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Russia heading for crash as ruble plummets - CNNMoney | Russia raises key rate to 17%, effective Tuesday - CNBC | Лукашенко заявил, что США сняли с Белоруссии все санкции - ИА REGNUM | Denmark challenges Russia and Canada over North Pole - BBC News

Russia failing to prevent homophobic violence, says Human Rights Watch   by Shaun Walker in Moscow Monday December 15 th , 2014  at  11:13 PM Russia | The Guardian 1 Share Anti-gay harassment has risen since controversial law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ was passed last year, report says Gay people in Russia are being subjected to increasing amounts of harassment and violence in their everyday lives, according to a report suggesting that intolerance has risen since  a controversial law banning “homosexual propaganda”  was passed last year. “The law effectively legalised discrimination against LGBT people and cast them as second-class citizens,” wrote Human Rights Watch in the report, published on Monday. “Russian authorities have failed in their obligation to prevent and prosecute homophobic violence.” Continue reading... Violence Against LGBTs Getting Worse in Russia, Study Says by By Alexey Eremenko Monday December 15 th , 2