Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Headlines - 8:18 PM 9/22/2015

9.22.15 Tu

US: Russian Boost in Syrian Support Would Intensify Conflict
Russia in Syria: Did Putin just clip Israel's wings? (+video) - CSMonitor.com
Military proposes arming anti-ISIS Syrian rebels - CNNPolitics.com
U.S.-trained rebels in Syria hand over weapons to al Qaeda affiliate - Washington Times
Kerry: Russian Jets In Syria Appear To Be There To Protect Own Base
Report: Obama 'ISIS Czar' Stepping Down
US: military talks with Moscow tied to Syria political path - Washington Times
US: military talks with Moscow tied to Syria political path - Washington Times
Turkey Alarmed Over Russian Military Buildup in Syria
Could Russia Have Had a Role in Recent PKK Attacks on Turkish Pipelines? | The Jamestown Foundation
Book Examines Islamic State's History, Tactics, Vision
Pope Francis Greeted By Obama Upon US Arrival
Why has China secretly detained this American businesswoman for past 6 months? (+video) - CSMonitor.com
Clinton breaks silence on Keystone pipeline, opposes it | Reuters
Winding Down the War on Drugs: Reevaluating Global Drug Policy | Harvard International Review

Reviews - 9.22.15

Russia, Iran team up in Syria; Hit-or-miss airstrikes in Yemen; Pope cools to nukes; ‘Flab and cronyism’ in the NJ Guard; and a bit more. - Defense One
In Defense Of The ISIS Intelligence Whistleblowers - Defense One
News Roundup and Notes: September 22, 2015 | Just Security
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Russians in Syria - 9.22.15

Russian jets in Syria mean no-fly zone is 'out of the question', warn experts - Telegraph
Syria confirms receipt of Russian jets to target Isis | World news | The Guardian
Russia appears to be building 2 more military bases in Syria -WSJ | Reuters
Two new Syria sites could host Russian forces: experts - Yahoo News
Russia appears to be building 2 more military bases in Syria | Business Insider
Gulf Arabs Troubled by Russia’s Role in Syria
Gulf Arabs oppose Russia role in Syria, still bent on Assad's ouster | Reuters
Gulf Arabs Against Russia Role in Syria, Determined to Ouster Assad | News | The Moscow Times
Gulf Arabs oppose Russia role in Syria, still bent on Assad's ouster | Top News | Reuters
Gulf Arabs Against Russia Role in...
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Russian military buildup in Syria adds further complexity, says Fallon | UK news | The Guardian
Russia Flies Military Aid to Syria as UN-led Talks Continue - Bloomberg Business
Russia Deploys 28 Fighter Jets In Syria, US Officials Say; Iran Pledges Support To Solve Crisis, UK Criticizes Russian Actions
Russian military in Syria: 28 combat planes deployed
APA - Russian military support to Syria: A second Afghanistan?
What Are Putin's Goals in Expanding Syrian Presence? - Bloomberg Business
Army source: Syria received new Russian jets - Al Arabiya News
Russia Uses Syria to Influence Other Powers | Stratfor
Why Israel prefers a hot line to a military coordination center with Russia
Russian build-up in Syria puts Israel on the back foot | Asia Times
Russia blames Syrian rebels and ‘outside sponsors’ after shell hits embassy compound | South China Morning Post
Russian Embassy In Damascus 'Shelled', Demands Action | Tehelka - Investigations, Latest News, Politics, Analysis, Blogs, Culture, Photos, Videos, Podcasts
Assad: Me Talk Putin One Day - The Daily Beast
Russia is complicating Syrian conflict with its military intervention, says Michael Fallon - Telegraph
No talks with Russia over anti-ISIS military action in Syria – Fallon — RT UK

Iranians in Syria - 9.22.15

How Iran's shadowy role in Syria fuels paranoia and wariness | World news | The Guardian
Rohani Says Iranian Military Ready To Fight IS
Iranian Activists Call On Iran To End Support For Syria's Assad

Middle East - 9.22.15

Syrian regime airstrikes kill 38 IS fighters -- monitor | The Times of Israel
Syrian air strikes kill 38 I.S fighters
Syrian Air Strikes in Palmyra Kill at Least 38 ISIS Fighters - Middle East - Haaretz
As long as Assad's barrel bomb blitz continues, Syrians will flee in droves - Telegraph
Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia says troops captured by Houthis - BBC News
Turkish jets hit PKK camps in northern Iraq amid fresh attacks on security forces - LOCAL
Barbaric Saudi Bastards Set To Behead and Crucify Shia Boy | ThereAreNoSunglasses
EUROPP – The renewed Turkey-PKK conflict has shattered the illusion that Kurds can participate legitimately in Turkey’s political system

Russia and Ukraine - 9.22.15

Tatars, Foes of Russia in Crimea, Block Shipments of Food - The New York Times
Oil falls 2 percent as concern over demand bites | Reuters
Russian Imports Plunge 39 Percent as Recession Takes Hold | News | The Moscow Times
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Russian Brain Drain Threatens Russian Military-Industrial Complex
Russia Running Out of Options as Putin Discusses Budget for 2016 - Bloomberg Business
Ukraine's Richest Man Plays Both Sides of War's Frontline - ABC News
Russia's foreign legion: Hundreds of fighters join pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
One of Europe's Biggest Mosques to Open in Moscow | News | The Moscow Times
Bellingcat: новые фото уличают РФ в...
Five cool weapons showing why the world can’t ignore Russia (PHOTOS) — RT News
Ъ-Новости - В МИД России обеспокоены планами США разместить атомные бомбы в Германии

Europe's migrant crisis - 9.22.15

EU backs refugee-sharing plan in teeth of eastern opposition | Reuters
Thousands Ricochet Across Europe: Inside the Migrant Crisis - The New York Times
europe's migrant crisis is planned and organised - Google Search
europe's migrant crisis is planned and organised - Google Search

Other News - 9.22.15

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour 'open to talks' - BBC News
Russian Spy Ship Makes Port Call in Caribbean - Washington Free Beacon
Nato denies reports troops overlooked Afghan child abuse - BBC News
Ignoring Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan - The New York Times
F.B.I. Headquarters Replacement Is Mired in Money Issues - The New York Times
Chinese leader insists Beijing isn't hacking US | TheHill
David Petraeus - Google Search
David Petraeus Urges Stronger US...
David Petraeus apologizes on the Hill for security breach - POLITICO
David Petraeus apologizes again for affair, lays out vision for Iraq and Syria - The Washington Post
Petraeus: ISIS war progress 'inadequate' | TheHill
Ex-CIA chief Petraeus calls for more US action in Syria | WORLD - geo.tv
Who Was David Petraeus' Mistress? Former CIA Director's Apology Linked To Paula Broadwell Affair
David Petraeus apologizes to Congress, advises on ISIS strategy - CBS News
FBI agent may have stolen murdered millionaire’s fortune - NY Daily News
Puerto Rico power company reaches deal with certain lenders - The Washington Post

9.21.15 M

Syria Sees Russia Game Changer, US-Trained Rebels Enter Fray
These are the 28 jets Russia now has in Syria - The Washington Post
US Official: Russia Military Build-Up in Syria ‘Long Term’
Israel and Russia to Coordinate Military Action in Syria: Benjamin Netanyahu - NBC News
Why Russia Is Expanding Its Syrian Naval Base | News | The Moscow Times
Saudi-led coalition strikes kill at least 50 in Yemen | Reuters
NATO Chief: Ukraine Truce 'Encouraging'
White House: 'Surprising Uptick' in US Border Crossings - ABC News
Europe Divided Over Migrant Influx
China cyber espionage is more than an irritant, must stop: U.S. | Reuters
Exclusive: 'Putin's banker' Pugachev files $10 billion claim against Russia | Reuters
Israel, Russia to coordinate military action on Syria: Netanyahu | Reuters
Netanyahu and Putin Spar Over Syrian Threat to Israel - The New York Times
Mr. Putin’s Mixed Messages on Syria - The New York Times
Netanyahu in Moscow: Joint mechanism to avert misunderstandings
Russia starts drone surveillance missions in Syria: U.S. officials | Reuters
First Russian drone surveillance over Syria
Russia Starts Drone Surveillance Missions in Syria - Washington Free Beacon
Russia, Iran Seen Coordinating on Defense of Assad Regime in Syria - WSJ
What's at stake for Russia in Syria? - BBC News
Russia ramps up military buildup in Syria - CBS News
Vladimir Putin orders ground troops to Syria after Obama's use of moderate rebels flops - Washington Times
Activists report 75 US-trained rebels return to Syria - Middle East - Stripes
Turkish jets hit Kurdish militant targets in southeast Turkey: military | Reuters
Saudi airstrikes kill 15 civilians in Yemeni capital - The Washington Post
IRS And FBI Track Americans Who Renounce Citizenship. Why Is FBI List Longer? - Forbes
Boosted by nuke deal, Iran ups funding to Hezbollah, Hamas | The Times of Israel
Iran Increases Funding to Hezbollah, Hamas in Wake of Nuclear Deal - Washington Free Beacon
МИД РФ: на территорию посольства России в Сирии упал снаряд | РИА Новости
Syria sees Russia game changer, US-trained rebels enter fray - Yahoo News
Lawyer: Russian Troops Rejecting Syria Mission Could Face High-Treason Charges
Crimean Tatars Block Roads To Crimea
Chinese President Xi Jinping eager to be seen as an equal in U.S. visit - LA Times
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9.21.15 - 9:46 AM

Mr. Putin’s Mixed Messages on Syria - NYTimes.com
Встреча с Премьер-министром Израиля Биньямином Нетаньяху • Президент России
Netanyahu to Question Putin on Russia's Reinforcement of Syria | News | The Moscow Times
High-Ranking Security Team Joins Netanyahu Meeting With Putin in Moscow | The Jewish Press
Путин обсудил Сирию с премьером Израиля :: Политика :: РБК
Путин умно использует сирийское досье, признает Запад
Путин встретился с Нетаньяху - Газета.Ru | Новости
Xi Jinping of China Arriving in U.S. at Moment of Vulnerability - NYTimes.com
South African bust of Cecil Rhodes loses nose to vandals - The Washington Post
News Roundup and Notes: September 21, 2015 | Just Security
Exclusive: This Is the ISIS Intel the U.S. Military Dumbed Down - The Daily Beast

Russia - 9.21.15

NEWS | Russian Government Readies for Prospect of $30 Oil | Rigzone
Putin Faces Growing Exodus as Russia's Banking, Tech Pros Flee - Bloomberg Business
Russian Fascist Militants Give Money to Swedish Counterparts
The invention of Russia: TV, the nuclear button | The Economist