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NYT Review - 1:47 PM 3/28/2013

NYT Review - 1:47 PM 3/28/2013 NYT > Business Day THU MARCH 28 TH , 2013 BY REUTERS united states economy gross national product (gnp) Economy Posts Sluggish Growth in Fourth Quarter SHARED BY  1  PERSON Gross domestic product expanded at a 0.4 percent annual rate, although a big gain in business investment and higher exports of services led the government to push up its previous estimate for growth. NYT > World THU MARCH 28 TH , 2013 BY NATHAN S. WEBSTER defense and military forces iraq united states defense and military forces women and girls a soldier writes afghanistan at war families iraq war: 2003 - 2011 women At War Blog: ‘Running with the Big Boys’ in Iraq, a Female Soldier Paves the Way SHARED BY  1  PERSON “If or when a female soldier someday enlists in the Army infantry, she will probably look a lot like Sgt. Amber Sellers, 29, from Cullma

6:42 AM 3/28/2013 - Gay News Review

6:42 AM 3/28/2013 - Gay News Review GAY NEWS "Gay News" bundle created by Mike Nova Description:  Gay Life and Culture News Review A bundle is a collection of blogs and websites hand-selected by your friend on a particular topic or interest. You can keep up to date with them all in one place by subscribing in Google Reader. There are    46 feeds  included in this bundle Subscribe Pacific Rim’s Crimson Typhoon Jaeger Get A Poster via  Big Gay Picture Show  by Tim Isaac on 3/28/13 Pacific Rim has been introducing as to the film’s Jaegers (giant robots) this week, with Russia’s Cherno Alpha  and  Japan’s Coyote Tango . Now it’s China’s turn with Crimson Typhoon. Guillermo Del Toro directs this sci-fi action-thriller, which is set 15 years after enormous kaiju monsters began attacking Earth from some sort of portal deep in the Pacific. This leads each major country to build their own gigantic robot known as a jaeger, to combat the