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Why NATO says it's time to stop hugging the Russian bear -

It was not just Cologne, but Kalmar, Sweden; Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland; Zurich, Switzerland; Stuttgart, Germany; Salzburg, Austria and probably other places around Europe. These sex attacks followed the same pattern and appeared to be pre-planned and well coordinated and organised: the symbolic and not so symbolic "Rape of Europe". Who are the planners, coordinators and organizers? - New Year sex attacks in Europe

It was not just Cologne, but Kalmar, Sweden; Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland; Zurich, Switzerland; Stuttgart, Germany; Salzburg, Austria and probably other places around Europe. These sex attacks followed the same pattern and appeared to be pre-planned and well coordinated and organised: the symbolic and not so symbolic "Rape of Europe". Who are the planners, coordinators and organizers? 

Photo: One of the victims of the Stuttgart attack. (Photo from Facebook). 

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1.7.16 Th

Attacker killed at Paris police station one year after Charlie Hebdo massacre | Fox News
Paris police shoot dead knife-wielding man on Charlie Hebdo anniversary | Reuters
Officials: Man killed in attempt to attack Paris police - The Washington Post
Paris shooting: Man with cleaver killed by police -
Paris Police Kill Man Allegedly Carrying Knife Outside Station House - ABC News
Talks uncertain as India says Pakistan must first hunt militants | Reuters
Truck bomb kills nearly 50 at Libyan police training center | Reuters
Zliten Attack: Truck Bomb Kills at Least 60 at Libya Police Training Center - NBC News
Powerful blast in Libya kills dozens in area hit by militant, smuggler violence - The Washington Post
Dozens Killed as Truck Bomb Explodes at Libya Police Facility - NBC News
The Charlie Hebdo attack was one year ago today. But just what has changed? - The Washington Post
Oil dives below $35, lowest in 11 years, as U.S. supply swells | Reuters
Russian Economy Killers: Oil and Sanctions
Pathankot attack: India says talks only if Pakistan acts - BBC News
In the Birthplace of Pizza, Pollution Rules for Ovens Spur Outrage -
U.S. Suspects Russia Behind Cyberattack On Ukraine Power Grid
Христиане отмечают Рождество по юлианскому календарю - BBC Русская служба
Federal Agents Arrest Leaders of Bandidos Motorcycle Band in Texas
Russia: Putin’s Past Becoming a Hot Internet Topic in Moscow |
If Putin gets up your nose - Times LIVE
Merkel wants authorities to get to bottom of Cologne attacks | Reuters
Cologne sexual assaults: British girl describes seeing screaming women being attacked on New Year's Eve | Europe | News | The Independent
Germany discusses deportations amid Cologne assaults fallout - US News
Germany Discusses Deportations Amid Cologne Assaults Fallout - ABC News
Conflicts abroad a paint picture of global unraveling | Fox News Video
Bisexuality on the rise, says new U.S. survey -
Turkey: Defective Life Jackets Seized at Workshop - The New York Times
In the Groove: Scrape Marks in Ground Linked to Dinosaurs - ABC News
'In God we trust' cop car decals cause controversy | Fox News Video
Grenade That Cleared Courthouse Was Gag Gift for New Sheriff - ABC News
Monkey Naruto Loses Selfie Copyright Bid
All 17 Miners Stuck Underground at US Salt Mine Rescued
Trapped miners freed in upstate New York -
Miners Rescued From Trapped Elevator in NY Salt Mine - ABC News
All 17 Miners Stuck in NY Salt Mine Hoisted to Surface - ABC News
All 17 miners trapped in New York salt mine are rescued -
Police: Felon tied to Capitol Hill mass shooting caught with gun -
Iran Says Saudi Strike Hits Embassy in Yemen; No Damage Seen - ABC News
Iran accuses Saudis of striking its Yemen embassy -
Iran claims Saudi airstrikes on Yemen embassy amid deepening tensions - The Washington Post
Iran accuses Saudis of striking its Yemen embassy -
Iraq Caught In Crossfire As Saudi-Iran Rift Raises Sectarian Strife
State of emergency over LA gas leak - BBC News
The history of Ukraine — from Herodotus to Hitler » The Spectator
‘Russia’s Mississippi’ — or China’s — just keeps rolling along » The Spectator
ТАСС: Происшествия - Стреляющая Америка
ТАСС: Происшествия - Вооруженный мужчина убил двухлетнего сына и застрелился в американском штате Джорджия
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Will ‘Politically Russian’ Become a New Demographic Category?

1.40 pm

News Roundup and Notes: January 7, 2016 | Just Security
Obama Measures Wouldn't Have Kept Guns from Mass Shooters
Man shot dead at Paris police station was carrying ′IS′ flag, says prosecutor | News | DW.COM | 07.01.2016
Libya truck bombing kills at least 60 policemen, wounds 200 - The Washington Post
US Probes Suspected Russian-Backed ‘BlackEnergy’ Attack on Ukraine - Transitions Online
Russia now officially considers NATO a top military threat | GlobalPost
Why did Russia just label US and NATO as threats to national security?
NYPD settles lawsuits over Muslim monitoring - The Washington Post
NYPD Settles Muslim Surveillance Lawsuit - WSJ
New York to Appoint Monitor to Review Police’s Counterterrorism Activity -
Russian Motorists Trapped In Snowstorm Finally Rescued, After 16 Hours, One Death, And Many Cases Of Frostbite
Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Attacking Embassy in Yemen -
American Leaves $2.6M Stradivarius Violin on Train in Germany - NBC News
Do more to rescue women trafficked to Goa, charity tells India government | Reuters
Saudi will collapse if keeps its 'sectarian' policies: Iran Guards | Reuters
France unveils new anti-terror measures on Charlie Hebdo anniversary | News | DW.COM | 07.01.2016
Biden Not Running for President | I Regret It Every Day
On ISIS, Europe Is Ignoring Its Long, Tortured History of Waging War Abroad - Defense One
The shadowy JSOC general expected to be next leader of America’s special operations forces - The Washington Post
US Suspects Russian Hackers in Unprecedented Ukraine Blackout - Defense One
In ‘Serial’ podcast, new details about Bowe Bergdahl’s torture emerge - The Washington Post
A Passport for Domestic Airline Travel is a Real Possibility
Obama Has Let Putin Overtake America’s Nuclear Defense
Management of Defense Intelligence | Intelligence Analysis and Reporting
Global unrest brings US leadership into question | Fox News Video
Merkel says Cologne NYE assaults will have far-reaching consequences | News | DW.COM | 07.01.2016
Dominican Economy Establishes Itself as Region's Strongest - NBC News
The Islamic Party, The Reporter, And The Virginity Test
All 17 Cargill Salt Miners Trapped on Underground Elevator Freed - NBC News
San Bernardino Shooter’s Neighbor Often 'Intoxicated,' Would Ask People for Adderall - ABC News
Crime in Mexico: Mexican police arrest suspected serial killer who mutilated his victims | In English | EL PAÍS
Immigrants Jittery Amid Federal Immigration Crackdown
CitiBank Trader Created Safe Exchange To Avoid the CIA’s Spying In China And USA

10.30 pm

NYC Settles Lawsuits Over Muslim Surveillance by Police - ABC News
Tearful Obama Outlines Steps to Curb Gun Deaths - The New York Times
Putin leads Russia in Orthodox Christmas celebrations | World news | The Guardian
What to make of the Putin fan club? | Foreign Policy
Putin's cologne smells like cheap perfume - Business Insider
Drowning in a sea of paranoia and propaganda
A goat was supposed to be a Siberian tiger's dinner – now they are best friends | Nature | Environment | The Independent
Russia isn't super happy with super low oil - Business Insider
Why Is Islamic State So Hard to Beat?
Killing the Terror Group That Won't Die: Islamic State
FBI — Transnational Gangs: Understanding the Threat
Iran’s missile tests are spurring calls from Congress for more sanctions - The Washington Post
Charles Krauthammer: Defy America, pay no price | Fresno Bee
Bank Near Pentagon City Robbed Thursday: FBI | Patch
Putin Signs a National Security Strategy of Defiance and Pushback | The Jamestown Foundation
Krauthammer: Defy America, pay no price - Houston Chronicle
Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate Christmas | News | DW.COM | 07.01.2016
Terror Attacks Against Indian Interests Seen as Threat to Regional Peace
Alabama Justice Orders Halt to Gay Marriage Licenses in the State
What We Know About the Alleged Mass German Sex Assaults - ABC News
Experts: Kremlin Uses Racism, Crude Anti-Americanism to Mobilize Society
Obama as Literary Critic by Edward Mendelson | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
President Obama leaving successor 'an absolute mess'? | Fox News Video
Alleged serial killer arrested in Mexico -
TheUnion |
U.S. Tells China That Soft Approach to North Korea Has Failed - The New York Times
Congress moves closer to action on Puerto Rico's debt crisis - POLITICO
Turkey Summons Iran Envoy After Media Links Saudi Executions With Erdogan - Middle East News - Haaretz
TheUnion |
Chinese Strategy on North Korea 'Has Not Worked," Kerry Says Bluntly - NBC News
Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba - WSJ
Calls for Unity As Libya Suffers Deadliest Bombing Since Fall Of Gadhafi
BREAKING: RNC Weighing Obama Impeachment

FBI News - 1.7.16

FBI Turns 18-Year-Old With An IQ Of 51 Into A Terrorist; Dumps Case Into Laps Of Local Prosecutors | Techdirt
Brooklyn judge says former FBI agent aided in mob hits - NY Daily News
Former Knoxville FBI agent, model daughter charged with murder
Finally, data on use of force | Salisbury Post
FBI accused of hacking more than 1,000 computers during child porn probe - Washington Times
FBI Deploying Large-Scale Hacking With Little To No Judicial Oversight | Techdirt
Gun Background Checks Hit Record 3.3 Million in December, FBI Says | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WTVC
Gun Background Checks Hit Record 3.3 Million in December, FBI Says - ABC News
Will the FBI Revolt over Indicting Hillary? | PJ Media
The Jewish Press » » ‘Getcha’: The Misguided FBI Agunah ‘Sting’
William Turner, Bay Area FBI agent who criticized J. Edgar Hoover, dies at 88 - San Jose Mercury News