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The darkness of the lowly truths: 9/11 and Russia – connecting the dots - with long quotes

The darkness of the lowly truths  9/11 and Russia – connecting the dots The darkness of the lowly truths is dear less to me Than elevating lies… A. Pushkin Тьмы низких истин мне дороже Нас возвышающий обман… А. Пушкин “ It’s now nearly 15 years since 9/11.  The American people finally deserve to learn the full, unvarnished and ugly truth”, demands in its editorial The New York Post.  " The KGB-FSB continuity does not extend merely to espionage ; it also includes all of the traditional KGB activities: active measures, disinformation, propaganda, assassination — and terrorism ...  The main difference today is that the Kremlin strategists have determined that it will be far more effective — for many reasons — for them to run their terror operations as deniable assets under the banner of Islam.   There is another major difference; while Putin and the Russian Politburo continue to use terrorism as a form of asymmetric warfare against us, our leaders insist on pret