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FBI News Review: FBI will overhaul tracking report, add missing crimes | Md. bill would require uniform reports when police agencies kill civilians - Washington Post | The FBI Has Its Own Secret Brand of Malware: "We want to know more... That lack of discussion is good for the FBI: They don’t have to explain their tactics or screw-ups. But the public should be able to debate when law enforcement’s phishing expeditions turn into illegal fishing expeditions." | FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Senator Feinstein Responds... | FBI stages fake murder scene, charge prison guards plotting to kill inmate

FBI will overhaul tracking report, add missing crimes Friday April 3 rd , 2015  at  5:58 PM 1 Share Police perimeter tape blocks the scene of multiple shooting deaths near Tyrone, Mo., on Feb. 27. (Photo: Michael Thomas, EPA) WASHINGTON —The FBI is in the midst of a major overhaul of its signature tracking program that for more than eight decades has been regarded as the most reliable measure of crime in the USA. Federal authorities are attempting to convert hundreds of law enforcement agencies to an alternate reporting system that would account for perhaps scores of offenses that have never been recorded in the bureau's annual summary of crime in the USA, part of its Uniform Crime Report. Assistant Stephen Morris, who oversees the bureau's crime data collection functions, said there is no estimating the number of ''lost'' offenses because of the "summary'' nature of the current reporting structure. "You