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The Paris Attacks Will Be Largely Ignored by the Oil Market - Oil Review

Market Summary At 4:29 PM ET:   Nov '15 light sweet crude futures are down  $0.99 , or 2.37% , at  $40.75  a barrel in Nymex electronic trading. Nov '15 gold futures are down  $14.90 , or  1.37% , at $1,068.80  an ounce in electronic trading. Dec '15 corn futures closed up 1.75  today, or  0.49% , at  361.75  cents a bushel. WTI Crude Oil Price - 30 years:  M.N.: double top, bear market, $20 - $40 range.  Nabiullina and others are correct :  MOSCOW, November 3. /TASS/. Oil prices may stay at low levels in foreseeable future, Russian Central Bank Chief Elvira Nabiullina said on Tuesday. "T he oil market is being structurally transformed , which demonstrates that oil prices may stay low for a long period of time. Many are saying about the end of commodity super-cycle," Nabiullina said. M.N. It is a different (from 2000 - 2015) market, with different market forces, players and dynamics:  Crucial factors for oil prices in late 2015 - early