Thursday, January 14, 2016

The US Will Field More than 10,000 Troops in Iraq by February | Putin bypasses Israel, sets up joint war room for S. Syria with Jordan | 20 Nations’ Nuclear Facilities Said to Be Vulnerable to Cyberattack - The New York Times | Scientists Spot Brightest Supernova yet, Outshines Milky Way - ABC News

Israel sees Palestinian attacks 'waning'; one killed in West Bank | Reuters | IDF officer injured in stabbing attack near Nablus; terrorist killed | nashat melhem - Google Search

1.14.16 Th

Israel sees Palestinian attacks 'waning'; one killed in West Bank | Reuters
IDF officer injured in stabbing attack near Nablus; terrorist killed
nashat melhem - Google Search


Defense Secretary, in Speech to Deploying Troops, Lauds Push Against ISIS - The New York Times
If We Were Really Going to Invade Iran, We Would Have Used This - Defense One
Obama says things are not terrible|Obama touts economy|Iran captures Americans|DOW plummets
Krauthammer: FBI Director, Not Bernie Sanders Will Determine Democratic Nominee - Breitbart
Rise in U.S. Terror Plots Tied to ‘Unprecedented’ Spike in Immigration - Washington Free Beacon
FBI investigating ISIS threats against UFC fighter, Green Beret Tim Kennedy
Planned Parenthood Shooter Says FBI "Wanted To Start A War" - BuzzFeed News
Qatar's Al Jazeera channel in US to be shut down in April
Al Jazeera America to shut down by April 30 - Times of India
For Al Jazeera America, no endless flow of oil money - CBS News
Carson's finance chief at the center of campaign storm - POLITICO


Poland Wants Britain to Help Stick Washington with Bigger NATO Bill |
Lessons From the Cologne Assaults - The New York Times
Most members of Denmark’s parliament support seizing refugees’ valuables - The Washington Post
German GDP expands in 2015 | Business | DW.COM | 14.01.2016
Refugees caught in quagmire as Germany reinstates rules | Europe | DW.COM | 14.01.2016
EU migration chief says refugee response is failing - The Washington Post

Russia and Eurasia

PRESS DIGEST - RUSSIA - Jan 14 | Daily Mail Online
Russia could cut oil exports by 6% — RT Business
Russia's Prospects for a Pipeline to Europe Look Bleak
Russian Car Sales Down 36% in 2015 | News | The Moscow Times
Putin Looks for Regime Change in Turkey - Bloomberg View
Russia raps France for 'strange and flimsy' Syria comments - Channel NewsAsia
Russian Detained In Turkey Is In Russia's Wanted List
Задержанный в Турции Сулейменов был в турецком депортационном центре | РИА Новости
Ъ-Новости - Задержанный в Турции россиянин предположительно руководил каналом переправки людей в ИГ
Russian Intervention Emboldens Syrian Kurds - WSJ
Vladimir Putin is the closest thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow
Scores Detained In Azerbaijan Amid Countrywide Protests
Телефонный разговор с Королём Иордании Абдаллой II • Президент России
Ъ - «Москва в полной мере осознает, что в Дамаске необходим политический процесс»
Рахмон станет пожизненным президентом Таджикистана - Новости ЕАЭС
Трудовая династия. Рахмон готовит трон Рахмону II, - РО | ЦентрАзия
В Ираке ликвидирован командир ИГ, отвечавший за подготовку смертников | РИА Новости
Заявления Путина о создании вакцины от Эболы нелепы - ученые США
Ъ - «Смешной он чувак»
Ъ - «Это уже за гранью добра и зла»
TASS: World - Belarus leader orders KGB to "deal with" Ukraine conflict gunmen appearing in the country
Лукашенко возмущен поведением вернувшихся из Донбасса наемников | РИА Новости
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: More Russian Soldiers are Deserting Even Though Crime in Military has Declined, Rosstat Figures Show
Russian authorities burn books published with Soros funds - The Washington Post


Poroshenko seeks EU, US help in securing Crimea's return | GlobalPost
Poroshenko: Ukraine To Restore Control Over East This Year
Ukrainian Leader Wants Full Control of East Returned This Year - Bloomberg Business
Agence France-Presse: Poroshenko seeks EU, US help in securing Crimea's return
Ukraine Expects to Restore Control Over Rebel East This Year - ABC News
Порошенко предложил механизм для борьбы за возвращение Крыма :: Политика :: РБК
Порошенко: Приоритеты Украины в новом году - возвращение Донбасса и Крыма
Порошенко назвал экономический кризис в России «платой за агрессию» - Газета.Ru | Новости

Middle East

Car Bomb Hits Police Station In Southeast Turkey, Killing Six
Turkey: 200 IS Fighters Killed in Retaliation for Istanbul Attack
Кэмерон объявит в Ливии о дополнительной помощи сирийским беженцам | РИА Новости


Cocaine-Plagued State Is About to Jump Into Legal Weed Trade - Bloomberg Business


America’s most senior intelligence official has his phone, email hacked |
Cyber security attacks are on the rise - Business Insider


Ashley Olsen murder probe: Italian prosecutors reject claims US artist found dead in flat in Florence 'was involved in sex game gone wrong' | Europe | News | The Independent
Ashley Olsen Murder: Italy Charges Man Over Death of U.S. Woman - NBC News
Police Detain Florence Suspect After DNA Analysis on Condom - ABC News
Italy arrests African migrant over murder of U.S. woman Ashley Olsen | Reuters
Italy Arrests Suspect in Death of American Woman - The New York Times
Indian Police Say US Tourist Died After Falling Into Paddy - ABC News
В Москве возбуждено дело по факту падения человека в шахту лифта | РИА Новости
Пол лифта провалился в ЖК «Алые Паруса», один человек погиб - Агентство городских новостей «Москва» - информационное агентство
СКР возбудил дело после гибели женщины при падении лифта в Москве :: Общество :: РБК