Saturday, January 30, 2016

Syria Kurds leave Geneva without peace talks invites: sources | NATO - News: Statement by the NATO Secretary General on Russian air space violation, 30-Jan.-2016 | Welcome to the Age of the Commando - | Judge rules FBI unlawfully refused to comply with information act requests | US news | The Guardian

Раз, два, три, четыре, пять 
Вышел Zika погулять...

One, two, three, and four, and five 
Zika came, to shock and thrive... 


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Welcome to the Age of the Commando -

Judge rules FBI unlawfully refused to comply with information act requests | US news | The Guardian

The FBI unlawfully and systematically obscured and refused to answer legitimate requests for information about how well it was complying with the Freedom of Information Act (Foia), a Washington, DC court found last week.
US district judge Randolph D Moss ruled in favor of MIT PhD student Ryan Shapiro, finding that the government was flouting Foia, a law intended to guarantee the public access to government records unless they fall into a protected category. Moss found that the FBI’s present policy is “fundamentally at odds with the statute”... 
Shapiro and his fellow plaintiffs contended that the government often acts in bad faith and was trying to shield itself from scrutiny as broadly as possible. In doing so, they said, it had stretched the law to breaking point by including harmless documents in the broad categories of material it refuses to hand over or discuss.
“As the plaintiffs correctly observe, dissatisfied Foia requesters are often required to take the government at its word in Foia litigation, where the government has access to the disputed records and knowledge of how a search and response was conducted,” wrote Moss in a 63-page opinion.
“The FBI does nearly everything within its power to avoid compliance with the Freedom of Information Act,” Shapiro told the Guardian. “This results in the outrageous state of affairs in which the leading federal law enforcement agency in the country is in routine and often flagrant violation of federal law.”
...Despite multiple emails, the Justice Department did not respond with comment on the ruling by press time.

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Female Shark Devours Male In Aquarium Turf War

A female sand tiger shark devoured a smaller male shark
A female sand tiger shark devoured a smaller male shark in its tank at the COEX Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: Getty Images)
In case the sight wasn't shocking enough, the aquarium said that the deceased shark's tail will most likely remain hanging there for around four or five days. But the female shark will be unable to fully digest her conquest, and will eventually regurgitate it up about a week later, Reuters reported.

M.N.: It is a shark-eat-shark world, (in the aquarium)... 

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Italy captures two fugitive mafia bosses hiding in bunker
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Forgetting Castro's Crimes

Middle East and Asia

Syria Kurds leave Geneva without peace talks invites: sources
Syria's Kurds leave Geneva after...
Syrian opposition's Manna says no peace talks without Kurds - Breaking News - Jerusalem Post
kurds - Google Search
Syrian opposition delegation arrives in Geneva - The Washington Post
NATO - News: Statement by the NATO Secretary General on Russian air space violation, 30-Jan.-2016
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Russia and Eurasia

Putin is the New Brezhnev |
Путин и ближайшее будущее российской экономики
Russia's Yabloko Party Open To Coalition With Parnas
Известный американский философ объяснил, почему «путинизм» обречен на провал | Экономические известия
Kazakh police detain businessman with close ties to Russia | Reuters
На Одесчине количество умерших от осложнений свиного гриппа возросло до 33 человек : Новости УНИАН

"In strategic terms, the BBG is losing the information war, as former BBG member and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out in 2013... " - New BBG CEO John Lansing is having a positive impact, but is it enough? - BBG Watch

Critics believe that the BBG has to be significantly transformed through legislation to have a winning strategy against ISIS and propaganda from countries like Russia... 

In strategic terms, the BBG is losing the information war, as former BBG member and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out in 2013... 

Congressional Sources Suspect Lobbying By BBG
Congressional sources told BBG Watch that the BBG is spending a lot of time on the Hill these days trying to convince Senate members to reject H.R.2323. They see new BBG CEO and Director John Lansing as leading the charge, at the direction of BBG Chairman Jeff Shell. For a U.S. government agency which by law is required to stay completely above domestic politics, John Lansing and other BBG officials are targeting Senate Democrats in particular, congressional sources told BBG Watch. However, when John Lansing approaches Republican Senators in his lobbying efforts against H.R. 2323, he reportedly is assisted former U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker who is one of BBG board’s Republican members.
Congressional sources told BBG Watch that the message some BBG officials are now circulating is that they would rather have no bill at all than H.R. 2323.
“It’s an interesting position to take since it not only contradicts what BBG Chairman Jeff Shell has said previously, but it also suggests that the status quo at the agency is working,” one senior congressional staffer told BBG Watch on the condition that his name not be used... 
Congress is likely to view a rejection of the bipartisan legislation as an indication that compromise with the Obama Administration is not possible and therefore more partisan and more dramatic action should be taken. Any subsequent legislation will not make additional concessions to the BBG leadership; if anything, there will be a roll back of concessions already made, a senior congressional staffer told BBG Watch.
“BBG leadership’s actions here are quite sad,” is the feeling among House Foreign Affairs Committee members. Essentially they’re saying they want it their way or not at all… “they’re taking their ball and going home,” a congressional source told us... 
“The current BBG anti-legislation strategy is also short sighted. The Obama Administration is over in less than a year. John Lansing may be out. Jeff Shell (and others) are already serving on expired terms and they’ll be out too. If the BBG Board thinks it can permanently stymy legislative reform, it’s mistaken. At best, the BBG can postpone legislative reform for one more year. Congress is committed to reform and will not be deterred by petty politics; it’s too important to our nation.”... 
A senior congressional staffer said that members will be determined more than ever to scrutinize closely the agency’s budgets and to force through major reforms sooner or later... 
As a result of years of mismanagement by BBG and IBB, neither VOA nor RFE/RL have enough experienced journalists or a winning strategy for dealing with Kremlin propaganda and many other pressing problems, but some individual journalists are still capable of producing outstanding work. Unfortunately, both VOA and to some degree RFE/RL have lost much of their former prestige and impact. Online audience engagement for program content fulfilling the mission is low due to a series of management mistakes and wasteful spending under BBG.
Individual VOA language services and broadcasters, however, are trying hard to achieve impact despite all odds.