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Truth from the mouth of babes opm hack Oversight chairman wants to know who discovered  OPM hack The Hill - Sep 18, 2015 The chairman recently sent a letter to the  hacked  agency requesting ... an outside contractor, CyTech, that was brought in to examine the OPM  ... After the  OPM  breach: ripple effects and lingering questions - 22 hours ago Explore in depth  (5 more articles) Top Counterintelligence Agency On  OPM Hack : Not Our Problem Huffington Post - Sep 16, 2015 Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images The National Counterintelligence and Security Center shrugged off responsibility for the  OPM hack  ... NCSC says  OPM hack  exposing data of 21 million wasn't their  ... The Guardian - Sep 16, 2015 Explore in depth  (6 more articles) Wyden wants answers on  OPM hack  before cyber bill debate The Hill - Sep 14, 2015 Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is pressing intelligence officials about whether the Office of Personnel Manage

» Russian Buildup in Syria Raises Questions on Role - 19/09/15 13:01 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Russian Buildup in Syria Raises Questions on Role Saturday September 19 th , 2015  at  1:01 PM 1 Share LONDON —  Russia ’s military buildup in  Syria  now includes surface-to-air missiles as well as combat aircraft with air-to-air capability, deployments that raise “serious questions” about Moscow’s role in the region, Secretary of State  John Kerry  said Saturday. Russian officials have said that the purpose of the buildup at a base near Latakia, Syria, is to combat the Islamic State. But the deployment of air defense systems and fighter aircraft — weapons that can be used against a conventionally armed foe but that have little utility against extremist fighters — has spurred concerns that Moscow’s goal is also to establish a military outpost in the Middle East. It has also added to the Pentagon’s worries about the risk of an inadvertent confrontation between Russia’s military and the American-led coalition that is carrying out airstrikes in Sy