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The Lobotomy Club: By banning the "undesirable" NGO-s, Russia performs her own, "do it yourself", lobotomy... - M.N.

M.N.: By banning the "undesirable" NGO-s, Russia performs her own lobotomy: the diversity of thought and opinions (especially when it is rich and well reasoned) is not only 'democratic" but is  healthy and is one of the conditions of functioning of the "collective mind", and the spirit of the nation in its civil institutions, culture, and ultimately the state, which is one of the ultimate beneficiaries. Suppressing the free thought, in all of its types, from sciences to arts, is therefore suppressing the general development and is suicidal for cultures, societies, nations, and states, which is a much greater risk than half-mythical or mostly imaginary and insecure concerns about the "threats to national security". In the case of Russia there is also a habitual historical risk of remaining the imitational, if any, democracy and staying all the time and in many respects behind, as a second, third, or a forth rate world power.  In the news

Just Another Session Of Putin's Political "Futbol" - M.N.

Just another session of Putin's Political "Futbol" with some almost unexpected professions of "respect and love" for America and American people.  Should it be viewed as an attempt to smooth over rather crude and rude last Independence Day incident with airspace intrusion (and the previous ones)?  I don't know. Unlikely.  The overall tone of the interview is rather dovish with usual complaints about missile defense system, US attempts at world domination and right to arrest "anyone anywhere", etc., etc.  Also: "Need for balance of powers", Islamism and perspectives on cooperation. To me on this latter issue he looks more like the fireman who started the fire, although the real situation might be even more complex.  The attempt to drive the wedge between Europe and America is ever present, as it was for a last decade or longer. Will never happen. To get to the nitty-gritty of it: Crimea remains at the heart of the conflict and de