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Trump affair as the crisis of the Western Civilization: Updates On The Investigation Of The Foreign Interference In 2016 US Presidential Elections, Part 1: 3.31.17 and prior articles: When will you "cause a storm", Mr. Comey?! | The FBI "investigation" is indeed, "absurd", not because it is unjust or unjustified, but because it is grossly inadequate - by Michael Novakhov

Updates on the Investigation of Foreign Interference in 2016 US Presidential Elections  

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3.31.17 - The Latest 


M.N.: This article below: "Here’s why Comey may have stayed silent..." is a brief summary of the previously referenced, original, long and detailed but well worth reading article: 

"Why FBI Can’t Tell All on Trump, Russia - WhoWhatWhy"

which I think, might be based at least in part on the Russian sources (note the title of one of its sections in Russian: "Трамп и его деньги - Trump and his Money"). It is very interesting - thank you, guys; but does not really answer the question "why the FBI can't tell all...", which, if it is so, apparently still remains somewhat of a mystery. The FBI's stated goal of protecting the integrity of the ongoing investigation with the purposes, as I understand, to unravel everything to the end, and getting all the bad guys and their connections out, is not very convincing at this point and in these circumstances: what could be more important than protecting the integrity of the US government and assuring its optimal functioning? 

Hopefully, the FBI will be able to respond to the assertions made in this, longer article and to wrap up their investigation as soon as possible, in order to present it to the Senate Committee or to the Independent Commission, if it is created, in the open or the closed settings. 

No one will benefit (including the new Trump Administration) and nothing could be gained, in my opinion, from the protracted dysfunctional agony and the continuing uncertainties. I am sure that the FBI has the ability to protect their sources and assets without much of the protracted delays. Everything depends on them at this point: without the factual evidence (and we do not have much of it now), nothing can proceed. Is it possible to time the "storm" that Mr. Comey mentioned, and what is the purpose of timing it? This story does not have to turn into the "long national nightmare", it has to be resolved as quickly, as efficiently, and as painlessly as it is possible in these circumstances. 

FBI director James Comey during a House Intelligence Committee hearing (Screenshot) 
On Oct. 28, 2016, four months after declining to bring a case against former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for her use of an unsecured e-mail server during her time as secretary of state, FBI director James Comey wrote a stunning letter to members of Congress, informing the legislative branch that the bureau was investigating new documents pertinent to that investigation.
On Nov. 7, 2016—one day before the 2016 presidential election—the FBI director announced the bureau found nothing new in those documents. The following day Donald Trump, Clinton’s rival throughout the campaign, was elected president.
The circumstances surrounding Trump’s election cannot be singularly attributed to Comey’s revelation of an FBI probe into Clinton’s emails. But one thing is certain: when voters went to the polls on Election Day, they did so under the false narrative that only one of the candidates had been the subject of a criminal investigation. In fact, in July 2016, around the same time that Comey originally declined to bring charges against Clinton, the FBI began investigating the Trump campaign’s connection to Russian operatives actively trying to influence the U.S. election.
The stark difference between FBI director James Comey’s radio silence on the bureau’s continuing investigation into then-candidate Trump, and the director’s willingness to discuss the investigation into former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server raises serious questions—chief among them, why? What was behind the unwillingness to disclose an ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to the Russian government? 

According to a WhoWhatWhy exposé, published Thursday on AlterNet

the FBI declined to inform the U.S. public about ties between Trump and the Russian government for fear of exposing informants and “[jeopardizing] a long-running, ultra-sensitive operation targeting mobsters tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin — and to Trump.”
A two month-long investigation by the publication revealed that FBI agents likely feared exposing an ongoing operation against “an organized crime network headquartered in the former Soviet Union.” 

This Russian mob “is one of the Bureau’s top priorities,” spans several decades, and is intricately linked with associates of Trump and businesses the president owns.

As the report notes, federal officials were intent on protecting an FBI source—a convicted criminal with deep links to the organized crime network

—upon whom the bureau came to rely for information about this crime network. Some federal officials “were so involved in protecting this source” they later became a part of his personal defense counsel; upon his conviction government attorneys urged for “extreme leniency” toward this man.
The article further reveals that among the many details Comey was unable to discuss during his Mar. 20 testimony into the government’s investigation of Trump associates and Russian operatives was the fact that 

“for more than three decades the FBI has had Trump Tower in its sights,” monitoring its occupants’ deep ties to organized crime networks. According to the report, one former Trump Organization adviser, Felix Sater, fits the bill for the FBI’s source into the Russia-based crime ring. 

Sater, a Russian-born real estate developer, is a convicted felon; in 1998, he was charged in a massive $40 million stock fraud scheme involving members of the Genovese and Bonanno families. According to the Miami Herald, shortly thereafter, Sater “began spying for the CIA” and a “was able to track down a dozen Stinger missiles equipped with powerful tracking devices on the black market.” In return for buying the missiles, Sater avoided jail time. According to WhoWhatWhy, separate legal filings on Sater’s behalf indicate “he ‘reported daily’ to the FBI for many years.”
Sater later altered his public name to Satter and became a senior adviser for Bayrock Group LLC, a real-estate development company based in New York. Through his work with Bayrock, Stater worked on Trump SoHo, and was a senior advisor to Donald Trump and The Trump Organization beginning in 2006.
In 2009, Sater was formally sentenced in the racketeering case, and was asked to pay a $25,000 fine with no prison time. The Miami Herald notes that Sater also avoided paying the victims of his scheme, which given the scope of his conviction, is “mandatory under federal law.” 

Much of Sater’s background was sealed, preventing fellow investors and clients from learning about his criminal past. 

Civil lawsuits brought against Bayrock charge the company with “concealing Sater’s 1998 $40 million federal racketeering conviction, and subsequent 2009 sentencing.” As investors sought to reveal Sater’s criminal background. federal agents argued that exposing it would undermine national security. As the Miami Herald reports, at one hearing, the judge presiding the case said it had made it to the top levels “of a national law enforcement security agency. I should say agencies—plural.” The judge also dubbed Sater “John Doe” to “protect the life of the person.”
Fred Oberlander, an attorney who represented a former Bayrock employee, was provided access to highly sensitive documents involving Sater’s work as a government informant. According to WhoWhatWhy, on Feb. 10, 2012, the US Court of Appeals instructed Oberlander he could not “inform the legislative branch of the United States government what he knew about” Sater.

Oberander’s attorney Richard Lerner, in a statement to WhoWhatWhy, said his client being forbidden from speaking with Congress “may well be the first and only hyper-injunction in American history.” 

“If there are others who have been scared silent by judges who wish to nullify Congressional and public oversight, we may never know,” Lerner added. “That is frightening.”

3.31.17 - The Latest 





MARCH 30, 2017
Russian and 2016 Elections, Part 1 The Senate Intelligence Committee heard testimony from witnesses on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its capabilities to influence elections in other Western democracies. Clinton Watts, a former FBI special agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, detailed how he was hacked by Russia and how Russia was able to interfere in the 2016 elections through various online mechanisms. Other experts who testified cited other instances of Russian interference in democratic elections.

James Comey INSA Leadership Dinner FULL Speech and Q & A 3/29/17

Published on Mar 29, 2017
FBI Director James Comey spoke at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance Leadership Dinner earlier this evening and he did some reflecting on the past year.
“I’ve never been prouder of the FBI,” he said. “What makes it easy is we’re not on anybody’s side ever. We’re not considering whose ox’ll be gored by this action or that action… We just don’t care, and we can’t care.”
Comey spoke of the “hyper-partisan environment” in America right now and made mention of his recent testimony to members of Congress, saying that “they see facts as to how it will affect ‘my side.'”James Comey INSA Leadership Dinner FULL Speech and Q & A 3/29/17


The FBI "investigation" is indeed, "absurd", not because it is unjust or unjustified, but because it is grossly inadequate 

"The FBI director confirmed that the agency is investigating the ties between President Trump, who ran a largely self-funded presidential campaign, and the Russians." 

Absurd FBI investigations | Opinion

M.N.: Was it really self-funded? This is hard to believe, just like the claim that he spent twice less money on his campaign than Mrs. Clinton.

Was the hypothetical (at this point) possibility that it was funded by the Russian Intelligence, very likely by the Putin's personal intelligence service, Russian and International Mafia, and very possibly, and even very likely, by the German Intelligence services, adequately investigated? Was this possibility of the illegal cash funding, illegally delivered by the couriers-diplomats (later killed to cover the tracks), along with the messages-instructions, and also by the Mafia operatives, investigated fully, or at all?  With so many Russian mafia tenants living in the Trump Tower right below Trump's quarters and offices, it would be especially easy.

The Russians love cash, this is their preferred mode of the financial transactions, this way they are untraceable. For example, "the Trump SoHo project "was largely financed by illegally obtained cash from Russia and Eastern European sources, including money provided by known international financial criminals and organized crime racketeers," former prosecutor McCallion wrote on his blog in October. McCallion was an assistant U.S. attorney in New York from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s under presidents Carter and Reagan." McCallion's conclusions are: “It’s Russian-laundered money from people who operate under the good graces of President Putin.

If these people pull the plug on the Trump Organization, it would go down pretty quickly.”

Do trace the cash transactions in Trump's campaign. Did the FBI look into all of this?

Their "investigation" is indeed, "absurd", not because it is unjust or unjustified, but because it is grossly inadequate. 

This also raises the very important, although very painful and unpleasant question: How deeply is the FBI penetrated and infiltrated by the Russian, and also other foreign agents, and also by the Mafia agents and informants, their darlings, whom they apparently, willing to protect more than this country? My subjective opinion, whatever it is worth, is that deeply enough, and this penetration and infiltration were going on for quite a long time, probably from 1950-s.

Historically, the McCarthy Congressional hearings of the 1950-s, conducted by Roy Cohn, the Hoover's FBI informant and the renown and all-omnipotent Mafia lawyer and operator, and Mr. Trump's mentor, deserve the very close, objective, and dispassionate research and possible reassessment: they might have been provoked by the Soviet Intelligence services themselves, and Cohn might have been their witting or unwitting agent.

For a variety of reasons, we need the completely Independent Commission, Counsel, and the completely independent and robust investigation, not this absurd FBI actions and inactions, protected by the so convenient for them secrecy. And by now this is practically the universal impression and opinion.


The counterintelligence investigations, it was notably said, might last years (16 years, for example, in the case of 1985 losses).

Can the country afford to wait years before this particular investigation is fully completed and everything (the "myriad of business and personal connections") is fully unraveled? 

A lot of things might happen during the next few years that might jeopardize this investigation itself.

The paralyzing effect of this crisis on the proper functioning of the US government at home and abroad is obvious.

The purposes of the CI investigations is not so much to prove all its findings in court, which might be simply impossible in principle, but to recognize, to deal with, and to prevent the adverse effects, which in this case might be extraordinary and enormous. At the same time, the fairness and objectivity are the bedrocks of this society and culture. That's the dilemma.

The risks of the politicization and the skewed, subjective presentation of the damage assessment due to the "turf wars" and self-serving personal, agency, or departmental interests, and hiding it from the American public, mentioned in the same NYT article by James Risen, appear to be absolutely unacceptable, in this situation and in these circumstances particularly.

I would not trust the FBI with this investigation. They have to be investigated themselves, including the roles Giuliani, Kallstrom and others, the FBI New York office, and the FBI Retired Officers Association  - the infamous "CABAL", played in the Elections and their possible collusion with the Russians and the others.

Investigate the Trump "affair and operation" fully and to the utmost bottom, if you want America, as we know it, to survive.

This is not the question and issue of my personal ideological differences with Mr. Trump and his team's political positions; just the opposite, amazingly enough, I am practically in complete agreement with them on everything, from the "wall" and the immigration issues to foreign policies and the America's standing in the world. This is the matter of the absolute unacceptability of the stolen elections and any subversive influence on them in principle.

Investigate the Investigators (I scream about this for the last several years). Investigate the FBI and reform it! If your main Domestic Guardian is a fool, a traitor, or both, then there is nothing else for us left to do, but to fold our hands, lie down, and die.

And this what actually is happening, indeed: the adult white working class America continues to kill herself with the opioid addictions in staggering numbers: people cannot take the pain of seeing what is happening to them and to the country, they cannot deal with the "lack of hope": these are the "deaths of despair". The Trump Presidency did not bring the much hoped for relief, it brought the different but even more distressing set of issues and problems: the suspicions that the country was, in fact, taken over by the hostile and cunning foreign power, a long time competitor and rival. The opinion polls do register this sentiment.

The Obama nightmare was replaced by the Trump nightmare, and it cannot be excluded, that this chain of events was a part of the overall hostile design and pattern. Dick Cheney notably observed that the foreign interference in the 2016 Elections "in some quarters... could be considered an act of war." These are the manifestations of the overt and covert information and psychological warfare which translate eventually into the demographic warfare.

This crisis that we are witnessing is unprecedented, unimaginable, nightmarish, tragic-comic, maybe the most severe crisis of the Western Civilization in modern times, if you consider all the political and social implications of it.

And to the great extent, this crisis is the responsibility and the fault of the FBI, 

because they were not able to collect enough intelligence in time, to analyze it adequately and deeply, to act on it, to prognosticate and foresee what is going to happen and to prevent it.

And very possibly, the FBI investigators might have been covertly and overtly impeded in these efforts by the treachery in their own ranks, as it might also have happened in the previous investigations, large and small, and most notably and importantly in 9/11 investigation. And the worse things are yet to come if they do not look into and examine their internal problems and the ways they operate.

We have to realize that this is the invisible intelligence or "hybrid war" that is going on: vicious, devilish, ruthless; and there is a need to act accordingly. 

I still do have some hopes: definitely for America, definitely for the Law, and also for the FBI, and also for Mr. Trump. The truth is the solution, not so much in a moral but in a practical, pragmatic, and even in a "clinical" sense, if you will: as the "correct diagnosis". Even the good auto mechanics try to get at and achieve it. The diagnostic mistakes on the part of the intelligence and investigative agencies lead to the social disasters. All it takes to get it right is the good old-fashioned investigative work, careful assessment in the midst of uncertainties, and an open mind.

Because truth has intrinsic and self-standing value. It is not abstract, it is down to earth guidance and the lifeblood of the viable cultures. Truth serves as the corrective feedback mechanism of the bio-sociocultural systems and is one of the instruments of their survival.

"John Dewey... held that inquiry, whether scientific, technical, sociological, philosophical or cultural, [or, we might add: investigative, legal, political-forensic, etc. - M.N.] is self-corrective over time if openly submitted for testing by a community of inquirers in order to clarify, justify, refine and/or refute [emphasis is mine, here and below - M.N.] proposed truths... Dewey gave the following definition of inquiry:
Inquiry is the controlled or directed transformation of an indeterminate situation into one that is so determinate in its constituent distinctions and relations as to convert the elements of the original situation into a unified whole... The best definition of truth from the logical standpoint which is known to me is that by Peirce: "The opinion which is fated to be ultimately agreed to by all who investigate is what we mean by the truth..."

In other words, you do not need all the details and all the possible proofs. Combine the existing ones into "a unified whole", into a coherent pattern, into a convincing explanatory concept (which might be the only or the best solution for the attempts to understand the complex situations) which would provide the plausible explanation and/or working hypothesis that would appeal to the common sense of a common man. The corresponding and the relevant actions would be the next step.

The truth is a healing and a recovery.

Pragmatic theory of truth apparently corresponds closely with the notion of pattern analysis in counterintelligence that was addressed by Roy Godson in his book "Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards: U.S. Covert Action and Counterintelligence".

Do create the Independent Commission to conduct the adequate, in-depth inquiry of the foreign interference in the 2016 Presidential Elections (and, very importantly, to a certain degree, in the previous Elections which were the logical and direct historical antecedents of this crisis) and all the relevant and vital issues related to this subject, including the complex FBI role in it and the need for the FBI reform.

If we do not know these truths we will not learn from them, and America will remain vulnerable.

John 8:32-36: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…" 

Michael Novakhov



Trump tweets Russia probe 'hoax,'...

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Trump tweets Russia probe 'hoax,' rails against Clintons

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Amid ongoing questions about the involvement of his associates with Russian officials during the campaign and about the impartiality of the Republican congressman leading one of the probes into the matter, Donald Trump went on a twitter rant Monday ...

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Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant, calling out the House Intelligence Committee for not looking into former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ties to Russia. Related · Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Puts Jared ...

Trump's day in tweets: Monday, March 27

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The Russian Farce

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Trump: House panel should investigate Clinton, not me

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Washington (CNN) Amid an expanding chorus of questions about interaction between Russian officials and his own advisers during the presidential campaign, President Donald Trump resurfaced attacks in a set of tweets Monday night alleging improper ...
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Absurd FBI investigations | Opinion

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The FBI investigation into the alleged Trump-Russia collusion began in July, 2016, the exact same month that Trump secured the Republican nomination to be president. The timing alone raises serious questions about this monitoring.
The findings from Monday’s Congressional hearing show that the intel gathered from this monitoring was improperly handled — classified documents were leaked to the press, a felony. The FBI director confirmed that the agency is investigating the ties between President Trump, who ran a largely self-funded presidential campaign, and the Russians. The FBI director would not affirm whether they are investigating ties between Hillary Clinton and the Russians.
The Clinton Foundation reportedly accepted large and numerous donations from foreigners. Ms. Clinton, in one instance, while Secretary of State, possibly facilitated a company sale that allows the Russians access to roughly 20 percent of the U.S. production of Uranium. Uranium is used in the production of nuclear weapons. Foreign beneficiaries of this sale possibly donated more than $30 million to the Clinton Foundation in return. This Foundation has reportedly amassed over $2 billion during its existence.
A basic precept of criminal investigations is “follow the money.” Which one of these candidates, Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton, was accepting massive foreign donations? If the FBI is not also investigating the intelligence leaks of classified documents, and activities surrounding the Clinton Foundation, this would defy logic. It could suggest that intel agencies are being improperly used to attack a favored party’s political opponents. This would be absurd on its face, indicating the possible acts of a police state. So logically, they must be investigating both Mr. Trump’s and Ms. Clinton’s associations, right?
Malcom Farrow,