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6/12/2016 - Omar Mateen and Orlando shootings - 6.23.16 Links Update

6/12/2016 - Omar Mateen and Orlando shootings - 6.23.16 Links Update

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orlando shooting - Google Search
Orlando shooting investigation - Google Search
Omar Mateen - Google Search
omar mateen visited United Arab Emirates - Google Search
Orlando Gunman Apparently Searched...
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Updates - Articles

6.23.16 - Orlando

Mateen altered looks, researched anti-psychotic drugs before attack: acquaintance | Reuters
Video of Orlando attack shows shooter firing at those already wounded - The Washington Post
Gun club urging LGBT people to arm themselves triples in size after Orlando | US news | The Guardian


Orlando shooting: Man who says he was Omar Mateen's gay lover speaks out - CBS News
Orlando Shooter’s Reported Male Lover Says He’s Been Questioned By FBI - BuzzFeed News
Omar Mateen's 'gay lover' claims Orlando shooting was revenge against HIV-positive partner
Omar Mateen gay lover: It was revenge for being tricked into HIV threesome - Scallywag and Vagabond
Orlando shooter's alleged lover says attack was out of revenge - International - Jerusalem Post
FBI looking into plane tickets Orlando shooter Mateen bought before massacre | Fox News
Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Purchased Plane Tickets for After Shooting: Official - NBC News
Obama admin admits they lost track of Orlando terrorists wife – you can’t make this stuff up! | BizPac Review
Blog: Unbelievable! AG Lynch admits she has lost track of Orlando shooter’s wife
Pakistan-born American says he reported Omar Mateen to FBI - World - Dunya News
Orlando nightclub massacre: Friend...
Omar Mateen timeline: What led up to...
After Orlando, Senate rejects plan to allow FBI Web searches without court order - The Washington Post


Mom who saved son in Orlando shooting laid to rest
LGBT gun rights group sees membership skyrocket after Orlando shooting
Document Reveals Omar Mateen's Father Tied to Radical Islamist Groups - Breitbart
FBI reversed initial decision to redact ISIS mentions from Orlando 911 transcript - The Washington Post
Orlando Police Defend Actions as Clock Ticked in Massacre - The New York Times
FBI Releases 'Chilling' Transcript of Mateen 911 Call
Omar Mateen described himself as 'Islamic soldier' in 911 calls to police | US news | The Guardian
Orlando Shooter Said He Wanted U.S. To Stop Bombing Islamic State
Omar Mateen reportedly bought nearly $9,000 worth of jewelry days before attack | Fox News
Everything you need to know about being gay in Muslim countries | World news | The Guardian
Can Saudi Arabia Win Silicon Valley Support For Its $120bn Reform Plan? - Forbes
UN chief to meet Saudi prince amid Yemen row - World - Dunya News
anton yelchin accident investigation - Google Search
Anton Yelchin Death: Authorities Investigating Possible Vehicle Defect - Hollywood Reporter
Jeep That Crushed Anton Yelchin Had Been Recalled - The New York Times


Orlando shooting investigation - Google Search
Senate Homeland Security Committee - Google Search
orlando senate investigation - Google Search
Mateen visited Disney Springs - Google Search
walt disney world - Google Search
walt disney world swan - Google Search
swan song - Google Search
CIA says no link found between Orlando shooter and terror group - Business Insider
How the Orlando shooting unfolded: 'He came in with the intent of evil' | US news | The Guardian
Orlando gunman vowed Islamic State loyalty in Facebook postings - U.S. - Stripes
Mateen's movements before the rampage - Google Search
Investigators say Orlando shooter sought out Islamic State propaganda, may have staked out Disney sites - LA Times
burglary at mateen home early Monday morning - Google Search
Orlando shooting: Break-in of Omar Mateen's home investigated |
burglary at mateen home - Google Search
FBI, Orlando police update on Pulse shooting investigation | Local News - WESH Home
Orlando shooting: What to know about investigation Wednesday |
Senate Committee wants FBI files on Orlando shooting gunman
FBI files on Orlando gunman Mateen - Google Search
FBI files on Mateen - Google Search
Omar Mateen appeared in 2012 documentary about the BP oil spill, CBS reports - LA Times
Orlando nightclub shooting - Google Search
Orlando nightclub shooting: What we know Tuesday evening
Senate Committee requests F.B.I 's records Of Omar Mateen Invest - WPSD Local 6: Your news, weather, and sports authority
The Orlando Shooting and Trying to Predict Violence | US News Opinion
Control and Fear: What Mass Killings and Domestic Violence Have in Common - The New York Times
'It is imperative we get this right,' FBI says of Orlando shooting investigation - LA Times
Few answers as Orlando shooting investigation moves into fourth day | Tampa Bay Times
Before Omar Mateen Committed Mass Murder, The FBI Tried To 'Lure' Him Into A Terror Plot | Alternet
What we still don’t know about the Orlando shooting rampage - The Washington Post
Orlando shooting: Omar Mateen driven by rage towards doors of gay nightclub -
American ISIS fighter praises Orlando gunman Omar Mateen and urges more 'lone wolf' attacks | Daily Mail Online
Orlando gunman said 'I did the shooting' in police call - BBC News
Orlando gunman phone transcripts released - BBC News
What we still don’t know about the Orlando shooting rampage - The Washington Post

Key Investigative Issues & Questions

Mentally Ill Not Responsible for Most Gun-Related Violence in US
5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting

Was there Omar - abu-Salha closeness and "suicide pact'?

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen had a conversation with suicide bomber, says friend | Daily Mail Online
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen had a...
Abu Salha brothers - Google Search
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: 6/12/2016 - Omar Mateen: Quotes and Questions for Investigations: Were Omar Mateen and Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha close friends (despite Matin's assertions to the contrary in the FBI interviews and their assessment of their ties as "casual")? Is Omar the same person whom abu-Salha described as "a friend" in his last video? Did abu-Salha stay in Omar's house when he was in Florida? Was there a "suicide pact" between them?
suicide pact - Google Search
suicide pacts in terrorism - Google Search
male suicide pacts in terrorism - Google Search
male suicide pacts in terrorism and latent homosexuality - Google Search
famous suicide pacts - Google Search
suicide pacts in history - Google Search
suicide pact stories - Google Search
couple suicide stories - Google Search
suicide pacts online - Google Search

Islam and Homosexuality

Love Jihad: Orlando and Gay Muslims - The New Yorker
The Muslim Silence on Gay Rights - The New York Times
Omar Mateen's clash of civilizations: Column

Islam as a culture and (latent) homosexuality

Suicidal Terrorism and Latent Homosexuality

Was Omar recruited while on Humra and in UAE in 2011-12?

NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: Was Omar recruited while on Humra and in UAE?
FBI probes two trips to Saudi Arabia within a year by ISIL shooter – World Tribune: Window on the Real World
Orlando Shooter Traveled to Saudi Arabia on Trip Organized By NYU Center - WSJ
6.13.16 - he apparently also visited the United Arab Emirates on one of the trips - UPDATE 1-Orlando shooter visited Saudi Arabia in 2011, 2012 -Saudi interior ministry | Reuters

Recruitments and Defections during Hajj and Umrah

Omar Mateen took two trips to Saudi Arabia, in 2011 and 2012 for pilgrimages, claimed to know Boston Marathon bombers and tried to buy military-grade body armor from store weeks before Orlando gay club massacre | Daily Mail Online
The Hadj: An American's Pilgrimage to Mecca: Michael Wolfe: 9780802135865: Books
isi recruitment hadj - Google Search
intelligence recruitment hadj - Google Search
intelligence recruitment efforts hadj - Google Search
saudi intelligence recruitment efforts hajj - Google Search
hajj - Google Search
hajj and intelligence recruitment - Google Search
Russian Hajj: Empire and the Pilgrimage to Mecca - Eileen Kane - Google Books
hajj and isi intelligence recruitment - Google Search
The Coming Balkan Caliphate: The Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West - Christopher Deliso - Google Books
hajj and russian intelligence recruitment - Google Search
intelligence recruitment efforts hajj - Google Search
intelligence recruitment hajj - Google Search
isi recruitment hajj - Google Search
isi hajj - Google Search
isi pakistan - Google Search

Were there "two or three shooters" as some claim in St Bernardino?

The truth behind your Orlando shooting hoaxes, theories and conspiracies - The Washington Post
2 or 3 shooters in St Bernardino - Google Search

What were the possible communication systems?

The False Flag of Cyber Jihad

Isis using Telegram to target US air bases in South Korea, intelligence agency warns - International Business Times UK
6.18.16 - False Flags: The Kremlin’s Hidden Cyber Hand | Observer
Hackers targeting Clinton aides struck across US - U.S. - Stripes
The Fertile Soil of Jihad: Terrorism's Prison Connection - Patrick T. Dunleavy - Google Books
United Cyber Caliphate - Google Search
jihad communication systems - Google Search
isis communication methods - Google Search
cyber caliphate encrypted platforms - Google Search
threema - Google Search
new cyber caliphate encrypted platforms - Google Search
cyber jihad - Google Search
ethnic and group-specific cryptography methods - Google Search
cyber wars - Google Search

The Major Players and their Connections

2016 Orlando nightclub shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FBI questions member of mosque attended by Orlando gunman | Reuters
orlando shooting - Google Search
Orlando shooting: ISIS says suspect...

6/12/2016 Russian Connection Hypothesis

Why Vladimir Putin's bad month is good news for US security | Fox News
Decades After Cold War's End, U.S.-Russia Espionage Rivalry Evolves : Parallels : NPR

Omar Mateen

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and wife Noor allegedly met other foreigners in 'conspiracy' | Daily Mail Online
Troubled. Quiet. Macho. Angry. The volatile life of the Orlando shooter. - The Washington Post
Everything We Know About Omar Mateen - Video -
Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Was Excellent Marksman - NBC News
Orlando shooting: Killer's behavior had long been an issue -
What we know about the Orlando killer now – and what we don’t know | US news | The Guardian
Orlando Gunman Apparently Searched Facebook During Attack - ABC News
Omar Mateen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Матин, Омар — Википедия
омар матин - Google Search
омар - Google Search
المتين - Google Translate
6.13.16 - boasting of mutual acquaintances with the Boston Marathon bombers - TheUnion |
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen 'cheered the terrorists on 9/11 and made plane noises | Daily Mail Online
Omar Mateen: From Early Promise to F.B.I. Surveillance - The New York Times
Omar Mateen told victims his attack was retaliation for America bombing Afghanistan - but 'black people would be spared'
Omar Mateen - Google Search
omar mateen and boston marathon bombers - Google Search
why did omar mateen change his last name? - Google Search
caulked definition - Google Search - (pent up)
pent up - Google Search
matée - Google Translate
when did omar mateen change his last name? - Google Search
6.18.16 - ‘Always Agitated. Always Mad’: Omar Mateen, According to Those Who Knew Him - The New York Times
Troubled. Quiet. Macho. Angry. The volatile life of the Orlando shooter. - The Washington Post
Omar Mateen, Orlando shooter, was born in NHP - The Island Now: News
The Latest: Gunman was radicalized...
The Latest: Orlando gunman to 911: 'I did the shootings'

The Afghani - Taliban - Paki - ISI - (China) Connection

India News, Latest Sports, Bollywood, World, Business & Politics News - Times of India
Dailytimes | 117 militants killed in fresh military operations in Afghanistan
Dailytimes | A new vision for Pakistan and Afghanistan
times of pakistan - Google Search
Mass deportation threat raises stakes in U.S.-Pakistan spat - Chicago Tribune

Mir Seddique

Omar Mateen father - Google Search
Mir Seddique - Google Search
Mir Seddique background - Google Search
mir seddique afghanistan - Google Search
mir seddique afghanistan pakistan - Google Search
Mir Siddique - Google Search
What to Know About Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Father, Seddique Mir Mateen
Orlando shooting gunman Omar Mateen father Seddique Mateen a Taliban supporter says God will punish gays - CBS News
Omar Mateen's father is running for Afghanistan president and supports Taliban | Daily Mail Online
Seddique Mateen candidacy announcement for President of Afghanistan_B (5.23.2015 Part 3 of 3) - YouTube
Who is Mir Seddique the father of Omar Mateen? - The DENISE SIMON EXPERIENCE Blog
Mir Seddique, Omar Mateen’s Father: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
Father of Orlando shooter hosted TV show, was critical of Pakistan and ISI - Times of India
Seddique Mir Mateen: I wanted Omar Mateen "to be servant of the United States" - CBS News
Terrorist Seddique Mir Mateen Still Free | Live Trading News
Seddique Mir Mateen, Omar Mateen’s Father, has very odd political views.
Father of Orlando shooter hosted political show on Afghan-Pakistan issues | Reuters


The Orlando “Rabbit Hole” Comes Out Somewhere In Afghanistan | ThereAreNoSunglasses

The Modi visit 6.6-8.16

6.6-8.16 - Why Narendra Modi is in Washington... again -
modi visit to usa 2016 - Google Search

Mateen's mother, Shahla Mateen

Orlando Shooting Omar Mateen Mother Shahla Mateen Domestic Violence Arrest Mugshot | Radar Online
Mateen's mother, Shahla Mateen - Google Search
shahla mateen - Google Search

Extended Family

The Unhinged Home that Raised Orlando Killer Omar Mateen - The Daily Beast

Turning over the share of the house

Document: Omar Mateen Gave House to Relatives for $10 — Wife Noor Salman Witnessed Transfer - Breitbart
Orlando gunman had turned over share of house to relatives for $10 | Fox News
Orlando killer gave sister his house 2 months before shooting | New York Post
Mustafa Abasin, Omar Mateen’s Brother-In-Law: 5 Facts |
Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's brother-in-law REFUSES to say if he knew about terror plot | Daily Mail Online
Mustafa Abasin - Google Search
Mariam’s husband, Masood Khan - Google Search
Masood Khan from dubai, omar mateen - Google Search

Other relatives, friends, associates

The Community

Orlando Gunman’s Alleged Inspiration—Former CIA Covert Operator, Marcus Robertson | ThereAreNoSunglasses

The Uzbek Connection

chechen and uzbek mafia - Google Search
uzbekistan military intelligence services and ruslan sadullayev - Google Search
Natasha Barch and Vadim Stolz. Obama and the Intelligence Cabal
uzbekistan snb - Google Search
Tashkent clan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
uzbekistan gru - Google Search

Sitora Yusufiy

Sitora Yusufiy - Google Search
FBI Told Orlando Shooter's Wife Not To Tell US Media He Was Gay
Ситора Алишерзода Юсуфий - Google Search
ситора юсупова - Google Search
Гей клубдаги 50 кишини ўлдирган қотилнинг хотини ўзбекистонлик бўлган
Ситора Алишерзода - Google Search
(61) Sitora Yusupova - Facebook Search
ситора алишеровна юсуфи - Google Search
Sitora Yusufiy, Omar Mateen’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - Long Room
Marco Dias and citora - Google Search
Ex-wife’s bombshell claim: Club shooter was gay | New York Post
gru in brasil - Google Search
институт военных переводчиков - Google Search
институт военных переводчиков ташкент - Google Search
День военного переводчика - Энциклопедия переводчика

The Uzbek terrorism

uzbek terrorism - Google Search
uzbek terrorist - Google Search
uzbek terrorist group - Google Search
uzbek terrorist in usa - Google Search
uzbek terrorist in new york - Google Search
uzbek community in usa - Google Search
uzbeks in america - Google Search
uzbekistan intelligence services - Google Search
uzbekistan military intelligence services - Google Search
uzbekistan military intelligence services sadullayev - Google Search
uzbekistan military intelligence services sadullah - Google Search

Middle East, Dubai, Al Nusra - ISIS - Al Qaeda Connection

How Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam
US Efforts Doing Little to Dent Islamic State's Global Reach
baghdadi - Google Search
IS operative wanted to rig Time's poll, make Baghdadi 'Person of the Year' - Times of India

Moner Mohammad Abu Salha Connection

Moner Mohammad Abu Salha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Moner Mohammad Abu Salha - Google Search
8.28.14 - Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, American Suicide Bomber, Says He Was Being Watched By FBI In US
Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha - YouTube
Inside the mind of a terrorist: Moner Mohammad AbuSalha (Abu Hurayrah al-Amriki) - YouTube
Intel Analyst - YouTube
Video shows U.S. jihadist burning his passport in Syria - Al Arabiya English
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen investigated twice by FBI | WPEC
From Florida Boy to Alleged Suicide Bomber in Syria - WSJ

Travels to SA & UAE - 2011-12

omar mateen visited United Arab Emirates - Google Search
Mateen's twin trips to Saudi Arabia raise suspicions | Fox News
Omar Mateen traveled to Saudi, UAE Umrah - Business Insider
Orlando gunman went on Saudi pilgrimages: ministry | Daily Mail Online
Orlando Terrorist Allegedly Traveled to Saudi Arabia, UAE - Breitbart
Florida terrorist Mateen visited Saudi Arabia for Umrah 2 times - Saudi Gazette
dubai as intelligence hub - Google Search
dubai intelligence agency - Google Search
Ahmad Shuja Pasha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha - Google Search
Former ISI Chief Pasha Now Coordinating Spy Works for Emir of UAE | ThereAreNoSunglasses

Al Nusra and other groups

6.18.16 - Syria rebels kill seven in Aleppo assault, capture three villages: monitor | Reuters
al nusra - Google Search
Al-Nusra Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Nusra Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nusra Front: Al Qaeda’s Affiliate in Syria | Wilson Center
al nusra russians - Google Search
Russian Supreme Court Declares IS, Jabhat Al-Nusra Terrorist Organizations
10,000 Al-Nusra militants surrounding Aleppo, plan to blockade the city – Russian military — RT News
Начальник российского Генштаба встретился с главнокомандующим вооруженными силами Индонезии : Министерство обороны Российской Федерации
10.13.15 - Syria's al-Nusra calls on jihadists in Caucasus to attack Russian civilians and soldiers - Telegraph
2015 Bamako hotel attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2016 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Nusra Front | World eBook Library - eBooks | Read eBooks online
al-Nusra Front – LLL – Live And Let Live
al nusra russians - Google Search
US to Target al-Nusra Front
Latin American Herald Tribune - At Least 70 Killed in Clashes between Syrian Regime, Al-Nusra Front in Aleppo
Jabhat al-Nusra at Crossroads
New Alliance Could Spell Disaster For ISIS | The Daily Caller
Jabhat al-Nusra | Mapping Militant Organizations
Al Qaeda is planning an emirate in Syria - Business Insider
Al-Nusra Front News, Photos and Videos - ABC News

Abu Mohammad al-Julani

Abu Mohammad al-Julani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
abou mohammad al jolani - Google Search
Elusive Al-Qaeda leader in Syria stays in shadows | The Times of Israel
Jihadism « pietervanostaeyen
al golani interview - Google Search
[FULL] Interview Al Jazeera with Syaikh Abu Muhammad al Jaulani (27 Mei 2015) - YouTube
In al-Nusra Front's Syria, no room for religious minorities | The Times of Israel
Who's who in the Nusra Front?
"Joulani" medical student and family Adalbah born in Deir al-Zour .. | Syrian Press Center
Abu Mohammad al-Julani russian accent - Google Search

The Arabic and its accents

Classical Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Modern Standard Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Varieties of Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Levantine Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Qaeda leader in Syria speaks to Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera English
Which Dialect of Arabic Should You Learn?
Does anyone in the world speak Standard Classical Arabic natively, or does each Arabic country have a dialect? | Yahoo Answers
Who speaks classical arabic? - Google Search
classical arabic with syrian accent - Google Search
classical arabic with syrian-russian accent - Google Search
classical arabic with russian accent - Google Search
arabic dialects comparison - Google Search

Russian Sources

Фронт ан-Нусра — Википедия
Против кого воюет «Джабхат ан-Нусра» — ячейка «Аль-Каиды» в Сирии: Политика: Мир:
СМИ: Лидер «Джабхат ан-нусры» заявил о планах Эрдогана усилить ДАИШ | Блог Алексей Кулаков | КОНТ
Сирия. Часть из интервью Абу Мухаммада аль-Джулани | newsmirislamic
Гибель аль-Джулани - Эль Мюрид
Предводитель Джабхат ан-Нусра. История человека-загадки – Page 2 – PostSkriptum
☭Олимпийский мишка on Twitter: "Абу Мухаммад Аль-Джулани лидер Аль Нусра в свободное от Джихада время. Были новости, что убит."
ал нусра - Google Search
абу мухаммад аль-джулани - Google Search
абу мухаммад аль-джулани биография - Google Search
абу мухаммед аль-джулани – PostSkriptum

Timing: al nusra russian proposal

al nusra russian proposal - Google Search
al nusra Shoigu proposal - Google Search
Will al-Nusra Front declare an ‘Islamic emirate’ in Syria? | Al Bawaba

Saudi's visit 6.14-18.16

saudi - Google Search
Saudi deputy crown prince meets President Obama
Obama hosts Saudi deputy crown prince |
Saudi Blackmail at the U.N. - The New York Times
US observers hail Saudi deputy crown prince visit to Washington - Al Arabiya English
Saudi Prince Meets with Obama, Top Officials
U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels - The New York Times
6.14-18.16 - Saudi Prince Making His Pitch From Silicon Valley to Manhattan - Bloomberg
yemen war - Google Search

The Palestininan - Jordanian Connection

Noor Zahi Salman

Noor Zahi Salman - Google Search
Omar Mateen second wife - Google Search
Former Teacher: Orlando Nightclub Gunman's Wife Had 'Difficulty' Understanding Things - ABC News
Who is Noor Zahi Salman, wife of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen? - The Washington Post
Everything Known About Noor Zahi Salman, the Wife of Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen - The Daily Beast
Orlando massacre: Shooter's wife has Bay Area roots, family still lives here - San Jose Mercury News
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen's wife is seen for the first time since attack | Daily Mail Online
6.14.16 - Noor Matten is of of Palestinian origin - Who is Noor (Salman) Mateen, wife of Orlando mass shooter? | WFTV
Orlando shooting: Gunman Omar Mateen's wife 'tried to talk him out of attack and could face criminal charges'
After F.B.I.’s Inquiry Into Omar Mateen, a Focus on What Else Could Be Done - The New York Times
Wife of Orlando shooter could soon face charges: source | Reuters
Omar Mateen's wife may be charged if she knew he was planning Orlando shooting | US news | The Guardian
Orlando shooter texted wife during attack, source says -
Noor Zahi Salman: Everything You're Hearing About Me Is a Lie--Updated
Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Bought $9,000 Worth of Jewelry Days Before Shooting - ABC News

Investigative Agencies and Orlando shooting - 2016

FBI and Orlando

fbi orlando - Google Search
fbi and kgb rivalry - Google Search
fbi and fsb rivalry - Google Search
fbi and gru rivalry - Google Search
How did the FBI miss Omar Mateen? - Chicago Tribune
Graham: 'If FBI File Was Kept Open, We Could Have Prevented Orlando Attack' | Fox News Insider
Following Orlando, could more FBI money stop shooters like Omar Mateen? | McClatchy DC
The FBI’s Growing Surveillance Gap - POLITICO Magazine
Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Paul Wysopal - Google Search
FBI — Paul Wysopal Named Special Agent in Charge of Tampa Division
FBI director: Orlando shooting probe also looks ‘backward’ into agency files on shooter - The Washington Post
Orlando shows how terror is evolving. Can FBI keep up? -
FBI comes under scrutiny again after dropping investigation of Orlando shooter - The Washington Post

Timing: on the wave of FBI criticism

F.B.I. Steps Up Use of Stings in ISIS Cases - The New York Times
fbi manufactured terrorism - Google Search
the fbi's manufactured war on terrorism - Google Search
Why Didn’t the FBI Stop Omar Mateen? - POLITICO Magazine
The FBI’s failure in Orlando - Opinion - Jerusalem Post
Orlando shootings are why we need...
John Guandolo - Google Search
Questions Surround FBI's Closing Of Prior Orlando Shooter Investigations : NPR
The FBI tried to ‘lure’ Omar Mateen into a terror plot before he committed mass murder in Orlando
Justice Dept. reverses course on redacting transcript of Orlando gunman
FBI gives update on Orlando Shooting, releases partial 911 transcripts |
FBI Director Warns Bureau to Brace For 'Second-Guessing' After Orlando Massacre - ABC News
fbi trainin manual islam - Google Search
Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal FBI Training Curricula Purged of Material Deemed “Offensive” to Muslims - Judicial Watch
preposterous paul rian - Google Search
Ryan rips 'preposterous' ISIS redaction from shooter transcript | TheHill
radical islam - Google Search
How Obama’s blackout on ‘radical Islam’ leads to dots going unconnected | New York Post
FBI Probes Orlando Gunman’s Links to Terror Group as Clinton, Trump Spar - Bloomberg Politics
ornaldo where the leads will take us, no stone unturned Paul Wysopal - Google Search
ornaldo where the leads will take us Paul Wysopal - Google Search
ornaldo where the leads will take us - Google Search

CIA and Ornaldo investigation

cia and ornaldo investigation - Google Search
CIA Director John Brennan Says Non-US...
CIA Director John Brennan Says Non-US Encryption Is 'Theoretical' | Techdirt

CIA - 6.17.16

CIA director: US hasn't been able to curb IS global reach - TheUnion |
ISIS going for guerilla tactics: CIA...
C.I.A. warns congress of Islamic...
Confused about the US response to Isis in Syria? Look to the CIA's relationship with Saudi Arabia | Voices | The Independent
john brennan - Google Search
5.23.16 - The CIA's massive reorganization continues under the radar: The Brennan plan | TribLIVE
CIA Director John Brennan: ‘No evidence’ Saudis supported 9/11 - NY Daily News
CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia - SWI
CIA veteran John Brennan has transformed U.S. counterterrorism policy - The Washington Post

DHS and Orlando

DHS whistleblower: Orlando terror linked to San Bernardino

Articles by dates

6.13.16 M

Omar Mateen: From Early Promise to F.B.I. Surveillance - The New York Times
Was Orlando Shooter Really Acting for ISIS? For ISIS, It’s All the Same - The New York Times
Was Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen directed by Isis? | US news | The Guardian
ISIS Radio Calls Orlando Shooter ‘Soldier of Caliphate of America’
U.S. authorities probe whether anyone helped gunman in nightclub rampage | Reuters
Orlando shooter's father often travels to California to film politics show on the Payam-e-Afghan network - LA Times
Shooter Omar Mateen’s father says he’s saddened by massacre, calls gunman ‘a good son’ - The Washington Post
Omar Mateen: Portrait of Orlando Pulse nightclub mass shooter | Miami Herald
Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen 'Cool and Calm' During Negotiations - NBC News
Drag Queen: Anti-Gay Terrorist Omar Mateen Was My Friend - The Daily Beast
As Mass Shootings Plague US, Survivors Mourn Lack of Change - ABC News
Russia Quietly Strips Emigres of Dual Citizenship - World –
Orlando and Trump’s America - The New York Times
groundswell definition - Google Search
to strut his stuff - Google Search
Supreme Court bars Puerto Rico from adopting its own bankruptcy measures - The Washington Post
meeting of all of the world’s Orthodox churches - Google Search
Russia suggests postponing historical all-Orthodox meeting | Daily Mail Online
Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Scouted Disney World for Attacks :
Orlando terror attack live updates: FBI director says gunman once claimed to be member of Hezbollah - LA Times
Omar Mateen may not have understood the difference between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah - The Washington Post
FBI director defends investigations of Orlando club killer - NY Daily News
What we know about Omar Mateen's second wife, Noor Salman - NY Daily News
Disney World was scouted by Orlando gunman Omar Mateen as possible terror target
The latest: Israel stands with U.S. after nightclub attack | Newsday

6.12.16 Su

Mass Shootings in the U.S. - The New York Times
Police: Mass casualties after club shooting; shooter is dead - The Washington Post
Pulse gay club: Suspect in mass shooting dead, police say -
Mass shooting in Orlando LGBT nightclub: Multiple injuries, controlled explosion, gunman dead — RT News
The First Gay President? - The New York Times
Defense Secretary Seeks to Find and Keep Those With Key Expertise - The New York Times
In Albania — NATO member and U.S. ally — worries about the emergence of ISIS - The Washington Post
CIA chief: Saudi Arabia not linked to 9/11 attacks -
Breedlove: We need to talk to Russia about nuclear deescalation - Business Insider
Mass casualties in Florida nightclub shooting, gunman dead: police | Reuters
CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia | Reuters
new york pride 2016 - Google Search
new york pride 2016 dates - Google Search
Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting: What we know about suspected Orlando gunman Omar Mateen - CBS News
Omar Mateen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
READ: Official ISIS Statement on Orlando Terror Attack by Amaq News Agency |
Gunman Claiming Allegiance to ISIS Kills 50 at Orlando Nightclub - The New York Times
Omar Mateen | Wiki & Bio | Everipedia, the encyclopedia of everything
Jihad Denial Kills…Again | | Observer

Main Topics

Pre-6.12.16 Events

3-Days Prior To Orlando Massacre, ISIS Releases Palm Beach-Specific “Kill List” of 8000 Plus Names | ThereAreNoSunglasses
Police: Girl, 7, critically injured in Chicago shooting - Washington Times
U.S. Says Friendly Fire Killed Syrian Allies - WSJ
Russian Defense Minister In Tehran For Talks With Iranian, Syrian Counterparts
Syria TV: Twin explosions near Damascus, casualties reported | | Philippine News
Lawmakers: More US Pushback Needed Against Russian Aggression
Why Is Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Warming to Russia's Vladimir Putin?
Israel's Netanyahu frequents Russia as U.S. influence in Mideast recedes | Reuters
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The Death of Christina Grimmie

Death of Christina Grimmie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death of Christina Grimmie - Google Search
Man Who Shot Christina Grimmie, a Singer on ‘The Voice,’ Is Identified - The New York Times
Christina Grimmie Death: New Details Suggest Former ‘The Voice’ Star’s Killer Went To Great Lengths To Appeal To Her
Singer Christina Grimmie's killer 'came to confront her' - BBC News
Police: Grimmie shooting suspect 'travelled to Orlando' - BBC News
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"The Voice" and related post-6/12/2016 Events

Singer known from Mexico's 'The Voice' fatally shot in Chicago - Chicago Tribune
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Mexico 'Voice' singer Alejandro Fuentes shot in Chicago - BBC News

"Pulse" club location

Shooting at Orlando Nightclub Kills About 20, Police Say - The New York Times
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The Russian links in previous episodes

San Bernardino Massacre Russian Connection

San Bernardino Massacre Russian Connection - Google Search
mariya chernykh deported - Google Search
mariya chernykh deportation - Google Search
San Bernardino Massacre Russian Connection - Google Search
12.2.15 - 2015 San Bernardino attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boston bombing

Fort Hood shooting

11.5.09 - 2009 Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
November 5 - Day of military intelligence officer in Russia - Google Search
fort hood shooting - Google Search

Timing: Russian events and terror episodes

6.12.16 - Вручение Государственных премий Российской Федерации • Президент России
12.3.15 - Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly • President of Russia
Vladimir Putin at GRU headquarters in 2009 - Google Search
Military Reform In Russia Bypasses Military Intelligence | The Jamestown Foundation
November 2009 putin gru - Google Search
November 2009 putin - Google Search

Other episodes

List of Islamist terrorist attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mostar car bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Qaeda in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Post-6.12.16 Events

Deputies: 2 teens killed in shooting near Orlando | Fox News
6.17.16 - Deputies: 2 Teens Killed in Shooting Near Orlando - ABC News
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cia gates rammed june 2016 - Google Search
Man rams gate at CIA headquarters, says agency recruited him - WTOP
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘killed in US air strike in Raqqa’ | Daily Mail Online
Is ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?
Britain mourns murdered lawmaker; EU referendum campaign in limbo | Reuters
Pope Francis rejects donation from Argentinian president Mauricio Macri with 666 in sum
numerology 666 - Google Search
numerology - Google Search
russian orthodox church - Google Search
Orthodox Churches’ Council, Centuries in Making, Falters as Russia Exits - The New York Times
Russian Orthodox Church welcomes new papal envoy to Moscow : News Headlines | Catholic Culture
The Pan-Orthodox Council Must and Will Proceed | Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis and Paul L. Gavrilyuk | First Things
Ukrainian Orthodox Church Seeks to Cut Ties With Russia | News | The Moscow Times
John McCain: President Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando | MSNBC
Russian, Georgian Churches To Skip Historic Pan-Orthodox Meeting
Two-year-old boy dragged into water by alligator at Disney resort in Orlando - The Washington Post
Russian Patriarchate Employee Jailed For Being American Spy
Two French police killed in attack claimed by Islamic State | Reuters
Euro 2016: French police start process of deporting Russians over fan violence | Football | The Guardian
Euro 2016: notorious far-right activist at tournament with Russian FA delegation | Football | The Guardian
NATO Plan Would Strengthen Defenses Against Russia - The New York Times
orlando as a city od thugs and miscreants - Google Search
Florida state prosecutor suspended after smearing Orlando: ‘melting pot of miscreants and thugs’
The Other Planned Gay Massacre Avoided The Same Day For California Gay Pride Parade | ThereAreNoSunglasses
anton yelchin - Google Search
Anton Yelchin, actor who played...
Anton Yelchin Dead: ‘Star Trek’ & ‘Alpha Dog’ Actor Killed In Freak Car Accident - Hollywood Life
World Orthodox Leaders Meet Despite Russia's Absence - ABC News
TheUnion |
Anton Yelchin gay - Google Search
actors Anton Yelchin and Zachary Quinto | it's a gay gay gay world | Pinterest
House Homeland Security Chairman: 'Disturbing Flags' in Orlando Shooting Case - ABC News
Orlando Shooting Survivor Claps Back At Skeptics
Orlando shooting survivor was target of conspiracy theories - NY Daily News
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin, 27, killed in car accident - U.S. - Stripes
Anton Yelchin, ‘Star Trek’ Actor, Dies at 27 - The New York Times
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dead in freak accident | Fox News
Actor Anton Yelchin of 'Star Trek' killed in freak accident | Reuters
Pakistan, Afghanistan discuss border tensions after clashes - Middle East - Stripes
Mass deportation threat raises stakes in US-Pakistan spat - Middle East - Stripes

The "Lone Wolves" (are not always that lonely)

Wolf dens, not lone wolves, the norm in U.S. Islamic State plots | Reuters
Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth | New York Post

G4S and Private Security Firms

Doctor listed on psych-evaluation carried out on Omar Mateen by G4S says she never saw him and was not living in Florida at the time it was conducted | Daily Mail Online
Omar Mateen's employer gave him only one psych test with 'error' - NY Daily News
Psychologist who tested Mateen for security job did same for another killer | Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Security firm that employed Orlando shooter sees stock slide - The Washington Post
security companies - Google Search
top security companies - Google Search
30 Most Powerful Private Security Companies in the World - Security Degree Hub
g4s vs adt - Google Search
russian private security companies - Google Search
russian mafia and adt - Google Search
Friends of Ours: Russian Mafia
What Exactly Did the Company Omar Mateen Worked for Do? - The Atlantic
The Shady History Of The Private Security Firm Omar Mateen Worked For | ThinkProgress
Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times | Zero Hedge
Gunman’s Employer Dealt Another in a Series of Black Eyes - The New York Times

Political Repercussions

The Orlando Attack and Its Global Echoes - The New York Times
After Orlando, a Political Divide on Gay Rights Still Stands - The New York Times
Transcript: President Obama’s Remarks on ISIS After Orlando Mass Shooting
Obama: 'No Clear Evidence' Orlando Mass Killing Directed from Overseas
Read Donald Trump’s Speech on the Orlando Shooting | TIME

The "Radical Islam Issue"

Obama, Clinton scold Trump over proposed Muslim ban | Reuters
Obama Denounces Donald Trump for His ‘Dangerous’ Mind-Set - The New York Times
The Obama Doctrine: What the President Actually Thinks About Radical Islam - The Atlantic
Media Mislead About Mateen’s Motives
Flashback: FBI Training Manual Purged References to Islamic Terror - Breitbart

Orlando shooting - 2016 and Pres. Elections

Trump Pushes for More Intelligence Gathering After Orlando Shooting - ABC News
GOP’s Trump says US should consider profiling Muslims - The Washington Post

M. Flynn

michael flynn - Google Search
Out of Uniform and Into the Political Fray | Foreign Policy
Controversial Army general rumored to be on Trump's VP list
Michael Flynn: Clinton Is Surrounded By 'Sycophants' | The Daily Caller
Pro-Trump super PAC uses Orlando attack in new ad

Foreign Intelligence Services and American elections

Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump - The Washington Post
Not just the DNC: Five more hacks the West has tied to Russia - The Washington Post
Russian spies accessed Democratic computer network: Washington Post | Reuters
Donald Trump campaign hit by links to Pakistan’s ISI - Times of India
Hackers targeting presidential campaigns, intel chief claims - Washington Times
Foreign Intelligence Services Targeted 2008 Campaign, Officials Were Warned
The Intercept
NEWS: The World and Global Security Review: Foreign intelligence services extensively spied on the 2008 political campaigns in the US, intelligence officials informed incoming members of the Obama administration in a newly disclosed document entitled “Unlocking the Secrets: How to Use The Intelligence Community.” Jenna McLaughlin provides further details at The Intercept.
Foreign Intelligence Services and American elections - Google Search
Unlocking the Secrets: How to Use The Intelligence Community - Google Search
Foreign Intelligence Services Targeted 2008 Campaign - Google Search
Foreign Intelligence Services Target 2016 Campaign - Google Search
Intelligence Community News | Intelligence Careers
NSA head: Clinton server a 'priority' target for foreign agencies | TheHill
Hillary Gets Guccifered - WSJ
First on CNN: New campaign warns of espionage in wake of OPM breach -
Know the Risk - Raise Your Shield: Human Targeting - YouTube
Office of the Director of National Intelligence - YouTube
Democratic Chinese fundraising scandal - Google Search
katrina leung - Google Search

Disinformation and setting the agenda

The "Gay Issues"

Orlando shooting gunman Omar Mateen was gay, say ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy and friend | Daily Mail Online
Possible motives emerge in Orlando shooting - The Boston Globe
Orlando shooter described as regular at Pulse - NY Daily News
More Details Emerge About Omar Mateen, the Orlando Gunman - The Atlantic
Mateen's Father: '90 Percent, 95 Percent' Sure Son Wasn't Gay |
Being gay in America is still a radical act - The Washington Post

Other Relevant Topics

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
investigative journalism - Google Search
world investigative journalism - Google Search
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists | The World’s Best Cross-Border Investigative Team
Investigative Projects | International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
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Criminal Investigation: theory and process

criminal investigation - Google Search
criminal investigation process - Google Search
criminal investigation steps - Google Search
criminal investigation stages - Google Search
criminal investigation hypothesis - Google Search
Hypothesis Testing Crime Analysis
Criminal Investigation - Becker, Ronald F. Becker, Aric W. Dutelle - Google Books
terrorism investigation hypothesis - Google Search
Getting Inside the Terrorist Mind | RAND
terrorism investigation analysis - Google Search
theory of criminal investigation - Google Search
Police: Criminal Investigations – FREE Police: Criminal Investigations information | Find Police: Criminal Investigations research
criminal investigation leads - Google Search
investigative leads - Google Search
investigative leads definition - Google Search
Investigative leads
process of investigation - Google Search
investigative skills - Google Search
investigative skills definition - Google Search

Is Terrorism preventable?

terrorism is not preventable - Google Search
acts of terrorism might not be preventable in principle - Google Search
Jonathan Evans' terrorism speech - Telegraph
Jonathan Evans, Baron Evans of Weardale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
jonathan evans mi5 - Google Search
David Copeland 1999 - Google Search
David Copeland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
terrorism is not preventable Jonathan Evans - Google Search
The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism - Google Books
MI5 head warns of serious risk of UK terrorist attack - BBC News
How to Stop the Next Domestic Terrorist | TIME
NSA phone record collection does little to prevent terrorist attacks, group says - The Washington Post
terrorism and general sanation measures - Google Search
sanation - Google Search

Zombification and GRU

Incapacitating agent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kamikazes - Folie a deux - YouTube

Hypnosis and GRU

гипнотизер орнальдо - Google Search
ОРНАЛЬДО (СМИРНОВ) Николай Андреевич (1883 – ?) >
гипнотизер ссср - Google Search
Категория:Гипнотизёры СССР — Википедия
гипноз нквд - Google Search
Оккультные тайны НКВД И СС - Первушин Антон
Pervushin A. _t1-2_OKKUL'TNYE TAJNY NKVD I SS.pdf
Правда о зомби. Секретные проекты спецслужб - Юрий Фролов - Google Books
Силовой гипноз — Циклопедия
Гипноз.Из истории спецслужб. - НСНБР:Ключ реализации.Koenigsberg13.
силовой гипноз - Google Search
гипноз гру - Google Search
Силовой гипноз гру - Google Search
Использование спецслужбами криминальных элементов. Станислав Лекарев (Полковник ФСБ в отставке). Доклад на VIII международной конференции «КГБ: вчера, сегодня, завтра». 24-25 ноября 2000 года | Григорьянц Сергей Иванович

Induced Mental Illness and exacerbation of conflicts as a tool

Folie a deux

folie a deux - Google Search

Folie à plusieurs

Google Translate


Testosterone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
testosterone psychosis - Google Search
Psychotic reactions associated with natural testosterone booster products

Russian reactions

Russia Foreign Ministry Slams Homophobic Reaction To Orlando Shooting Despite Poor Record On Gay Rights
2015 San Bernardino attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Orlando massacre: ‘ISIS capitalizing on lone-wolf attacks inspired by terror propaganda’ — RT Op-Edge