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John O. Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency: “I’ve never seen a time when we have been confronted with such an array of very challenging, complex and serious threats to our national security, and issues that we have to grapple with." - Major Overhaul Set for C.I.A., With Thousands to Be Reassigned | Menendez Expected to Face Federal Corruption Charges | Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine: Don’t Blame the West | Польша будет проводить подготовку украинских военных инструкторов | U.S. Plan to Train Ukraine National Guard 'on Hold'

Major Overhaul Set for C.I.A., With Thousands to Be Reassigned Friday March 6 th , 2015  at  8:26 PM 1 Share LANGLEY, Va. —  John O. Brennan , director of the  Central Intelligence Agency , is planning to reassign thousands of undercover spies and intelligence analysts into new departments as part of a restructuring of the 67-year-old agency, a move he said would make it more successful against modern threats and crises. Drawing from disparate sources — from the Pentagon to corporate America — Mr. Brennan’s plan would partly abandon the agency’s current structure that keeps spies and analysts separate as they target specific regions or countries. Instead, C.I.A. officers will be assigned to 10 new mission centers focused on terrorism, weapons proliferation, the Middle East and other areas with responsibility for espionage operations, intelligence analysis and covert actions. During a briefing with reporters on Wednesday, Mr. Brennan gave few spec