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The Red Stix: GRU and International Organised Crime: "Russian organised crime operations at home and abroad are not independent at all: they are controlled and run by the intelligence services..."

Quiet Flows Chthonic Stix,  Sewer Stench Above It Stinks! The Dark Flows Of The Red  Stix :  GRU  ( Russian Military Intelligence Service ) and International Organised Crime - Web Review We hear a lot about the Russian Mafia and its links with the Russian State. Remember how the US State Department’s Wikileaks transcript described Russia as a Mafia State? What we don’t hear so much about is how it operates and what is being done about tackling it. Is enough being done, and if not, why not? -  Tackling Russian Trans National Organised Crime The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism the ... Christopher Story  - 2003 - ‎Corruption Russian organised criminal operations at home and abroad are not  ...  elaborating on earlier leaks from US authorities to the effect that Russian [ GRU - linked] ' organised crime  figures' had been contributing to the campaign funds of promi