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Migrant arrival points and encampments across Europe. Today's Headlines and Commentary by Quinta Jurecic , Cody M. Poplin Tuesday September 8 th , 2015  at  3:23 PM Lawfare - Hard National Security Choices 1 Share This Labor Day weekend saw a flurry of activity as  European leaders attempted to grapple with the growing migration and refugee crisis . German Chancellor Angela Merkel led the charge with a promise to allow migrants and refugees to enter the country and to spend $6.7 billion to assist asylum seekers. Yet the chancellor emphasized that  Germany will need help from other E.U. member states  in dealing with the growing crisis, the  Wall Street Journal   writes . The  BBC  has a helpful  roundup  of measures taken by various E.U. countries. Most notably,  France and the United Kingdom have pledged to accept 44,000 migrants and refugees into their countries . The  Guardian  also  brings us news  that,  according to Germany’s vice-ch