1,400 U.S. 'targets' -
Purported ISIS militants post list of...
Australia investigates Islamic State 'hit list' claims - BBC News
What We’ve Learned Since the Republican Debates | TIME
Russian General Sentenced To Five Years In Jail
Cuba’s Fidel Castro to the U.S.: You Owe Us Millions | TIME
A Secretive Path to Raising U.S. Flag in Cuba -
Russia Denies Reports of Iranian General’s Visit to Moscow -
Russia steps up demand for U.S. to drop European missile shield | Reuters
Grassley blasts White House over Cuban criminals - National/World
Obama rift with Defense Department deepens amid search for new Pentagon chief - News -

8.13.15 Th

The U.S. has been complacent and lazy in responding to cyberattacks - The Washington Post
FBI report reads like diary of woman accused of trying to join ISIS | Local News - Home
FBI opened a file on George Carlin for telling "bad taste" Hoover jokes - Boing Boing
FBI Still Doesn’t Know Who’s Cutting California’s Fiber-Optic Cables, Or Why – Consumerist
After Zarif’s visit, Hizballah troops pulled back from Zabadani in first retreat from Syrian war
Outgoing Army Chief Ray Odierno: U.S. in ‘Stalemate’ with Islamic State | Washington Free Beacon
ISIS Sucks at Hacking
The Kremlin’s new show trials | The Economist
Derbent Mayor Resigns Ahead Of Jubilee Celebrations
Daghestan's Derbent Debacle
Isis 'hacking division' releases details of 1,400 Americans and urges attacks | World news | The Guardian
ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape - The New York Times
How ISIS Justifies Its Culture of Rape and Sex Slavery | TIME
Top US general: Russia is most dangerous threat | TheHill
What the West Gets Wrong About Russia - The New York Times
Ukraine: Cease-Fire Is Imperiled as Fighting Erupts - The New York Times
American Paratroopers in Ukraine Have Putin Rattled - The Daily Beast
Russian TV channel sees Putin in the sky above New York - The Washington Post
Sweden conducts spy flights over Russia amidst heightened tensions |
Russia bans all of Reddit over a single 'shroom thread
Europe in crisis: everyone from Putin to ordinary savers are stockpiling gold - Telegraph
U.S. Concerns Grow About Turkish Bombardment of Kurdish Separatists - WSJ
Dems rally around Schumer despite Iran stance | TheHill
China explosion: Tianjin death toll rises in port blasts - BBC News
China explosion leaves dozens dead at busy port -
Here Are 5 of China's Worst Industrial Disasters
What's behind the Bernie Sanders surge? -
Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri pledges allegiance to new Taliban chief
Protesters disrupt Jeb Bush event - CNN Video
President Obama’s Letter to the Editor - The New York Times
TheUnion |
china - Google Search
NATO and Russia 'Preparing for Conflict,' Warns Report
Conservative Media React With Outrage To President Obama's Iran Speech | Research | Media Matters for America
Over 100 Russian mafia dons to meet in Turkey for mob summit
Al Qaeda Leader Threatens: ‘The US Doesn’t Know What’s Coming Its Way.’

8.12.15 W

Путин обсудил с Совбезом ситуацию на Украине и борьбу с ИГ // НТВ.Ru
Turkish, Russian Foreign Ministers Meet to Talk ISIS
JAMES LYONS: Obama's Iran nuclear deal an intentional concession to weaken America - Washington Times
Opinion: Valerie Jarrett story is not a case of 'so what?' | Chicago
Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal -
Data on Use of Force by Police Across U.S. Proves Almost Useless -
How Uninformed U.S. Politicians Help ISIS
U.S. military helicopter crashes off Japan's Okinawa, 7 hurt
Libya's Internationally Recognized Premier Promises to Quit - ABC News
Ruble Weakens To Lowest Level Since February Against U.S. Dollar, Euro
Turkey, Iran help broker rare truce in Syria
History of the Islamic State Group as Croat Killed in Egypt - ABC News
What a Weaker Chinese Yuan Means for the World - Bloomberg Business
Russia's Putin discussed escalation of violence in Ukraine: Interfax
Putin Meets With His Security Council On Worsening Ukraine Violence
U.S. military helicopter crashes off Japan - CBS News
This e-mail story just keeps getting worse for Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post
What the West Gets Wrong About Russia -
Thomas Clabough arrested for assault on Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate, NYPD says | Newsday
Thomas Clabough - Google Search
Man arrested in alleged attack of gay West Point alums in NY - NY Daily News
New Diplomacy Seen on U.S.-Russian Efforts to End Syrian Civil War - The New York Times
Why Is Turkey Fighting the Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS? - The New York Times

8.11.15 Tu

Hackers who breached corporate wires made millions off insider trading - The Washington Post
Police: White House staffer arrested after firing shot at lover -
Turkey air strikes: PKK targeted by air force jets - BBC News
Russia says 'early details' of plan to fight Islamic State start to emerge
Saudi Foreign Minister says Assad has no place in Syria future
U.S. military jet crashes in southern Germany
How to Cut the Prison Population (See for Yourself) - The New York Times
Dutch Woman Dies in Bungee-Jumping Accident in Spain - ABC News
Romania's a Republic, but Royal Upset Makes Headline News - ABC News
Review: Ayn Rand’s ‘Ideal’ Presents a Protagonist Familiar in Her Superiority - The New York Times
The socialist city - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
Man, 91, Charged With Importing Cocaine In Soap
How Martha Stewart lost her $2 billion empire - The Washington Post

Elections - 8.11.15

Donald Trump is an aimless, angry leader - The Washington Post
The one reason Donald Trump was the clear winner of the first GOP debate - The Washington Post
Donald Trump will inevitably flame out. Here’s why. - The Washington Post
Trump: ‘I am a whiner, and I keep whining and whining until I win’ - The Washington Post
Jeb Bush wants to bring back the Bush Doctrine - The Washington Post
Hillary Clinton Said She Went to Trump's Wedding for 'Fun' - ABC News
Hillary PAC Gets Anonymous $1M Donation - The Daily Beast
Group backing Clinton gets $1M from untraceable donors | Albuquerque Journal News

Ferguson anniversary - 8.11.15

4th Night of Ferguson Protests Brings Confrontation, Arrests - ABC News
Ferguson, Under State of Emergency, Falls Into an Uneasy Calm - The New York Times
Who are the Oath Keepers, and why has the armed group returned to Ferguson? - The Washington Post

Two Philosophers - 8.11.15

2 Philosophers Share Kluge Prize From Library of Congress - ABC News
Charles Taylor (philosopher) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sources of the Self - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sources of the Self - Google Search
Jurgen Habermas - Google Search
The Theory of Communicative Action - Google Search

Geno Smith - 8.11.15

Ikemefuna Enemkpali - Google Search
sucker punch - Google Search
sucker punch definition - Google Search
Geno Smith - Google Search
fbi blogs - Google Search
Putin is actually in serious trouble - Business Insider
Why Putin Is Losing

8.10.15 M

China used 'Dancing Panda' cyber operation to spy on Obama administration - Telegraph
Donald Trump extends Republican poll lead after first debate row - Telegraph
Vladimir Putin, failed spy
Die Welt: В России Путина царит ложь как система : Новости УНИАН
Крадущийся Владимир, затаившийся Феликс | УКРИНФОРМ
Russian economy shrank 4.6 percent in Q2 on lower oil prices |
Airstrikes kill about 400 PKK members: Turkey media
Poland, Romania Lead E. Europe Missile Defense Efforts
Tyler Drumheller, Ex-C.I.A. Official Who Disputed Bush, Dies at 63 -
Articles: Obamism and Neo-fascist America

Foreign influences on American elections

foreign influences on american elections - Google Search
russian influences on american elections - Google Search
Citizens United - Google Search
Citizens United (organization) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Citizens United v. FEC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Money Unlimited - The New Yorker
"Foreigners United: Foreign Influence in American Elections After Citiz" by Corey R. Sparks

Obama and Davis

Frank Marshall Davis - Google Search

8.9.15 Su

Retiring Boston FBI head says no links seen in terror cases | Local News - Home
How does Russia view the West? - BBC News
Bodies Recovered After Air Collision Near Moscow
Peshmerga, US strikes fail to dislodge ′Islamic State′ | Middle East | DW.COM | 09.08.2015
WikiLeaks cables: Russian government 'using mafia for its dirty work' | World news | The Guardian
Hillary faces ‘dangerous enemy’ inside WH; email leak was ‘an approved hit’ by Obama admin | BizPac Review
Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform - The New York Times

8.8.15 Sa

Vladimir Putin, failed spy - The Washington Post
Mass shootings have become more frequent since the 1970s | MSNBC
This Chart Shows How Mass Public Shootings in the U.S. Have Risen | TIME
A history of mass shootings in the United States |
Book review: Soviet Leaders and Intelligence by Raymond L Garthoff | The National
Articles: The 'Fundamental Transformation' of America's Neighborhoods
Articles: Agents of Influence? -- Huma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett: ‘The Odds Are Stacked Against’ Some Communities |
Ex-Georgian president trying to save Ukraine from Russia’s orbit - The Washington Post
Anger, protests as Russia destroys tons of banned food
How Putin Turns Turmoil in the Middle East to His Advantage
Looking for lessons in the aftermath of the Hacking Team incident | CSO Online
Obama suffers setback as top Democrat Schumer rejects Iran nuclear deal - News - Stripes
CIA: OK, So Maybe We Work With Bad Guys
Electronic Weapons: Sniffing Russian Secrets In Ukraine
Iran: All Is Going According To Plan
Fears of Lasting Rift as Obama Battles Pro-Israel Group on Iran -
Islamic State command dominated by ex-officers in Saddam's army - Middle East - Stripes
isis and saddam army - Google Search
Need Putin Fear KGB's Barack Obama? -
Why did the FBI detain Bob Graham? | Tampa Bay Times

8.7.15 F

How to end Putinism - AEI
Russia Readies Itself for Unrest | Stratfor
Russia Is Main Suspect in Cyber Attack on Joint Staff's Emails, US Official Says - ABC News
Russia says no common approach yet with U.S. on fighting Islamic State | Daily Mail Online
Blows for Obama as key lawmakers come out against Iran deal

8.6.15 Th

Barack and Valerie’s Great Communist Party Marriage | The American Spectator
‘The FBI Is Not Above The Law’ | The Daily Caller
Senators Say FBI Isn't 'Above The...
Tennessee Theater Attack Suspect Had History of Mental Health Issues, Police Say - ABC News
Antioch Tennessee movie theater attack has investigators looking for motive - CBS News
Russia accuses Britain of forcing out its diplomats
Russian 'food crematoria' provoke outrage amid crisis, famine memories
5 Things to Watch for in First GOP Presidential Debate - ABC News
Robert Conquest: Revealing the horror of Stalin - BBC News
Nobody Trusts Putin, Except Russia and Vietnam: Study

8.5.15 W

Germany Convicts Notorious Russian Hacker In Navalny Email Breach
Kremlin Says France Returns Money For Canceled Warship Deal
2 Air Force airmen killed in freefall accident -
First male same-sex couple married at West Point attacked in Soho -
Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate, First Gay Couple Married at West Point, Attacked in NYC - NBC News
Shots fired at Camp Shelby
Shots fired at Camp Shelby soldiers
Источник: число погибших в ДТП под Хабаровском выросло до 16 | РИА Новости
NYPD NEWS on Twitter: "WANTED: M/H/40’s for biased assault/attacking a male at 186 Prince St on 8/2 2:30pm. Call #800577TIPS @NYPD1Pct"
McFaul: Russian Enmity Toward U.S. Fueled by Own Weakness

8.4.15 Tu

Suspect in Memphis Police Officer’s Death Turns Himself In - The New York Times
Chattanooga Gunman Was Said to Keep to Himself in Jordan - The New York Times
The "Commonwealth" Roots of the Fiscal Crisis - Puerto Rico Report
Election 2016: CBS News poll - Donald Trump leads GOP field in race for the presidency - CBS News
Donald Trump's Lead Among G.O.P. Remains Strong in Fresh CBS Poll - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times
Russia claims resource-rich swathe of Arctic territory - Telegraph
How the nuclear deal will fund Iran’s imperialism - The Washington Post
Republican Party presidential debates, 2016 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Questions this GOP debate demands - The Washington Post
Debt-plagued Puerto Rico defaults on a bond payment for the first time - The Washington Post
Turkey's Risky War With the Kurds
Robert Conquest, Seminal Historian of Soviet Misrule, Dies at 98 - WSJ
Robert Conquest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
robert conquest stalin - Google Search
Robert Conquest - Google Search

8.3.15 M

French Far Right Gets Helping Hand With Russian Loan -
Police killings: Separated by many miles, common danger -
Tremaine Wilbourn Hunted Over Shooting of Memphis Police Officer Sean Bolton - NBC News
Manhunt continues for suspect accused of fatally shooting police officer during drug deal | Fox News
Dealing with mass killings in America - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
California wildfire doubles in size on fifth day - BBC News
Amnesty: Rio police involved in ′homicide′ ahead of Olympic Games | News | DW.COM | 03.08.2015
Russia says kills six suspected militants in North Caucasus
Six Militants Killed In Russia's Kabardino-Balkaria
Russian Poll Shows Strong Support For Internet Censorship
Ruble Falls Against Dollar, Euro In Early Trading
Syrian jet crashes into market in rebel-held area, 27 killed
Prominent Mexican Photojournalist Among Five Found Beaten and Shot Dead - NBC News
Media Workers Protest Murder of Photojournalist Ruben Espinosa - NBC News
Mexican authorities uncover drugs tunnel close to US border – video | World news | The Guardian
Batboy Kaiser Carlile dies after getting hit by bat in Kansas -
No signs of ISIS decline despite Western efforts, say US spy agencies |
Smart Gadgets From Guns to Cars Ripe for Hacking | NDTV Gadgets
Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition air strikes against Isil in Syria and Iraq - Telegraph
How Obama Shrank the Military - WSJ
Владимир Путин и Дмитрий Рогозин обсудили перспективы развития отечественного двигателестроения - Первый канал
‘Malvertisements’ Undermine Internet Trust
Europe’s New Pro-Putin Coalition: the Parties of ‘No’ - Institute of Modern Russia
TheUnion |
Defense News
FBI: “Middle-Eastern males” approaching family members of military personnel

8.2.15 Su

U.S. Decides to Retaliate Against China’s Hacking -
FBI faces several challenges with cybersecurity program - Washington Times
FireEye Releases Intelligence Report Highlighting the Clever Tactics of a Likely Kremlin-backed Threat Actor | FireEye
Russia to blame for stealthy cyber campaign that uses Twitter, security firm says - Washington Times
US, Egypt Resume Formal Security Talks With Kerry Visit - ABC News
Греф: Для "Сбербанка России" Крым - не Россия | Скандалы - В Мире |
One pilot killed, another injured after helicopter crash at Russian airshow
Ъ-Новости - Причиной крушения Ми-28Н под Рязанью мог стать отказ системы гидроусиления
London is a ‘danger zone’ for Putin’s Russian critics | World news | The Guardian
Vladimir Putin's Deputy PM owns a secret £12m apartment near Downing Street | Daily Mail Online
Two soldiers killed, 31 wounded in PKK suicide attack in east Turkey
The FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists—Almost Nobody Uses It | Long Island News from the Long Island Press
Mexican Journalist Found Dead After Receiving Threats
NYPD: 9 shot at Brooklyn house party
10 people shot at Brooklyn house party -
Manhunt underway for Memphis cop killer - CBS News
In pics: Russian chopper goes down in flames during airshow
Helicopter crashes at airshow in Russia, 1 pilot dead (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT News
D.A.R.E. Calls for Marijuana Legalization -- NYMag
We Are Losing Hearts and Minds in the Former Soviet Empire
Suspect Identified in Memphis Cop Killing - ABC News
Opposition Mayor of Russian City Refuses to Go Without a Fight | News | The Moscow Times

8.1.15 Sa

How the CIA Came Out of the Closet - The Daily Beast
U.S. Decides to Retaliate Against China’s Hacking -
What happened to Capitol Hill ‘conspirators’ in the FBI’s 2010 Russian spy case | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle
How the FBI is combating growing cybersecurity threats - CBS News