Tuesday, December 29, 2015

FBI Sued For Surveilling Muslims In San Bernardino

Turkey's Erdogan Meets King in Saudi Arabia for Syria Talks - The New York Times | Report: Putin Building Up Russian Navy | 'Shadow CIA' 2016 Forecast: Turkey Set to Make a 'Military Move' Into Syria | ISIL aims to launch cyber attacks on U.S. - POLITICO


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Mexico: Nothing Seems To Work
Drug trafficking in Argentina: Prison escape of three hitmen sparks political scandal in Argentina | In English | EL PAÍS
Norway Proposes Stricter Asylum Rules - ABC News


How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015 - The Washington Post
Page: Trump, Putin have plenty in common
Jeb: Trump's Admiration of Putin is 'Ridiculous' — This Isn't a Monopoly Game - Breitbart
US Politicians' Names Appear in ISIS Magazine
Texas 'affluenza' teen taken into custody in Mexico, official says | Reuters
'Affluenza' teen, mom arrested in Mexico | Fox News Video
Drone Briefly Flies Alongside Presidential Motorcade in Hawaii, No Charges Filed - ABC News
U.S. home prices rise slightly in October, top forecast | Reuters
US Home Prices Climb in October, Helped by Solid Job Market - ABC News
A farewell to The Washington Post - The Washington Post

Russia and Eurasia

Russia can only use the United States as an excuse for so long
The double life of a Russian 'spy' beheaded by Islamic State | Reuters
China and Russia’s Orwellian attacks on Internet freedom - The Washington Post
Unwanted and Shunned: Russia Cracks Whip on Foreign NGOs | News | The Moscow Times
Putin's Bailout Bank Needs a Rescue; It's an $18 Billion Whopper - Bloomberg Business
Kudrin Said To Be in Talks for Top Job in Putin Government - Bloomberg Business
"Маразматический путинский подарок буквально всучивают" | Собеседник.ру
Чалый подал в отставку с поста главы заксобрания Севастополя :: Политика :: РБК
Комментарий: Гибридизация всей страны | Авторская колонка Александра Плющева | DW.COM | 29.12.2015
Путин и Кремль в отчаянии, — мнение | Экономические известия


IMR’s Best Analysis of 2015 - Institute of Modern Russia
2015: The Year Putin Bounced Back

Russia and Turkey

Russia-Turkey Crisis: Erdogan Criticizes Moscow For Backing Syrian President Assad
Обозреватель WSJ: Путин открыто сказал о Турции то, о чем молчал Запад | РИА Новости
«Медиалогия»: Турция опередила Украину в списке врагов России - Газета.Ru | Новости

Russian Navy

Report: Putin Building Up Russian Navy
Russian Naval Buildup
Surface Forces: Eastern Promises
Russia’s new underwater nuclear drone should raise alarm bells - The Washington Post

Stratfor Report

'Shadow CIA' 2016 Forecast: Turkey Set to Make a 'Military Move' Into Syria
Stratfor: "Last Thing Russia Wants Is Confrontation with Turkey" - Charter'97 :: News from Belarus - Belarusian News - Republic of Belarus - Minsk
Новости NEWSru.com :: Противостояние между Россией и Турцией неизбежно в 2016 году, считают аналитики "теневого ЦРУ" Stratfor

Rogozin broke his leg

Vladimir Putin's right hand man Dmitry Rogozin 'injured in gun club gun blast' | Daily Mail Online
Помощник Рогозина опроверг сообщения о ранении вице-премьера в тире :: Политика :: РБК
Помощник Рогозина рассказал, как вице-премьер травмировал ногу - Известия
Что на самом деле случилось с Рогозиным - Газета.Ru
Рогозин прострелил ногу в тире и пропустил встречу с Путиным | Собеседник.ру

Nemtsov's Murder Investigation

Final Charges In Nemtsov Murder
Следственный комитет назвал заказчика убийства Немцова :: Общество :: РБК
Russia to indict 5 in Boris Nemtsov's killing - CNN.com


Ukraine's central bank governor says 2015 inflation hit 44 percent | Reuters
Investing in Ukraine’s Future - NYTimes.com
Ukraine: Caught Between East and West
Air Weapons: Poland Buys Ukrainian To Avoid Russia

Middle East and Asia

Turkey's Erdogan Meets King in Saudi Arabia for Syria Talks - The New York Times
Turkey’s Erdogan arrives in Saudi Arabia for Syria talks - The Washington Post
Turkey's Erdogan Arrives in Saudi Arabia for Syria Talks - ABC News
Turkey's Erdogan to Meet Saudi King in Riyadh
Turkey's Erdogan: Demirtas Kurdish autonomy plea is 'treason' - BBC News
Erdogan: 'clear provocation' from pro-Kurdish HDP leader | Reuters
Anti-British sentiment in Turkey - Cihan Opinion News
Syrian Journalist Who Documented ISIS Atrocities Is Killed in Turkey - NYTimes.com
Syrian troops retake southern base from insurgents - The Washington Post
Saudi Economic Shake-up Shows It Is Planning for Cheap Oil
Iraqi Premier Visits Jubilant Ramadi as Militants Hold Out in Suburbs - The New York Times
The Importance of Retaking Ramadi - The New York Times
Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Article View
ISIS leader connected to Paris attack killed by coalition forces - CNNPolitics.com
U.S.-led air strikes kill IS leaders linked to Paris attacks | Reuters
Information Warfare: Islamic Terrorists Love Social Media
Afghan police refuse to fight Taliban in southern district - The Washington Post
Netanyahu warns “enemies” that Israel will deal with them
Mustafa Mughniyeh rumored arrested in Beirut as alleged US-Israel spy
Mystery Shrouds Dismissal of Israeli Missile Defense Chief - Israel News - Haaretz
Israel’s top court sends ex-PM Olmert to 18 months in prison - The Washington Post
Olmert headed to jail; Supreme Court upholds conviction, reduces sentence
Islamic Militant Groups Killed Dozens of Journalists in 2015: Report
New book says Communist China's first premier was probably gay | Reuters


Special Report: Pentagon thwarts Obama's effort to close Guantanamo | Reuters
As U.S. Focuses on ISIS and the Taliban, Al Qaeda Re-emerges - NYTimes.com
We had no asset in Saddam’s inner circle, says ex-CIA deputy director | intelNews.org
Spy agencies resist push for expanded scrutiny of top employees - The Washington Post
New York City Policing, by the Numbers - NYTimes.com
TSA Increases Screening of Pilots and Airport Employees
From GOP Operative to Anti-Semitic Iranian Stooge - The Daily Beast
FBI Probes ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Ties to Malaysian Fund - MoneyBeat - WSJ


ISIL aims to launch cyber attacks on U.S. - POLITICO
ISIS Cyber Attack? US Government, Planes Threatened With Malware, Hacking By Islamic State
Database of 191 million U.S. voters exposed on Internet: researcher - Yahoo News
Ced Kurtz's Techman Texts: Congress passes cybersecurity bill, CISA - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Top 15 Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches in 2015