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Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons and How Big Their Arsenals Are

Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons and How Big Their Arsenals Are

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Nine countries are thought to possess nuclear weapons.

Intent on Unsettling E.U., Russia Taps Foot Soldiers From the Fringe 

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Moscow is cultivating an array of far-right extremist groups, spreading disruption and hoping that a few will develop into important and disruptive players.

‘Only skeletons, not people’: diaries shed new light on siege of Leningrad 

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Academic says contemporary accounts of suffering are very different to stories survivors now tell of triumphant resistance
The discovery of a huge number of unpublished diaries has given an extraordinary insight into one of the most notorious and brutal military sieges in history.
The siege of Leningrad by German and Finnish forces lasted 872 days, from September 1941 to 27 January 1944. Up to 2 million lives were lost, including about 800,000 civilians or 40% of the population of the city now called St Petersburg.
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Russia Grounds Its Newest Airliner Over Safety Concerns

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A regional carrier in Russia, IrAero, reported finding metal fatigue in a tail section of a new Sukhoi Superjet, the latest setback for the plane.

Russian Military Plane With 92 Aboard Crashes Into Black Sea

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The aircraft, which took off from the resort town of Sochi, was carrying members of a famed military choir to a concert at a Russian air base in Syria.

Berlin market attack: Anis Amri's escape journey - BBC News

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Berlin market attack: Anis Amri's escape journey
BBC News
Anis Amri, the jihadist who rammed a lorry into a crowd at a Berlin market on 19 December, died in an exchange of fire with Italian police in Milan in the early hours of Friday. The fact that Europe's most-wanted man was able to evade capture for three ...
Berlin Truck Attack: Nephew of Suspect Anis Amri, 2 Others
Europe on Christmas high alert after truck attack in BerlinReuters
3 arrested in Tunisia linked to Berlin suspect Anis AmriFox News
Washington Post -ABC News -New York Daily News -Wall Street Journal
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Donald Trump plans to shut down his charitable foundation, which has been under scrutiny for months - Washington Post

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Washington Post

Donald Trump plans to shut down his charitable foundation, which has been under scrutiny for months
Washington Post
President-elect Donald Trump said he plans to shut down his charitable foundation, a decision that comes after repeated controversies over how it collected and disbursed funds. In a statement Saturday, Trump offered no timeline for when his foundation ...
Donald Trump To Close Foundation To Avoid Potential Conflicts Of InterestHuffington Post
Trump to dissolve his foundationPolitico (blog)
Trump announces plan to close foundationThe Hill (blog)
NPR -Wall Street Journal -USA TODAY -BBC News
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Russian military plane disappears from radar near Sochi - BBC News

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Russian military plane disappears from radar near Sochi
BBC News
A Russian military plane has disappeared from radar just minutes after take-off from the Black Sea resort of Sochi. The defence ministry said its Tu-154 aircraft had 91 people onboard, including service personnel, a military music band and reporters.
Philippines braces for Christmas storm, offers roasted pigsWHIO
Russian Defense Ministry Jet Carrying 91 Disappears From Radar:
Russian military plane goes missingFox News
Wall Street Journal -Voice of America -The Guardian -Bloomberg
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Putinism - Google News: Post-Soviet oil industries trying still to break free - The National

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Post-Soviet oil industries trying still to break free
The National
Output continues to inch up, defying all forecasts by international agencies and its earnings still underpin Putinism. Comparisons to the collapse described by Mr Gaidar are facile. Yet despite modernisation and market-oriented transformation, the ...

 Putinism - Google News

FBI grills de Blasio's Satmar pals in fundraising probe - New York Post

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FBI grills de Blasio's Satmar pals in fundraising probe
New York Post
Federal investigators are questioning leaders in Williamsburg's Hasidic community in their expanding inquiry into Mayor de Blasio's fund-raising practices, multiple sources told The Post. Rabbi and political fund-raiser Moishe Indig was questioned by ...

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cyberwar - Google News: AI, self-driving cars and cyberwar – the tech trends to watch for in 2017 - The Guardian

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AI, self-driving cars and cyberwar – the tech trends to watch for in 2017
The Guardian
In some ways, tech in 2017 will be a steady progression from what came before it. Time marches on, and so too does the advance of technology. In other ways, though, it will be just as upended as the rest of the world by the unprecedented disruption ...

 cyberwar - Google News

Trump liar - Google News: Donald Trump, liar in chief - Chicago Tribune

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Chicago Tribune

Donald Trumpliar in chief
Chicago Tribune
The day Donald Trump takes the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States, he will stand with his left hand on the Bible in front of the entire nation and state the following: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute ...

 Trump liar - Google News
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Полная лента ПОЛИТ.РУ: СМИ сообщили об отработке версии теракта на борту Ту-154 

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ФСБ начала проверку всех лиц, которые могли обслуживать самолет Ту-154, потерпевший катастрофу в Черном море невдалеке от Сочи. Как сообщил источник «Фонтанки» в министерстве обороны, отрабатывается также версия теракта.
Между тем источник «Интерфакса»в экстренных службах сообщил, что комиссия по расследованию причин крушения практически исключает версию о подрыве самолета. Основной версией остается техническая неисправность.
«Маловероятна и версия ошибки пилотов, потому как они имели большой опыт управления воздушными судами такого типа и значительный налет часов. Что касается метеоусловий в районе крушения, то они были благоприятными для выполнения полета», — отметил собеседник агентства.
Ранее другой источник «Интерфакса» рассказал, что в двигатель самолета могла попасть птица.
На борту находились 92 человека, по предварительной информации, никто не выжил. Среди пассажиров были артисты ансамбля имени Александрова, летевшие в Сирию поздравлять российских военных с Новым годом. Также там была известная своими благотворительными акциями доктор Лиза (Елизавета Глинка). 

 Полная лента ПОЛИТ.РУ

French-Swiss aid worker kidnapped in Malian city of Gao

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BAMAKO/PARIS (Reuters) - A French-Swiss aid worker has been kidnapped in the city of Gao in northern Mali, and French and Malian authorities are working together to rescue her, the French foreign ministry said on Sunday.

Взгляд: На спасательное судно подняты тела 10 жертв крушения Ту-154

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На борт спасательного судна, которое работает на месте крушения Ту-154 вблизи Сочи, подняты 10 тел погибших в результате катастрофы, сообщил департамент информации и массовых коммуникаций Минобороны. В ведомстве также сообщили о наращивании группировки поисково-спасательных сил в районе авиакатастрофы. Сформирован район поиска площадью 10,5 квадратных километров, отметили в ведомстве, сообщение которого передает РИА «Новости». В поисках задействованы 27 кораблей и судов, 37 водолазов, четыре вертолета, беспилотные летательные аппараты и телеуправляемые глубоководные аппараты. Как отметили в военном ведомстве, всего в поисково-спасательных мероприятиях принимает участие более 3 тыс. человек. Кроме того, на аэродроме «Адлер» дежурят группы оказания медицинской и психологической помощи, выделен автотранспорт для перевозки родственников к местам временного размещения на фондах санаторно-курортных учреждений города. Ту-154 пропал с радаров через две минуты после взлета из аэропорта Адлера. На нем находились 86 пассажиров и восемь членов экипажа. Понедельник объявлен общенациональным днем траура по погибшим в катастрофе.


Новости: Тела 10 погибших в катастрофе Ту-154 подняты со дна Черного моря

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Тела десяти погибших в катастрофе военного самолета Ту-154 обнаружены и подняты на борт спасательного судна в Черном море. Об этом сообщает Минобороны РФ. "По уточненным данным, в настоящее время на борт спасательного судна подняты 10 тел погибших", - говорится в сообщении.


Газета.Ru - Хроника дня: На месте крушения Ту-154 были подняты 10 тел погибших 

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На борт спасательного судна были подняты десять тел с места крушения Ту-154 под Сочи, сообщили в департаменте информации и массовых коммуникаций Министерства обороны России, передает РИА "Новости". "По уточненным данным, в ...

 Газета.Ru - Хроника дня

DELFI Новости: The New York Times рассказала об ущербе Украины от ассоциации с ЕС

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За год, который прошел после того, как Украина вступила в зону свободной торговли с Евросоюзом (ЕС), экономика страны понесла большие потери, в частности, проблемы коснулись аграрного сектора. Как пишет The New York Times, основной ущерб наносят устанавливаемые ЕС квоты на поставку продукции, а также торговые ограничения со стороны России.

 DELFI Новости
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"Ведомости". Ежедневная деловая газета: Спасатели извлекли из воды тела десяти погибших при крушении Ту-154

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В Минобороны России сообщили, что, по данным на 15.00 мск, на борт спасательного судна подняты тела десяти погибших. Поиски ведутся на площади 10,5 кв. км, в круглосуточном режиме. В поисково-спасательной операции задействованы 27 кораблей и судов, 37 водолазов, четыре вертолета, БПЛА и телеуправляемые глубоководные аппараты.

 "Ведомости". Ежедневная деловая газета

Когда, где и как падали пассажирские самолеты Минобороны РФ: хронология инцидентов

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Когда, где и как падали пассажирские самолеты Минобороны РФ: хронология инцидентов С начала второго тысячелетия пять лайнеров попадали в аварии, две из них были с трагическим финалом

Sputnik International: Crash of Tu-154 Plane in Sochi

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On December 25, a Russian Defense Ministry Tu-154 plane with 92 people on board crashed in the Black Sea en route to Syria shortly after refueling at an airport in the resort city of Adler. Most of the passengers were members of the Alexandrov Ensemble who were traveling from Moscow to Hmeymim airbase in Syria to take part in New Year celebrations.

 Sputnik International
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Netanyahu: UN Vote Was 'Reckless and Destructive'

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday at his Cabinet meeting that the Israeli government and the United States administrations have agreed "over the decades" that the U.N. Security Council was not the place to resolve their issues about Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. However, a resolution on reining in Israeli settlement building passed Friday at the Security Council after the U.S. chose not to veto the...

Killer robots await Trump’s verdict 

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Swarms of armed drones programmed to "fire and forget." Fully automated anti-missile shields. Killer robots designed to identify and eliminate suspected terrorists on sight.
It all sounds like something out of science fiction, but a new age of machines empowered to make decisions about life and death is dawning as research in artificial intelligence advances. And President-elect Donald Trump will have to make crucial decisions about whether the U.S. military embraces the technology.
"We’re on the doorstep of what armed conflict looks like in the 21st century," said August Cole, a security expert and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.
To military planners, lethal machines that select and attack their own targets would be the logical outgrowth of decades of development of increasingly intelligent weapons, including precision-guided missiles and remotely piloted drones. Although it could take decades to deploy weapons that operate free of all human supervision, the Pentagon has already tested drones equipped with facial recognition software that could, in theory, identify enemy insurgents and target them at will.
Human rights groups warn of a “robotic arms race,” with self-directed weapons killing people without regard for international law. And like the human-controlled drones the U.S. employs in hot spots like Yemen and Afghanistan, the groups say, these weapons would be impossible to restrict once they’re in widespread use.

Lethal robots “would not simply be another weapon in the world’s arsenals, but would constitute a new method of warfare,” nine House Democrats wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash Carter this month, urging a preemptive ban on the development and use of the technology.
Calls for a ban have also come from at least 19 governments, including those of Pakistan, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Cuba and the Vatican, as well as a “Stop Killer Robots” campaign led by groups such as Human Rights Watch. A United Nations weapons conference in Geneva also took up the issue this month, although it has not yet called for any prohibitions.
One Trump transition team member says the U.S. should not only oppose bans on the weapons but should lead the way in developing them.
“The U.S. is not going to be amenable to any protocol in Geneva that bans the weapons they are developing," said Steven Groves, a Heritage Foundation fellow assigned to the transition’s State Department landing team. “Why would they do it when their peer competitors are developing the same kind of weapons?”
He stressed that he does not speak on behalf of the transition team. The team did not respond to requests for comment.
Groves, who has written frequently about the issue, has previously warned that attempts to ban autonomous weapons or "regulate [them] out of existence" were unlikely to succeed — although he expressed worries last year that the Obama administration might “cave” to the human rights groups, as it previously had on land mines.

Developing autonomous weapons is “the only way U.S. armed forces can retain a tactical and strategic advantage over its enemies in future conflicts,” Groves wrote for Heritage last year.
The Obama administration has so far trod a middle ground. The White House is conducting a review of the ethical and legal questions posed by military artificial intelligence, although that is unlikely to be completed before Trump’s inauguration. Meanwhile, the Pentagon’s existing policies allow researchers to make advances in the technology while limiting its use in combat.
That clears the way for Trump to make crucial choices about what happens next.
“The next administration has to make some early decisions about when and where they will deploy those systems so they can be compliant with the laws of war,” said Heather Roff, a cybersecurity fellow at the policy think tank New America.
A 2012 Pentagon directive restricts so-called semi-autonomous weapons, which are prevented by their programming from acting with full independence, from engaging targets. But the directive also allows for research and development efforts into fully autonomous weapons with authorization from two undersecretaries of defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

One example of this type of research is Lockheed Martin’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, a missile that can fly for hundreds of miles and maneuver to avoid radar on its own. Similarly, the Office of Naval Research announced this month that its drone swarm boats could successfully identify unknown vessels as friendly or suspicious with only “remote human supervision” — another potential step toward the day when smart weapons could decide whether to open fire. (That news came on the third day of the U.N. conference in Geneva.)
The Defense Department’s restriction on deploying autonomous weapons comes with a five-year limit, after which it must be reissued, canceled or updated. That means the Trump administration will have the opportunity next year to set new guidelines on military artificial intelligence research. For experts, such guidelines would ideally outline what is and is not acceptable for development and future use.
“There needs to be clarity on the no-go areas,” Roff said.

As in the 20th century debate about developing atomic weapons, supporters of killer-robot technology argue it can save lives — for example, military planners hope it can allow unmanned systems to undertake more complex and dangerous missions without endangering human warfighters.
But opponents say that by lessening the risks of combat, autonomous weapons would loosen the restraints on nations’ decisions to wage war. They say the machines would also “lack human judgment” — for instance, Amnesty International argues, they would be unable to disobey orders, unlike the Egyptian soldiers who refused to fire on protesters during the Arab Spring.
Among the questions at the heart of the debate: Who is held accountable when a robot weapon causes civilian casualties? What if a programming error leads to friendly fire? How could governments ensure that autonomous weapons respect human rights and the laws of war?
A White House report released in October called for a policy on autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons that is “consistent with international humanitarian law.”
“The goal is to develop a government-wide policy that is consistent with shared human values, national security interests and our international and domestic obligations,” a senior administration official said.
But a total prohibition on the technology is probably impractical, other experts say.
“You’re not going to be able to ban all robots or AI in this space,” said Peter W. Singer, a specialist on robotic weaponry at New America.
Cole, from the Atlantic Council, said that by limiting its own development of militarized artificial intelligence, the U.S. would leave the door open to countries that disregard human rights to lead the way. “What I worry about is you’re going to face adversaries who aren’t as concerned with laws of armed conflict and international humanitarian law,” he said.

At this month’s U.N. weapons conference, countries including the U.S. and China agreed — despite resistance from Russia — to create a working group of experts to study the issue. The group’s next step is to come up with a working definition of autonomous weapons, taking into account the technology’s military value, proliferation risks and humanitarian laws.
While that might seem like a glacial and bureaucratic approach to dealing with rapidly advancing technology, Human Rights Watch’s Mary Wareham was upbeat about the step. Wareham, the global coordinator of the “Stop Killer Robots” campaign, said similar working groups preceded bans on blinding laser weaponry and cluster munitions.
But Roff said she fears that the U.N. effort will have little impact. “I think it’s a baby step,” she said. And next year, she predicted, will bring “a lot of politicking and a lot of feet dragging. If they do come to a definition everyone agrees on, it’s going to be a very weak definition that will encompass no systems ever or all systems.”
Roff, who attended the Geneva conference, blamed Russian resistance for the lack of firmer action. The Russian delegation ultimately abstained from the vote to form the working group.
Roff said Trump’s impending presidency also makes her doubt that the U.S. will push for meaningful progress on the issue at the United Nations. “Given Trump’s predilection for supporting Russia,” she said, “I would not be surprised if the U.S. maintained a chilly silence in the next year.”
However the debate plays out will have vast implications for the future of war. And nations need to tread carefully, said Jamie Metzl, a senior fellow for technology and national security at the Atlantic Council.
"All humans should be extremely cautious about arming independent robots that aren’t asking for approval for everything they do,” he said.
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Масштабный пожар на рынке в Киеве: в сети появились новые видео

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Масштабный пожар на рынке в Киеве: в сети появились новые видео  Пожар в районе станции метро "Лесная" охватил площадь 1,5 тыс. кв. метров
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Опубликовано видео поисково-спасательной операции на месте крушения ТУ-154

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В сети опубликовали видео, на котором видно, как спасатели проводят в море поисково-спасательную операцию на месте падения Ту-154 в Черное море.

Russian plane with 92 aboard crashes into the Black Sea

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MOSCOW (AP) -- A Russian plane headed to an air base in Syria with 92 people aboard, including members of the world-famous Russian army choir, crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday minutes after taking off from the city of Sochi, Russia's Defense Ministry said. There appeared to be no survivors....

Vladimir Putin to the Press: 'Love Quickly Turns to Hate' - Yahoo News

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Yahoo News

Vladimir Putin to the Press: 'Love Quickly Turns to Hate'
Yahoo News
This year's rendition of the annually and famously long newser ran relatively brief; Putin didn't speak for four hours this time (slacker). But the press conference was not short on defensive quips from the Russian president, who maintains that Moscow ...

All 92 on Syria-bound Russian military jet killed in crash, including 60 from Red Army Choir

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MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian military plane carrying 92 people, including dozens of Red Army Choir singers, dancers and orchestra members, crashed into the Black Sea on its way to Syria on Sunday, killing everyone on board, Russian authorities said.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Obama signs new law restructuring US international media 

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U.S. President Barack Obama has approved legislation that would consolidate oversight of U.S. nonmilitary broadcasting in the hands of a single chief executive, an overhaul that supporters laud as a much-needed reform but critics warn could endanger journalistic independence.

Facts And Specifications About Tupolev Tu-154 Plane That Crashed In Black Sea 

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St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, RussiaThe Russian Tupolev Tu-150 airline  model which includes the one that crashed in the Black Sea with 92 people on board is that it is a mid-sized commercial jet first flown in 1972 which makes it one of the oldest commercial planes in the world. It has been a large part of the fleet of Aeroflot, the Russian national airline
The specs of the plane, according to Airline Inform
Length (m)47.948.0
Wingspan (m)37.5537.55
Height (m)11.411.4
Wing area (m2)201.45202.0
Maximum take-off weight (kg)98 000102 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)92 00080 000
Operating empty weight (kg)50 70053 000
Maximum payload (kg)18 00018 000
Max stock of fuel (kg)39 750
Range with max payload (km)2 7803 900
Cruise speed (km/h)850850
Maximum speed (km/h)950935
Maximum operating altitude (m)12 10012 100
Take-off field length (m)2 3002 300
Landing field length (m)1 0001 000
3 x 23150 lb
3 x 23370 lb
The BBC described the model’s use in detail:
The Tupolev-154 has for more than a quarter of a century been the backbone of Russia and the Soviet Union’s air transport system.
It has carried half the number of all passengers flown by Aeroflot and its successors in that time, with that number peaking at 137 million per year in 1990.
About 1,000 have been built, and many remain in service in Russia.
The aircraft entered service in 1972 and was “modernised” in 1986, with new engines and equipment to improve its fuel consumption and flight operations.
The plane’s safety record is similar to one of Boeing’s (NYSE: BA) most popular planes. According to Airline Reporter:
Contrary to popular belief, the Tu-154 was not an unsafe aircraft. According to the the Aviation Safety Network, the Soviet built aircraft has been involved in 110 serious incidents, 68 of which resulted in a hull loss, 30 of which saw no deaths. Several incidents were the direct result of terrorism or military action, poor weather and runway conditions, as well as pilot error and poor maintenance. Comparatively, the Boeing 737 has been involved in 159 hull-loss accidents, though over 7,000 737s have been produced.

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Крушение Ту-154: все версии

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Крушение Ту-154: все версии Официально говорят о технической неисправности или ошибке пилотирования, но эксперты удивлены тем, как быстро была отброшена версия теракта на борту Ту-154

Agence France-Presse: ‘No survivors’ as Syria-bound Russian jet crashes 

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A Russian military plane crashed on its way to Syria on Sunday, with no sign of survivors among the 92 onboard, who included dozens of Red Army Choir members heading to celebrate the New Year with troops.

Путин — перевозбудившийся «успехами» стратег -

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Путин — перевозбудившийся «успехами» стратег
На своей традиционной пресс-конференции, посвященной итогам года в пятницу, президент России Владимир Путин уделил много внимания экономическим вопросам, так как в данный момент Россия стремится восстановить свою экономику, после продолжающейся несколько лет стагнации, связанной с падением цен ...

and more »

Путин - перевозбудившийся "успехами" стратег -

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Путин - перевозбудившийся "успехами" стратег
На своей традиционной пресс-конференции, посвященной итогам года в пятницу, президент России Владимир Путин уделил много внимания ...

and more »

В 2017-м полоса везения Путина вполне может закончиться - inoСМИ.Ru

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В 2017-м полоса везения Путина вполне может закончиться
Вы, возможно, считаете, что президент России Владимир Путин должен совершить триумфальный круг по окончании чрезвычайно удачного 2016 года. Однако в ходе своей традиционной пресс-конференции в пятницу, 23 декабря, Путин выглядел скорее уставшим, чем торжествующим ...
О чем рассказал Владимир Путин на большой пресс-конференцииРоссийская Газета
Пенсии, отношения с США, теракты и арест Улюкаева: Путин ответил на 62 вопросаВести.Ru
Любовь и ненависть Путина: на пресс-конференции возник конфликт интересовМосковский Комсомолец
Аргументы и факты -Коммерсантъ -Интерфакс
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Путин в Петербурге встретится с Назарбаевым и примет участие в саммитах ЕврАзЭС и ОДКБ - ТАСС

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Путин в Петербурге встретится с Назарбаевым и примет участие в саммитах ЕврАзЭС и ОДКБ
МОСКВА, 25 декабря. /ТАСС/. Президент РФ Владимир Путин в воскресенье оправляется в Санкт-Петербург, где встретится с президентом Казахстана Нурсултаном Назарбаевым, а на следующий день примет участие в саммитах Евразийского экономического союза (ЕврАзЭС) и ...

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Путин в Петербурге встретится с Назарбаевым и примет участие в саммитах ЕврАзЭС и ОДКБ Политика 25 декабря, 0:02 - ТАСС

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Путин в Петербурге встретится с Назарбаевым и примет участие в саммитах ЕврАзЭС и ОДКБ Политика 25 декабря, 0:02
МОСКВА, 25 декабря. /ТАСС/. Президент РФ Владимир Путин в воскресенье оправляется в Санкт-Петербург, где встретится с президентом Казахстана Нурсултаном Назарбаевым, а на следующий день примет участие в саммитах Евразийского экономического союза (ЕврАзЭС) и ...
Путин обсудил с Совбезом РФ ситуацию в Сирии после освобождения АлеппоНТВ.Ru
На заседении Совбеза России Путин обсудил ситуацию в СирииВести.Ru
Путин обсудил с членами Совбеза России урегулирование в Сирии и подготовку к саммитамRT на русском

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Aleppo: Putin's Gift to Trump - Huffington Post

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The New Yorker

Aleppo: Putin's Gift to Trump
Huffington Post
The broad title of the coming phase, according to the conviction of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, is Putin-Trump. Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeded in presenting himself as the number one partner for US President-elect Donald Trump, on the ...
Will Putin Unite the European and American Right?The New Yorker
Putin press conference: don't blame me for Democrats' election loss – as it happenedThe Guardian
Putin Says Democrats Trying to 'Pass the Buck' with Election Rigging ClaimsTIME
Voice of America -Newsweek
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Каспаров.Ru: Расследовать причины крушения Ту-154 под Сочи будет Минобороны

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Расследованием причин крушения Ту-154 под Сочи будет заниматься Минобороны.


Sputnik International: Bodies of 4 Victims of Tu-154 Plane Crash Found Off Sochi - Russian MoD

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The bodies of four victims of Russia’s Tu-154 aircraft crash were discovered by rescue workers near Russia's Black Sea resort city of Sochi, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

 Sputnik International

Российская Газета: "Мистер Калинка" избежал гибели благодаря рождению ребенка

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Ведущий солист Ансамбля имени Александрова, народный артист России Вадим Ананьев, получивший в мире негласный титул "Мистер Калинка", тоже должен был оказаться на борту потерпевшего катастрофу самолета Ту-154. Однако накануне у 57-летнего музыканта родился сын, и он остался дома, чтобы помогать жене

 Российская Газета

ВЕСТИ: Кобзон должен был лететь вместе с ансамблем Александрова

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Замглавы комитета Госдумы по культуре, народный артист СССР Иосиф Кобзон заявил, что должен был лететь вместе с ансамблем имени Александрова на потерпевшем крушение Ту-154. Артист пояснил, что не смог лететь из-за медицинской визы и планов отправиться на лечение:

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'Vladimir Putin is dead'. Conspiracy theorists claim Russia is led by CIA double - Daily Star

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Daily Star

'Vladimir Putin is dead'. Conspiracy theorists claim Russia is led by CIA double
Daily Star
Theorists claim dramatic changes in Putin's appearance, apparent inconsistencies in his ability to speak German, and a divorce from his wife are all "proof" the Russian President is not the real Vlad. Astonishing claims circulated online – and explored ...

8 dead or missing in explosion at Chinese fireworks workshop

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An explosion at a fireworks workshop in a rural area of northern China has killed or left missing eight people and injured 16, state media reported Sunday.

Abbas: Resolution doesn’t solve Palestinian issue, but rather defines it

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"We want peace and you have your state and we have our state. Lets live side by side peace in stability.”

Netanyahu summons envoys of UN resolution backers, upbraids Obama

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Foreign Ministry rousts 10 ambassadors for Christmas morning scoldings; prime minister accuses White House of initiating and helping draft anti-settlement measure

Aid worker kidnapped in Mali

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A Fench aid worker was kidnapped in the west African country of Mali, on Saturday, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Sunday.

Fuel tank ablaze in Oil Refineries in Israeli city of Haifa

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A fire erupted in a fuel tank at Oil Refineries Ltd in Haifa on Sunday, sending thick black smoke into the sky above the northern Israeli port city.
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Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea with 92 on board

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A defence force Tu-154 aircraft carrying musicians from the famous Alexandrov military choir disappeared after leaving the resort of Sochi
A Russian defence force Tu-154 aircraft carrying 92 people has crashed into the Black Sea, according to reports.
The Russian defence ministry said that the plane carrying musicians from the famous Alexandrov military choir to a New Year concert for troops in Syria went missing soon after taking off from the resort of Sochi on Sunday.
R.I.P. #Alexandrov Ensemble (Red Army Choir)
"The renowned...
Photo of Alexandrov Ensemble (2015, via FB), some members of which, according to reports, were on crashed Russian Tu-154 plane off Sochi:
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Trump says he's closing foundation, but Democrats want more

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- President-elect Donald Trump says he will dissolve his charitable foundation before taking office to avoid conflicts of interest. The Democratic Party says that's not enough and is calling for the billionaire businessman to put his assets in a blind trust....

Sputnik International: Russian President Constantly Informed About Situation With TU-154 Aircraft Crash

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is informed about the new details on the rescue operation of the Russian TU-154 military plane and is waiting for the situation with the crash to be fully clarified, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sunday.

 Sputnik International