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Russian-Speaking Jihadists

Russian-Speaking Jihadists | Inna Naroditskaya Wednesday March 18 th , 2015  at  8:24 PM The Huffington Post | Full News Feed 1 Share Last week, New York police  arrested  three Brooklyn men, immigrants from post-Soviet states Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and charged them with aiding the Islamic State (ISIL). One of the men's online postings questioned whether it is "possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs while here [in the U.S.]... to shoot Obama and then get shot  ourselves ." ISIL uses a rigorous propaganda method to recruit fighters like them, and they have attracted 20,000 foreign combatants so far. Russia has the largest Muslim population in the West, and, together with its newly independent Islamic neighbors, like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, has supplied a significant jihadist force. Reuters  reported  recently that the flow of European fighters has decreased due to tighter travel restrictions, while now most for