Ex-spy claims Russia is blackmailing Donald Trump with an orgy sex tape
A former spy claims Russia has an orgy sex tape involving Trump (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

A veteran spy has claimed that Russia possess an ‘explosive’ sex tape of Donald Trump during an orgy.
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A former senior intelligence officer, who specialised in Russian counterintelligence, told Mother Jones he has provided the FBI with information gathered from Russian sources which contends the Russian Government has attempted for years to cultivate or compromise Donald Trump into an asset.
There are also rumours, not substantiated, that Russia has pretty hefty blackmail material on Trump.
Some have even suggested the FSB filmed Trump having an orgy:

Though given the content of the ‘grab women by the pussy’ tapes and the multiple allegations of assault, people on Twitter are doubting that even rumours of Trump being blackmailed by Russia over a group sex tape would do much to damage his campaign or deter his supporters.