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The Operation "Ire"

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The Operation "Ire

or the story of the wise and bold King 

A wicked man displays a bold face, 
But as for the upright, he makes his way sure.
Proverbs 21:29

"My heart is full of rage", said the King. 

"You put my sailors on their knees and humiliated them and my country, just like you did so many times before. I do not need any pretext to start a war with you. However, being a Christian and merciful King, a servant of Hashem and his son, and a follower of their rules, I give you three days to offer your most sincere and deepest apologies, standing on your knees and prostrating yourselves before me. If you do not do this, you and your minions will be destroyed, imprisoned, and sold into slavery; your houses of governance and houses of worship will be reduced to rubble, your daughters will be raped and your sons will be castrated and made into my slaves, working in my fields." 

He also gave the orders to his generals to conclude the new alliances needed for the war, to prepare the war plans in 10 days, and to start the war in 15 days. They called it The Operation "Ire". 

Being arrogant and over-self-assured, his enemies laughed at him and mocked him. 
The King started the war and did everything as he warned, planned, and promised. 
Whatever was left of the arrogant tribe, prostrated themselves before him and did not dare to move, drowning in their urine and excrements. 

The King established the new state for them, free from the oppressive, sick and irrational cult, from their primitive beliefs, and from their arrogant and evil priests. Soon after, the new state started to recover, awakened from its long nightmare, and became the most loyal and faithful ally to the King. 

He did the same thing in the next 15 days to another, neighboring with the first one state, which, however, pretended to be his friend, hiding their treachery, hatred, and their long historical hypocrisy behind their sweet smiles and lies. 

He carved out the new state for his true allies who fought for him and placed this new state in the very heart of this region, assuring its stability, loyalty, and prosperity for many future generations to come. 

His people rejoiced, overwhelmed with the feeling of freedom, after the long, wicked, arrogant oppression, and started to love and appreciate the King beyond belief. "Why no other King was able to perform this bold act of salvation before, even if we had the same strength", they wondered. "Because he is the true King, and because he truly loves and protects the people", they answered themselves. 

"And now, said the King to his domestic opponents, investigate me, prosecute me, put me on trial, and try to impeach me, if you so wish..." 

None of his opponents uttered a single word, and they just lowered their heads in a sign of contrition, consent, agreement, and respect for the King and for the will of their people, for all their opposition, and all their efforts were simply irrelevant now.  

After this brief but decisive and bold intervention which lasted just the first and one month of his rule, the King ruled his people wisely, fairly, lawfully, and happily for years to come, in ever increasing common prosperity and peace, because no envious enemies tried to interfere and to mess with them anymore. 

And he ruled indeed, the whole world, for no enemies, open or hidden, were left there anymore, and the old rivals were turned into the respectful allies, friends, and the fellow-travellers, observing the same laws and customs. 

And the name of this King had been written into the History Books, for the future generations to remember, to admire, and to learn. 

That's the story, and we should learn from it too. 

Michael Novakhov

PHOTO: Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater on Oct. 24, 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater 
on Oct. 24, 2016 in Tampa, Florida.