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M.N.: This new and deliberately released piece of information confirms my original impressions: "A Chechen in Syria, the rising star of ISIS..."

M.N.: This new and deliberately released piece of information confirms my original impressions (not published previously) that this whole "ISIS" affair is the elaborate and planned long (at least a year) ahead GRU operation as a response to "color revolution" in Ukraine and as a particular case of general "strategic" response to these situations, designed most likely by Primakov, who was researching these "color revolutions" since the last Balkan war, as he stated himself purposefully and openly at the Milosevic trial.  This is confirmed by recent Putin's speech to MID diplomats, when he stringed all these events together.  This operation has many prongs and many purposes, the main among them "forcing the West to peace" and one of the secondary ones to demonstrate the dangerous side of Chechen Islamism and to turn Western public opinion against them. "Shishani" is most likely the GRU agent;  "shish" in Ru

Can the G.O.P. Be a Party of Ideas? - NYT

Can the G.O.P. Be a Party of Ideas? Wednesday July 2 nd , 2014  at  9:44 AM 1 Share In May, a handful of prominent legislators gathered at a Beltway think tank, along with some writers and policy experts, to discuss, as the event’s organizers somberly put it, “conservative policy options to further the prosperous society President Lyndon Johnson described in his ‘Great Society’ address 50 years ago.” If this seemed strange,  the venue and cast  were even stranger: the American Enterprise Institute, a bastion of right-leaning ideology, filled with Republicans, speaking in a language most unlike the one we’ve heard in recent years. There was Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, fresh from his easy primary win in Kentucky, who said in his keynote remarks that the time had come for the G.O.P. to stop being the handmaiden to Wall Street and instead attend to the anxieties of the middle class. “Our average voter is not John Galt,” McConnell sa