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Headlines - 4:52 PM 10/30/2015: US Teen Seriously Ill With Bubonic Plague | U.S. to send dozens of special forces to Syria as first boots on ground | Reuters | “They are inviting the vultures to the banquet table. And they expect them to wear napkins and be nice to the waiters.” - Syria peace talks pin hopes for end to war on Iran and Saudi Arabia - The Guardian

America's top spy blasts Putin's Syria campaign White House says Obama still supports FBI Director James Comey - Washington Times What It Would Really Take to Knock Out the Power Grid - Defense One The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics - POLITICO US Teen Seriously Ill With Bubonic Plague : Plague is rare in humans, and is treatable with antibiotics if caught early, but federal authorities report there has been a puzzling increase in cases this year, for unknown reasons. Bubonic plague confirmed in Oregon teen -   Bubonic plague cases climb to 15 for this year, CDC says A reason for the higher number of cases this year is not known, according to Kwit.  CDC: 4 deaths, 15 cases of bubonic plague in U.S. this year   The New Generation of Microbe Hunters New York Times - Aug 29, 2011 If so, was it a genetically engineered bioterrorism strain, or a strain that normally lives in the soil? ...  NATO Commander: Russia's Syria Dep