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Chilling terrorism forecast for 2016 - Fox News Video | Pentagon chief: Number of U.S. troops deployed to Iraq likely to increase - The Washington Post

Chilling terrorism forecast for 2016 | Fox News Video
Pentagon chief: Number of U.S. troops deployed to Iraq likely to increase - The Washington Post
Carter: US looking to coalition for more trainers for Iraq - The Washington Post
Kerry Set to Meet Russian FM Amid Concerns Over Syria Talks - ABC News
Russian airstrikes are working in Syria — enough to put peace talks in doubt - The Washington Post
Americans missing in Baghdad kidnapped by Iran-backed militia: Iraqi, U.S. sources | Reuters
UK under pressure to investigate possible RAF involvement in Iraq civilian deaths - Telegraph
In an Era of Cheap Drones, US Can’t Afford Exquisite Weapons - Defense One
The Latest: Federal Officials Investigate Fatal Bus Crash - ABC News
Northern California Bus Crash Kills 2, Sends 8 to Hospital - ABC News
More school threats in region, FBI assisting
U.S. Supreme court to decide major case on Obama immigration plan | Reuters
Federal Judge Rules Against Obama | Fast and Furious
FBI official: 'Perfect storm' imperiling gun background checks
Suit Seeks to Block Obama Order on Background Checks for Gun Buyers
′IS′ secret police - The trial of Nils D. | Germany | DW.COM | 19.01.2016
President Obama to Discuss Flint Water Crisis With Mayor - ABC News
Poll: Americans’ Knowledge of Government, History in ‘Crisis'
India Probes Reported IS Threat Against Modi
BBC reporter barred under new U.S. visa rules - POLITICO
Violent crime jumped in first 6 months of 2015, FBI reports | Fox News
From ransomware and burglary, to mass-scale deaths: What you need to know about the IoT Black Market - Computer Business Review
Why is Oklahoma the Nation's New Earthquake Capital?
A Deadly Deployment, a Navy SEAL’s Despair - NYTimes.com
Cyberwar: Will you know it if you see it?
ISIS Media Outlet Confirms Death of Jihadi John
Va. Attorney: Govt. Invented My Client's Terrorism Plot
Libya's presidential council names new government amid divisions | Reuters
Judge rejects Obama's executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records - POLITICO
Police: 3-Year-Old Girl Kept in Closet, Offered for Sex - ABC News
Police investigate threats against schools in six states - The Washington Post
Calais Migrants Displaced, Forced to Move Deeper Into Camp - ABC News
White House defends $1.7B payment to Iran, denies it was 'ransom' for prisoners - Washington Times
Obama, Erdogan speak by phone, vow cooperation against terrorism: sources | Reuters
As Freed Americans Rejoin Relatives, Mystery Surrounds One Who Stayed Put - The New York Times
Migrant crisis: Norway to begin deportations to Russia - BBC News
Davos for beginners - an outsider′s diary | Davos 2016 | DW.COM | 19.01.2016
156K Chickens Added to List of Poultry Being Euthanized - ABC News
Crude Reckoning: The Far-Reaching, Unexpected Effects Of Falling Oil Prices
Libya's Peace Process Moves Forward — But So Does the Islamic State | VICE News
White House: Missing Former FBI Agent Levinson No Longer In Iran

Russia and Ukraine

Is Russia arming Hezbollah in Lebanon?
In Izvestia, Kadyrov Says Russian Opposition 'Jackals' Will Be 'Punished'
In Russia, rhetoric from Putin ally stokes fear of new assassinations - The Washington Post
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: If Putin Sacks Kadyrov, He Could Lose the North Caucasus; If He Doesn’t, He Could Lose Russia
Ведущие российского телеканала в прямом эфире высмеяли Кадырова (видео) - Последние мировые новости - Лобков и Собчак оригинально "извинили
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Putin Gets His Wish: Moscow Now Talking with US Alone about Fate of Ukraine
Swine Flu Kills 12 in Russia as Illness Spreads Throughout Region
Война на Донбассе - Москва хочет вернуть Украине Донбасс, но на своих условиях - Страница новости - m.zn.ua
Первый шаг в крымской стратегии Украины : Новости УНИАН
Russia Sets Ukraine Gas Bill at $32 Billion After Flows Stop - Bloomberg Business
Украина повысила ставку транзита для «Газпрома» в полтора раза :: Экономика :: РБК
Russia uses the refugee crisis for propaganda | Europe | DW.COM | 19.01.2016
Kyiv's Boryspil Airport suffers cyber-attack; Russia blamed - read on - uatoday.tv
No regrets over Ukraine split, but Crimeans want more love from Russia | World news | The Guardian
Putinism and the European Far Right - Institute of Modern Russia

How the Mafia Make Millions Out of the Plight of Migrants | Robert Gates criticizes Obama|White House Pentagon relations|Micromanagement of military|Robert Gates new book

Shifting and Uneasy Alliances Dot the Mideast Landscape

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The Middle East once had two types of countries: America’s allies, who usually abstained from fighting one another, and America’s foes, whom the U.S. helped contain or defeat. Today, after years of American disengagement, those distinctions have increasingly blurred.
In short, it’s a frenemy world out there.
The Obama administration’s successful push for a nuclear deal with Iran is paving the way to the lifting of sanctions and the resumption of trade with what used to be America’s most determined enemy in the region. At the same time—and in part because of that deal—America’s relations with its historic allies in the region, from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to Israel, have reached new lows.
Such an erosion of a decades-old architecture of regional alliances makes these countries’ behavior increasingly unpredictable—creating new potential for costly mistakes that could spark fresh conflicts or intensify existing wars. Meanwhile, mutual suspicion and hostility have blunted the fight of greatest concern to the West: defeating the Islamic State.
The U.S. is navigating this new Middle East with much-diminished leverage. On one hand, Washington’s outreach to Iran hasn’t demonstrably moderated the Islamic Republic’s conduct. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and its local proxies have continued their involvement in conflicts across the region, most notably in Syria.
But traditional American allies’ growing mistrust of the U.S. has made them less susceptible to influence from Washington. That’s most visible in the Persian Gulf.
In the past, when the Saudis knew they could count on the U.S. to defend them, they tended to listen to Washington. Now, feeling spurned, Saudi leaders believe they should do whatever it takes to survive—a mindset that prompted Riyadh to launch the costly war against pro-Iranian Houthi forces in Yemen. And that mindset is behind Saudi officials’ plans to have a (so-far civilian) nuclear program of their own.
The latest Saudi-Iranian crisis, in which Iranian protesters stormed and set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran following the execution of a prominent Saudi Shiite cleric, only deepened this gap. The U.S. attempted to appear even-handed in this spat, which prompted Saudi Arabia’s Sunni ruling family and all the other Gulf monarchies except non-Sunni Oman to either sever or downgrade diplomatic relations with predominantly Shiite Iran.
“The U.S. is trying to place itself as almost a mediator, assigning equal blame. This is not going to sit well. America’s traditional allies in the region expect America to be on their side,” said Emile Hokayem, senior fellow for Middle East security at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Bahrain.
A Saudi Arabia that feels isolated in front of the much more powerful Iran isn’t likely to be of great help against ISIS, a militant group that is even more hostile to Iran. Its gains in Syria and Iraq have cut in half the so-called Shiite crescent that runs from Tehran to Beirut.
Then there’s Turkey, unlike Saudi Arabia a formal North Atlantic Treaty Organization ally. The Turks feel they have been betrayed by the U.S. decision in 2013 to abort military action against the Assad regime in Syria, and, unlike the U.S., also consider defeating that regime more important than—and a necessary precondition to—routing ISIS.
Even more important for Turkey is the war against the PKK Kurdistan Workers Party, a powerful armed group that seeks to carve out a separate Kurdish homeland. But, while the U.S. still officially considers the PKK a terrorist organization, to Ankara’s fury it provides military assistance to the PKK affiliate that is combating ISIS in Syria.
Iraq also now falls in the frenemy camp. Formally, its prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, is a U.S. ally, and the U.S has sent troops there to train and equip the Iraqi army after ISIS advances in mid-2014. But, in fact, much of Iraq’s security apparatus is under the control of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. So any significant victory by Iraqi forces would only expand Iran’s regional writ.
It’s increasingly uncertain whether the government in Baghdad—like many others in the region—is a friend or a foe, argues Ali Khedery, a political analyst who advised U.S. ambassadors in Iraq: “It’s a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothes phenomenon.”
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UN report: About 3,500 slaves held by ISIS in Iraq - The Jerusalem Post | Ohio police officer killed. Are police shootings on the rise? - CSMonitor.com | French Foreign Legionnaires killed in Alps avalanche - BBC News | The only way to stop the next El Chapo: Why America needs to legalize all its drugs - Salon.com | NYPD to Purge Docs On Terrorists Inside US | Is democracy dying in Poland? - Telegraph | Senate Will Consider Stricter Screening for Syrian Refugees

UN report: About 3,500 slaves held by ISIS in Iraq - The Jerusalem Post


News Roundup and Notes: January 19, 2016 | Just Security


Ohio police officer killed. Are police shootings on the rise? - CSMonitor.com
Ohio Police Officer Found Dead, Suspect in Custody - ABC News
Sheriff: Ohio Police Officer Found Dead; Suspect in Custody - ABC News
Officer Thomas Cottrell shooting: Danville, Ohio, cops were warned of gunman on hunt - CBS News
Prosecutor: Murder Charge Expected in Ohio Officer's Slaying - ABC News
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2 Cops Shot, One Fatally, After Serious Car Crash in Salt Lake City Area - ABC News
Utah Officer Was Paying off Cancer Bills When He Was Killed - ABC News
Fire hits renovated Paris Ritz weeks before reopening | Reuters
Paris Ritz: Fire under control at world-famous hotel - BBC News
Police: Ex-Boyfriend Killed NY Students Before Suicide - ABC News
French Alps avalanche: Five soldiers swept to their deaths in Savoie in latest Alpine tragedy | Europe | News | The Independent
French Foreign Legionnaires killed in Alps avalanche - BBC News
Avalanche in French Alps Kills 5 Military, Two Others Injured
Украинские альпинисты попали в лавину в горах Кабардино-Балкарии | Интерфакс-Туризм
Search For Boy, 2, Who Disappeared On Walk
4 in UK accused of IS-linked plot to kill soldier or police - The Washington Post
2 Orlando Officers Shoot Man During Incident at Condo - ABC News
N.O. man fatally shot by FBI had been government informant, court records reveal | The New Orleans Advocate — New Orleans, Louisiana
New York flight attendant disappears after quitting job - CNN Video


The only way to stop the next El Chapo: Why America needs to legalize all its drugs - Salon.com
US Military Releases Account of Iran's Detention of US Sailors
How Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton - POLITICO
Donald Trump called a 'buffoon,' 'bonkers' during British Parliament debate
5 Things We Learned From Sunday’s Democratic Presidential Debate - ABC News
Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama Legacy, as Bernie Sanders Aims for Democrats’ Hearts - ABC News
Clinton Reset Strategy Putin Democratic Debate
Settlement Reached in Cincinnati Traffic Stop Shooting
The NYPD spied on Muslim Americans. Will a court settlement change anything? | Hina Shamsi and Ramzi Kassem | Opinion | The Guardian
NYPD to Purge Docs On Terrorists Inside US
Homeland Security’s Ebola Response Put Public At Risk
Senate Will Consider Stricter Screening for Syrian Refugees
Puerto Rico Revises Fiscal Reform Plan Amid Growing Deficit - ABC News


Inside the Drug Cartels Destroying Latin America
Reports: 3 ex-Red Army Faction suspects linked to robbery - The Washington Post
Germany Is Real Target of Italy’s Opposition to Russia’s Planned Nord Stream Two | The Jamestown Foundation
Is democracy dying in Poland? - Telegraph
Poland Feels Sting From Downgrade as Long-Term Debt Costs Soar - Bloomberg Business
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Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99% - BBC News
A European gun culture deadlier than America’s – POLITICO

Middle East and Asia

UN report: About 3,500 slaves held by ISIS in Iraq - The Jerusalem Post
IS Holding 3,500 Women And Children As 'Slaves'
UN says 3,500 women and children enslaved by ISIS in Iraq
UN Envoy: Start of Syria Peace Talks in Doubt
Invites to Syria talks on hold, agreement on opposition needed: U.N. | Reuters
UN: Nearly 19,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq in Under 2 Years - The New York Times
Iraq conflict: Civilians suffering 'staggering' violence - UN - BBC News
UN: Nearly 19,000 civilians killed in Iraq in under 2 years - The Washington Post
Iraq searching for three U.S. citizens reportedly abducted | Reuters
Missing Americans in Iraq reportedly kidnapped from 'brothel' apartment | Fox News
Americans Who Vanished in Baghdad Likely Kidnapped by Militia: Source - NBC News
Iraqi forces deploy in Baghdad neighborhood after kidnapping - Middle East - Stripes
Fierce battles for strategic Syrian city reportedly leave hundreds dead - CNN.com
IS captures new areas from troops in eastern Syria - The Washington Post
Video: Syrians reveal what life is like under Islamic State - Telegraph
Islamic State's double standards sow growing disillusion | The Times of Israel
The CIA’s Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies - The Daily Beast
Counter-Terrorism: Germany Steps Up
Syria: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Temporarily My Ally
Latest round of 4-country talks to end Afghan war begin - Middle East - Stripes
In Libya, U.S. Courts Unreliable Allies to Counter ISIS - The New York Times
Rocket Strikes Turkish School Near Syria, 1 Dead - The New York Times
Rocket strikes Turkish school near Syria, 1 dead - The Washington Post
'They want to go back to school': photographer shows life after rape in India | Reuters
Pakistan’s ex-President Musharraf acquitted in murder case - The Washington Post


Rivlin: Islamic State has taken root in Israeli Arab community | The Times of Israel
ISIS to Attack Israel Soon: IDF Chief...
Military: Palestinian who killed Israeli woman detained - The Washington Post
Palestinian teen murderer of Dafna Meir captured
Israeli Woman Stabbed Amid West Bank Exchanges of Violence - NYTimes.com
Palestinian Stabs Pregnant Israeli Woman in West Bank
US Ambassador to Israel Says US 'Perplexed' Over Settlements
Israel pays close attention to Putin, with good reason | The Japan Times
Israel woman seriously injured by Palestinian knifeman in Tekoa
Zionism: Imperialism in the Age of Counter-revolution | Dissident Voice
Palestinian attacker stabs Israeli woman in West Bank - The Washington Post
West Bank tensions rise after Palestinian stabbings in Israeli settlements | Reuters


Iran’s revolving door for American hostages
Central Bank Chief Says Iran To Receive $32 Billion In Unfrozen Assets
The Mullahs' Historic Victory | Frontpage Mag


qatar - Google Search
qatar - Google Search
The Case Against Qatar | Foreign Policy
The Strange Power of Qatar by Hugh Eakin | The New York Review of Books
Putin hosts Qatar's ruler for Syria-focused talks - Yahoo News
Putin Hosts Qatar's Ruler for Syria-Focused Talks - ABC News

Russia and Eurasia

Путин уволил посла в Кот-д'Ивуаре и Буркина-Фасо | РИА Новости
Russians Celebrate Epiphany by Diving Into Freezing Waters - The New York Times
Russians celebrate Epiphany by diving into freezing waters - The Washington Post
US Intelligence Chalks Up Declining Influence in Europe to 'Russian Spies'
Arrrrrr! Putin’s New Internet Advisor Tied to Online Piracy · Global Voices
Vladimir Putin's Internet Adviser Owns a Torrent Site - TorrentFreak
В США сенатор попросил усложнить выдачу виз гражданам России - ИА REGNUM
Fueling Homophobia in Russia - The New York Times
Duma Committee Rejects Draft Bill Against Homosexual Expression
Новости NEWSru.com :: В "Исламском государстве" ввиду "исключительных обстоятельств" вдвое урезали зарплату боевикам
Новости NEWSru.com :: Во время учений в Альпах из-за схода лавины погибли пятеро французских солдат
Путин вошел в историю или влип? — Фельштинский | Экономические известия
Обама может предложить Путину только объявить капитуляцию, — Фельштинский | Экономические известия
Новости NEWSru.com :: Путин встретился с Якуниным и обсудил будущее экс-главы РЖД, выяснили журналисты
Александр Пасховер: "Монгольское" иго Никиты Сергеевича и Владимира Владимировича | Новое Время
Новости Донбасса :: Как «КГБшники» нашли общий язык с ворами, - автор фильма о «путинизме» ВИДЕО
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Russian robots on the ground for four-army assault to retake Aleppo
Warplanes: MAC Faces The Knife
Engineer At Russian Spaceport Project Charged With Bribe-Taking
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Russian Economy

Russian Capital Outflow Hit $59 Billion Last Year | News | The Moscow Times
Russian Ruble Falls To Lowest Point Since Late 2014
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Putin - Emir of Qatar talks

Russia's Putin says to discuss Middle East/Syria with Emir of Qatar | Reuters
Putin, Qatari Emir talk Syria, economic cooperation - Yahoo News
Эмир Катара дал понять, что готов на уступки Последние новости на сегодня 19 январь 2016 года. Мнение экспертов. Прогнозы аналитиков.
Ъ-Новости - Катар и Россия договорились о тесном сотрудничестве в рамках стабилизации рынка энергоносителей
Россия и Катар будут добиваться стабильности на рынках нефти и газа

Russia - NATO

Russia to respond to NATO Black Sea force by deploying new weapons - report — RT Russian politics
NATO Talking to Russian Under Duress, Further Expansion Unacceptable
Why Russia Has Every Right to Be Alarmed by NATO's Buildup in the Baltics


Does Putin Know What His Attack Dogs Are Doing? - The Daily Beast
In Latest Salvo, Kadyrov Ally Threatens To Sic Attack Dog On Russian Opposition
Зачем чеченские чиновники заступаются за Кадырова? - BBC Русская служба
В Чечне журналисты начали акцию «Рамзан Кадыров — гордость России» - Газета.Ru | Новости
Правозащитники РФ призывают Путина отправить Кадырова в отставку
Журналисты Чечни начали акцию «Кадыров — гордость России» :: Политика :: РБК
Петербургский депутат просит проверить Кадырова на экстремизм :: Санкт-Петербург :: РБК
Как Рамзан Кадыров съездил в Дубай и вернулся. Отрывок из книги «Вся кремлевская рать» – Михаил Зыгарь – Литература – Материалы сайта – С


‘Russians’ nationalist movement banned, recognized as ‘extremist’ – Moscow court — RT Russian politics
Russian nationalist Potkin appeals sanity evaluation | Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).
ECHR accepts complaint filed by Russian nationalist Potkin over detention | Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).
potkin - Google Search

Moscow accidents

Двойное убийство в Москве | РИА Новости
Задержан подозреваемый в двойном убийстве на юге Москвы - BBC Русская служба
Бывший работник расстрелял главу фирмы по озеленению Москвы и его зама | РИА Новости
Появилось видео с места убийства топ-менеджеров фирмы-подрядчика мэрии - Известия


Russian influence 'detected' in Ukraine referendum campaign - DutchNews.nl
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Dispatches: Ukraine Praising Russia’s Rights Record? | Human Rights Watch
Нарышкин: свыше миллиона украинцев спасаются в РФ от смерти и нищеты | РИА Новости


With Paris trip, Pentagon chief seeks more help against the Islamic State - The Washington Post
Sisi receives CIA chief
Week of Attacks, Scores of Civilian Deaths and a Question: Why Them? - The New York Times
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5 things to know about Flint's water crisis - CNN.com
How Flint, Michigan's tap water became toxic - CNN.com
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Portugal court rules to extradite ex-CIA officer wanted in Italy for kidnapping | intelNews.org
David Petraeus Scandal: Pentagon Considers Demoting Former CIA Director


When The People In Charge Of U.S. Cybersecurity Get Hacked : NPR
Scary questions in Ukraine energy grid hack January 18
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Oil and Markets

IEA says oil market to remain oversupplied until late 2016 | Reuters
Oil: who are the world's biggest market players? - Telegraph
Iran to Boost Oil Output by 500,000 Barrels - ABC News
Oil price steadies after falling below $28 a barrel - BBC News
Oil Drops Below $28 Per Barrel As Iranian Supplies Enter Market