Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We Let in 4 Times as Many Terrorists As We Keep Out | Deadly attack on U.S. forces shows the Afghan war is far from over - The Washington Post | US Syria Policy Shifts From ‘Assad Must Go’ to ‘Not Right Now’ - Defense One | Obama yields to Russia and Iran, puts Bashar Assad ouster on back burner - Washington Times | Obama Contradicts Himself on Middle East Strategy | Fox News Poll: 58% disapprove of Obama's handling of ISIS | Fox News Video - 12:49 PM 12/22/2015

U.S. lets in four times as many suspected terrorists as it keeps out

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"Perhaps the most intriguing part of the unsealed documents, which were part of the federal court record at the District Office in Greenville, is the admission of Thomas Jefferson Allen II, a former sergeant and deputy in the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office and former sheriff’s deputy in Halifax and Gates counties.

He informed the DTO of his ties to Russia, the former KGB, and the Russian mafia; offered to connect members of the DTO with criminal associates in Russia so the DTO could expand operations; formerly lived in Russia (his wife is from Russia); repeatedly stated he wanted to recruit federal law enforcement officers to join the DTO; informed the DTO how to avoid law enforcement detection, including how to avoid GPS tracking through cell phones and advising that communications should be by text messaging only; made numerous incriminating statements in a subsequent interview to Halifax County Sheriff’s Office while claiming that he had been investigating the DTO, including that he had unsuccessfully tried to recruit law enforcement officers to join the DTO’s operations, that he was scared he would receive a target letter, that he had participated in federal crimes, and that he was requesting immunity from prosecution."