Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Officials: Obama, Lawmakers Impede Intel Agencies in Terrorism Fight - Washington Free Beacon | FBI chief is wild card for Clinton | TheHill | Obama skeptical Putin will shift focus to fighting ISIL in Syria – POLITICO | What the Russo-Turkish incident could mean for Russia - Le Monde diplomatique - 12:17 PM 12/1/2015

Владимир Путин сделал заявление для прессы и ответил на вопросы журналистов.

Вопрос (как переведено): Господин Президент, хотела спросить, почему Вы не прибыли на конференцию к её открытию, почему Вы не приняли участие в минуте молчания по жертвам терактов в Париже и не участвовали в групповом фотографировании?
В.Путин: Вы знаете, это чисто технический вопрос.

What the Russo-Turkish incident could mean for Russia - Le Monde diplomatique

Finally, the brief armed confrontation — whether it took place in Turkish or Syrian skies — is a further blow to the position of Russia’s remaining friends and allies in the West. This incident with a NATO member further reduces trust in Russia and supports Angela Merkel’s earlier observation that Putin lives in a parallel world. The Russian president appears more and more as what Germans call unberechenbar (unpredictable or erratic) — for the once relatively pro-Russian Germans a particularly damning characteristic. Russia is involved in too many dubious incidents in too many regions, with too many countries involved — along the shores of the Black Sea, in the Baltic republics, in the Donbass, in Syria and now also on the Syrian-Turkish border. Russia’s educated classes will note the world’s growing distrust towards the Kremlin. While the Kremlin’s new stand-off with the Turkish government will not topple Putin, it may signal the beginning of the end of his rule over Russia.

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The Sultan (1) vs The Tsar (0): "Show me the beef. Put up or shut up!" The ball is in Tsar's court. 

"You should put your documents on the table if you have any. Let's see the documents," Mr Erdogan said.
"We are acting with patience. It is not positive for the two countries which have reached a position which could be regarded as a strategic partnership to make emotional statements."
President Erdogan also vowed to step down if the allegation that Turkey was buying oil from IS proved true, suggesting that President Putin should do the same if he was wrong. 
... Mr Putin also accused Turkey of harbouring "terrorist organisations" operating "in various regions of Russia, including the North Caucasus".
The Moscow government earlier said the Su-24 had been attacking "terrorists" from the North Caucasus based inside Syria when the Turkish jets attacked them. 

Владимир Путин поздравил народного артиста, художественного руководителя Московского государственного театра эстрады Геннадия Хазанова с юбилеем.
И от короны отказался, ужас-то какой. Теперь плешь совсем проедят - никакой защиты... 

Посещение выставки «Евреи в Великой Отечественной войне».
"— Да, были люди в наше время,
Не то, что нынешнее племя:
Богатыри — не вы!"