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Turkey bombing in Bursa: Female suicide attacker attacks near city's Grand Mosque by Lizzie Dearden Wednesday April 27th, 2016 at 1:02 PM

Turkey bombing in Bursa: Female suicide attacker attacks near city's Grand Mosque 

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At least one person was believed to be dead and seven injured in the blast

В рамках конференции по безопасности состоялась встреча глав военных ведомств России и Пакистан

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В ходе переговоров генерал армии Сергея Шойгу отметил, что вооружённые силы России и Пакистана нарастили контакты в последние годы по многим направлениям.

Путин, народ и "прямая линия" 

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From: golosamerikius
Duration: 04:43

Российский президент провел традиционный весенний телемарафон. Снова решал проблему задержки зарплат, грозил нерадивым региональным чиновникам, комментировал внешнюю политику и даже - небывалое дело - личную жизнь.
Ариэль Коэн анализирует "Контекст" очередного явления Путина народу.
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Сестра Савченко заявила, что Надежде выдали документы для экстрадиции на Украину - Газета.Ru

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Новости Укринформ

Сестра Савченко заявила, что Надежде выдали документы для экстрадиции на Украину
Вера Савченко заявила, что ее сестре летчице Надежде, осужденной в России, выдали документы для заполнения, необходимые для экстрадиции на Украину, сообщает РИА «Новости» со ссылкой на телевизионную службу новостей телеканала «1+1». По словам Веры Савченко, ...
СМИ: Савченко получила документы для заполнения по экстрадиции на УкраинуВзгляд
Сестра Надежды Савченко: украинской летчице выдали документы для экстрадицииКоммерсантъ Санкт-Петербург
Порошенко испугался возвращения Савченко на УкраинуГОСНОВОСТИ
Interfax Russia -Российский Диалог -РАПСИ -РИА Новости Украина
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With Putin Looking On, Russian Rocket Fails to Launch

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Russia’s space agency postponed the inaugural launch of a rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far East, citing technical problems.

Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Hangs All of Bernie's Hopes on 'Probable' FBI Indictment of Hillary - Mediaite

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Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Hangs All of Bernie's Hopes on 'Probable' FBI Indictment of Hillary
One leading bellwether of the currents in the Bernie Sanders movement is the goings on at liberal online behemoth The Young Turks, which has long been a Bernie bunker headed by relative realist Cenk Uygur and a team that's closer to Susan Sarandon on ...

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Airman found guilty of sex assault in Illinois court-martial

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AP) - An Air Force enlisted man assigned to an elite military unit has been found guilty of sexual assault in a court-martial at Scott Air Force Base.
The Belleville News-Democrat ( ) reports that Senior Airman John D. Gonzalez was sentenced to six years ...

Carter says he troubled by House plan to cut wartime money

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Ash Carter says he's deeply troubled by a Republican proposal to reduce wartime funding by $18 billion to pay for weapons and troops the Pentagon didn't request.
Testifying Wednesday before a Senate subcommittee, Carter says the plan advocated by Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas gambles ...

How The FBI Reinvented Itself After September 11 - Forbes

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How The FBI Reinvented Itself After September 11
But in the wake of 9/11, President George W. Bush expanded the FBI's mission with a single question for Mueller: What was the FBI doing to prevent the next terrorist attack? And just like that, the brand-new director of the FBI had to figure out how to ...

Salah Abdeslam, Paris attack suspect, labeled 'moron' and as dumb as an 'ashtray,' his lawyer says 

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The Belgian lawyer for Salah Abdeslam, a French national accused of participating in the Paris terror attacks, called his client a "moron" with "the intellect of an ashtray" as the suspect was transferred Wednesday from Belgium to France.
"He's a little moron from Molenbeek involved in petty crimes; more of a follower ...

The House Judiciary Committee has taken an election-year swipe at the nation's growing drug addiction problem - Daily Journal

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Bryan-College Station Eagle

The House Judiciary Committee has taken an election-year swipe at the nation's growing drug addiction problem
Daily Journal
WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee has approved election-year legislation bolstering federal efforts against the growing problem of drug addiction. In a year that's seen little cooperation between the two parties on major issues, the ...
House panel OKs drug-abuse bill with bipartisan supportDaily Mail

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Ukraine Moves to Recall Jewish Past

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Cities and towns are beginning to take steps to remember their once-thriving Jewish heritage, erecting memorials, holding commemorations and educating people about what happened during the Holocaust.

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Global Banking Network Warns of More Cyber Attacks

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A global financial network used by 11,000 banks to transfer billions of dollars daily has issued an urgent warning to customers to install a software upgrade after discovering "a number of recent cyber incidents." The warning from SWIFT, a global messaging network that sends payment instructions, comes as law enforcement officials in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigate February's theft of $81 billion from the Bangladesh central bank. It is the first time SWIFT has...

Fallout from North Carolina LGBT law worries small business

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Small businesses in North Carolina are already losing valuable business because of the new state law limiting protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people....

Ex-House Speaker's Alleged Victim Speaks

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A man who accuses former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert of molesting him decades ago "felt intense pain, shame and guilt", a court has heard.

Names Of Russia's Elite Vanish From Public Property Records

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As Kremlin foes continue to dig up evidence of luxury properties held by top officials and their family members , the names of Russia's ruling elite are vanishing from public property records in what activists believe is a deliberate -- and illegal -- attempt to hide corruption and cronyism.

Former athlete says Hastert molested him in locker room

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CHICAGO (AP) -- A former high school athlete who said he was sexually abused by Dennis Hastert when the former House speaker was his wrestling coach told a courtroom Wednesday that he was "devastated" after Hastert molested him....

Two-year-old shoots dead mother in US

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A two-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his mother in the US city of Milwaukee after finding a gun in the back of their car.
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At least four civilians killed at checkpoint in eastern Ukraine

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KIEV (Reuters) - At least four civilians were killed and several wounded by explosions at a village checkpoint in rebel-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said.

Israel's controversial 'roof knocking' tactic appears in Iraq. And this time, it's the U.S. doing it. 

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U.S. military officials said the tactic was used during a recent operation against the Islamic State in Iraq.

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The Latest: Officials: Turkish city blast was suicide attack

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The Latest on the explosion that rocked the Turkish city of Bursa (all times local):

Several injured by blast in northwestern Turkish city of Bursa: broadcasters - Reuters

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Daily Sabah

Several injured by blast in northwestern Turkish city of Bursa: broadcasters
ANKARA Several people were injured by an explosion in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa on Wednesday, with ambulances and bomb disposal experts rushing to the scene, Turkish broadcasters said. A Dogan news agency correspondent, speaking on ...
Reports: Blast in Turkish city kills 1, wounds at least 6Washington Post
Reports: Explosion rocks Turkish city of BursaU.S. News & World Report
Bursa, Bursa Province,
Sputnik International -Thomson Reuters Foundation -Daily Sabah -News Tribe
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Austrian parliament passes package on tougher asylum rules

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VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria's parliament on Wednesday passed a legislative package paving the way for tougher asylum measures, including an accelerated process for assessing potential asylum claims under which migrants could be turned away at the border.

Has the Oil Price Rally Gone Too Far?

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Oil speculators are growing more confident that prices are gaining ground on the back of rising demand and shrinking supply.
U.S. gasoline demand is at a record high for this time of year, with the four-week consumption rate for gasoline above 9.3 million barrels per day (mb/d). That is important because the summer months typically see higher consumption than in the spring, so demand could continue to rise.
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
At the same time, production is falling. Weekly EIA data shows that output has declined to 8.95 mb/d, sharply down from a peak of nearly 9.7 mb/d in April 2015.
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
The converging of supply and demand has speculators increasing their bullish bets on crude oil. Net-long positions for the week ending on April 19 rose to their highest level since May 2015. Short positions fell for the week and long positions jumped. “Investors are looking for larger exposure to crude oil and showing a continuing willingness to buy on the dips,” Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citi Futures Perspective, told Bloomberg.
Not everyone is convinced. A group of investment banks cautioned not to get too excited about the rally. Barclays said in a report on Monday that it is “not yet convinced that prices will remain here or go even higher.” Morgan Stanley said the rally had more to do with macro factors as well as speculators trying to profit. There are some temporary production outages in several OPEC countries that could be resolved in the coming months, bringing some supply back to the market. The outage in Kuwait from a workers strike was short-lived, and the Kuwait state-owned oil company hopes to boost production to above 3 mb/d by June. Iran has also added around 1 mb/d to production since January when western sanctions were removed.
Speculators could be overextending themselves. Any time there is a run up in bullish bets, the chances that long positions could start to be trimmed =—rises. Speculators could realize that the rally has run out of steam and then decide to pocket their profits. The liquidation could then spark a correction, forcing prices back down. As Morgan Stanley put it, “a macro unwind could cause severe selling given positioning and the nature of the players in this rally.”
The potential for a correction is mirrored by the fact that the fundamentals still look rather grim, with possible bearish indicators looming on the horizon. Oil storage levels set a new record last week at 538 million barrels in the United States and many analysts expect that figure has room to grow. “Still-elevated inventory levels, the return of some disrupted supply, further boosts to Saudi and Iranian supply, and increased non-OECD product exports all have the potential to move prices lower over the next several months, especially if broader macro sentiment shifts,” Barclays wrote.
Then there is the possibility that some U.S. shale companies bring production back online as oil prices inch higher. The backlog of drilled but uncompleted wells, colloquially known as the “fracklog,” could start to be worked through as they become profitable again. “Once we start approaching $45 and above, the risk of a much sharper pullback starts to increase as a lot of shale becomes profitable again,” Angus Nicholson, an analyst at IG in Melbourne, told Bloomberg. “It’ll bring more supply back into the market. This happened last year when a swathe of output hit the market after a price gain and subsequently led to oil dropping to record lows.” There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the exact price level that starts to trigger completions, and some analysts believe the price threshold could be much higher. Still, the fracklog will weigh on any price rally.
Oil companies themselves are not convinced that prices could move higher. The Wall Street Journalreported on several producers that have decided to lock in some of their production at hedged prices, foreclosing the opportunity to profit if prices rise but protecting themselves from another downturn. Energen Corp., for example, locked in around half of its 2016 production at about $45 per barrel recently, even though it spurned the chance to hedge its output last year as it waited for a stronger rebound. The story is the same for EV Energy Partners, a company that recently secured hedges at $40 per barrel even though a year ago it refused to do so at $50 per barrel. A range of other companies are following suit. Similarly, airlines are stepping up their hedges, locking in oil at around $40 per barrel.
As usual, the oil markets are rife with confusion and uncertainty. The longer-term looks a little clearer – supply is falling and demand is rising. The market will have to balance out; the only debate is over how quickly that happens. In the short-term, though, there is no consensus on whether prices move up or down.
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Foes begin drive to recall Venezuela leader amid unrest

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CARACAS/MARACAIBO (Reuters) - Venezuela's opposition began a signature drive on Wednesday seeking a referendum to remove President Nicolas Maduro as sporadic looting and protests over the economic crisis were reported.

Paris terror suspect is 'a little jerk,' his lawyer says

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Salah Abdeslam is now in French custody, awaiting trial.

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A new Egyptian uprising fizzled out before it could even start

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Protests erupted over the government's decision to hand over two Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia.

Russian Fighter Jets Flyby In Close Proximity To USS Donald

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From: skynews
Duration: 04:02

Two Russian Fighter jets flew very close to the US Navy Ship USS Donald while it was conducting exercises in international waters in the Baltic Sea, Sky News speaks to National Security Analyst Arash Aramesh about the incident.
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Чернобыль. Зона отчуждения (панорамное видео 360 °)

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From: SvobodaRadio
Duration: 02:30

30 лет прошло со дня аварии на Чернобыльской АЭС, одной из крупнейших техногенных катастроф современности. Территория возле станции превратились в пустырь, жителей окрестных населенных пунктов эвакуировали, дома заброшены и разрушаются. Панорамное видео 360 ° позволяет увидеть, как Чернобыльская зона отчуждения выглядит сегодня.

Civlilans Die As Shells Rip Apart Cars Near Donetsk

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Ukrainian government and Russia-backed separatist forces traded accusations about responsibility for a deadly shelling of civilians on a roadway near Donestsk. Local authorities reported at least five people died near a checkpoint in the separatist-controlled area. (RFE/RL's Current Time TV)

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10:16 AM 4/27/2016 - Headlines Review: With Big Delegate Leads, 2016 Election Moves Toward Trump-Clinton Matchup | Syria: Russia's continuing war - BBC News | Russia restarts bombings targeting Syrian opposition, US officer says | Fox News | Germany replaces BND spy chief Schindler - BBC News

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Fifth Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - April 2016

News - Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - Google Search
Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - Google Search
международная конференция по безопасности в москве - Google Search
О конференции : Министерство обороны Российской Федерации
Выступление Начальника Генерального штаба Вооруженных Сил РФ Валерия Герасимова - YouTube
Выступления участников : Министерство обороны Российской Федерации
Program : Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Ъ - Сергей Лавров и Сергей Шойгу предъявили Западу претензии России
Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow? — RT Op-Edge

Gulnara Karimova

gulnara karimova - Google Search
Uzbekistan's first daughter accused of pocketing $1bn in phone deals | World news | The Guardian
The strange story of Uzbekistan’s ‘jailed princess’ - The Washington Post

4.26.16 Tu

Bus Explosion In Yerevan Kills Two Passengers
Investigators: Explosion in Armenia’s capital not terror act - The Washington Post
Obama Outlines Goals Tempered by 8 Years of Foreign Policy Lessons - The New York Times
Afghanistan’s Vice President Is Barred From Entering U.S. - The New York Times
A Risky American Expansion in Syria - The New York Times
The Donald Trump Pygmalion Project - The New York Times
ISIS Spreading in Europe, U.S. Intelligence Chief Warns - The New York Times
The Daily Vertical: The Financial Nuclear Option (Transcript)
How one Russian oligarch beat the crisis and made a fortune | Reuters
Савик Шустер лишился права работать на Украине :: Общество :: РБК
The Early Edition, April 26, 2016 | Just Security
FBI Now Has Solid Evidence To Convict Hillary Clinton, Says Judge Andrew Napolitano
judge andrew napolitano - Google Search
FBI Now Has Solid Evidence To Convict...
FBI Now Has Solid Evidence To Convict...
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: » Five states expected to help Trump and Clinton widen their leads - Washington Post | Midwest braces for severe storms 26/04/16 07:33 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: 7:47 AM 4/26/2016 - Headlines Review: Bus Explosion In Yerevan Kills Two Passengers | US Senators Urge Substantial Boost in Military Aid for Israel | Obama Says Putin Trying To Undermine European Unity
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: Midwest braces for severe storms by CNN Tuesday April 26th, 2016 at 7:33 AM
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: Saudi human rights activist sentenced to 9 years in prison – The Washington Post
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: » M.N.: "Who owns the Russian language?" 26/04/16 12:34 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: US intel chief: ISIS expanding in Europe, readying for attacks - Arutz Sheva Tuesday April 26th, 2016 at 5:49 PM
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: » US intel chief: ISIS expanding in Europe, readying for attacks - Arutz Sheva 26/04/16 17:49 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
4.25.16 - Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare

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With Big Delegate Leads, 2016 Election Moves Toward Trump-Clinton Matchup 

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Multiple polls on a hypothetical November matchup between Trump and Clinton conducted in the past month show Clinton winning by about 9 percent

Syria: Russia’s continuing war – BBC News 

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All the signs are the Russian military and its Syrian allies are gearing up for a new offensive, says Jonathan Marcus.

Kremlin Not Optimistic About Relations With NATO, EU

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has told a security conference in Moscow that an April 20 meeting of the NATO-Russia Council — the first in more than two years — “did not inspire optimism” about the Kremlin’s relations with NATO and the European Union.

How Russia Is Lying to Us About Syria - Daily Signal

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Daily Signal

How Russia Is Lying to Us About Syria
Daily Signal
What seemed like an encouraging headline a few weeks ago was really all smoke and mirrors—far from pulling out of Syria, Russia has been rolling in even more troops and equipment.Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again proven that he cannot ...

Ukraine Separatists Say Five Killed On Front Line

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Russia-backed separatist representatives in eastern Ukraine say at least five people were killed in an attack on a checkpoint in the town of Yelenivka.
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