Wednesday, February 20, 2013


via Reuters: Top News on 2/20/13
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict may change Church rules governing the conclave where cardinals from around the world will meet next month to secretly elect his successor, the Vatican said on Wednesday.

via Reuters: Politics on 2/20/13
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Wednesday he had notified Congress that automatic budget cuts scheduled to take effect on March 1 could lead to furloughs at the Pentagon.

via Reuters: Technology News on 2/20/13
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House will tackle the theft of U.S. trade secrets on Wednesday with a new strategy to protect American companies from losing hundreds of billions of dollars in an area of growing concern in relations with China.

President Chávez's predawn return to Venezuela, announced yesterday, raises many questions about the country's leadership and future.

via NYT > Global Home by By THOMAS ERDBRINK on 2/19/13
The decision to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics hits hard in Iran, where the sport is deeply embedded in the national cultural narrative.

via NYT > Opinion by By FREDERICK S. SOUTHWICK on 2/19/13
I lost my leg because of a preventable mistake.

via NYT > Global Home by By ELLEN BARRY on 2/19/13
The authorities in Texas are careful about commenting on a 3-year-old’s death, with investigations continuing.

via NYT > N.Y. / Region by on 2/19/13
Authorities say Alberto Randazzo engaged in video chats involving a woman and an infant.

via NYT > World by By MELISSA EDDY on 2/19/13
The law should not differentiate between parents of the same sex, united in a civil union, or a man and a woman in a traditional marriage, the nation’s highest court said Tuesday.

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