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Obama, Putin Discuss World Crises [in 15 minutes or less - M.N.] | State of the Union: A president out of touch, out of ideas - The Washington Post: "...his cheery tone and “everything is getting better” tone is totally at odds with the national mood. Most Americans think the economy is not vibrant, watch the U.S. getting kicked around the world, and have seen no real effort to address cronyism... The contrast between his serenity and candidates on both sides channeling public anger is dramatic... If only reality weren’t such a drag. Unfortunately, the next president will have a heck of a mess to clean up." | America may [or may not - M.N.] be doomed to cooperate [or not to cooperate] with Putin - The Washington Post | After the death of Igor Sergun: Who will succeed in the Russian intelligence service GRU? - Contra Magazine - 10:45 PM

America may be doomed to cooperate with Putin - The Washington Post State of the Union Speech Is One Half of Nation’s Political Split Screen - The New York Times 7 Best Lines From President Obama's Final State of the Union - ABC News Obama knocks Trump, voices optimism | Reuters Donald Trump reacts to Obama's State of the Union jab | Fox News Video A Climate of Fear Widens Divisions in Europe’s Migrant Crisis - The New York Times Iran releases captured U.S. Navy crew members - The Washington Post Iran Releases 10 Navy Sailors Held After Drifting Into Iranian Waters - ABC News 10 U.S. sailors detained by Iran freed - Putin Critic 'Found Dead' In Moscow Apartment A Fallen Russia Oligarch Sends Warning to Rest of Putin Insiders - Bloomberg Business Kadyrov: Russian Opposition Should Be Tried As Traitors Protests Erupt In Azerbaijan Over Jobs, Economic Woes When it comes to dating, race matters - ICC pretrial hearing postponed in Tim