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The Snake Pit: 4.4 - 1.17: Congressman investigating alleged links between Trump and Russia says someone will “end up in jail” | Igor Sechin's involvement and role | Russian Spies Said to Have Tried to Recruit Businessman Who Later Advised Trump | FBI scrutinized by Congress over probe into alleged Russia-Trump link | Fox News | U.S. Ill-Prepared to Stop Widespread Russian Information Warfare | 4.3.17 - Senate better-equipped to probe Russia - Opinion - Stripes | 4.2.17 - FBI plans to create special unit to co-ordinate Russia probe - Financial Times - Updates on the Investigations of Foreign Interference in 2016 US Presidential Elections, Part 2: April 4-1, 2017 | 4.1.17 - The Current Predictions- by Michael Novakhov

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Updates on the 

Investigation of Foreign Interference in 2016 US Presidential Elections  

Part 1 - March 2017: 

Trump affair as the crisis of the Western Civilization: Updates On The Investigation Of The Foreign Interference In 2016 US Presidential Elections - When will you "cause a storm", Mr. Comey?! | The FBI "investigation" is indeed, "absurd", not because it is unjust or unjustified, but because it is grossly inadequate - by Michael Novakhov


Part 2 - April 2017

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My current working investigative hypothesis: 

"Trumpism" is the "social-political experiment" by the "Gang of Four": 

"Trumpism" as the "social experiment" and the "Gang of Four"

The engineered election of Donald Trump as the U.S. President is the joint operation of the German, Russian, and Israeli Intelligence Services with the major executive-operational role played by the Russian-Jewish Mafia at and as the head of the International Organized Crime - 
by Michael Novakhov - 4.2.17 




By Harlan Ullman: 
"No doubt the FSB has compiled dossiers on the two Stephens -- Bannon and Miller -- who appear to hold sway over much of President Donald Trump's thinking. That should make for interesting reading. Last weekend, the Washington Post ran a lengthy piece on Bannon's personal history, uncovering a man who combined secrecy and a vagabond existence with no clear permanent place of residence. And the new national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster has not been in place long enough to detect what his future policy recommendations may or may not be... 
As Putin gazes across the geostrategic landscape, what does he conclude? First, the seemingly monolithic cohesion of NATO and the EU is in tatters... 
Second, conditions in the Middle East and Persian Gulf are even riper for Russian engagement than before." 

"Sooner or later, someone needs to explain what Trump’s foreign policy is. But the secretary of state does not seem to understand his job...
At the moment there is no Trump foreign policy doctrine, no coherent explanation of the world as seen by the Trump team, and the broad outlines of their policy for dealing with it... 
For the moment, however, his [Tillerson's - M.N.] silence is as dismaying and depressing as the chirping of Trump’s tweets and the sound of Mr. Mulvaney pounding his unbemedalled chest." 

M.N.: Add to this the extraordinary closeness and the "friendship" with Igor Sechin, registered and affirmed by Mr. Tillerson's bemedalled by the Russian "order of Friendship" chest, and the issue becomes even more puzzling, complex and complicated than just simply his "diplomatic silence" or the inability or unwillingness to formulate the American foreign policy, and his silent acquiescence to the curtailing of the American "soft diplomatic power" in the world, which is such a long-time irritant to the Russians, and is so hated by them. The complex picture, indeed.  

FBI scrutinized by Congress over probe into alleged Russia-Trump link | Fox News

U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin
Rex Tillerson May Be in Hot Water Over ExxonMobil Emails | Civil Wars | US News
New York attorney general: Tillerson...


Other and Collateral Hypotheses: 


Image result for Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin with Vladimir Putin at a signing ceremony at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014. (Photo: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters)

Igor Sechin's involvement and role 

Is "Trump affair" an attempt by Igor Sechin to free Viktor Bout, as a part of the plan to obtain a Presidential pardon for him, for example? 
In this regard, did Sechin have anything to do with the mysterious death of Justice Scalia to influence the odds in Bout's favor in pending at that time Bout's appeal case in the Supreme Court? Is this a subplot of the main hypothesis (thus, they are not mutually exclusive), as formulated above? 
Sechin appears to be very heavily invested in freeing Bout, and the powers of Sechin are quite considerable, he would be perfectly able to pull off the "Trump affair" (especially if he was wittingly or unwittingly used by the other, larger players, as described above). 
Sechin's power share and the chances of succession to Putin appear to be significantly (if only illusorily and temporarily) enhanced by Trump's election which might imply some possible causal relations if this is viewed from the point of view of the power struggle for succession in Kremlin. 
If Sechin, among the others, is behind the management of the "Trump affair", it might explain, at least in part, its presentation as humiliating and demeaning for America spectacle ("you are the fools and sickies, and you are ruled by the fools and sickies"), as the way of venting his and others' rage and frustration. He is a philologist by education and his interest in languages might be expressed in the linguistic word games and messages included in the various accidents and in the "telling names". The Yerovinkin's murder and the alleged connections with Carter Page, despite his denials, also point in this direction. 
Sechin is of the great interest in this investigation and should be focused on intently. 
His role might have been "explored", in response to the recent posts in these blogs, and pointed to by the recent event: "Centralnaya (CIA), - Olginskaya: ol-al- ga-gi (gi-gi-gi...), ha, tanga(o) - Hatanga, Sechin is our underwater powerful drill... and you are the "lapots", the sea of "lapots" (the Laptevs' sea)". 
If Sechin comes to power, it will be the adverse development for America, and this has to be kept in mind. 

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"Mr Sechin is one of the most feared men in Russia and an essential instrument of Vladimir Putin’s power. A major player among the siloviki (former and current members of the security services), he epitomises Russia’s nexus between political power and property. 

Another boost to Mr Sechin’s prestige came with the nomination of Rex Tillerson, the boss of ExxonMobil, as America’s secretary of state. 

The two men’s long relationship was consummated by the deal they struck in 2011 for their firms to work jointly in the Arctic. 

Mr Sechin is now poised to become an intermediary between Moscow and Washington... 

Mr Sechin has come a long way since the early 1990s, when he was the office co-ordinator for Mr Putin, then deputy mayor of St Petersburg. He owes his rise to his dogged work ethic, his loyalty to the president and his willingness to inflict pain on opponents. “When he first arrived in Moscow no one took him seriously,” says Stanislav Belkovsky, a pundit. “He showed everyone they were wrong.”
A native of Leningrad like Mr Putin, Mr Sechin studied at Leningrad University’s prestigious philology department. As a working-class child, he was “an outsider”, says a classmate. In the 1980s he went to Angola and Mozambique as a military translator (a common cover for intelligence agents, though Mr Sechin has never confirmed being one). He was “upset” when the Soviet Union collapsed, says Nikolai Konyushkov, a college friend... 
Mr Sechin has been equally active abroad, where he sees Rosneft as a vehicle of geopolitical influence... 
Running Rosneft has made Mr Sechin a very rich man. His salary, including bonuses, ran to as much as $11.8m in 2015. As stories about his allegedly lavish lifestyle have appeared in the Russian press, he has struck back. So far this year, Mr Sechin has won libel cases against the Russian publications Vedomosti, Novaya Gazeta, and RBC, a leading business publication. Mr Sechin is seeking to “become an untouchable topic, like the president’s family”, says Derk Sauer, a vice-president at Onexim, which owns RBC. “He feels himself to be a very important guy, a representative of the state, and anything you write can be perceived as an attack on the state.”

"The main complication of the Russian investigation, of course, is that it is considerably far more serious in its implications than anything yet seen. 

Even Nixon’s fall dealt with less threatening circumstances. That was a domestic challenge to the sanctity of the electoral process. These allegations, if true, would forever raise concerns about the security of our elections from disruption by a foreign power. To be a bit melodramatic, images of the “Manchurian Candidate” appear.
Even if a clear conclusion can’t be reached, Americans need to know that every attempt possible was fairly and honestly made to determine the truth." 

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M.N.: The Current Predictions: 

Within the next six months, Trump and Pence will be out, with Trump facing a prison term. Paul Ryan will become the next President - a very good replacement. The train has left the station and is moving somewhat slowly but surely.

In Russia, Putin, very likely, will be out (I do not see how he could politically survive the Trump debacle), or dead (from the illness, suicide, or both) - I do not wish it to you, Vovchick; I just prognosticate. Medvedev might be bypassed (with the lack of mass appeal and popularity cited as a problem), Sergei Ivanov will likely become the next Russian President; the signs of the power struggle for the succession are evident.

(Excuse the frankness and the bluntness of these assessments. Politics, just like no doubt, the political commentary, are the high potential lethality occupations, and the most of the practitioners, unless they are more of the "practitionerds", are well aware of it, and are prepared for it by default.)

S. Ivanov appears to be more pragmatic, much less nationalistic, and more West, especially the Scandinavian model oriented. The accompanying changes in the Russian political system and the geopolitical orientations look almost inevitable, and are visible even now.

Merkel will be out in Germany.

The new structures of Global Security will be formed.

Elections 2016 will be fully investigated and the lessons will be learned.

And zis is not the April 1 joke, zis iz for real! 


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WASHINGTON -- Pressure continues to mount for former national security adviser Michael Flynn to testify before Congress about possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett reports. Flynn was fired ...
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