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» Orchestrated Baltimore Riots “Just the Beginning” 09/05/15 23:26 | » Record number of Americans abroad giving up citizenship 08/05/15 08:34: "More violence and rioting, including potentially a so-called “race war,” is likely coming, according to analysts and agitators. A poll taken after Baltimore’s riots revealed that 96 percent of Americans — black and white alike — expect more racially charged unrest across America this summer. Obama and his allies are pouring fuel on the fire and sowing division with racially charged rhetoric. And whether participants in the strategically orchestrated chaos understand it or not — plenty are simply useful idiots, of course — it is all aimed at a very specific goal: nationalizing law enforcement and further empowering the emerging police state."

Orchestrated Baltimore Riots “Just the Beginning” by Alex Newman Saturday May 9 th , 2015  at  10:26 PM Rss 1 Share Recent unrest in Baltimore may be “just the beginning,” according to one establishment voice promoting more. Virtually all Americans expect more strife and chaos in the cities this summer, according to surveys. One prominent talk show host even said America is in the midst of a “civil war.” And various agitators are encouraging more violence, looting, and unrest as a means of bringing about “change.” The establishment’s agenda, though, is "change" toward tyranny, plain and simple. The riots and looting that hit the city brought together a coalition that, on the surface at least, appears bizarre — the establishment, local politicians who  purposely let it happen by ordering police to “stand down,”  communist agitators, the “mainstream” leftist media, black supremacists, white supremacists, criminals, and more. All played i