Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Headlines - 10.27-26.15: Ух ты! Торчок - 2! Тэк, тэк... - Light sweet crude (barrel): $42.83–$1.15–2.61% At 1:14 PM ET | "The geopolitics of extortion" and Russia as a "Coffin Packed With Illegal Caviar"

"It's how protection rackets operate. And it has become one of the pillars of Putin's foreign policy.

"It’s the geopolitics of extortion, but it’s probably working," Galeotti told Voice of America in a recent interview."

Light sweet crude (barrel): $42.83–$1.15–2.61% At 1:14 PM ET

На встрече с руководителями профсоюзов.
Ух ты! Торчок - 2! Тэк, тэк...

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Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
News Roundup and Notes: October 27, 2015 | Just Security

Syria war

U.S. to intensify fight against Islamic State militants: Pentagon chief | Reuters
Top U.S. general says could recommend locating U.S. troops with Iraqis | Reuters
Syria conflict: Iran to be invited to key talks, US says - BBC News
Obama weighing Pentagon suggestions for more ground troops in Iraq and Syria - Washington Times
US to start non-covert ground operations against ISIS
Defense secretary says US is retooling fight against IS - Washington Times
US plans to step up air strikes on Isis oilfields — FT.com
Obama weighs moving U.S. troops closer to front lines in Syria, Iraq - The Washington Post
Syria: Russian Backed Advance Stalled
Russian reports on air strikes targeting Isil in Syria 'misleading' - Telegraph
US-led air strikes in Syria slow, Russian stay intense
Iran will be invited to attend multinational meeting on Syria - The Washington Post
Iran invited to Syria talks | News | DW.COM | 27.10.2015
Iran steps up its forces in Syria - CNN.com
Iran Hosts Conference on ‘Police Brutality Against Blacks in America’ - Washington Free Beacon
IS 'blows up Palmyra columns to kill three captives' - BBC News
ISIS ties foes to Palmyra pillars and blows them up - CNN.com
IS Militants Tie Captives to Palmyra Columns, Blow Them Up - ABC News
Turkey says it fired at Kurdish forces in northern Syria - The Washington Post
Turkey twice attacks Kurdish forces in N. Syria
Turkey's Jets Fire On Syrian Kurds Allied With U.S. Against ISIS : The Two-Way : NPR
Germany mulls sending more weapons to Kurdish peshmerga | News | DW.COM | 27.10.2015
Russia Confirms Death Of Soldier In Syria
Family confirms first Russian military fatality in Syria, disputes 'suicide' | Reuters
Moscow Confirms Death Of Serviceman In Syria
Turkey is looking more and more like its troubled neighbors | Reuters
Turkish police round up 30 ISIS suspects in Konya


Russian Finance Minister Says Reserve Funds Running Out
Putin's Mafia Statecraft
Russian Defense Chief Shoigu Accused Of Owning $18 Million Mansion
Coffin Packed With Illegal Caviar Discovered During Traffic Stop in Russia - ABC News
Caviar-filled coffin discovered in the back of speeding hearse - Telegraph
Half Ton Of Caviar Found In Speeding Hearse
Russia to Honor S-400 Missile Defense Systems Contract With China on Time
Russian Military Weapons To Iran? S-300 Missile Defenses Beibng Modernized By Moscow To Deliver To Tehran
Russia Has No Request From Egypt For Mistral Helicopters
Moscow Summons US, NATO, Saudi Arabia Envoys Over Civilian Deaths Claims
Putin’s nemesis: Can Mikheil Saakashvili survive long enough to make a difference? | Natalia Antelava | World news | The Guardian
Russia says case against convicted arms dealer Bout fabricated by U.S. | Reuters

Russia in Latin America

Cuban Alliance with Russia Highlights Moscow’s Expanding Influence in Latin America - Washington Free Beacon


Challenging Chinese Claims, U.S. Sends Warship Near Artificial Island Chain - The New York Times
U.S. warship sails within 12 miles of Chinese-built island in South China Sea - The Washington Post
Leadership: Chinese Generals Get Really Real


Give inspectors general access to the records they need to do their jobs - The Washington Post
White House Disagrees With F.B.I. Chief on Scrutiny as a Cause of Crime - The New York Times
FBI chief tries to deal with the 'Ferguson effect' - CNNPolitics.com
TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com
FBI warns of anarchist plot to ambush cops on Halloween | New York Post
Halloween revolt? FBI warns of plans to ambush cops | Fox News Video
The FBI Thinks Ransomware Victims Should 'Just Pay Up'


Major Cybersecurity Bill Is Set to Clear the Senate - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times
Senate downs cyber bill's contested FBI amendment | TheHill
Cybersecurity Passes - Lawfare
Airlines step up efforts to tackle cybersecurity risks - Times of India
Cyber-war and the threat to Critical National Infrastructure - diginomica
Teenager in Northern Ireland Is Arrested in TalkTalk Hacking Case - The New York Times
Police Arrest 15-Year-Old on Suspicion of Hacking British Telecoms Firm | TIME
Senate approves major cybersecurity bill | Reuters

Other news

In Speech to Nation's Police Chiefs, President Obama Walks Fine Blue Line - NBC News
House Republicans move to impeach IRS head - CNNPolitics.com
The Insiders: The FBI director is saying something the Democrats need to hear - The Washington Post
Pentagon’s Budget Request - The New York Times
Kerry To Make First Visit To Central Asia
Saudi blogger's flogging 'to resume', says wife - Telegraph
Saudis Hire 800 Colombian Sniper Mercenaries To Murder Yemenis | ThereAreNoSunglasses
House Committee Chairman Moves to Impeach IRS Chief - ABC News
Why is the US federal tax agency using phone interception devices? | intelNews.org
IRS Joins FBI, DEA & Other Federal Agencies With Access To Cellphone Surveillance Technology - Forbes
Poets latest to be snared in Iranian hard-liners’ crackdown - The Washington Post
Hypocrisy? Iran said to be organizing conference on US police discrimination | Fox News
UK economic growth slows to 0.5% in third quarter - BBC News
Poland Elects Anti-Putin Government
Homicide spike draws alarm from Obama administration | NOLA.com
In speech in Chicago, Obama to call for tougher gun laws - Chicago Tribune
Background checks needed for all gun purchases, association of police chiefs say | AL.com
French pilots flee Dominican Republic over drug conviction - The Washington Post
Feds Spend $107,379 Studying Disgust
Information Warfare: An Inconvenient Truth

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Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
News Roundup and Notes: October 26, 2015 | Just Security
NEWS: The World and Security Review: "A high church for the true mediocre" - FBI and its challenges: The quote of the century and some occational thoughts: "At bottom, I mean profoundly at bottom, the FBI has nothing to do with Communism, it has nothing t

Syria war

Syrian rebel alliance says Russia must stop bombing FSA | Reuters
Syria conflict: FSA rebels sceptical of Russia offer - BBC News
IRGC to raise number of military advisors in Syria
Harsh conditions are foiling Russian jets in Syria

Electronic warfare: Russia and U.S.

Russian Electronic Warfare Jamming All Radar Within 300 km of Latakia? | ThereAreNoSunglasses
Pentagon Officials: Russia Could Be Plotting Attack That Would Cripple U.S. In Unimaginable Way
Could Russia really 'cut' the Internet?
As Russia scopes undersea cables, a shadow of the United States’ Cold War past - The Washington Post
Sophisticated Electronic Warfare Gives Russia The Edge
Russia overrides Middle East cyber waves
Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort - NYTimes.com
Russian subs looking for undersea Internet cables, say US officials | intelNews.org
US intelligence fears Russia could crash internet by cutting subsea cables | News | Lifestyle | The Independent

Russia and FSU

Putin's World Is Far Removed From Reality (Op-Ed) | News | The Moscow Times
Before Syria, Russia struggled to land air strikes on target | Reuters
Russia Cracks Down On 'IS' Militants In Wave Of Arrests
Lukashenko and Nobel Prize Winner Alexievich Trade Barbs | News | The Moscow Times
Russia’s military renaissance attempts to bring the army into the heart of society | Europe | News | The Independent


Afghan security adviser warns of risk from IS, al-Qaida; urges US and NATO military backing | Fox News
A Taliban-Russia Team-Up Against ISIS? - The Daily Beast
Afghanistan Seeking Artillery, Mi-35 Helicopters From Russia Amid Growing Insurgency: Report


Despite takedown, the Dridex botnet is running again | CIO

Series of bus and car crashes

Puisseguin, Bordeaux - french bus crash 2015 - Google Search
STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA - Aftermath of Horrific Crash at Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade
Porthcawl, Bridgend county - Man, 24, in court after Porthcawl nightclub crash - BBC News


Gunman sought after shooting off-duty New Orleans cop - NY Daily News
Five Britons killed after boat sinks - BBC News

Other news

The Most Likely Next President Is Hillary Clinton - Bloomberg Politics
AP-GfK Poll: GOP Says Trump Tops List of Electable - ABC News
Sweden eyeing Nato help in propaganda wars - The Local
Leadership: France Arms Itself For Growing Threats
Counterterrorism's False Trade-off Between Security and Freedom - Defense One
Saudi relationship with UK 'at risk', warns ambassador - BBC News
Think you’re unhappy in Dubai? Police may call to ask why - The Washington Post
Week ahead: Lynch back on the hot seat | TheHill
Democrats Want To Remove J. Edgar Hoover's Name From FBI Headquarters Over His Civil Rights Abuses - The New Civil Rights Movement