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What is wrong with the FBI?

fbi and wrongful convictions - Google Search fbi and hair analysis - Google Search fbi and unresolved crimes - Google Search fbi violations of civil rights - Google Search fbi and violations of privacy - Google Search fbi and mass surveillance - Google Search fbi and politics - Google Search fbi and manipulation of media - Google Search fbi suppression of whistleblowers - Google Search fbi is not able to prevent domestic terrorism - Google Search problems with FBI as domestic intelligence agency - Google Search FBI and institutional resistance to change - Google Search Two matters that happened in New York, came to the media attention last week.  The Kiryas Joel affair: "Sexual abuse" or FBI abuse? M.N.: I did not see anything "sexual" in the principal's interactions with the boy, if it is indeed the same "viral" video. It looks like he was trying to talk to the boy and to help him "to behave", as he saw it. 

Michael Ameri's suicide as a protest against the FBI - Updated on 5.16.16

NYPD Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Friday. Michael Ameri's suicide as a protest against the FBI  |   Suicide as a protest He spoke his piece of truth to power: "you make me sick to death..."  Was he pressured to testify against his fellow officers?  Was he used as an informant in this investigation?  What made him kill himself?  " Psychological autopsy " - an attempt to understand the causative factors of suicide, becomes in his case not only medical or psychiatric task, but the social and political issue. It was definitely a scream of protest on his part. What went wrong? What was wrong?  What is wrong with the FBI : its strategy, tactics, technics and methods if they lead to these unexpected and tragic results? Investigate this, from all points of view: psychological, social, police work, FBI work, legal, ethical, political. To prevent it. Because no one needs this type of outcome and this type of &