Sunday, December 27, 2015

M.N.: The scent of a liar, the smell of a pretender, the odor of deceit: "Vladimir Putin’s politics may stink, but he sure" wants to smell good... - Putin inspires ‘delicate, but firm’ perfume - New York Post | A year in the US: Social turmoil, violence and historic change - DW.COM | US Gay Rights Battles Continue Beyond Marriage | Iraqi forces seize Islamic State stronghold in Ramadi: spokesman - Reuters | Taliban Denies Talks With Russia On Fighting Islamic State | Medical Marijuana's Big Business Lures Ex-Law Enforcers - ABC News | America’s secret arsenal

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M.N.: The scent of a liar, the smell of a pretender, 
the odor of deceit...

As the popular Russian proverb goes (and is used often as an action guideline and a strategy): 
If you do not deceive them, you cannot sell it to them ("Не обманешь, не продашь")...  

"Vladimir Putin’s politics may stink, but he sure smells [wants to smell - M.N.] good. That’s the word out of Moscow, where a perfume inspired by the Russian strongman hit shelves Thursday." 

Does it also smell like dog manure?

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