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9/11 and Russia: connecting the dots in "the darkness of the lowly truths" and the "infinity of mirrors"

9/11 and Russia: The Dots, The Darkness, and The Infinity of Mirrors " The Kremlin and the Defense Ministry have never abandoned Soviet (perhaps historically Russian) paranoid mirror-imaging about their enemies."  Summary and Introduction  In a (big) nutshell (from a nut and in a shell):  The American people want to know " the full, unvarnished and ugly truth ” about the 9/11.  The investigative (in journalism) hypothesis and criminal   investigation (in law enforcement) hypothesis of the Russian connection to 9/11 is  the untouchable third rail  of the American politics and the mainstream mass media, a self-imposed taboo subject. This flies in the face of logic, common sense and healthy skeptical analysis.   9/11 inquiry , based on the  FBI investigations , leaves some issues and questions  open or unaddressed,  well beyond the issue of  28 pages .  The 9/11 operation was certainly very carefully, professionally planned and executed .  Many impo