Monday, September 28, 2015

Headlines - 6:31 PM 9/28/2015 | M.N.: This reminds me an old Jewish story...

Paul Goble:
            Staunton, September 28 – Vladimir Putin has nothing positive to offer toward the resolution of any of the crises he has helped create, but he has succeeded in getting a meeting today with US President Barack Obama because the Kremlin leader has shown himself capable of causing ever more crises, something others want to prevent if they can.

            That diplomatic strategy may get Putin the international attention Putin craves and likely needs to shore up his position at home as a leader who never makes mistakes, Aleksandr Golts suggests in today’s “Yezhednevny zhurnal,” but it is a profoundly dangerous one not only for the world but for Russia and Putin himself (
        Putin has to hope that his calls for an international coalition against ISIS will gain him support and allow him to come back into the international fold because “any independent military actions by Russia in Syria will lead to new sanctions” and the situation of the Russian economy will become even worse.

            In this situation, Putin will use chauvinist propaganda to keep his population in line and fear to ensure that the elites around him will remain loyal. He doesn’t have any other resources, whatever he may think. But he will do whatever he thinks necessary to remain in power because above all Putin is afraid of “repeating the fate of other presidents who have been overthrown.” 

M.N.: This reminds me an old Jewish story the sense of which is: when things are bad make them worse by creating new bad things, and when you remove these additional new bad things the life becomes great again! 
This strategy may be called "Bring a goat into the house too!" And when you get the goat out, what a bliss!
"O Rabbi," he said with a big smile on his face, "we have such a good life now. The animals are all out of the house. The house is so quiet and we've got room to spare! What a joy!"