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Mohammed and The Great Twin Peak Mountain

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I visited a supermarket today. The cashier, a beautiful, gorgeous, softly smiling Puerto Rican girl, very impressively and nicely shaped, with the word "Babe", emblazoned in large silver and gold specked letters atop her powerful, unbelievably moving (in all possible senses) Twin Peak Mountain, kept calling the store manager, for her own reasons: "Mohammed! Mohammed, come here!" But Mohammed, ever reluctant, failed to appear, to materialize, and to approach her, apparently for his own reasons, and despite her persistent and emotionally charged with urgency and evident necessity calls. He was nowhere in sight, although he was clearly visible just a minute ago. My sale did not go through, apparently also for its own reason, but I was able to detect this little glitch in this particular cause-and-effect relationship quickly: I simply forgot to push the right button, as it sometimes does happen to me. After this little operational correction, our sale did resume, and proceeded happily, to the mutual satisfaction of myself, the store, and also the bank involved. Mohammed, however, was still nowhere in sight. 
The man right behind me in line, the old (but not much older than myself), dignified, somewhat restrained and somewhat sad, placed his purchase on a conveyer belt: two plastic, transparent, medium sized bags filled with the cleaned walnuts. That's all he bought: these two packs of cleaned walnuts. "I don't need a bag", he said, in a calm and also somewhat sad voice, ringing with the echoes of the multitude of meanings and potential interpretations. "Who does?" I thought, and commented dispassionately, as if by the way: "If you don't need a bag, you have to push the right button." The nice old man left this remark of mine without the further response, but it was obvious that he did not disregard it and did not leave it without his attention. It simply was not within the scope of his duties to respond to some crazy comments of his fellow supermarket customer, who apparently looked somewhat crazier than on the statistical average, and definitely much crazier than his own dignified and sad self. 
"You and I are just two nuts, I recalled further. Two single nuts, same single shell", whatever it means, if anything. 
And Mohammed was still nowhere in sight. I do not know, what happened to this Mohammed: maybe he went to the bathroom, maybe he went on his regular prayer break, maybe he was simply ignoring this beautiful cashier-girl (although it was really hard to ignore the emotional appeal in her voice), or maybe he had his own reasons, unknown to the mankind, for his shy, avoiding and withdrawing behavior. 
This is the real story, I swear to Hashem, and I tried to tell it as truthfully as I possibly can, all the other factors of my obsessive tendency of sliding towards belle lettres, notwithstanding. 
This little real life story about this most meaningful (hypothetically), today's supermarket visit produced a little storm in my teapot of associations, which, as it also sometimes happens to me, I did put on a stove, but neglected to turn the stove on, in my associated absentmindedness. 

Tween Peaks vs. Twin Peaks vs. Tween Picks vs. psychological projection of the "sick old man" (not that old, really, and much younger than me) as the way of dealing with his own mad rage and many other psychological problems, including the misplaced sadism, and most importantly, the misconceived strategy and tactics? I had to consider this possibility, with all due respect and my most sincere sympathies for this otherwise very good, talented, warm, intelligent, very sincere, strong, and brave man. 
It only confirms my old impression, that we, the humans, are the creatures of our many paradoxes, and that this is the inalienable part of our nature. The truth is always very simple, and at the same time, very complex, and very often it is paradoxical, indeed. 
What will the Mountain do if Mohammed refuses to come to it? 
What will Mohammed do, if the Mountain refuses to come to him again, despite all his (Mohammed's) insurmountable attraction to, and at the same time aversion and the deep mistrust of the powers of The Twin and other Peaks? 
Maybe, Mohammed will start peaking into his tunnel shaped observation tube and will start considering all his options? Maybe, maybe not. 
Maybe the Great Twin Peak Mountain, irresistibly sexy, benevolent and wise, will lift Mohammed out of his eternal misery and will lovingly place him right into the middle, into its loving, maternal, life-giving bosom, just like King Kong did with that tiny little girl, winning her eternal love, admiration, and appreciation? Maybe, maybe not; hard to say. 
But: sweeter than any booze is your bosom, Lady, The Great Twin Peak Mountain. Even Booz Allen Hamilton knows this... 

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But if one peak of The Mountain starts digging under the other peak, trying to undermine it with the elaborate set of tunnels, in order to make all its decisions by itself, as it sees it, and as it sees it fit, it would be the worst case scenario, because these tunnels might undermine both of them, affect their foundations, and both of them might fall. That's how I see it through my own, which might look to some as also the tunnel shaped and crooked, but my own inner observation tube. 

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But maybe there is the third option: both the Mountain and Mohammed might start inching towards each other, in a slow Middle Eastern dance, under the excited accompaniment of tamburins and harmonicas by their neighbors and other Mountains. Maybe, if we try to push all the right buttons. In concert, or under its latest accompaniment. 
Is this an option? 

Mohammed and Mountain

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Or will he? 

Written by Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man (with lyrics) 

The Cannonball: The 12 Inch Period.

"HOUSTON, TX -- A man who fired several gunshots and barricaded himself inside of a Wendy’s restaurant Monday night, is in police custody.

Police were called to the 10000 block of Almeda Genoa Road at about 8:30 p.m. for a shooting." 

Key words: 
"HOUSTON... Wendy’s... 10000 block of Almeda Genoa Road". 

How stone! (What a stone you are!) We end dies... 100%... Al Me, da!  Gee, Noa!

Conclusion: The 12 Inch Hard Period. 
Sounds good. 

We-Maha (Not Ya-Maha) 
Thank you, Yossi, for educating me in these matters. 
I love you. We are friends. Remember this. 


Addendum: The many meanings of the word "Maha" 

1. As in Greek epithet: monomah meaning
Monomachos (Greek: Μονομάχος), or in Latin Monomachus, in Russian Monomakh, is a Greek epithet, meaning "he who fights alone" and "gladiator". It applies specifically to: Monomachos (Byzantine family), a family of Byzantine officials. ... Constantine IX Monomachos, Byzantine emperor (r. 1042–1055)

Monomachos - Wikipedia
If "Monomachos" represents a family name rather than a sobriquet (it means "single combatant"), Nicetas would be the first attested member of the Monomachos family, which rose to prominence in the 11th century, with several of its members becoming high-ranking functionaries, and which also produced an emperor, Constantine IX Monomachos (r. 1042–1055).[10]

Constantine's family name Monomachos ("one who fights alone") was inherited by his Kievan grandson, Vladimir II Monomakh.[1]

He was the son of Vsevolod I (married in 1046) and Anastasia, daughter of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, from whom Vladimir obtained his surname.[1] Contemporary Byzantine naming practice allowed the adoption of a maternal surname if the mother's family was perceived to be of a more exalted origin than that of the father.[2]
Eupraxia of Kiev, a half-sister of Vladimir, became notorious all over Europe for her divorce from the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV on the grounds that he had attempted a black mass on her naked body.

2. As a derivative of the original Hebrew word in Masonic rituals: maha meaning yiddish

"This is most commonly given as 'Mah-Hah-Bone', although there are variants such as Mahabon, Moabon and Machbenach (the latter two appearing in French rituals). This word is whispered in the candidate's ear when he is being raised (from the dead) by means of the Lion's Grip.

Albert Pike provides us with the Hebrew original of this word, MVABAVN and tells us that this means 'Moab On' or 'emanation of virile energy'. He doesn't tell us that the Hebrew word is valued at 756 and so equated with the Greek Εγειραι και περιπατει - 'Rise up and walk' (Acts 3,6):

Then Peter said, Silver and Gold have I none: but such as I have give I to thee: in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. 
And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.
And he leaping stood up, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

When the final letter is counted low AMVN takes a value of 97: this equates it with the final syllable in Mah-hah-Bone: this seems to be another hint that we are on the right track.

In Masonic ritual the Lost Master's Word is frequently explained to refer to 'The marrow of the bone'. This is interpreted to mean life-force or virile vigour - which is especially apt, as its value of 1520 equates it with both the fertile procreative energy of 'The Vernal Equinox' and the fertilising instrument Ο Ιθυς Φαλλος .

It is also worth pointing out that the Hebrew word for 'marrow' MCh is an anagram of ChM - Ham, the son of Noah. Ham represents the sun in Masonic ritual at the midheaven station. Notice too that 'Ham' is 'Mah' in reverse. The names of father and son are written NCh and ChM and have a combined value of 58 + 608 = 666. This is the supreme solar number. Their lower value of 58 + 48 = 106 is equal to the lower value of MVABAVN.

3. As girl's name: maha meaning

maha name meaning in english
Baby names meanings search results: The name Maha is a baby girl name. The name Maha comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Maha is: Resembling the moon.

Meaning of Maha - Muslim baby names

beautiful, kind, great fashion sense, and in love with all the wrong guys. keeps her relationships private. arabic for full moon . has beautiful, large eyes. loyal to her friends and true at heart. serious and mature when first met, hyper and life of party. referred to someone with a strong spirit. known to have a powerful connection with the supernatural and nature. can be weird but lovable. makes plenty of mistakes even though careful. forgives easily and can't hold grudges. A maha usually has a kind heart and a smile that lights up the world, but if you piss one off, she will kill you. Has uncanny love of music, brave and bold and takes a lot to bring down. A maha is smart but has her blonde moments. 

Means young deer in persian, and full/ cresent moon in latin

look there is a maha in the sky tonight. 
her eyes are so maha. 
she's so brave, definitely a maha

#latin #arabic #powerful #smart #mature

maha meaning in kabbalah

The Dictionary of the Esoteric: 3000 Entries on the Mystical and ...
Nevill Drury - 2004 - ‎Mysticism
The Magus represents the path from Binah to Kether in the KabbalahMaha Sanskrit term meaning"great". It has many applications. See also Mahabharata ...

M - Glossary - Etymology, Meaning and Definition of Spiritual and ...

(Sanskrit) The science of the Kabbalah with all its invocations, mathematical symbols and liturgy, which can be ... (Sanskrit; kappa in Pali) Maha means "great.

And so on, and so on...