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News by Topics - June 2015


F.B.I. Struggles to Pinpoint the Fingers Behind a Hacking -
In FBI Sting, Informants Impersonated Islamic State Fighters to Convince Man to Make Propaganda Videos | Firedoglake
Gawker Wins Lawsuit Against FBI in Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Case - ABC News
The FBI Didn't Buy the Baltimore Cops' Conspiracy Theory - Hit & Run :
FBI Rounding Up Islamic State Suspects - Bloomberg View

U.S.A. - June 2015

U.S. minorities increasingly in the majority - CBS News
Charleston in Context: Dylann Roof and the Specter of 'White Genocide' - The Atlantic
Capitol Hill reacts to health ruling with dismay and joy, relief and resolve - The Washington Post
Supreme Court Upholds Key Tool for Fighting Housing Bias - ABC News
Police: Man With Machete Injured Woman in Popular NYC Park - ABC News
FBI Anti-LGBT Hate Crime Statistics Point To Reporting Problem


Obama - Google Search
Obama’s hard lessons - The Washington Post
Obama Speaks Out Against Religious Intolerance
FlashCritic: China Gets Pass from Obama on ‘Devastating’ OPM Hack to Preserve Strategic Dialogue and Summit | Washington Free Beacon
Obama’s ancestral homeland in Kenya had lots of hope, but got little change - The Washington Post
Navy SEAL Vet Lawmaker to Obama: Stop Playing Games with National Security - Breitbart

Obama - June 2015

U.S. top court backs Obamacare, president says it's here to stay
More challenges to Obama healthcare law percolating
US Senate Revives Obama Trade Agenda
Obama to okay negotiating with terrorists over hostages -
Obama criticizes Russian state-run media - POLITICO
Barack Obama's five best put-downs - Telegraph
Obama heckled at LGBT White House event - Telegraph
President Obama boots heckler from White House event: 'You're... |

Charleston church shooting and Obama

NEWS: "Racism remains "a blight" on society, US President Barack Obama says, after the killing of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church." M.N.: You are right, Mr. Obama. And you are the Racist-in-Chief who inspires, encourages and exploits the rac
How Obama Learned to ‘Politicize’ Shootings -- NYMag
Rick Perry describes Charleston church shooting as an 'accident' - video | US news | The Guardian
Rick Perry: Obama Has Been ‘Slicing and Dicing’ America for Political Gain |
White House Won’t Back FBI Chief on Charleston ‘Terror’ - The Daily Beast

Obama's Impeachment

Efforts to impeach Barack Obama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Foreign policy of the Barack Obama administration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Articles: Recovering from Obama: Foreign Policy
In Search of the Real Barack Obama | Foreign Policy
Former WH Chief of Staff Unloads on Obama Admin: ‘Dumb,’ ‘Tone Deaf’ and ‘Incompetence’ | Video |
DEVELOPING: Several Admirals and Generals Accusing Obama of Treason... |
obama impeachment - Google Search
obama incompetent president - Google Search
how to fire incompetent president? - Google Search
obama foreign policy - Google Search
was gaddafi raped before being killed - Google Search
obama is incompetent - Google Search

Obama - Various

Obama has issued 19 secret directives


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