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Unbanded and Unbound, at last! - Eric Holder’s legacy: Race was always at the core of his agenda | » Eric Holder Sending Black Panthers To Steal All The Elections Again 25/04/15 09:25 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks | » Poland says still waiting for U.S. to apologize for Holocaust remarks 23/04/15 12:50 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

" Eric Holder’s legacy :  Race was always at the core of his agenda "...  M.N.: In his last, (self-de)crowning, defiant, symbolism imbued gesture, Mr. Holder  " took the "Free Eric Holder" wristbands off his wrist and  threw them into the audience ",  proclaiming himself to be " free " via this quite "self-affirmative", boastful and demonstrative exercise of the freedom of expression , which, many claim, is willfully denied to others by  "the Obama Administration, ...the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation" .   But is he re-ah-ah-ah-lly free, and why now?  Apparently he did not feel so "free" prior to this act. And why not?  Was this lack of freedom due to the shackles of racism, bias and preconceived (pseudo)ideological burdens     during his tenure and in his agenda ?  "By any measure, the nearly-six-year tenure of Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has been one of the most consequent