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Headlines - 12:21 PM - 10.24 - 22.15: Baghdad allows Russia to attack ISIS targets in Iraq - Debka file

Special Review: Putin's personal intelligence and security service - from 10.19.15 News Review:  Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Like Stalin, Putin Using a Secret Infrastructure to Maintain Power, Pavlova Says О России для умных и серьёзных людей: Штрихи к надуманному и реальному портрету российской власти Хотели посадок? putin personal intelligence service - Google Search   _______________________________________________ 10.24.15 Sa Baghdad allows Russia to attack ISIS targets in Iraq Syrian Hospitals Hit by Russian Airstrikes, Says Medical Group - WSJ Syria's doctors 'utterly abandoned' after Russian air strikes hit hospitals - Telegraph U.S. and Russia Find Common Goals on Syria, if Not on Assad - Obama’s Anti-ISIS Point Man Leaving as Russia Steps In - Putin, Citing Key Moment, Prods West to Cooperate on Syria - Louisiana: Report Faults Pilots in Fatal Crash of Black Hawk - Putin's Pres